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English Department Faculty of Teacher Training and Education Universitas Mahasaraswati Denpasar 2012

• Lists materials at the beginning. Generic Structure of Procedure Text 1. • Includes specific measurements. Material: Telling the needed materials 3.Procedure is a text that show a process in order.Improve students’ abilities to read and write in the context of science.Using Simple Present Tense . • Has numbered steps. Goal: showing the purpose 2.Procedural writing is the creation of a written work that explains how to do something. concise and detailed enough to guide someone through all steps of the process.Interpreting Visual Representations .Teaching Text Structure .Teaching Procedural Writing Language Feature of Procedure .Using imperative sentence .Definition of Procedure Text . • Includes details that help the reader know exactly what to do. The procedure must be clear. Step 1-end: Describing the steps to achieve the purpose Characteristics of a Procedure • Tells how to do or make something. .Using action verb . The social function is to describe how something is completely done through a sequence of series .Using temporal conjunction . Take an advantage . • Uses command verbs/ imperative form.

at least about 2 liters.Example: Example of procedure text about how to make something. . . salt. and keep on working until the mixture feels soft and smooth. the tapioca-flour and the minced meat. and white pepper in a mortar or mixer.Second step. start rolling the mixture into small meatballs. .After that. boil some water in a rather large pot.mix garlic.First of all. . add a cup of water. . .Finally. mix the spice-mixture with the eggs. use your fingers. When they float up to the surface the meatball are ready to serve. "How to make Meatballs" Ingredients: 1 kilo of very fine minced meat (preferably beef) 2 eggs 300 grams of tapioca-flour 4-8 cloves of garlic 1 red onion 1 teaspoon of white pepper 2 teaspoons of salt Steps : . lower the meatballs into the boiling water.Then. red onion.Next step.

For make a cheese omelet. bowl and plate. spatula. At last. oil. For the first time. They made it on Sinta's Home. _________________________________________________________________ 6. _________________________________________________________________ 3. she add milk and whisk the mixture. When the omelet looks mature. Sinta crack an egg into a bowl and then whisk the egg with a fork until it is smooth and then. _________________________________________________________________ . they need some materials such as an Egg. Andi was grate the cheese into the bowl and stir it. cheese grater. place it on a plate and season with salt and pepper. Milk. He cook the both sides of the omelet. Few minutes latter. Andi and Sinta were making a Cheese Omelet. _________________________________________________________________ 2. Cheese. Writing a Procedure Text Title/Goal : Materials: — ___________________________ — ___________________________ — ___________________________ — ___________________________ — ___________________________ — ___________________________ — ___________________________ — ___________________________ Steps: 1. after that she pour the mixture into the frying pan. While. Sinta started to heat the oil in a frying pan. They also need a Frying pan. fork. _________________________________________________________________ 5. Listen this story and then try to make a Procedure text from the story. 'Make a Cheese Omelet' On sunday. salt and pepper. _________________________________________________________________ 4. Andi turn the omelet with a spatula when it browns.Exercise 1. they ate the Cheese Omelet together.

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