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ALBANIA : 7, Vekiareli Street, 15237 Filothei, Athens, Tel: +30 210 6876200 Fax:+30  210 6876223 BULGARIA: 33 A, Stratigou Kallari Str, 15452 Paleo Psychico, Athens, Tel: +30 210 6748105-8, Fax:+30 2106748130 CHINA: 10, Dimokratias Street, 15452 Paleo Psychico, Tel: +30 2106783840, Fax:+30 210 6723819  CYPRUS: 2A, Xenofontos Street, 10557, Athens, Tel: +30 210 3734800, +30 210 3734870 , Fax:+30 210 7231927 EGYPT: 3, Vasilisis So as Avenue, 10671 Athens, Tel: +30 210 3618612, Fax:+30 210 3603538  FRANCE: 7 Vasilissis So as Avenue, 10671 Athens, Tel: +30 210 3391000, Fax:+30 2103391009 GEORGIA: 24, Agiou Dimitriou Street, 15452 Paleo Psychico, Tel: +30 210 7489180 GERMANY: 3, Karaoli Dimitriou Street , 10675 Athens, Tel: +30 2107285111, Fax:+30 210 72585335 INDIA: 3, Kleanthous Street, 10674 Athens, Tel: +30 210 7216227, Fax:+30 210 7211252  ISRAEL: 1 Marathonodromon Street, 15452 Psychico, Tel: +30 210 6705500, 6773784, Fax:+30 210 6749510  ITALY: 2 Sekeri Street , 10674 Athens, Tel: +30 2103617260, Fax:+30 2103617330  JAPAN: 46, Ethnikis Antistasseos Street, 15231 Halandri, Tel: +30 210 6709900, Fax:+30 210 6709980 KOREA: 124, Ki ssias Avenue, 11526 Athens, Tel: +30 210 6984080, Fax: +30 210 6984083   NETHERLANDS: 5-7 Vasileos. Konstantinou Avenue, 10674 Athens, Tel: +30 210 7254900, Fax:+30 210 7254907 PAKISTAN: 6, Loukianou Street, 10675 Athens, Tel: +30 210 7290214, Fax: +30 210 7290214 RUSSIA: 28, Nikiforou Litra Street , 15452 Paleo Psychico, Tel: +30 210 6725235, Fax:+30 210 6749708  SPAIN: 21, Dionisiou Areopagitou Street, 11742, Athens, Tel: +30 210 9213123, Fax: +30 210 9213238 SWITZERLAND: 2, Iassiou Street, 115 21 Athens, Tel: + 30 210 723 03 64, Fax: +30 210 724 92 09 TURKEY: 8 Vasileos Georgiou  Street, 10674 Athens, Tel: +30 210 7263000, Fax:+30 210 7229597 UKRAINE: 2-4 Stephanou Delta Street, 15237 Filothei, Tel: + 30 210 6800230, Fax: +30 210 6854154 UNITED KINGDOM: 1 Ploutarhou Street, 10675 Athens, Tel: +30 7272600, Fax:+30 210 7272723  UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: 91 Vasilissis So as Avenue, 10160 Athens, Tel: +30 2107212951-9, Fax:+30 2106456282 

Archaeological Sites & Landmarks


General Tourist Info
Attica Hotel Association 210 3235485; Greek National Tourism Organisation 210 3310392, 210 3310716, 210 3310347 (fax); Hellenic Association of Travel & Tourist Agencies (HATTA) 210 9223522; Olympic Air 2103550500, 8018010101 (within Greece); Aegean Airlines 801 112 0000, 210 6261000 Cyprus Air 211 1018200, 211 1018240,





Acropolis [D2] Ancient Agora [C3] Dionysos Ancient Theatre [D2] Greek Parliament & Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Syntagma Sq. [E3] Handrian’s Arch (Vasilissis Olgas Ave.) [E2] Herodus Atticus Theatre [C2] Kerameikos [A4-B4] Filopappou Hill/Hill of the Pnyx [A2-B2] Roman Agora (Pelopida str. & Eolou) [C3-D3] Temple of Olympian Zeus (Vasilissis Olgas Ave.) [E1-E2] Monuments Visit some of the many churches found in Athens, many of which date back to the 5th century, to appreciate their Byzantine architecture. Athens (Metropolis) Cathedral (Mitropoleos str.) [D3] Church of the Holly Power (Agia Dinami), (Mitropoleos str. & Pentelis) [E3] Church of the Tetraconch, Handrian’s Library Garden [D3] St. Demetrius Loubardiaris, Filopappou Hill [B2] St. Fotini Church, (Kallirois str.) [E1] St. Marina, Thissio [B3] Panagia Kapnikarea, (Ermou str.) [D4]


Emergency Numbers
Police: 1033 Emergency: 100 Tourist Police: 171 (information available in En,Fr, Ge) Airport Police: 210 3536919 Fire Emergency: 199 Ambulance: 166 Poison Control: 210 7793777 Aids Help Line: 210 7222222 Hospitals, pharmacies: 14944 SOS Doctors: 1016 Road Side Assistance – ELPA: 10400 Tra c Police of Athens: 210 5284000



Alexandras, 80 Vasilissis So as Ave., 213 2162000 Andreas Syngros, 5 I. Dragoumi, 210 6432220 Athens Psychiatric Clinic, 360 Athinon str., Haidari, 213 2054999 Evangelismos, 45-47 Ypsilandou str., 213 2041000 Eye Hospital of Athens, Vissarionos & Sina, 210 3623191-2 Ippokrateio, 114 Vasilissis So as str., 213 2088000 KAT, 2 Nikis str., Ki ssia, 213 2086000 Laiko, 17 Agiou Thoma str., Goudi, 213 2060800 Children’s Hospital Aglaia Kyriakou , Thivon & Levadias, Ambelokipi: 213 2009000

Greek Cup
800 B.C.

The City of Athens official visitors’ Guide

Other Religious Sites
The Anglican Church, (Filellinon & Amalias) [E2] The Catholic Church of St. Dionysios, (Panepistimou and Omirou str.) [E4] Holocaust Memorial, (near the Beth Shalom Synagogue at 5, Melidoni str.) [B4] The Russian Church, (Filellinon & Amalias) [E2-E3] Tzidaraki Mosque, (Folk Art Museum), (1, Areos str.,

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In OPAP we sponsor the athletes of art and culture. We reform archaeological sites and monuments all over Greece. We support music, cinema, theatre and photography events.

Frissiras Museum (3-7, Monis Asteriou str., 210 3234678, Theatres, Concerts [E2] and Cinemas Museum of Greek Dora Stratou Dance Theatre Children’s Art (9, Kodrou Traditional Greek dance str., 210 3312621; www. performances (Filopappou [E3] Hill, tel: 210 3244395; www. Greek Folk Art Museum(s) [A1] Main Building, (17, Greek National Opera Kydathinaion str., 210 3229031; (Olympia Theatre, 59-61 [E2-E3] Akadimias str., 210 3612461; Tzizdaraki Mosque (Folk [E5] Art Museum), (1, Areos str., Herodus Atticus Theatre Monastiraki Sq., 210 3242066) Main venue for performances [C3-C4] held by the Athens Festival, Bath House of the Winds (Folk including operas, music Art Museum), Kyrrestou and and dance. (Box O ce: Lysiou str., 210 3244340) [D3] 39, Panepistimiou str.; 210 Greek Musical Instruments 9282900, 210 3272000; Museum (1-3, Diogenous str., [C2] Aerides sq., 210 3254119) [D3] Herakleidon-Experience in Outdoor cinemas Arts (16, Irakleidon str., An outdoor cinema is a must to Visual 3461981, experience when you visit during 210 [B3] spring, summer or early fall. The  History University of Athens movies, always the most current Museum (5, Tholou str., 210 titles, are played in their native 3240861) [D3] language with Greek subtitles. Jewellery Museum Ilias Lalaounis (12, Kallisperi str. & 4A Karyatidon, 210 Museums 9221044, www.lalaounisThe New Acropolis Museum [C2-D2] (15, Dionisiou Areopagitou Jewish Museum (39, Nikis str., str., 210 9000900; www. 210 3225582, [D1] [E3] Ancient Agora Museum Kerameikos Archaeological (24, Adrianou str., 210 Museum (148, Ermou str., 210 3210185) [C3] 3463552) [A4] Athens Municipal Galleries Metro Station Museums at (two locations) (51, Pireos str., Syntagma, Panepistimiou and Gazi, 210 3243023) [B5-C5] & Acropolis stations [E3-E5-D1] (Leonidou & Myllerou str., 210 Melina Mercouri Cultural 3231841) [A5] Centre (66, Irakleidon str., 210 Benaki Museum(s) 3452150) [A4] Museum of Islamic Art (22, National Historical Museum Agion Asomaton and 12 Dipylou (13, Stadiou str., Kolokotroni str. Kerameikos, 210 3251311-2, Sq., 210 3237617) [E4] [B5] Psaropoulos Centre-Museum Canellopoulos Museum (12, for the Study of Contemporary Theorias str., 210 3212313; Pottery (4,Melidoni str., 210 www. 3318491, pakanellopoulosfoundation. [B4] org) [C3] City of Athens Museum (5-7, Paparigopoulou str., Klathmonos sq., 210 3246164) [E3]

Monastiraki Square) [C3-C4]


Athens’o cial city map










Referred to as Metro Line 1, the Electric Railway Company, or ISAP, runs between Piraeus and Ki ssia and connects to Metro Lines 2,3, the tram and bus routes at hub stations.210 3248311, Two lines (Metro Line 2 and 3) serve 34 stations; 210 5194012,

Metro Line 1(ISAP)

Metro Lines 2 & 3








Domestic and international departures from Athens with connections to major railways. Main station: Larissa station, serves northern Greece and international routes. Quick dial: 14511, 1110  Proastiakos/Suburban Railway Quick dial: 14511, 1110 The high-speed suburban railway line connects the airport to the centre & serves the suburbs of Athens.

Hellenic Railways Organization (OSE)

“KTEL”as they are known, serve destinations outside Athens and have a dense network throughout Greece. Almost every city and village has a local “KTEL” with routes to main centres and to Athens. There are three central KTEL terminals in Athens:  KTEL Attikis (210 8808080; serves the Attica Municipality;  KTEL Ki ssos: (100, Ki ssou str., 210 5124910) serves the Peloponnese and western Greece; KTEL Liosion: (260, Liosion str., 210 8317186 serves central and northern Greece.

Ag. Anargyroi


Vouliagmenis Ave.






Tram S.A. Ecologically and environmentally friendly, with a view of the Saronic Gulf, the Tram connects the center of Athens with the coastal neighborhoods Glyfada, in the east, and Piraeus (near Athens Port), in the west. Three station hubs along its routes connect passengers with Metro Lines 2 and 3 and one station connects to the Electric Buses Railway (ISAP), or Metro Line 1. Thermal Buses S.A (ETHEL): 210 9978000, Core lines that connect the Tip: When travelling on the Athens and Piraeus city centre with the centres of surrounding bus, metro, railway and tram, passengers are required to municipalities. Quick dial info: validate their tickets. The 185, 210 4933002, validation machines in the buses Trolley or Electric Buses (ILPAP) and trolleybuses are orange One more means of transport to boxes inside the vehicles. On take you where you want to go the metro, the boxes are in the station lobby and on the tram, in Athens. Quick dial: 185, there are beige boxes located on the platform.


equipped with meters (the fare Airport is charged per km and per hour) Athens International Airport and display a card detailing the Arrivals/Departures 210 3530000; latest valid tari s and surcharges.






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The Greek bus companies, or

Intercity Bus Company of Association of Bus Operators (KTEL)

There are numerous reliable car rental agencies in Athens. Major and local agencies can operate only if licensed by the Greek National Tourist Organization (G.N.T.O.) and require a valid national driving license. Before renting make sure the vehicle has adequate insurance cover (against accident, theft, re, etc). Driver’s Licenses  EU citizens can use their own. Other nationals should have an Taxi International Drivers License in Greek taxis o er an alternative to addition to their valid driver’s mass transit. All licensed taxis are license.

Car Rentals

Ship/Ferry Schedule: 14541 Hellenic Seaways: 210 4199000,

Ferry Lines

Blue Star Ferries: 210 8919800, ANEN Lines: 28210 20345, NEL: 210 4115015, ANEK: 210 4197420, Minoan Lines: 210 4145700, Superfast Ferries: 210 8919130,

Pireaus Port: info-line 14541; main port with year-round service to international destinations as well as islands of the Argosaronic Gulf, Dodecanese, Ionion, and Cycladic.

Sea Transport/Ports

Ra na Port: (2nd largest port, approximately 45 minutes from centre): 22940-22300 & 22940 28888. To reach Ra na, take the bus from 29 Mavromateon Str. In Athens at the Pedio Areos park. 45 minutes by bus

Lavrio Port: (approximately 1 hour from centre); 22920 26859 serves Kea, Kithnos, Syros,Tinos, Andros, Ios, Sikinos, Folegandros, Milos, PAros, Naxos, Limnos, Agios Efstratios and Kavala.

Say it in Greek


Hello/Goodbye: Ya sou To your health: Stin E-ya Sou Good morning: Kalimera


Good afternoon: Kalispera Good night: Kalinihta Thank you: Efharisto


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. museums. Monuments and temples. architectural grace. neighbourhoods. The top sites. Plus! What you will find on the sacred rock of the Acropolis and a checklist of must-see sites and museums. Sightseeing Page 34 1-2-3 Days in Athens Ready-made itineraries.contents Page 8 a city with history The Acropolis. interesting walks.

Plus! Unique to Athens entertainment venues for all tastes. Delphi and Olympia + useful information of ports & bus terminals. Plus! Where to enjoy romantic sunsets and mega-yachts. Edited and designed by the team FreeSunday *Printed in June 2012 . dance with tips on where and what. Page 60 Endless Blue. Plus! The ancient sites. temples and sanctuary of Mycenae. mountains and villages. surf. stroll and more. Page 72 Day Trips Cool and Close by Islands.Page 44 Lifestyle a vibrant city Shop. a city by the sea Swim. eat. drink.

