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Does the new education policy points toward a deep conspiracy?

RNI (Real News Intl.), New Delhi: Adjacent to a Muslim-dominated village in East Delhi, about two decades back, a government servantcum-social worker utilized his 200 square yard plot to lay the foundations of a private school for the poor children by the name National Unity Public School. While this school was being run in pucca rooms, the Government school in the vicinity was running in a tented structure without even a boundary. Most of the children of the area either didnt go to school or ran away as soon as they missed the teachers gaze. The aforementioned social worker went door-to-door, organized roadside meetings and met the village elders urging them to send their children to school, wherever they prefer. Today, the social worker has departed for heavenward journey but thousands of children of the area who studied from this school are working in jobs or doing their own work. A huge structure stands in lieu of the erstwhile tented Government school but many people still bring their children to this small private school. Why? It is not just a huge building that has replaced the tented structure of Government school; various freebies like free uniform, books, copies, shoes, socks and bags are provided along with mid-day meal. Government school children are first to benefit from various governmental schemes like the Delhi Governments Ladli scheme for girls. On the other hand, the private schools demand fees, their building is smaller and lack several amenities. Question arises why parents are sending their children to these schools running in small, at times rented, accommodations? Teachers in the government schools are excellently paid. The aforementioned school has only 14 students in Vth grade who pay Rs. 500 monthly as tuition fee. From the seven thousand rupees monthly that the school gets from this class, it has to provide teachers salary, light, water, desks, chairs and other amenities. How could a small school implement the Sixth Pay Commission recommendations? Still teachers are happy, children are happy and parents are happy. Why? RC Jain, President, Delhi State Private Schools Management Association feels that 80 per cent of the Public schools in Delhi cannot apply VIth Pay Commissions recommendations, despite all efforts. He feels that the manner in which Delhi Government levies House Tax in eight categories, the same way teachers/workers salary should be fixed in accordance with the tuition fees being levied in various areas. Jain is of the opinion that during last several years, so-called social workers have spewed venom against public schools through newspapers and TV channels. Truth is that public schools are not playing such a bad role in the society that their presence disturbs so many people. Or is it that in these days of globalization, these people are unable to see people from deprived and lower classes stand shoulder-toshoulder with them?

That part of East Delhi where a good number of children did not even go to school, three students who have studied from National Unity School are doing courses like CA/CS. Another student, after completing B. Ed. is now teaching English at a well-known private school. Yet another student is now a scientist. A student who read in the same school has now become a Computer Engineer and even maintains the computers in the school where he studied in childhood. Three girl students, who studied here, have not come back to work or teach in this school itself after completing their studies. In spite of this, the aforementioned school was on verge of closure after implementation of RTE Act, 2009. Even though the Delhi Government has now allowed schools to run on 200 square yard plots, if these namesake social workers had their way, this school would have closed by now. People who are aware are of the opinion that the eagerness of many people to get these schools closed hints at a wider conspiracy. Jain claims that prior to Indias Independence, the Public Schools were meant for the elite class o nly whereas the Government schools were developed as a factory to create babus and clerks. Even after 65 years of Independence, the plight of government schools has remained as earlier. Students who pass from these schools become babus and clerks less and are seen more doing petty and small works. If anybody can cater to the need of education in these backward areas, it is the small private schools. The poor parents toil night and day to send their children to these private schools in hope that they will lead a better life than them. Some of the students stand up to their parents dreams as few students of National Unity School have done. But attempts are being made to create an atmosphere as if these schools are doing a terrible sin. All attempts were made to mislead the judiciary; courts were not shown the true picture. Consequently, the decisions of the judiciary hurt sentiments of several workers active in the field of education. Have all these so-called social workers picked up cudgels because they dont want children from deprived classes asking for their rights after completion of good education? Because the truth is that the children of all these powerful people do not study in small private schools. Neither do they study in the Government schools as well! Real News International News Bureau