The modern capital encompasses ancient and medieval history interpreting it into the contemporary era. from the Parthenon atop the Acropolis.breathtakingathens. to the Temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounion on the tip of www. 8 9 .sightseeingacity withhistory History unfolds with every step in Athens. The establishment of Athens as a city dates back to mythological times.breathtakingathens. 11 . or at least on your way to the airport! Yalou. tel: 210 6634724. website: www. wolves. dolphins. A definite must – do during your stay in Athens. penguins. b) exit 16P to Rafina (from Elefsina). Attica Zoological Park attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors of all ages from all over the world.2 miles). Spata. Near Athens International Airport. 9am-sunset. Admission: adults €15. hosting among others the 5th largest bird collection in the world. children under 3 free. who come here to experience a unique five continent journey. will leave your children wide-eyed with amazement. chimps. this 32-acre wild kingdom wonder is crawling with over 2000 animals from 380 different species.sightseeingacitywithhistory Fun for the whole family ATTICA ZOOLOGICAL PARK This awe-inspiring zoo in Spata. kids up to 12 years old €11. Access: by car a) exit 18 to Spata (from the airport).breathtakingathens. OH: daily. birds of or 25 minutes away from the centre of Athens.breathtakingathens. but also a site of education and species conservation. lemurs. sea lions.atticapark. parrots. c) end of Attiki Odos towards Rafina (from Ymittos Ringroad) – by bus: take the 319 from Doukissis Plakentias Metro Station (Metro Line 3) 10 www. such as lions. rhinos. and just 18 km (11. Not just a place for entertainment and relaxation. and many more. giraffes.

Ancient Agora. engineers and sculptors to build the monuments we see today. Start at Hadrian’s Arch (at Vasilisis Olgas Ave. Theatre of whose ruins still dominate the Dionysus. Cross the avenue to Dionysiou Areopagitou Street. the Erechtheion is most widely renowned by the Caryatids. you meet on the way Rock of Mars (Areios Pagos) : a limestone hill. What’s on the Acropolis Hill? The first temples appeared in 650 BC and were built in honour of the goddess Athena. a complex of buildings with two 12 www.). Known under the name of Herodion. Across the Parthenon. stands the Erechtheion. both in the past and Aeropagus Hill. and the adjacent ancient Temple of Olympian Zeus. the Athenian statesman Pericles commissioned a team of skillful architects. monuments and THE ARCHAEOLOGICAL PARK. please visit our website at www. South of the Acropolis stands the temple of Apteros Nike or Temple of Athena Nike. as far back as the Neolithic Age. 115m high. Further south. During the Golden Age of Greece. Dedicated to goddess Athena. interesting walks. Temple monument and universal symbol of Olympian Zeus. The street to the right of Dionysiou Areopagitou leads up to the Acropolis. an example of the work of architect Kallikrates. Tower of the architects Iktinos and Kallikrates The lush Zappeion Garden. The Doric order. the Parthenon. was built by the architect Ermou and Vasilisis Olgas – Mnesicles. Pnyx. The Propylaea from Dionysiou Areopagitou. the pedestrian pathway that will get you to the Acropolis. It used to be the meeting point of the aristocratic council and the courthouse of ancient www. a monument built as tribute to the roman emperor Hadrian by the Athenians in 131 AD.breathtakingathens. in the 5th century BC. the conservatory hosts cultural performances organised by the Athens Festival (www. the six graceful female statues that support the roof of the temple.7 km (3 miles) located at the foot of wings and the central entrance way used as the official gateway the Acropolis hill – extending to the Parthenon. stands the Theatre of Dionysus. As you leave. at the northern end of the hill. architectural miracles) Explore the Acropolis At this every 13 . Philopapou Hill or Hill of the Muses. Adrianou. Hill of in the present. and constitutes a site of worship from during the period 447-432 BC.breathtakingathens. built by the roman emperor in 161 AD for his wife Regilla. was designed by the Roman Agora. our guide focuses on the Acropolis and the monuments that are situated on the top of the Sacred Rock and at the surrounding archaeological park. birthplace of the ancient drama and site of the Great Dionysia. that are religious celebrations in honour of ancient god Dionysus. with steep sides and uneven summit. The entrance to the Acropolis begins at the Propylaea. Apostolou Pavlou. decorated with marble statues. Hadrian’s Arch. breathtakingathens. Along the way you will find: the Odeon of Herodes Atticus. It was built around 420 BC to honour the celebration of the victory of the Greeks over the Persians. the Nymphs (Observatory). an area of 4. Hadrian’s Library. greekfestival. Theatre of Herodes centre of Acropolis. sites: The Acropolis. a temple of Ionic order. Built on two levels. The Propylaea lead includes the following ancient your way to the Parthenon. of Athens. For detailed information on places of interest. Parthenon is undoubtedly the most renowned Atticus.sightseeingacitywithhistory (The Acropolis. behind you. made of Pentelic marble and of Monument of Lysicrates.

But they are not. After lunch. forming a pyramid. one of the most picturesque parts of the city for must-take-home folklore while smaller feet). The ancient stadium (www. If you were to position them straight up they would converge somewhere above the temple. or a cup of coffee at its picturesque cafe. decorated with marble statues. Thissio for its bars. take the cable museum shops are quite popular car to the top and back down. located southeast of the Greek Parliament. Stadium or “Kalimarmaro” The New Acropolis Museum.grdance. Even though the columns appear absolutely cylindrical. During the summer months. Athenians rush to visit its open-air cinema.namuseum. open-air atrium. Roman. Monastiraki for its souvenir shops and flea market. for traditional Greek food and culture. tel: the church of Agios Dimitrios Loubardiaris and traditional Greek dance performances by Dora Stratou (www. Today. collections exhibit findings and Lycabettus Hill: At a height of artefacts from the sacred rock 277 metres (approximately 1. Follow the signs to the Roman Agora. it is an outstanding example of Athenian classicism with columns that create a vast.theacropolismuseum. It took years to construct was erected for the needs of the museum according to the the modern Olympic Games on "museum" interior design and the ruins of the ancient stadium the "technology". covers an area of 40 acres and contains over www. and should be visited. The cafe and appeal to you. Zappeion Megaron: Built in 1850. If climbing does not collections. While you are here. Kerameikos and adjacent Gazi for more contemporary dining and amusement alternatives.breathtakingathens. This is deliberate so that the columns appear straight to the eye.sightseeingacitywithhistory Winds. circular. Tzizdaraki Mosque.000 trees and 40. The National Garden. Byzantine and Ottoman monuments that stand at every corner of the area. The first used to be a church transformed to the royal palace of King Otto in the mid 1800 and home of the Greek Parliament since 1935. enjoy a stroll.theacropolismuseum.000 of the Acropolis. Dionysiou Areopagitou street. The latter is a sculpture in low relief depicting a dying ancient soldier in full armor. The pleasant Zappeion Garden. If you are ready to take a break. The permanent between the years 1893-1896. Other attractions nearby: The New Acropolis Museum (15. Lycabettus is perhaps the "vignette" temporary exhibits best spot to get an aerial view offer insight to the permanent of the city. Panathenaic .Olympic the world (www. built in 132 AD.000 plants of the Greek flora. www.C Kalimarmaro gr). it serves as an exhibition and congress Temple of Hephaestus and Kerameikos. cafes and restaurants with a great view to the ancient ruins. Stroll the charming cobbled streets of Plaka and browse the ancient. Places and sites of interest National Archaeological Museum. (which means “made of fine “a masterpiece” and must-visit marble”). Did you know? The pillars of the Parthenon appear to be perfectly perpendicular to both the surface The Roman Agora and roof of the temple.breathtakingathens. The entrance is on the corner Greek Parliament and Tomb of of Aristippou and Ploutarchou 14 15 . a large rectangular market surrounded by a colonnade. one of the richest collections of ancient Greek art in the Unknown Soldier. was built in 330B. head towards Monastiraki Square. stop at one of the many traditional tavernas that adorn the quiet streets of Plaka. remains a favourite place to meet your friends. they are wider at the base and narrower at the top. make a stop to discover the charm of the neighbourhoods that make up the historic centre: Plaka and the cycladic-styled Anafiotika.

Explore the ancient monuments. there is a number of state. and an open-air ACROPOLIS METRO STATION ARCHAEOLOGICAL EXHIBITION Makriyanni Street. Did you know? The foustanela or skirt that is part of their uniform consists of 360 pleats. contemporary museums and traditional souvenir shops stretching throughout the area. but it still continues to inspire those who live. white church on top of one of the highest points of the city centre.breathtakingathens. would later give rise to the buzzing shopping district that surrounds it today. at any time of year. Of course. the centre of commercial and business life in ancient times. NR = nearest rail. atop Lycabettus Hill. there are the significant institutions hosting world treasures from antiquity. a ten-minute ceremonial procedure that takes place every hour on the hour. the Museum of Cycladic Art. Ideal for the whole family is a walk stadium (since 1964) that houses concerts in the summer months (www. Kalamaki.sightseeingacitywithhistory streets. Dine at one of its numerous esplanade: a great destination for all ages. Below is a guide to some. you are probably looking at Agios Georgios (built around 1780). who were builders from Santorini that lived in the area when they were building the palace of King Otto. Schinias and Varkiza in less than an hour. named after Anafiotes. organized beaches (some have water sports facilities) in Faliro. Notice the Cycladicstyled houses in the area known as Anafiotika. flisvosmarina. More detailed information may be found online at www. with smaller collections. Visit a beach in Athens and you are likely to feel like you are on a Greek island. Agios Isidoros). Important Museums Museums operating in Athens can be divided in two categories. On the one hand. thematic museums such as the Museum of Contemporary Art and the War Museum.breathtakingathens. a cafe and restaurant. These include the Acropolis Museum. Ancient Agora. The Athenian Coastline: Athens is surrounded by pristine beaches. the National Archaeological Museum.greekfestival. as you are greeted with stretches of fine sand. galleries full with contemporary and ancient exhibits. where you can swim for many months during the year. Alimos. work and visit the area. also act as mini museums. known as Evzones or  Worth the wait in order to witness the changing of the guards. you will see that there are actually two churches (a smaller one. a neighbour hood below the Acropolis on the Flisvos Marina (www. If you decide to take the pleasant climbing up. NM: Acropolis Tel: +302105194717 OH: daily 6ammidnight Admission: Free While all of Athens’ new metro (subway) stations. with classical 16 www. there is a large number of 17 . Get inspired by the city’s numerous fascinating museums. Monastiraki cannot compare to the milieu of the ancient agora. commanding Presidential Guards. On the other www. symbolizing the 360 years of Turkish domination. Why not “POST” A PHOTO of you alongside the tall. Glyfada. the Benaki Museum and the Byzantine Museum. The tram and bus take you to nearby. Walk amongst the buildings whose facades are dressed in 19th century neoclassical design and architecture. What’s on top of Lycabettus hill? If you see a tiny. blue waters. colourful pebbles and crystal. covering a variety of fields ranging from history to pottery and from railway to music instruments. OH = opening hours *Make a contact before visit Anafiotika Cycladic styled houses in Plaka. Abbreviations: NM= nearest metro. Monastiraki: It is befitting that this monument. Plaka: The winding pathways carry thousands of years of history. public or private museums.

reduced ticket €2 The museum of the Ancient Agora is housed in the restored Gallery (Stoa of Attalus) monument of 150 BC. Admission: €4. the market) was the heart of public . since Agora (that is. it was restored and reconstructed in order to accommodate the discoveries of the excavations in the Agora. Adrianou Street NM: Monasterion  NR: Thissio Tel: +302103210185 OH: Summer season 8am-7:30pm / Winter season 8:30am-2:45pm. Artefacts from the Mycenaean and Roman periods unearthed from the bottom of the surrounding sea are housed here. Admission: € 3. reduced ticket €1 Recently refurbished. ANCIENT AGORA MUSEUM STOA OF ATTALUS 24. The museum’s collection offers insight into Piraeus’ significance throughout Greece’s history. The gallery (Stoa of Attalus) was revealed in the excavations of the Archaeological Company between the years 1859-1902. this museum contains ancient findings from the city of Piraeus. This ultra – modern metro station boasts window displays from the Parthenon and showcases findings which were brought to light during the excavation works for the construction of the new Metro.breathtakingathens. yet classical depth of contemporary Athens. offer profound insight into the burial customs of ancient Athens. as well.. The top floor contains a multitude of exquisite bronze statues. the Acropolis station is a special gem. among them the statue of Apollo. most of them Greek. Piraeus NR: Piraeus Tel: +302104521598 OH: MonSat 8:30am-3pm & Sun 9:30am-2:30pm. please see above. At the period of 1953-56. Fri until 10pm. Four large rooms on the ground floor are dedicated to findings from several cemeteries. royal coaches 19 18 www. ATHENS RAILWAY MUSEUM 4. originating from excavations of the area in which it is housed. the Athens Railway Museum takes you back to the days of the steam locomotives of the late 1800s. two statues of Artemis and one of Athena and the sole archaic bronze Kouros in existence.theacropolismuseum. which are representative of the trends. objects directly related to the cemetery. ATHENS MUNICIPAL GALLERIES (in two locations) 148.sfs. reduced ticket € 3 For more information. foreign influences and fruitful discussions that have marked the journey of contemporary Greek art. as well as from the coastal areas of Attica and the islands of the  31. Admission: € 5. Do not miss the massive reconstruction of the mausoleum of Nikeratos and his son www. reduced ticket €2 The galleries’ collections feature the visual works of 3. gr OH: Tue-Sun 8:00am-8:00pm Last admission: 7:30pm. gr OH: Tue-Sun 9am-1pm. The major findings. ARCHAEOLOGICAL MUSEUM Night view to the Lycabettus Hill OF KERAMEIKOS urns and grave offerings.000 artists. Ermou Street NM: Monasterion NR: Thissio Tel: +302103463552 OH: Summer season: daily 8am-7:30pm Winter season: daily 8:30am-3pm Admission: €2. Artefacts include funerary Restored in 1988. NM: Metaxourgio NR: Omonoia tel: +30 210 5202420 OH: Sun 10am-2pm Admission: Free *from mid September Saronic Gulf. Charilaou Trikoupi Street. too. with few exceptions. Its exhibits have direct relation with the operation of the democratic regime of ancient Athens. The museum’s collection includes excellent examples of pottery. The archaeological exhibit here is a clear indication of the modern. Mon closed Admission: Free A fun museum for all ages. ARCHAEOLOGICAL MUSEUM OF PIRAEUS 1) Koumoundourou Sq NM: Metaxourgio 2) Leonidou & Myllerou str. Siokou Street NM: Sepolia Tel: +302105126295 Website: www. old-world trams.sightseeingacitywithhistory and contemporary works of art. nearby Moschato and Kallithea. ACROPOLIS MUSEUM 15 Dionysiou Areopagitou street NM: Acropolis Tel: +302109000900 Website: www. this museum displays some of the ancient world’s most significant findings. Wed 5pm8pm.

gr. the N. the Delta House. Hadjikyriakos Ghikas Gallery and the Yannis Pappas Studios. Housed in a neoclassical building at the foot of the Acropolis hill and above the Ancient Agora. OH: Summer season: Mon-Fri 9am-2pm. Admission: Free Marina Trokantero. BYZANTINE & CHRISTIAN MUSEUM B&M Theocharakis foundation for the fine arts and music 9am-2pm. Website: www. through a spectacular historical panorama: from antiquity and the age of Roman domination to the medieval Byzantine period and from the fall of A private collection donated to the Greek state. The number of collections and the quality of the exhibits make the museum a veritable treasure trove of Byzantine and post-Byzantine art and culture. photographs and designs of the modern fleet of railway cars are also displayed. Tues. The artefacts are drawn from the entire Greek world and other territories where the Hellenic spirit Website: OH: Wed. Website: www. The museum’s annexes include: the Benaki Museum Pireos. Mon. the year in which the Asia Minor disaster took place. played a crucial role in the history of the Hellenic Navy as the flagship ship during the Balkan War (1912-1913). Fri-Sat 9am-5pm. Works. to promote the work of Greek artists 21 . reductions €1.breathtakingathens. illustrating the character of the Greek world. Tel: +302109888211. the most significant Greek naval vessel. the museum houses works of art from the Prehistoric Age until the 20 www. Email:abervf@otenet.sightseeingacitywithhistory of the OH: Tue-Sun 8:30am-3pm Admission: €2. gr Website: pakanellopoulosfound ation. with a focus on the emergence of the Modern and its continuous development over the 20th and into the 21st century. Tue closed. Admission: €7. tickets and memorabilia from the heyday of train transportation. Thu 9am-midnight. Wed 10am-6pm. It was commissioned in 1911 and remained in active service for a period of 44 years. up to OH: Mon. B & M THEOCHARAKIS FOUNDATION FOR THE FINE ARTS AND MUSIC 9 Vasilissis Sofias &1 Merlin Street.byzantinemuseum. KOLONAKI Koumpari Street&Vasilissis Over 25. Sat-Sun-holidays 19am5pm Admission: € OH: Tue-Sun 9am-4pm Admission: €4. the ship serves as a monument commemorating Greece’s naval and modern history. BENAKI MUSEUM.000 artefacts organized into collections that date from the 3rd to the 20th century. BATTLESHIP “G. CANELLOPOULOS MUSEUM 12 Theorias Street NM: Acropolis NR: Monasterion Tel: +302103244447 Email: info@canellopoulosmuseum. Exhibits also simulate the various aspects of the full-scale railway. reduced ticket: €5 The Battleship Averof. Sat-Sun 10am-5pm /Winter season: Mon-Fri The B & M Theocharakis Foundation is primarily concerned with music and the fine arts in Greece and Website:www. old-fashioned cars. From the formation of the modern state of Greece in 1830. Tel +302103671000 Email: benaki@benaki.bsaverof.thf.000 items. reduced ticket: €2 Constantinople in 1453 and the subsequent centuries of Frankish and Ottoman occupation to the outbreak of the struggle for independence in 1821. Sun 9am-3pm. such as the function of signals and points. to employ every means at its disposal to disseminate the content of its activities and to develop networks facilitating collaboration and exchange. reduced ticket: €1 This group of collections comprises many distinct categories totaling in more than Tel: +302132139572. AVEROF” ΜUSEUM 22. the Islamic Art Collection. Email: info@byzantinemuseum. (July-Aug 10am-6pm) Sat-Sun 10am6pm. The Foundation aims to encourage the public to enter into a wide-ranging and interdisciplinary dialogue with music and the visual arts. NM:Syntagma (Lines 2 & 3)  Tel +302103611206 E-mail: info@theocharakis-foundation. Paleo Faliro  NR: Faliro. Thu-Fri 10am-8pm. Vasilissis Sofias Street NM: Megaro www.benaki.50 Sofias Avenue NM: Syntagma (Lines 2 & 3). Today.breathtakingathens.

cycladic. Mon-Tue closed Admission: €6. building at 8 Kyrrestou 23 . founded in 1885. Admission: € www. newspapers. is inhabited by 220 permanent Kyriazopoulos Collection of Folk residents. DESTE – FOUNDATION FOR CONTEMPORARY ART 11. costumes. Through its exhibition and publishing program. Tel: +302102758490. ancient Greek and Byzantine OH: Tue-Sun 9am-3pm. EXILE MUSEUM OH:  Mon. photographs. Other rotating exhibits of international caliber have made this museum one of the city’s finest. Sun 11am-5pm Admission: €7. reduced ticket: €3 An extensive and unique private collection of prehistoric art from the Cycladic islands.melt. from 1926 to 1967. wood and stone carvings. Sat reduced ticket: €1 A rich collection of Greek folk art dating from 1650 until today.sightseeingacitywithhistory Byzantine Era. GREEK FOLK ART MUSEUM 17. Wed. Fri.. Monis Asteriou NM: Syntagma (Lines 2 & 3) Tel: +302103234678 Email: info@frissirasmuseum. weaving.50 3 & 7.. reduced ticket €3. Diogenous Street NM: Syntagma through artefacts. features historic items from exiles. pottery. including men. gr Website: OH: For information. It newest building at 22 Panos Str. were sent off to the 19th and 20th century. Nea Ionia. masquerades. It aims to broaden the audience for contemporary art. Agion Asomaton Street NR: Thissio Tel: +302103213488 Email: exilemuseum@gmail. Tositsa Street NM: Omonoia NR: Viktoria Tel: +302108232950 Email: ema@culture. which is preserved 1-3. Thu 10am-8pm.000 works of painting and sculpture by Greek and other European artists on the subject of the human Website: www. Pappa Streets. to enhance opportunities for young artists and to establish a dialogue through an exhibition program that promotes emerging. in is estimated that over 100. documents. Website: Website: OH: Tue-Sun 10am-2pm.and metal works.breathtakingathens. art (Lines 2 & 3) NR: Monasterion Tel: work. the DESTE Foundation aspires to act as a host to innovative expressions. call +302102758490 Admission: Free The DESTE Foundation for Contemporary Art was established in 1983 by the international art collector Dakis Joannou. Email: info@deste. Kydathinaion Street NM: Syntagma (Lines 2 & 3) Tel: +302103229031 Email: melt@ melt. DESTE is a non-profit foundation that organizes exhibitions and supports publications that explore the relationship between contemporary art and culture.frissirasmuseum. women various Greek trade professions of and children. Sat-Sun 11am-5pm.”The exile destinations of Greece.deste.breathtakingathens. known it became one of the many as the “Baths of Website: www.000 Plaka. history records. CYCLADIC ART MUSEUM FRISSIRAS MUSEUM 4. as well OH: Mon-Fri 11am-5pm Admission: Free The permanent collection is constituted by 3. silver.exile-museum. EPIGRAPHICAL MUSEUM 1. and operates as an open space for the redefinition of the current artistic production and emergent Cycladic Art Museum cultural realities. Filellinon & OH: daily 8:30am3pm Admission: Free The Epigraphical Museum. where the “V. NR: Nea Ionia. The GREEK MUSICAL Museum is dedicated to the exile INSTRUMENTS MUSEUM experience. including works of embroidery. Neofytou Douka Street NM: Panepistimio Tel: +302107228321 Email: Website:  www. com OH: Wed-Fri: 10am-5pm. Ai-Stratis during that period. +302103254119 Email: melmoke@ magazines and original oral otenet. comprises a collection of Attic inscriptions and a collection of inscriptions from other districts of Greece. The museum’s annexes include: The island of Ai-Stratis is located the Tzidaraki Mosque (in its in the northern Aegean Sea and original location). established artists. For a very long period Pottery” is now housed and the of time. 22 www.instrumentsmuseum. as well as.

gr Website: www.50. with shows regarding the ancient Agora of Athens or the environment. The musicologist. Sun 10am-4pm. Thu 9am-2pm. drawings.200 Greek popular musical instruments depict the history and evolution of Greek music from the 18th century to the present. Karyatidon Street NM: Acropolis Tel: +302109221044 Email: OH: Mon-Fri 9am2:30 pm.  OH: Summer season: Mon-Fri 9am-4pm. each phase of his or her work.000 volumes of rich archival material. Admission: €6. Fivos Anoyanakis.6pm Admission: Free 254. are depicted in thematic exhibits. Sun 10am-3pm / Winter season: Mon. reduced ticket €4 Akti OH: Fri 25 . Website: OH: Website:  www. and their techniques. To accomplish this. including a photographic and film collection. Volanakis. and to help the visitors connect to both the artist’s life and their work. Tavros  NR: Kallithea Tel: +302122540000 Email: hellenic-cosmos@ime. wearing the special stereoscopic Website: www.000 jewels and small ornaments dedicated to the history and art of jewellery making by one of Greece’s most renowned jewellery designers. JEWELLERY MUSEUM ILIAS LALAOUNIS 6.lalaounisjewelrymuseum. HERAKLEIDON MUSEUM EXPERIENCE IN VISUAL ARTS 16. reduced ticket: €8 Over 1. maps. which includes. The collection stretches in nine rooms filled with models of ancient and modern ships. opened the museum in 1991 after 50 years of research. Sun 10am-2pm.breathtakingathens. among others.breathtakingathens. Piraeus Tel: +302104516264 Email: nme@ ath. as well as. hmmuseum. Sat 9am-3pm. reduced ticket €4 A collection of over 4. to show how the artist has evolved through the various important periods More than 7. works of the artist are on exhibit. Admission: €10. Audio capabilities allow the visitor to listen to the music depicted in showcases. their preparatory sketches. Hadjis.Experience in visual Arts (from the prehistoric period until the present) comes to life in this museum. Admission: €5. etc.000 The museum highlights the history of the Greek. as well as guns. reduced ticket €3 The nautical history of Greece The museum’s mission is to introduce visitors to the art of the artist him/herself. Audiovisual and other aids provide complete and detailed information on the life of the artist.300 years of Jewish life in Greece. reduced ticket: €1 Culture. Nikis Street NM: Syntagma (Lines 2 & 3) NR: Monasterion Tel: +302103225582 Email: info@ jewishmuseum. presents the Holocaust and the Jewish participation in the Greek 24 www. Fri. HELLENIC COSMOS CULTURAL CENTRE in his or her career. Thu.hellenic-cosmos. Fri 9am-8pm. approximately 200 maps from the 16th to the 20th centuries. history and sciences come to life in front of the visitors at the “Tholos”. Herakleidon Street NM: Monasterion NR: Thissio Tel: +302103461981 Email: info@ herakleidon-art. but also the “travels” through space and time at “Kivotos”. herakleidon. Tue. There is also a specialized library with 10. paintings of seascapes from the 19th and 20th century Greek painters (Prossalendis.). flags. Do not miss the interactive exhibitions Meeting at the Ancient Agora and Is There An Answer To Everything? A journey to the world of Greek mathematics. Pireos Avenue. HELLENIC MARITIME MUSEUM Herakleidon Museum .forthnet.sightseeingacitywithhistory Wed 12am. Sat closed Admission: €6. Sun 11am-4pm. which was founded in 1949 in Piraeus. gr Website: www.speaking Romaniotes Jews (whose presence in Greece dates back to the 3rd century BC). JEWISH MUSEUM OF GREECE 39. OH: Tue-Sat 9am2pm Admission: €1. including Dionysian rhythms of the zoura and melodies of the mandolin. the grandiose Virtual Reality theatre. Sun 11am-7pm. illustrating 2.forthnet. the archives of admiral Kriezis and. photographs and personal items. medals and nautical instruments. to explain the various techniques used by them to express their vision. Sat 11am-4pm. Ilias Lalounis.

Sicily and Spain. the Arabic world. diplomat and former Prime Minister of Greece. with houses. the Middle Website: www. Wed. such as the bronze statue of Poseidon.athenscitymuseum.A. MUSEUM OF GREEK CHILDREN’S ART Aspect of the National Archaeological Museum years OH: Mon 1:30pm-8:00pm Tue-Sun 9am-4:00pm Admission: € the Asia Minor. gr OH: Tue-Sat 10am-2pm. It focuses on the field of children’s artistic creativity and is one of the www. Admission: €5. reduced ticket: €2 9.sightseeingacitywithhistory War of Independence. MUSEUM OF ISLAMIC ART 22. NATIONAL ART GALLERY .childrensartmuseum. Herakleidon str.. reduced price: €3 The Museum of Greek Children’s Art ( M. reduced ticket: €3 of Islamic Art ranks among the most important in the world. postcards. The permanent exhibition is an impressive representation of an Athenian neighbourhood of 1900. benaki. from the prehistoric age until the period of Turkish occupation. Several specialized collections. memorabilia and typical living rooms of the Athenian 19th century aristocratic mansions offer a window into the rich life of Athens at the time. Eleftherias Park NM: Megaro Mousikis Tel: +302107224238 Email:  eleveniz@ otenet. OH: Tue-Sat 10am-1pm & 6pm-8pm. Mon closed Admission: €2 Library. 9am-1pm and 5pm-9pm. gr OH: Mon. Tue closed Admission: €3. NM: Acropolis Tel: +302103312621 E-mail: contact@childernsartmuseum. The museum’s gift shop has books. Persia. Thu.G.namuseum. NM: Monasterion NR: Thissio Tel: +302103251311 Email: islamic_ collection@benaki. Paparigopoulou Street NM: Panepistimio Tel: +302103231397 Email: mveathen@otenet. while the second is the “Haridimos Shadow Theatre” puppet the prominent Greek statesman. Website: www. Frescoes from prehistoric Thera and statues from the classical OH: Mon-Sun 9am-3:30pm. photographs and personal items of Eleftherios Venizelos (1864-1936).ALEXANDROS SOUTZOS MUSEUM 1. Sun 9am-3pm. MELINA MERKOURI CULTURAL CENTRE 66. the exhibits are representative of all the cultures that flourished in Greece. Website: www. declared to be one of the most significant politicians in the history of modern Greece.EFTAXIAS 5 – 7. North Africa. Thu. posters.C. Sun 11am2pm. Ag.breathtakingathens. NM: Kerameikos NR: Thissio Tel: +30 210 3452150 OH: Tue-Sat. Michalakopoulou Street NM: Evangelismos Tel: +302107235937-8 Website:www. Fri 9am-4pm. The National Archaeological Museum is a must-visit. Egypt. Dipilou St. Wed 9am-9pm. Housed in a wonderful building in the historic centre of Athens. Kodrou Street. Tue closed Admission: €5. near the ancient cemetery of Kerameikos.breathtakingathens. worldwide. NATIONAL ARCHAEOLOGICAL MUSEUM 44. on the subject.nationalgallery. art games and a variety of gifts featuring children’s art inspired from its collections. MUSEUM OF THE CITY OF ATHENS VOUROS . reduced ticket: €3 Sat-Sun 10am-3pm. it consists of objects from India. Patision Avenue NM: Omonoia NR: Viktoria Tel: +302108217724 Email: Website: www. ELEFTHERIOS VENIZELOS MUSEUM Vasilisis Sofias Avenue. The Centre also hosts various events. One of the richest collections of ancient Greek art in the world. Admission: Free The impressive “Poulopoulou” old hat factory now houses the centre that features two exhibitions. OH: Tue.) exhibits drawings and three-dimensional artwork made by children aged 4 to 14 The Benaki Museum’s collection The National Art Gallery is one of Greece’s main art institutions that features paintings from some of Greece’s and Europe’s famous artists of the 19th and 26 www. Asomaton & 12. civilization and life of the newly-founded modern Greek State of 27 . shops and a kafeneio (coffee house). are some of the museum’s highlights. concerts and seminars. Sat. Sun 10am-1pm Admission: Free The museum depicts the history.

Konstantinos Maleas. The museum also functions as a research centre of modern Greek history. Georgiou Β’ and Rigilis street NM: Evangelismos  Tel: +30 210 of contemporary art history and theory. Stadiou square & Fokianou Street NM: Syntagma (Lines 2 & 3). NM: Panepistimio Tel: +302103237617 Email:  info@nhmuseum. who is credited with designing over 500 exquisite 50. Tel: +302107519066 Email: postmuseum@elta-net. reduced ticket: €1. Admission: €3. Tel: +302103632057. Emphasis is given to well-known Greek contemporary artists.postalmuseum.nma. NATIONAL MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART (EMST) The history of the postal services and philatelic bureaus. It is the oldest museum of its kind and it includes rich collections that highlight the most representative phases of Neo-Hellenism. such as Yannis Website: www. Memorabilia of theatrical life. NUMISMATIC MUSEUM gr. The Numismatic Museum of Athens. Website: www. Konstantinos Parthenis. is one of the few of its kind in the world and the sole in the Balkans. The theatrical archives include 18th and 19th century manuscripts. Iliou Melathron. Website: www. from the fall of Constantinople (15th century) until the present. Vas. Admission: €3. Nikiphoros Lytras. Sun 10am1pm Admission: Free promote and present advanced and experimental artistic installations. Yannis Moralis and others. such as weapons used by revolutionaries that fought the Greek War of Independence can be seen here. The museum has a special date stamping machine bearing the representation of the head of god Hermes.5 The National Museum of Contemporary Art (EMST) was founded in OH: Mon-Fri 8am-2pm Admission: Free buildings in Greece. It aims to create collections of contemporary Greek and international works of art. Akadimias Avenue NM: Panepistimio Tel: +302103637453 Email: info@theatremuseum. seals. reduced ticket: €1.breathtakingathens. Admission: €3.emst. personal items of leading actors are all exhibited in the museum. is to be appreciated for its design by architect Ernst Ziller. NATIONAL HISTORICAL MUSEUM OH: Tue-Sun 9am-2pm. ΤΗΕΑΤRE MUSEUM & STUDY CENTRE OF THE GREEK THEATRE National Museum of Contemporary Art (EMST) back to safes. THE HELLENIC CHILDREN’S MUSEUM 14. history and history of OH: Tue-Sun 8:00am-3pm. Thu 11am-10pm. The collection includes postboxes.50 Relics and rare historical archives and documents relating to modern Greek history. stage costumes. printing machines. to 12. numerous photographs. with a history dating 28 www. models of stage settings. postal stamp machines.sightseeingacitywithhistory 20th centuries. Website: www. NR: Monasterion  Tel: +302103312995. Stadiou Avenue. Kydathinaion Street NM: Syntagma (Lines 2 & 3). to enhance the aesthetic and artistic cultivation of the people and to forge scientific research on subjects 17-19. POSTAL & PHILATELIC MUSEUM 13. programmes and posters.breathtakingathens. covering the ancient Greek 29 . The collection comprises approximately 6.000 coins. Nikolaos Kounelakis.nhmuseum. It provides continuous educational support to Hellenism in the sectors of OH: Mon-Fri 10am-3pm. Reduced ticket: €2 The library stores 25. Website: www. bags and horns used by the postmen and other items of the www. Email: protocol@ nm. Telegraph and Telephone Services. Email: protocol@emst. The building that houses the museum.000 volumes of Greek and foreign books on theatre. western Medieval times and modern OH: TueSun 11am-7pm.culture. Domenikos Theotokopoulos (or El Greco). the Roman and Byzantine periods. Theodoros Vrizakis. Panepistimiou Avenue NM: Syntagma (Lines 2 & 3).theatremuseum.

eugenfound. music and visual arts. opportunity to participate in an GOULANDRIS NATURAL interactive road safety and THE HELLENIC CHILDREN’S MUSEUM (www. while similar initiatives exist for cooking.karagiozismuseum. WAR MUSEUM Visit with your children! THE MUSEUM OF GREEK CHILDREN’S ART ( OH: Tue-Fri 10am-2pm. Do you like speed? At the “Athenian Capitol” complex. collections in the world. Fun HISTORY MUSEUM AND GAIA for the whole family that is not to CENTRE (www. experiment. 31 . Road Safety Program (for children museum reduced ticket €5. you can find one of the most fascinating car to the present days. computers here.sgt. The centre pays destination for the entire family. Of course. the destination of Athens. which engages children in logic and geometry games. The museum is ideal for children up to 12 years old. there is an exhibit called "Hello Pythagoras". you can Tel: +302108816187 Email: info@ try your racing skills in the F1 hellenicmotormuseum.sightseeingacitywithhistory Email: info@hcm.breathtakingathens. Kids can experience museum hopping. it presents museum’s extensive research on a multitude of events from dance. Website: www. SPATHARIO MUSEUM OF SHADOW PUPPET THEATRE ( such as. too! Both offer a different aspect of interactive art seen through the eyes of a child. be missed! insects. cultivating international collaborations The New Digital Planetarium of and educating people of all the Eugenides Foundation ages through life-long learning (www. SatSun 10am-3pm. money. hcm. with HELLENIC MOTOR MUSEUM the oldest vehicle on display 3rd September. Website: www. emphasis on contemporary cultural expression. Shadow theatre is a unique puppet art form with a long history in Greece and Reptiles. & Rizari St. Admission: €2 The museum is dedicated to children and is housed in an old mansion.warmuseum. A visit in the museum sheds light on the story of shadow theatre and the set of The Museum of Greek children’s art characters and “instruments” used to narrate it. while younger 6-12 years old) €6 visitors (6-12 years old) have the 30 www. think and create. supporting Education and fun Greek artists. Sun: 11am-6pm collectible memorabilia in the Admission: adults € Puppet shows are a favourite children’s state-ofprogrammes.. NM: Evangelismos Tel: +30210-7252974 Email: info@warmuseum. art and the is one of the largest. of Greece makes it a must-see to literature. there are lots of toys and OH: Tue-Sun 9am-2pm. a multi-activity www. strategically Collection of weapons and located between the National historic items document the Archaeological Museum and struggles for freedom of the Greek nation from ancient times Viktoria station. and science-oriented Like! Onassis Cultural Centre interactive exhibits always (www. as well as.breathtakingathens. The hands-on displays encourage children to explore. theatrical fauna and eco-system theatre. Among the displays. A series of activities. have a pit stop at the www. The former boasts an exhibition of paintings and works of art made by children and the latter a fun hands-on approach to Greek children’s culture.gnhm. the flora. Website: simulator. Its aim is to enhance learning through play and direct contact with various objects. NM: Omonia NR: Viktoria being a 1895 Hungarian-made fire engine! Afterwards. Admission: Free Vasilisis Sofias Ave. The newest cultural enchant children! In OH: homonymous cafe and enjoy the Tue-Sat: noon-9pm. 33-35 Ioulianou & Patission str. cooking lessons and seasonal preparations are organized every weekend.

Kerameikos). Filellinon Str. Church (Church of the Saviour Domokou str. com).ascsa. collections include over 7. Dionysius (Panepistimou Ave. The Catholic A large newspaper and Church of St. Libraries Gennadius Library ( 33 . Thissio). The Monastery of tel: Holocaust Memorial near the +30 210 6983905): The centre’s Beth Shalom Synagogue (5. and station. Ermou Street. Mitropoleos Street. Panormou str. The titles covering the arts and Anglican Church (Filellinon Str. designed by Theophilus Hansen and supervised by Ernst Ziller.. sciences.).ime.). Mitropoleos Street. Skoufa Street. Ernst Ziller (1837-1923). and Amalias Ave. gr). The New Digital Planetarium of the Eugenides Foundation is one of the largest. The Numismatic MuseumIliou Melathron. the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and the National Library on Panepistimou Avenue form the “neoclassical trilogy”. Kolonaki. The City of Athens “Technopolis”: Housed in a former gasworks industrial plant. Tzizdaraki Mosque (Monastiraki Square). The abovementioned cluster was built in 1887. concerts and exhibitions has contributed to the expansion and development of the area it inhabits. www.athenshappytrain. tel: +30 210 7210536. Contact in advance for handicap equipped bus schedules. Athens Cathedral.000 titles of Str. known as “Gazi” (Greek for gas).breathtakingathens. state-of-the-art digital planetariums in the world. Interactive and digitally-advanced technology explains Greek culture at the Hellenic Cosmos Cultural Centre (www. com and www. a truly beautiful stretch of 19th century buildings. The Monastery of Kaisariani on Hymettus Hill.athens-citytour.000 rare volumes about Greece.000 Melidoni Str. Agios www.sightseeingacitywithhistory the-art digital planetariums in the world. sunshine-express. Souidias str. some hidden. Architectural Miracles: Explore some of the city’s best: The Academy of Athens. tel: +30 210 8847561): Amalias Ave).citysightseeing. The Russian Athens Municipal Library ( and Sunshine Express (www. (www. but all beautiful and of the Foundation of the Hellenic World in a series of virtual reality programs that take all family members back to ancient Greece just with a touch of a button! the Tetraconch (in the garden of Hadrian’s Library). Panaghia Kapnikarea. Monum ents Athens has many architecturally impressive churches and monasteries. built by the famous architect of the time. Custom bus tours Take a tour with the Athens Hop On-Hop Off double decker bus (www. It offers headsets in English for visitors and has several programmes for adults and children (ages 9 and up). The Church of the Holy Power Interesting Religious 32 www. this vast area for events. It encompasses most of Athens’ top sights. Larissa railway Lykodemos. offering a pre-recorded commentary in several languages. collection of over 27. Agia Marina (Hill of the Nymphs. formerly the house of German archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann. There are also nice passenger city trains that offer tours to the historic centre: Athens Sightseeing with the Happy Train (www. The Church of books. Other religious sites Ioanniou Cultural Centre Library (59.breathtakingathens. and Omirou photographic archive of Athens with more than Private (Agia Dinami)..

com 35 . 34 www.threedaysinathens Do you only have a weekend to explore the capital of Greece? No need to worry! Spending three full days in Athens is a great way to begin feeling part of the city.breathtakingathens. The following recommendations provide you with useful tips on how to experience the best of Athens.breathtakingathens.

the heart of the city. Head north towards Thisio and Prisi. Plaka is one of the liveliest places to eat and enjoy a traditional Greek meal or meze (a selection of small dishes) and an aperitif such as ouzo. at Acropolis hill. theacropolismuseum. You can try a light meal or a cup of coffee at the museum’s restaurant while admiring the breathtaking view of the Acropolis surrounding you. that is. Tour the city via its double-decker buses or hop-on-hop-off trains that will take you from Syntagma Square to and through the historic city 37 .gr) with you. Take a photograph alongside enchanting cobbled streets of Plaka and the cycladic-style area one of the rigorously selected Presidential Guards (evzones of Anafiotika. the famous Athenian flea market.but in a little more detailed way – during the day the historic city centre (namely the Acropolis. exclusive shopping and even more which are all in Children’s Museum and The Noon & Afternoon (12:00 – 15:00) Discover some of the city’s most historic The historic centre is filled with several small interesting museums and galleries. Next stop should be the New Acropolis Museum (www. Monastiraki and Thisio) and save Psiri and Gazi for your evening explorations. its building design (see below). Plaka. just down the The Parthenon. admire the sights that greet you on your way to Propylaea. whose pedestrian precint starts opposite Hadrian’s Arch and the Ancient Temple of Olympian Zeus. Midday (12:00) One metro stop or a few minutes’ walk away is Syntagma Square. the Odeon of Herodes Atticus and the Ancient Agora.breathtakingathens. Morning (8:00 – 12:00) Start by visiting the Acropolis and the Parthenon. Art (www. breathtakingathens. Check the “What’s On” section for current exhibitions and the complete list of museums and galleries at www. In this area there and Ottoman remnants such as the Ancient Agora and Roman are many museums to choose from: The Museum of Cycladic Do not miss a walk at Anafiotika area. the Parthenon. a mustsee attraction not only for its collection of artefacts. To get there. take Dionysiou Areopagitou Street.threedaysinathens Discover the Acropolis and the Historic Centre Day 1 We recommend that you dedicate your first day exploring .benaki. destinations are The Hellenic warmuseum. but also for Museum of Greek Children’s Art. After lunch. there is the Greek Parliament and the in Monastiraki. You are now in the Makriyianni district. two worth visiting or the War Museum (www.breathtakingathens. Byzantine monument. Benaki If you have children travelling Museum (www. enjoy a cup of coffee or a 36 www. head towards Monastiraki and Thissio for must-take-home souvenirs. Explore the Tomb of the Uknown Soldier. Stop at one of the many little restaurants and tavernas. soft drink and continue walking southeast to the souvenir shops Across the street.cycladic. Stroll around the great archaeological site. the main entrance of Acropolis with its main attraction.7 km (3 mile) oasis encompassing some of the world’s most significant ancient monuments such as the Theatre of Dionysus. Wander across or tsoliades) that flank the the ancient Roman. a 4.

In the summer go for one of the Athenian Coastline clubs. in The ancient Olympic . Smaller vignette exhibitions. Kolokotroni Street) for a cup of coffee and people watching. The region between Syntagma Square and www.or after-dinner cocktail is also recommended at one of the bars around 39 . Sofias avenue may be referred to as the “museum area” since it is home to several of the city’s finest museums. at one of the city centre’s many restaurants in Plaka. video installations and the archaeologists of the museum themselves provide additional insight into the visitor’s understanding of the permanent exhibits and life in the ancient Sacred Rock of Acropolis. Late night (after 23:00) Night owls will discover why Athens is a city that never sleeps! In the winter. The museum’s collections are exhibited in three levels and the spectacular usage of glass allows for the natural lighting of the area. panathenaicstadium. visit the shops along Panepistimiou and Ermou streets off to Syntagma Square or Voukourestiou Street towards Kolonaki. Milioni Street or the streets around Syntagma (Voulis. As for the fashion lovers. A pre. located next to the Parliament building. Popular destination streets for dinner in Gazi include Konstantinoupoleos. Day 2 Discover Vibrant Downtown Athens Our second day’s itinerary is a delightful pot-pouri of things to see and do in the centre of Athens.thf. gr). Furthermore. The Athens open-top sightseeing buses are the best option to make the most of Evening (16:00 – 21:00) Upon returning to the centre. Lekka. while in Psiri you will find the most trendy bars and restaurants in Sarri and Lepeniotou Streets. The New Acropolis Museum (www. stretching down from Paleo Faliro to Varkiza. Psiri.Panathenaic Stadium. Need a rest? Head to Valaoritou Street. there is the new B&M Theocharakis Foundation for the Fine Arts & Music (www. What is more. with a view to the Acropolis. Do not forget to look directly at the Acropolis and enjoy the panoramic view of Athens through the museum’s glass structure! 38 www. The museum hosts a rich permanent collection of imposing sculptures and artefacts found at the excavations of Acropolis throughout the years. you may prefer to visit the ancient Olympic – Panathenaic Stadium (www. which used to form part of the Palace’s royal gardens and Zappeion (www. Thissio. Gazi or Kolonaki. Voutadon and Triptolemou streets. Koukaki or Gazi.zappeion. in general. all within walking distance from one another. You can get there if you walk through the National Garden. choose among the bars and clubs of Psiri. enjoy a dinner and or cocktail ideally.breathtakingathens.theacropolismuseum.breathtakingathens. gr).threedaysinathens close proximity. Kolokotroni street and Karitsi is considered to be an architectural

P. Syntagma Square is also the hub where several well-known Athenian streets and avenues start and intersect. Around the square. Give a twist to your evening by watching Take a photograph with the Presidential Guards in front of the Greek the sunset atop Lycabettus Parliament or the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. take a walk through the green oasis of the National Garden and enjoy a coffee at the Zappeion Mansion with its lush vegetation. Just around the corner. The starting point will be once again Syntagma Square.breathtakingathens. Magnificent museums. while and finish off with a gourmet both of them host wonderful and. choose to spend as Kallimarmaro (in Greek.namuseum. shops. Haritos and Patriarchou Ioakim.. Start with a morning tour of The National Archaeological Museum (www. Then. Dionysius the Areopagite. you will find Attica department store. Before stopping in one of the many cafes and restaurants. Continue shopping in the chic neighbourhood of Kolonaki. gr) showcasing one of the largest collections of ancient Greek artefacts in the world. Take a photograph with the Presidential Guards in front of the Greek Parliament or the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. great for stamp collectors. The above area and the streets extending from its major square offer a lot to the modern www. one of the many “Athens Metro museums in motion” that feature both ancient and modern art. department stores and restaurants of the city. Mets and Pagrati. neighbourhoods. Four stations in the historic center display mosaics and replicas of some of the thousands of archaeological findings. take a moment to admire the beautiful iconography inside the Catholic church of St. take a few moments to wander around the Athens tube station 41 . Juxtaposed the gallery. like the Benaki Museum and the Museum of Hilton. which house well-known hotels such as: The Grande Bretagne and King George. Stroll around Zappeion on Vassileos Georgiou B’ many restaurants of the area. which was the site Soutzos Museum (www. discovered during the tube's construction. Like of the first modern Olympic and seaside bar motif is more Olympic –Stadium also known A few bus stops north is another of your style.breathtakingathens. 40 www. Take the day to explore the museums. in the summer: If the beach visit the ancient Panathenaic emst.. a type of soft wreathover to three local Athenian shaped sesame bread stick. marble). stop at one of Games in 1896.! When in Athens . From many natives do. save some time to explore the city’s shops and department stores.threedaysinathens your museum hopping day. restaurants and tavernas. the hub of the city. of Athens’ great museums. just a bit further northwest or casual dinner at one of the cafes. Hill (a cable car is available to help you with the trekking up) gr). namely. Tsakalof. In the afternoon. each with its own great variety of bars. especially Konstantinou Avenue to of Contemporary Art (www. Museum (www. there are several of the Athenian historic buildings. housed in a historic building: with more than 360 shops in a shop and 860 different brand names.. you may walk the many outdoor vendors to buy is the Postal and Philatelic a koulouri. and exit onto Vassileos avenue is the National Museum Alternative option. Attica can cover all individuals’ needs. When you return to Syntagma Cylcadic Art are nearby. and its shop-filled streets: Skoufa. at the foot of Lycabettus Hill. The the afternoon in the Athenian meaning made of the finest National Gallery – Alexandros coastline.

Another cluster of delightful seaside food establishments can be found in each of the aforementioned areas. home to two of the “must-visits” : namely the Eugenides Foundation Planetarium and Flisvos Marina.) Destinations with cafes and restaurants that can be enjoyed all year-round include: Alimos Marina. Edem. Once you have seen how close the coast is to the centre of Athens. as well (If you want to visit both venues take the bus to the Planetarium and then go to the marina. The “alter ego” of downtown Kolonaki. Wide pedestrian sidewalks with The Odeon of Herodes Atticus. clubs and restaurants. work and play there. Stop in Glyfada any time of the day or night and you will be impressed by the number of good-looking people of all ages that live. This neighborhood is home to the 18-hole Glyfada Golf Club of Athens (www. or head back to the centre and indlude the buzzing Athenian night. the Athenian sun can be quite strong. while the Flisvos Marina by tram. Lagonissi. pack your swimming suit. trams and taxis will get you to the nearest stop in less than 30 minutes. After getting a feel for the urban coastal living in Athens.breathtakingathens. The planetarium is accessible by bus or taxi.threedaysinathens Day 3 Third day is the charm: a day in the Athenian Coastline. get back on the tram and head to the popular municipality of Glyfada. Then hop on the tram to continue your ride further south along the coast. 42 www. Always wear sunglasses. as you might be tempted to take a dip in one of the many beaches that await you! Dress casually so as to have the option to spend the evening here. Varkiza. Kalamaki. is also a music venue. you may regret not having visited it first. Buses. First stop is the neighbourhood of Paleo Faliro. Anavissos. numerous designer stores and places to eat that offer quality for a pleasurable stroll. plan ahead and arrange a day trip to Cape Sounion with the Temple of Poseidon on site. hat and sunglasses. For your evening entertainment choose to stay at the coast and let yourself be driven away by the many tropically-designed seaside cafes. head back to Poseidon Avenue and hope on the E22 Express Bus serving the coastal districts of Voula. Flisvos Park. Glyfada offers a luxurious shopping experience. If the weather is www.breathtakingathens. on Athens’ s breathtaking and vibrant south shore. For a fascinating coastal 43 . If shopping is not your priority and you would prefer to prolong your coastal sightseeing journey. Vouliagmeni. Tip: Summer or winter. Saronida. a hat and sunscreen. ggca.

com www. found at many specialty markets in downtown Athens and Piraeus. feta cheese and tomato. • Various kinds of cheese (Graviera.breathtakingathens.breathtakingathens. nightclubs. Rooftop bars compete with some of the most renowned clubs of the world. the time is never enough to discover the numerous pleasures the city offers. 44 www. a summer treat. • Kalamboki (roasted corn on the cob). Can they claim a view of the Acropolis? Here is a quick guide to taste Athens: Yes. Athens invites you to discover its bars. Kefalotiri. Familiarize yourself with the city’s many shopping districts and do not forget to get information on the city’s cultural life. • Products with Mastiha (healthy resin from the island of Chios). pastourma (smoked meat) and fish. a Cretan salad with rusks of barley. • Tiropita (cheese pie) and/or Spanakopita (spinach pie). The city and its municipalities offer a cornucopia of choices for every palate and budget. It is a laconic dish. or even a whole grilled fish. from Michelin star restaurants to underground eating places and charismatic urban street vendors. Feta. restaurants and cafes.lifestyleavibrantcity What & where to eat Experience Athens by getting a taste of its culinary culture. 45 . octopus or calamari? Taste some plain boiled greens (horta) with just a touch of lemon and olive oil. why not try some grilled sardeles (sardines) or dakos. Hundreds of excellent restaurants and chefs await to impress. eat that souvlaki ap’ ola (with everything in it). yet so delicious and full of vitamins! TOP 10 WAYS TO TASTE ATHENS • Koulouri (sesame-topped bread twist). However. No matter how long you stay in Athens. Well-known worldwide for its entertaining nightlife. and kastana (chestnuts) a winter specialty on the cob. Mizithra).

cavas and vineyards in Koropi and Spata (areas near the airport). • Kolonaki. Their chic interiors and impressive menus have put many of them on the map for dining. Amidst the butcher and fresh fishmongers stalls. in the village of Vilia. Likovrisi. like most Europeans. Messinia. one can find merchants selling fruits. • Go for a meze and try some ouzo and rakomelo (a potent alcoholic drink made with the Cretan spirit raki and honey) and then have an afternoon siesta. people watching / Style tip: casual chic. summer chic. minimarkets. Popular coffee hangouts are in the town’s plateia (central square) or along the charming side streets of Plaka. • Loukoumades (fried donut-like sweets dipped in honey) and loukoumia. • Extra-virgin olive oil varieties (from Crete. Mikrolimano and Pasalimani. cheese and even small Koulouri . Rooftop dining with a view to 46 www. Monastiraki and Piraeus for traditional Greek tavernas. past and present. dried fruit. www. Varkiza. The Museum cafe Dining at a museum cafe has become very popular. grills. A guide to dining by neighbourhood: • Kolonaki for stylish eateries. Lakonia). Lavrio. a jelly-like. Also: Visit a vegetable and fruit market or “laiki” (an outdoor market held religiously once a week in every neighbourhood). try plates known as ladera. Thissio and Syntagma. Paleo Faliro. • Vegetarians will be happy to know that many Greek dishes are meat-free. comfortable. beans. souvlaki / Style tip: comfortable • Gazi for multicultural contemporary cuisine and bars to match/ Style tip: cool • Northern suburbs for international food and continental dining / Style tip: casual chic • Athens coastline and Piraeus for fish. Thrakomakedones. Summer or winter. Tasty neighbourhoods to explore: • Psiri. the latter two in Piraeus. cafes. comfortable • Syntagma area for hotel dining and after-work yuppie clubs/ Style tip: professional. Gazi for “white tablecloth” tavernas and Greek-inspired chic restaurants. vegetables. continental dining. Varibombi. Stamata. a sesame-topped bread twist. love their coffee routine and they usually enjoy drinking it outdoors with a group of friends (parea). • Fish lovers opt for restaurants in the coastal towns of Glyfada. bistros. • Meat lovers can indulge in restaurants found in the suburbs of Athens: at “Biftekoupoli” (literally “city of the beef patty”) in Glyfada. Put it on your list of things to do while visiting your favourite museum. that are dishes made with vegetables. nuts. • Satisfy your sweet tooth at the many sweet and chocolate shops along Voulis Street and Karageorgi Servias. head to Varvakeios Agora and Evripidou Street. Koukaki.lifestyleavibrantcity • Greek krasi (wine) available at local supermarkets. found in practically every corner. urban hip.breathtakingathens. Plaka. stuffed tomatoes and lentils. “Vlahika” in 47 . Petralona.breathtakingathens. comfortable • Historic centre & neighbouring areas for traditional tavernas with bouzouki and fine Greek-cuisine dining with beautiful outdoor gardens and no bouzouki / Style tip: casual chic • Monastiraki for meze. the Acropolis Indulge in a meal or a cocktail at one of Athens’ many rooftop venues. Sounio. sugar coated sweet in various flavours. Kalivia (after the airport) and towards Thiva. For a gastronomic tour of Athens. they offer a spectacular view and some of them are so close to Acropolis that you can practically touch the Parthenon. international cuisine. • Coffee with parea! Athenians. When ordering. seaside bars and restaurants / Style tip: casual.

48 www. gourmet food and beauty products. Best Neighbourhood for fashion lovers/Main shopping streets: Voukourestiou. Zisimopoulou Street and www. Get inspired by just some of the suggestions mentioned here and then set out to discover the Athenian shopping paradise! 10 Best Shopping Streets in Athens: Athens is a relatively small city with a big personality! Put your internal GPS on “shopping mode” and go to any of the following streets to enjoy a fabulous shopping experience. Levidou & Kolokotroni. Glyfada • Kassaveti. Do not just constrict yourselves to the truly amazing options for clothing. jewellery. • Ermou. Plaka. Take time out to indulge in the luxurious pastry shops and fun brasserie-style restaurants 49 . Kolonaki. Open daily except Sundays. Haritos and Anagnostopoulou. Also: The districts of Kolonaki. Greek supermarkets Often a visit to any of the popular Athenian supermarket chains is all one needs in order to see the range of products available to the Greek consumer. Kifissia and Nea Erythrea boast a variety of fine gourmet food shops offering Greek and international carefullyselected items. Skoufa. Kifissia: Best Neighbourhood for Opulent Items/Main Shopping Streets: Kassaveti. souvenirs. Kolonaki • Skoufa. Patriarchou Ioakeim.breathtakingathens.lifestyleavibrantcity houseware items. Kolonaki • Tsakalof. Monastiraki • Pentelis. the streets south of the square (Perikleous. Syntagma. shop… Ancient and-yet-somodern Athens provides an extraordinary shopping experience. Chalandri • Panepistimiou. Glyfada: Best Neighbourhood for easy “Wide-sidewalk” shopping in Athens/Main shopping streets: Ioannou Metaxa and the streets around Esperidon Square. Ermou. Summer or winter roof top dinning offers a spectacular view Kifissia • Iphestou. bags. Historic Centre: Best Neighbourhood for Traditional and Contemporary Souvenirs. browse. Karageorgi Servias and the streets towards Kolokotroni Street. Syntagma • Voukourestiou. Levidou and Kyriazi. shoes. Affordable Fashion and Books/ Main Shopping Streets: Stadiou and Panepistimiou Avenues. Tsakalof. Syntagma • Shops at Athens International Airport. Psiri. Greek and Popular art/ Main shopping areas: Monastiraki. Kolonaki • Ioannou Metaxa. Mitropoleos). Eolou. Constitution Square (Syntagma): Best Neighbourhood for Chocolates and Diamonds.breathtakingathens. shop.

immediately following Evripidou Street. native languages with Greek Ideas for Chic Greek subtitles. Ask any local resident. spend some time at the Greek farmers markets. definitely delivers the feeling Areopagitou str & Vassilissis and experience of “ a night out Amalias avenue. elta. mugs and and composers gather to other exclusively-designed delight audiences and visitors Breathtaking Athens Products of Athens. info point located at Dion. organic Greek experience. on the southern coast of at Syntagma Square offers a selection of commemorative items. Popular ones are usually held at the Attiko Metro Syntagma Station and Technopolis in Gazi.megaron. are played in their weekend of December. • Greek popular Music CDs and DVDs. At Syntagma Square the flower shops offer a unique experience especially on Sundays. • The Greek Post office (www. Souvenirs: • Take in a classical • Sandals and other leather performance at The Athens items from the myriad of shops in Concert Hall (www.lifestyleavibrantcity in nearby Kefalari and Nea Erythrea. on Alepidou Street.breathtakingathens. another large market with vendors takes place on Sundays. Many are found in the district of Nea Smyrni on Eleftherios Venizelos Street (accesible by tram) and others in fashionoriented. located near the Ancient Agora in the Historic Centre. • Arty objects from the city’s many Museum shops. theatre…”! • Tee off in Athens! Engage • Beautifully illustrated coffee-table books are available in a relaxing game of golf at 50 www. • Designer Komboloi (worry beads). Outlet designer shopping There are several stock houses to check out in Athens for discounts on designer labels. papasotiriou. Moreover. A must-visit shopping destination. Plus: Neo Psyhico: The top brands in fashion and cosmetics are all gathered here as are the after-shopping mandatory list of cafeterias and restaurants to 51 . Every year renowned artists • Cool t-shirts. Monastiraki and Plaka.breathtakingathens. in Spata and close to the Athens International Airport. gr). always the most current titles. Flea Markets and Bazaars Farmers’ Markets For an earthy. The outdoor movie experience or therino cinema in Athens. ballet. is Monastiraki Flea Market when additional vendors exhibit their wares on Avissinias Square. An annual holiday shopping block party event can be found on Haritos street in Kolonaki the second at many leading bookstores including Papasotiriou at Athens International Airport (www. at the opera. at our and modern exterior design. The largest market in Athens is the Varvakeios Agora. Christmas Bazaars are also held throughout the city during the holiday season. the laiki is an outdoor market that spans several blocks. A cultural staple in Athenian daily life. known as laiki agora. as well as. is a must on your to-dolist. and the days vary. Leisure Experience Athens like an Athenian does by taking part in some of the following leisure activities: • Go to the movies! Outdoors! Think drive-in movie without the car and complete with side tables for your snack and www. Most neighbourhoods in Athens have one. central Kolonaki. The movies. It is held on a designated day and designated street once a week. The concert hall. during the summer months. for more information on when laiki takes place in your area. at Athens International Airport known for its luxurious interior (AIA) and in the

Anthimou Gazi • VoulaVouliagmeni tropical. G. urban professionals. shipping professionals. Thissio. • Casinos: There are two casinos relatively close to Athens where you can test your lucky day: on Mt. Mountain biking is also possible on Mount Parnitha and Mount Hymettus. Syntagma offer free wi-fi access including Syntagma. Poseidon Avenue. Psiri • Venues with good food fast-food chains. Skoufa. Contact your favourite hotel and ask for information and daily charges. Ploutarchou. surrounding the Streets old Athens gasworks factory. Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos” provides free access for a limited period of time. malls and bookstores throughout the contemporary. that last 4-6 hours and are free of charge! Many Athenians take their bikes to enjoy rides outside the city. Parnitha and in Loutraki. traditional places & lesbian/Konstantinoupoleos. you can find information about 30-60 km bike tours organised every Poseidon avenue. • Facebook and Twitter friendly: Free wi-fi access can be found at many of the coffee-chain venues.breathtakingathens. seaside cafes. Iera round. Plaka – Monastiraki • Do not • Gazi hip. all ages/Voulis. Lekka. Technopolis in Gazi.ggca. locals. all ages/various • Syntagma oldfashioned clubs. The course is an 18 hole. trademarked by the brilliantly-lit older crowd. Lambraki. contemporary. Several regions in Athens. trendy. to enjoy Greek culture all yearTriptolemou. that begins at Kolonaki • It is a classic dining and Paleo Faliro and continues up to entertainment destination for the the tip of the Athenian coastline city’s working professionals. restaurants and clubs/chic. classy hotel bars. all ages/Adrianou. sophisticated chic/various • Kolonaki all ages. Agion Asomaton Square • Piraeus for sea lovers. Esperidon Square. professionals. Milioni. par 72 course and is designed by Donald Harradine. gay but offer lively. At the (available only in Greek) site 53 . is nightlife central. check www. • Athens Coastline modern bars know today as Technopolis and and restaurants/for sea www. • Bicycle Riding Although Athens boasts a traffic-busy centre. chic/Haritos. polidates. Voutadon. (www. Bars & clubs Quick list of Nightlife hot spots by 52 www. casual chic and an overall night crawl restaurants and bars/all ages/ atmosphere. Iraklidon. locals. Tip! Prefer the lap of pool luxury! Several of Athens’ hotel pools come to your “a la carte pool visit” rescue. bars. Valaoritou • Plaka-Monastitaki nice mix of tourists. gr) in the nearby coastal town of Glyfada. Nightlife IT’S ALL GREEK TO ME! FROM OPA TO HIP HOP… ATHENS IS THE CITY THAT NEVER SLEEPS Neighbourhood/Style/Popular Gazi • This area. • Kifissia older. Loukianou. where several tracks exist.lifestyleavibrantcity Glyfada Golf Course (+30) 210 8946459. and restaurants/for all ages. Odos • Glyfada all-day cafeterias.breathtakingathens. it also has surrounding hills and coastal promenades that do lend themselves to enjoying a bike ride. Take the coastal road tower. Lemos Vouliagmenis. either along the southern or eastern coast of Attica or even to the marinas and parks. for sea lovers/ Leoforos Karamanli (Voula). For a location near you. The mezedopoleia The soul of Athenian nights beats in Gazi Friday evening. all ages/Akti Themistokleous • Psiri mix of tourists and locals. Kotzia square. clubs have big dance clubs and bars. new hip meeting places. Cycling events are sometimes organised by independent groups in the city centre. (the tram takes you up to Voula). Zisimopoulou.

276. especially during the fall and winter. a bank and 1. tel: +30210 3414105. Hamosternas hub. Vouliagmeni has some of Greece’s finest hotels and spas. 5 cinema screens. For more information on places of interest please refer to our website at www. Restaurants. along the coast and in the winter. gr NM: Agios Dimitrios (Line 2). Sat 10am8pm cafes & restaurants: MonSun 8:30am-1am Supermarket: Mon-Fri 8am-9pm. This multi-storey commercial and entertainment centre houses well-known clothing. and honey) attract the young and the older ones. various spaces for dining and entertainment. What about Jazz and Karaoke? Talented musicians of Athens and well-known artists from New York and London can be found in Athens.. The tram gets you to Voula where pristine beaches. in the summer. Athens Heart’s trademark is its open roof.200 parking 55 . Athens is a city of malls with shopping centres conveniently located in almost every area of the city. water and green features create the ideal location for a relaxing shopping and entertainment experience. Abundant cafes and cinemas until after midnight.athensheart. OH: Stores: Mon-Fri 9am-9pm. urban resorts. is quite impressive. Avenue: Relatively small but very cosy and conveniently located in the heart of the Athenian business district. 18 restaurants. Vouliagmenis ave. ouzo. Shopping malls The Shopping Malls are a relatively new phenomenon in the Athenian shopping scene. raki. technology and children’s brands. Athens Metro Mall is ideally located right next to Agios Dimitrios underground station on Vouliagmenis Avenue. Dance the night away! Where to find Greek Nightclubs: At the industrial areas of Iera Odos and Pireos Street in Gazi. website: www. along Poseidon avenue and the coastal suburbs of Glyfada. Where to find the most trendy clubs: In the summer. The ‘mall culture’ fascinated the Athenians and they seem to love every bit of it.breathtakingathens.athensmetromall. Sat 9am-8pm. Voula and Vouliagmeni. Syntagma • The hotel bars that surround the square are very popular amongst visitors and natives. accessories. as well as. tropical bars and exotic clubs await for you.lifestyleavibrantcity serving Greek appetizers. website: www. in the winter and fall. Voula-Vouliagmeni • These two seaside neighbourhoods are ideal.  One of Athens Metro Mall’s most characteristic aspects is its architectural design. but they also act as gathering places 54 www. which offers plenty of light and a spectacular view towards Acropolis and Lycabettus Hill. Bank: Mon-Fri www. Agios Dimitrios tel: +30210 9769444. gr Email: info@athensmetromall. So why not explore the plethora of stores by checking out our Athens Shopping Malls List? Athens Heart is located on the cross between two of Athens main road arteries. Pireos and Hamosternas streets. in Kolonaki and Kifissia. a supermarket. It includes 85 stores with major brands covering every need. a play NM: Petralona (Line 1) OH: Stores Mon-Fri 10am-9pm.. and make a great way to spend a few hours. wine. breathtakingathens. the Avenue mall houses many well-known brands. The Shopping Malls in Athens are not only places to pick up a bargain. (the anise-flavoured aperitif). shoes. Pireos str. 180. right in the middle of the city’s historical centre. Karaoke nights are usually held Winter or summer the roof tops in Athens are plenty on pre-announced evenings at bars in general.breathtakingathens. as the list of artists that visit. Interesting to note is the lively enclave of bars found at Karitsi square south of Kolokotroni square and the Old Parliament building (Palia Vouli). Sat 8am-8pm. which makes it a shopping centre with great accessibility. a post-office. and rakomelo (a potent alcoholic drink made with the Cretan spirit. a supermarket.

banks. OH: Stores Mon-Fri 9am-9pm. Sat 8:30am-8pm Restaurants & cafes daily 9am-midnight. this discount village offers your favourite brands. website: www. Sat 9am-5pm. Golden Hall is developed in 3 levels. a cinema Athens Metro Mall includes 85 stores with major NM: Egaleo (Line 3) OH: Stores: Mon-Fri 9am9pm. Sat-Sun 10am-11pm. tel: +30211 1802600. Kifissou ave.themallathens. Sun noon-8pm. Cafes: Mon-Sat 9:30am-10pm. gr Email: nfo@themallathens. thus offering a comfortable and safe visit. Cafes: Mon-Sun until the early hours. tel: +30210 6100901. Sat 10am8pm Cafes: Mon-Fri 9am-10pm. 5 cinema OH: Stores: Mon-Fri 10am-9pm. Sat 9am-8pm. Sat 9am-8pm Cafes and restaurants: vary. atticadps. 9. Sat 10am-8pm. OH: Stores: Mon-Fri 9am9pm. Fun Park: Mon-Fri 11am-10pm. Golden Hall aims at offering the utmost in shopping luxury and Email: info@ avenuemall.000 m² and together with the pre-existing “IKEA” retail store. It has over 200 outlets for commercial and entertainment use. a supermarket. 57 . website: www. Also check: McArthurGlen.000 m². website: www. a fun park which makes it very popular among kids – and their parents. cafes. website: www. Block E71.atticapark. 10am-am. Sun 10am-6pm. with outdoor public walkways. tel: +30 210 6630840. NM: Nerantziotisa (Line 1) OH: Stores: Mon-Fri 10am-9pm. 56 NM: Syntagma (Lines 2 & 3) OH: Mon-Fri NM: Nerantziotisa (Line 1). With a total surface of 41. Sat. 37A. Egaleo tel:+30 801 2225050 website: www. as well as. Syntagma square. It is housed in a historic building that combines the essence of modern aesthetics with the architectural elements of the 20s and extends to a whole building block. Marousi.breathtakingathens. and some of Athens finest hotels are just a minute’s walk away. an amusement Kifssias ave. a supermarket. Golden Hall’s parking is extended in 2 levels with 1.100 parking lots. and its underground station. 18 NM: Nerantziotisa (Line 1). the international designer outlet village chain. cafes and restaurants. Spata. 41-47. Sat 9am-8pm. Restaurants: Mon-Fri 10ammidnight. are just around the corner. It covers an area of 20. they constitute the River West shopping complex. a post office. avenuemall. Marousi. Sat 10am-7pm complex. Post-office Mon-Fri 10am-6pm. beauty and homeware at a discount of 35-70%. mcarthurglenathens. has created its 20th outlet in Athens. In close proximity to the Athens International Airport and the Attica Zoological Park (www. Sat 9am-9pm Restaurants: MonSat until late.riverwest.breathtakingathens. in fashion. hosting 131 national and international commercial fashion brands and elegant restaurants and cafes. Gialos. Panepistimiou str. Attica the Department Store: It may not be a mall. River West features restaurants. a restauran/food court area and 2. It is one of the largest shopping and leisure centres in Southeastern Europe bringing a whole new age of shopping and entertainment options to the Athenians. supermarket: Mon-Fri 8:30am-9pm. 35. The River West shopping mall opened in April 2011 and quickly became a landmark for West Attica. a play area.400 parking lots. Marousi tel: +30210 6803450.200 parking lots  open-air shopping mall with 110 stores. The Mall Athens was the first of its kind to be constructed in Greece.500 free parking lots and a free baby parking service! 96-98. Andrea Papandreou str. a bank and 1. which emulate the feeling of shopping in a picturesque neighbourhood of Athens. Apart from the many stores covering every www. Kifissias ave.goldenhall.. It is a luxurious. but this department store qualifies as the perfect shopping destination if you want it all without leaving the city centre. In Attica Department Store you will find more than 360 shops in a shop and 860 different brand names. a supermarket. tel: +30210-6300000. with all of the city’s amenities at your doorstep.lifestyleavibrantcity various restaurants and cafes. Tel: +30210 8200700. Email: info@athinaishotellgr. 16121. 106 75 Athens. Fax: +30210 3273100.rbathenspark. Fax: +302103228034. Athens NM: Victoria (Line 1). NM: Kifissia (Line 1) Tel: +30210 6284400. Glyfada. Greece Tel +30 210 7416 000 | email: info@sgl. Athens NM: Larisa Station (Line 2). Email: info@rbathenspark. Kavouri. 10564. NM: Syntagma (Line 2 & 3) 11528. Many 5-star and other affordable new boutique hotels are located near the Acropolis. Tel: +30210 9280100. Apollonos Hotel Category: 5 stars. Tel: +30210 DIVANI APOLLON PALACE & SPA Hotel Category: 5 N. www.ASTIR PALACE RESORT Hotel Category: 3 stars. NM: Megaro Moussikis (Line 3). Athens NM: Syngrou-FIX (Line 2). Fax: +30210 7236683. Address: 385. Spas with Thalassotherapy treatments.lifestyleavibrantcity Athens Hotels The accommodation infrastructure in Athens caters to all tastes and budgets. Tel: +30210 3370000. Fax: +30210 9358603. Αddress: METROPOLITAN DIVANI CARAVEL Hotel Category: 5 NM: Syngrou-FIX (Line 2). Email: astir. Fax: +30210 7241847. Kefalari -. Syntagma Square NM : Syntagma (Lines 2 & 3).marriott.reservations@starwoodhotels. Fax: +30210 7278600..forthnet. NM: Megaro Mousikis (Line 3) 59 City Centre ATHENAEUM INTERCONTINENTAL HOTEL Hotel Category: 5 stars. Email: Hotel Category: 5 stars. Tel: +30210 3330000. Email: metropolitan@chandris.chandris. Vouliagmeni . Syntagma sq. NM: Megaro Moussikis Most hotels are within walking distance to the Metro or www. www. www.novotelathens. www. Tel: +30210 7281000.arionresortathens. www. Athens. Fax: +30210 7281111. Fax: +30210 8200777. www. Tel: +30210 8902000. 10563. Wherever you choose to stay. www. Fax: +30210 8238420. Email: info@newhotel. For those who prefer the sea and commute to the city. at Lycabettus Hill and in Syntagma. www.V. Αddress: 113115 Syngrou Avenue. Fax: +30210 3241875. ATHENS PLAZA HOTEL GRANDE BRETAGNE ATHINAIS HOTEL Hotel Category: 5 Hotel Category: 5 stars. 11745. Email: salesepath@electrahotels. Email: athensledra@marriott. NM: Syntagma (Lines 2 & 3) Tel: +30210 3352400. Kefalari-Kifissia. Email: LEDRA MARRIOT Greater Athens The quieter lush green suburbs of Kifissia.athinaishotel. NM: Hotel Category: 5 stars . Tel: +30210 724 4051.divanis. Vasilissis Sofias Avenue. Athens. Αddress: rooms to be found in Athens there is surely one that accommodate your needs. Agiou Nikolaou Email: h0866@accor. Syngrou Avenue. Fax: +30210 6461682. Email: HILTON ATHENS BEST WESTERN ILISIA HOTEL Hotel Category: 4 stars. Varkiza and Lagonissi are worth considering. Tel: +30210 9206000. www. cafes and bars that boast internationally-acclaimed chefs. Email: Tel: +30210 8894500. without compromising your comfort and RADISSON BLU PARK HOTEL Hotel Category: 5 stars.athens@hilton. Vouliagmeni. SEMIRAMIS Hotel Category: 5 stars. the sea and city are close by. Tel: +30210 6431133. 11528. www.and additional areas just outside Athens and the popular coastal towns -. Hotel Category: 5 stars. Website: www. 11521.J. Fax: +30210 3235856. NM: Acropolis (Line 2). Fax: +30210 9214993. Fax: +30210 947 1010. Fax: +30210 ARION LUXURY COLLECTION RESORT & SPA .gr demanding traveller. Αddress: 25 Michalakopoulou WESTIN ATHENS ASTIR PALACE RESORT Hotel Category: 5 stars. Michalakopoulou Street.cpathens. Address: 2 Vasileos Georgiou A Street. Email: info@divaniacropolis. Among the 500 hotels and the 29. 16671. winter and SAINT GEORGE LYCABETTUS HOTEL Hotel Category: 5 stars. Athens. Fax: +30210 9206500. www.breathtakingathens. Tel : +30210 Address: 16. 11745. Vasilissis Sofias Avenue.ilisiahotel. the Attica Coastline from Paleo Faliro. 17564. Address: A1 Vasileos Georgiou Street. Tel: +30210 Hotel Category: 5 stars. charming bed and 58 www. Athens. 11742. Michail Voda. www. Address: 4-6. Athens NM: Syntagma (Lines 2 & 3) Tel: +30210 3273000. 14562. Vouliagmeni. Email: info@divanicaravel.offer a neoclassical or modern escape with accommodations and amenities befitting the CROWNE PLAZA ATHENS Hotel Category: 5 stars. Charilaou Trikoupi Street. Address: 50. www. Vasileos Alexandrou Avenue. Tel: +30210 8911100. Filellinon Street. Athens. ELECTRA PALACE Hotel Category: 4 stars. Email: info@cpathens. Athens. in Plaka. Athens. Tel: +30210 9471100. Address: 10. www. 11528. Αddress: 18-20 Nikodimou Street.breathtakingathens. 10557. in Kolonaki. Tropical and exotic restaurants. from luxurious suites to low-cost youth hostels. Address: 40. Fax: +30210 8962582. Here is a selection of the city’s finest: Hotel Category: 5 stars . 10557. Email: sales. Address: 10.hiltonathens. Fax: +30210 9658010. Lavishly adorned rooms with super spas. Vouliagmeni. Address: NEW HOTEL DIVANI PALACE ACROPOLIS Hotel Category: 4 stars. Address: 2 Kleomenous Fax: +30210 8962582. Tel: +30210 7207000. Address: 89-93 Syngrou Avenue.yeshotels. 16671. Address: 46. Email: astir. Αddress: 19-25 Parthenonos Street. Athens.yeshotels. Email: info@njvathensplaza.njvathensplaza. Email: info@divaniapollon. Voula. NM: Evangelismos (Line 2). Alexandras Avenue. Apollonos Street. Relax and indulge the fresh air that these venues offer. NM: Evangelismos (Line 2).com. The hotels along the coast begin with affordable three-and four-star along the start of the Attica Coastline and increase to include 5-star luxury as you head towards Vouliagmeni and Sounion. can be enjoyed at any time of year.grandebretagne. Athens. www. Address: NOVOTEL ATHENS Coastal Breathtaking blue seas that reach beyond the www.breathtakingathens.acity bythesea Discover and explore Europe’s best-kept secret: the Attica Riviera & the Athenian Coastline 60 61 .

gr).breathtakingathens.breathtakingathens. boasts some of the best beaches and seaside destinations in the world and offers a riviera just 30 minutes away from its heart.ktelattikis. the coastal waters of Athens are for swimmers. this city with its vibrant urban www. Undoubtedly. spring and early fall. gr) or the tram (www. as well as some of the best beaches and seaside destinations in the world! During summer.acitybythesea daily life. (www. at least not yet… Summer or Winter. but for those who come from colder and cloudier climates. the sea that extends from the city is something to be highly 63 . fancy restaurants. exciting music venues and modern sports facilities. For native Athenians. the Athenian coastline is to be enjoyed all year-round! 62 www. There are not many cities in the world where one can take a dip immediately after a long day at work or hours of sightseeing! Visitors of Athens can easily explore this side of the city just by getting on the bus (www. shopping streets. while its nightlife. So. the blue flag* awarded beaches are just part of their EndlessBlue. yacht marinas and natural beauties are to be enjoyed year-round! Little known fact: Athens is more than just the Acropolis. cafes.Discover the Attica Riviera & the Athenian Coastline The Athenian Riviera boasts a series of high class restaurants. no need to head to the Greek islands.

Take a walk to the Battleship Averof museum site (www. just a few tram stops away. 64 www. Kalamaki. Battleship Averof for its stout presence in the seas. Along the way. then get on the E22 Akadimia . you will reach to the seaside suburb of Paleo Faliro. or get on the bus and visit the renowned for its www. If blue waters and curvy winding paths is your version of sightseeing. Enjoy a light meal or a cool drink alongside the docks at Alimos Marina. Hop on in Syntagma. Eugenides Foundation Digital Planetarium (www.eugenfound. After 30 minutes of ride. even nowadays as a museum and educational site.acitybythesea Start by gazing the luxurious yachts docked at Flisvos Marina ( 65 . reach up to the beginnings of Voula and enjoy some of the all year-round seaside hotspots.Saronida Express bus for an awe-inspiring ride you will surely not forget. Vouliagmeni is one of the wealthiest suburbs of Athens and its Don’t miss! The Maritime Museum for the documentation of Greece’s nautical history from prehistoric times until today. The E22 bus reaches a little further south compared to the tram route. Elliniko and Glyfada. the mega yacht marina filled with shops and dining venues within the municipality of Paleo Faliro. You can choose to continue south towards Glyfada and Voula or stop at Trocadero and head towards Flisvos Marina.bsaverof. it played a crucial role in leading Greece and its allies to victory during the Balkan Wars (1912-1913). The tram is the easiest and by far the most pleasurable way to see the coastline suburbs that make up the greater Athens region (Attica): Paleo Faliro. there is Vouliagmeni Lake.flisvosmarina. while it remained in active service for over 44 years. Agios Kosmas. known for its therapeutic waters. Having served as the head of the Greek

breathtakingathens. Dine. they are considered to be part of the greater metropolitan area. Varkiza and Glyfada. choose to make Athens their home. Don’t leave Athens before experiencing its coastline lifestyle. with each municipality boasting a unique business. choose to take the underground from Syntagma. vast coast include: taking a swim at one of the beaches and enjoying an iced coffee (frappé or freddo) at the seaside cafes. luxurious or inexpensive.breathtakingathens.EndlessBlue. Dress in stylish summer clothes and choose between a romantic moonlit dinner or a night full of dancing! Did you know? The seaside suburbs – from Paleo Faliro to Vouliagmeni – were once reserved by the Athenians for their holiday homes. commercial and social activity. nightlife and 67 . Visit with your children: The Archelon Sea Turtle Protection Society of Greece (www. as well. Dance and Mingle. The E22 bus stops there. Tip: To save some time. too. Anavissos has many seaside tavernas and windsurfing cafes. not to mention its vibrant nightlife and stylish designer and prêt a porter shopping. Highlights for enjoying the beautiful. get off at Fix station and then take the tram heading towards Voula or Peace and Friendship Stadium (SEF).gr).com www. Dinner can be casual or gourmet. Just a little further down in Varkiza is Island. opting to take advantage of the city’s sea and sun lifestyle choices.archelon. 66 www. Nowadays. more and more twenty and thirty-something jet setters. Rescue Cen- Flisvos Marina where you can take a long walk by the sea. one of the best summer clubs on this side of the Mediterranean. Perhaps that’s why every year.acitybythesea accommodations serve the neighbouring suburbs of Voula. Greek or international cuisine. Lagonissi is a hot summer destination.

breathtakingathens. Beach visits! The majority of the beaches close to downtown Athens are organised and offer amenities such as beach chairs and 69 . There is also an amusement park . Take a walk and have a glance at the many antiques and do not forget to bargain! The Archelon Sea Turtle Protection Society of Greece. Entrance: Free. Olympic Marine • Anavissos/ Mavro Lithari. Beaches with no entrance fee on the southern coastline of Attica and accessible by tram: AGioS KoSMAS BEAch Tram stop: 1st Agios Kosmas ELLiniKo BEAch Tram stop: Elliniko GLyFADA BEAch: Tram stop: Kolimvitirio BLuE FLAG BEAchES:* *(www. please visit our website www. as well as. The same applies for Kalamaki and Alimos MuniciPALiTy/BEAch or MArinA: Marathonas/ Schinias.breathtakingathens. Eden Beach.acitybythesea tre: 3rd marina of for more information. Piraeus hosts a large flea market that is called the “Monastiraki of Piraeus”. where you can also enjoy a cup of coffee at the numerous cafes. Kendriki • Did you know? Every Sunday at Mavromihali and Dragatsaniou streets. 68 www. The Flisvos Park (tram stop: “Parko Flisvos”) is one of the largest open-air playgrounds for children. Learn everything about the sea turtles and their habitats in Greece. their history.blueflag. There are several organised beaches with an entrance fee. Open on weekends. restaurants and water sports facilities for all ages. lifeguard services. Karavi • Nea Makri/ Breksiza • Markopoulo/ Avlaki • Lavreotiki/ Pounta Zeza. children’s playgrounds. breathtakingathens. biodiversity and biology.

Climb to the top and enjoy a beverage while admiring the breathtaking view of the Attica peninsula. a taverna or cafeteria in Pasalimani. as well as. Daskalio (50 km from Athens) Loutsa: (31 km from Athens) Mati: (29 km from Athens) Nea Makri: (40 km from Athens) Porto Rafti: Erotospilia. good organization and safety. More Attica coastline beaches Saronic Gulf Anavissos (50 km from Athens) Kavouri (16 km from Athens) Lagonissi: (36 km from Athens) Vouliagmeni Lake: (21 km from Athens) Legrena: (60 km from Athens) Palea Fokea: (50 km from Athens) Saronida: (42 km from Athens) Sounio: (65 km from Athens) Varkiza: (25 km from Athens) West (towards Elefsina) – Saronic Gulf Kineta: (55 km from Athens) Megara: (41 km from Athens) Pahi (Megara): (40 km from Athens) East (towards rafina) – Evoic Gulf Keratea: Kakia Thalassa. • Stroll around Paleo Faliro and its esplanade stretching from Flisvos Marina to Alimos Marina and up to Kalamaki. Avlaki Beach (35 km from Athens) Rafina: Marikes and Kokina Limanakia (30 km from Athens) Zoumberi: (26 km from Athens) South (towards Sounio) – Tram makes transportation easy.2 and 3 • Vari/ Varkiza • Vouliagmeni/ Asteras • Voula/ 1st Voula • Paleo Faliro/ Flisvos Marina • Kythira/ Kakia Lagada * The Blue Flag is an exclusive eco-label awarded to beaches and marinas that meet strict criteria regarding cleanliness of the sea and the 71 .maritimemuseum. the protection of the coastal www. • Visit the Battleship Averof (www. visit the Piraeus Archaeological Museum and the Maritime Museum (www. • Dine or dance at one of the many seaside venues. Kavouri or Lagonissi. especially along the south • Pick a beach close by and take a swim or stroll.acitybythesea Kalivia/ Lagonissi Do not miss! The Piraeus Archaeological Museum for its collection of ancient findings originating from the area. Just above Temple of Poseidon. sailing boats and dozens of fish restaurants and tavernas.ggca.breathtakingathens. northwest (towards Loutraki) – corinthian Gulf Alepohori: Psatha Beach (60 km from Athens) Porto Germeno: (62 km from Athens) north (towards Malakasa) – Evoic Gulf Halkoutsi: (60 km from Athens) Kalamos: (45 km from Athens) Marathonas: (42 km from Athens) Oropos: (52 km from Athens) Schinias: (50 km from Athens) Piraeus: More than just a busy port. Do not miss the impressive reconstruction of the mausoleum of Nikeratos and his son Polyxenos. • Enjoy your dinner at a seafood restaurant in Mikrolimano. Mikrolimano and Pasalimani (Zea). • Go to Piraeus. • Enjoy a great lunch or dinner at the resorts of Vouliagmeni. • Take a daytrip to Sounion and the Top 10 Things to see and do when in the Athenian coastline: 70 www. • Visit the Digital Planetarium of the Eugenides Foundation. lies the hill of Kastella or Profitis ilias. • Play a round of golf at Glyfada Golf Course (www. The latter two picturesque ports host many yachts.breathtakingathens. Life in Piraeus revolves around its three main ports: The Main port of Piraeus. bsaverof. Athena and the archaic bronze Kouros. the bronze statues of Artemis.

unique culture and bright colours. Mount Parnitha (30 minutes) Why: If trekking and bird watching are more of your 73 . Even if you are in Athens for just a few days. Greeks. Each place has distinctive characteristics. travel only 30 kilometres (19 miles) from Athens and you will find yourselves in Mt. www.5 hours) Why: For the breathtaking seaside drive that gets you to this remarkable site.limnivouliagmenis. For the great sunset and for the Temple of Poseidon (Sounio). will greet you with a smile and invite you to try their local specialties. bestdaytrips By car or by bus Enchanting mountain and mainland excursions Cape Sounion (1. Mainland Arachova (2-3 hours) Why: Arachova is a small town built upon the slopes of Mount 72 www. we recommend that you spend a day or two at one of the following destinations. tel: +30210 8962237. historical cities. archaeological treasures.breathtakingathens.One of the greatest things when taking a trip to Athens is its proximity to the beautiful white-washed Greek Why: To admire a spectacle of nature and for its therapeutic waters. that is their warm guest welcoming and hospitality. Don’t miss: The sunset at the Temple of Poseidon. the largest of the three mountains of Attica. Parnitha.breathtakingathens. known for their ‘filoxenia’. The Vouliagmeni Lake (40 minutes. enchanting villages and ancient.

) to prove the existence of a series of apsidal houses arranged round a very huge circular building on the summit of the hill. Tiryns was a fortress which started to exist the same date with 75 . you can find the seaside resorts of Itea and Galaxidi. the annual three-day fair (Panigiraki) (April 22 – April 25) to honour Saint George. Nafplion can serve Argos. multicoloured carpets (including the white. you enjoy both mountain and sea activities. Nafplion (2 hours) Why: The first capital of modern Greece. www. the Roman villa at Katounistra. Loutraki. the ancient settlement of Schinous (ancient port). Nafplion. the sites with the remains of two of the most ancient citadels in the world. one of Europe’s oldest cities. If you plan to visit Athens in the summer. arrange ahead of time to attend a theatrical performance in Epidaurus (www. If you prefer to visit Arachova in the summer time. for enjoying the after ski social interaction. fluffy “flokati”). Corinth Canal & Loutraki (1. has one of the nicest ports and marble-paved esplanades in Greece. 50 km (31 miles) south of Corinth. the narrow land bridge which connects the Peloponnesian peninsula with mainland Greece. The newly-built Archaeological Museum of Ancient Delphi is exquisite and houses important findings from the area. continuously inhabited for the past 7.000 years. Arachova’s patron saint. and the victory of the Greeks over the Ottomans in 1826. as well as for the wider area’s significant archaeological monuments. the entrance of the Mycenaean Acropolis. Did you know? According to the Greek mythology. Loutraki.breathtakingathens. To try your luck at the casinos of the nearby seaside during the summer months.bestdaytripsfromathens Parnassos. To visit Mycenae and Tiryns.breathtakingathens. dating back to the Roman period. It is a picturesque town lying at the foot of a cliff crowned by the Venetian fortress of Palamidi. a theatrical performance in Epidaurus (www. Tip: "Mykonos" of the winter. Nearby. However. Itea and Galaxidi. In Mycenae. such as the imposing ruins of the Archaic Temple of Apollo in ancient Corinth. To visit Argos. Mount Parnassos was the favourite hangout place of Apollo and Dionysus. Mycenae and Tiryns (2 hours) Why: To visit the ancient Theatre of Epidaurus and witness first hand the achievements of ancient Greeks as far as theatre 74 www. Don’t miss: the Lionesses Gate. are situated few miles away from Arachova. such as the ancient Oracle of Delphi and the Temple of Apollo.C. there are findings which confirm a Neolithic settlement. Don’t miss: The Loutraki Folklore Museum. the largest ski resort in Greece.5 hours) Why: To visit the grandiose ancient ruins. Enough evidence survived from the settlement of the Early Bronze Age (2500-2000 B. where the leaders of the ancient world sought spiritual greekfestival. Did you know? Delphi was considered to be “The Centre of the World” in ancient times. Parnassos (3 hours) Why: For a ski weekend at Parnassos Ski Center. Peloponnese Ancient Corinth. construction is concerned. the Archaeological Museum of Ancient Corinth. The Isthmus of Corinth Delphi (2. Don’t miss: The handmade.5 hours) Why: This enchanting area is famous for its archaeological sites. a visit to the nearby town of Ligourio for local gastronomic specialties. To visit the Isthmus of Corinth. you can admire the remains of the Palace of the mythical King Agamemnon (a leader of the Greeks in the expedition against Troy) and the Lionesses Gate. There is also the small Bourtzi Fortress on the tiny island across the harbour. the medieval monasteries on the slopes of Gerania mountain. pleasant summer resorts. Both sites are built on a hill that offers a magnificent view of the surrounding area.

Modern Greek in this island and also completed a great work. marmalade and local cheese. The island minted the first Greek coins. Sarpa. one can have a swim in the healing waters of Edipsos. Tiryns. Aiginitisa. The great painter Morales as also Nobel laureates George Seferis lived on the island finding its natural environment inspiring. Marathonas Cantina. Epidaurus and ancient Corinth.breathtakingathens. Don’t miss: the Venetian Fortress of Palamidi and Bourtzi Fortress on the little island across the bay (short boat rides available in the summer). Apollo and Hera. Note: You can also get to Eretria (from Athens) by driving to Oropos and then taking a short ferry ride. Did you know? The pistachios of Aegina are famous for their fruity and juicy taste. Kima. Don’t miss: the Archaeological Museum of Halkida. the ancient www. Waterpark and nearby Moni Island.bestdaytripsfromathens as your ideal home base for daily trips to the nearby sites of Argos.breathtakingathens. winding alleys. olive trees. Nemea. crossing over the narrow Evripos Straits and subsequent view of the tidal current below (which Aristotle tried hard to explain in ancient times) and for the fresh fish tavernas and “ouzomezedopoleia” (places that serve the anise-flavoured aperitif and small dishes). Beaches: The seaside towns of Eretria and Kimi for crystal blue waters. the Emir Zade Mosque. Must do: Eat a sweet or icecream at one of the many cafes of the Nafplian cobblestone 77 . Hydra and Spetses. Must try: The world-famous Aegina gourmet pistachios. Don’t miss: The Stadium. the Karababas Castle. homemade ‘rizogalo’ (rice pudding). built by the Turks in 1684.aeginagreece. the Archaeological Museum and the Folklore Museum inside the castle. the Temple of Zeus. flying dolphins) from Piraeus. ‘mitzithra’. Did you know? The town’s name is said to originate from “halkos” (copper). the Archaeological site and the museum of Kolona. Up to the north. which is considered to be one of the finest and oldest examples of Doric architecture. built in honour of Zeus. Evia (1 hour by car) Why: For the drive over the swing bridge. the Kombolói (Greek worry beads) Museum. Don’t miss: Aphaia Temple. Ancient Olympia (4 hours) Why: One of the most sacred ancient centres for religious Why: Picturesque houses. Halkida. which the residents used to process on the island. Port of Hydra Island How to get there: By highspeed hydrofoil (also called. fertile plains. Avra. Nikos Kazantzakis translated the Odyssey from ancient to 76 www. the Folklore Museum. Beaches: Agia Marina. the Byzantine church of Agia Paraskevi. Aqua Loca. www. the Greek-France dictionary. Connections are available from the neighbouring islands of Agistri. aquamarine waters and an abundance of fragrant wildflowers in the spring. horse-drawn carriages. Poros. the oldest surviving temple in Greece. known as silver “tortoises” that subsequently gained great financial importance throughout the Greek world. The ancient city was a renowned trading center. Olympia was chosen to be the birth site of the Olympic Games. which established several colonies and built famous temples dedicated to Zeus. Mycenae. Island Day Trips Aegina (40 minutes -1 hour. accessible in the summer by a small boat from Perdika.

Bouboulina’s historic 300-year old Aliki. Spetses. Ligoneri. If you opt to go by car. Tip: Visit during spring when the lemon trees bloom. Poros Island ancient Troezen (modern Trizina). Archaeological Museum of Poros. Kosmas Politis. Limanaki tis Agapis (Love Little Port). tranquil escape. Zogeria. Dokos. Korissia. Zoodochos Pigi Monastery. Ermioni. Poros serves as an ideal base for visiting Kosta. Tip: Leave your stilettos at home and wear comfortable shoes to enjoy the hilly. Maybe it’s the brightly coloured flowers that graciously spill over the white-washed 18th. Agistri and Spetses. Connections are available from the neighbouring islands of Hydra. and Tiryns. Kouzounos. Don’t miss: The mystical Villa Bourani from the John Fowles novel The Magus. Agios Nikolaos.bestdaytripsfromathens Hydra (1. Kambi. Hydroneta.and 19th. poros. Artists. Porto Heli and. Lazaros Koundouriotis House and the many mansions of the www. Summer or winter. including George Kea or Tzia (1 hour) Why: One more Cycladic island located so close to Athens. Temple of Poseidon. Agios Nikolaos Monastery. the small island opposite Spetses. Must try: Locally produced lemonade. 3 hours by car and ferry boat) Why: For the horse-drawn carriages that pass through the buildings. Nafplion.century mansions.hydra. Ioulia Dragoumi and Henry Miller have praised the beauty of Poros. www. Aegina. Kostis Palamas. Agios Nikolaos. drive to Kosta (3 hours) in Peloponnese and take the 15-minute ferry ride across. lemon and olive trees and neoclassical buildings. connections to Epidaurus.breathtakingathens. this amphitheatrically-built island near Athens is a window into the undying tradition of the Greek island life. Askeli. Liparo. Think of water taxis. Neorio. in July and August. Special events: The “Armata” festival in September and the traditional “Burning of the ship” dramatization culminate a week full of festivities that commemorate the anniversary of the Spetses naval battle of September 8. writers and actors of international renown frequent this sophisticated and cosmopolitan Greek island. Beaches: Bisti. Xilokeriza. Did you know? John Fowles’s novel The Magus used the island as its setting. Spetses was the home of Laskarina Bouboulina. or the myriad of art galleries and cliffside beaches. The approach to one of the most picturesque ports of Greece is sure to remain in your mind forever. Connections to 79 . “Lemonodasos” (Lemon Forest). Seferis. Beaches: Agioi Anargiri. How to get there: By high-speed hydrofoil (flying doplhins) from Piraeus.breathtakingathens. Don’t miss: Hydra Historical Archives and Why: Forget all about noisy cars and motorcycles. Don’t miss: Zoodochos Pigi Monastery. Special events: International Puppet Festival in July. Close to Peloponnese. 1822. How to get there: By high-speed hydrofoil (flying dolphin) from Piraeus. How to get there: By high-speed ferry from Lavrio. 78 www. Agios Mamas. Mycenae. Vagionia. Mandraki. donkeys and hiking. Garifalos. Kanali.5 hours. Pises. Poros (1 hour by hydrofoil. Beaches: Monastiri. Spetses (2 hours by Why: In close proximity to Athens. Spetses State Museum. Vlichos. www. housed at the Hadjiyannis-Mexis 200-year old mansion. for its cosmopolitan nightlife and for meeting people of the Athenian upper-class. Did you know? Leonard Cohen has a house in Hydra. the legendary heroine of the Greek War of Independence. Did you know? Prominent intellectuals. annual “Miaoulia” celebrations at the end of June. The island is full of pine. Agia Paraskevi. Beaches: Koundouros. How to get there: By high-speed hydrofoil (flying dolphins) from Piraeus. Agia Marina. curvy streets. Connections are also available from the neighbouring islands of Hydra and Poros. Spetsopoula. Gialiskari. Sophia Loren’s 1957 American film debut of The Boy on a Dolphin was filmed in Hydra. Poros offers a quick. Perlia.

olp.breathtakingathens. as well as to the Saronic Gulf. How to get there: By high-speed hydrofoil (flying dolphin) from Piraeus. More nearby cycladic islands to discover Kythnos by ferry from Lavrio port (2. Ports Piraeus Port: (information hotline: 14541. Connections are available from the neighbouring island of Aegina. www. 80 Main port with year-round service to international destinations. Magisa. Xekofti. Dodecanese. Bariama. rafinaport. 2nd largest port.bestdaytripsfromathens Agistri (45 minutes) Why: For its pristine and unspoiled island beauty and walks by nature. Ionian and Aegean Sea islands. There are beautiful trails to follow in the rich pine tree forest of the island where one can admire great view of the island. .gr). Rafina Port: (tel: +30 22940-22300 and +30 22940 28888. Skliri. Chalikiada. Megalochori. Beaches: Skala. approximately 45 minutes from Athens. Don’t miss: A walk from Skala all around the island to Limenaria and the secluded Aponisos beach. Aponisos. Approximately 1 hour from Athens. Lavrio Port: (tel: +30 22920 26859 www.5 hours) and Andros by ferry from Rafina port (2 hours).