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Drawing with pastels goes back to the 16th century and was used by many famous masters including Renoir, ToulouseLautrec, Whistler and Degas to name but a very few. There are several qualities and brands and it is a widely respected art form in its own right. Pastel sticks and pencils can produce intense, vivid colors not always possible with other media. Or they can be used for soft dream-like works by subtle blending and overlaying of related shades. As drawing instruments they need no drying time and can be used equally effectively for loose, impressionist work or very detailed compositions. Basically, there are three types you need to be aware of initially... 1. Soft and hard pastels - the most common. 2. Pastel pencils - similar to hard pastels. 3. Oil pastels - the same pigments but bound in waxes and oils. I've grouped the soft & hard variety together because they're more or less the same formula. It's just that some brands are manufactured to a slightly harder consistency than others which produces slightly different properties. They can all be used on a wide variety of surfaces, from specialist Ingres textured paper to rough sandpaper. And there's a variety of accessories available to enhance your creative possibilities... Have a look at the individual articles below to learn more about what you can achieve with this very popular and adaptable medium.

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Pastel Pencil Horse If you want to see how to draw a pastel pencil horse then here's just the thing to watch - it's a wonderful example by artist Mary Herbert.... Pastel Types This short video by Christine MacLellan gives the would-be pastel painter a quick insight into the various types of pastel...

The colour & texture will NOT change providing you do not spray too close to the image itself … ... It can be easily … For Your Protection If you are like me and like to blend pastels with your fingers.Soft and hard pastels and pencils Soft and hard pastels have been around since the 16th century and have been used by some of the world's most famous artists. See Pastels Tips From Other Visitors Click below to see pastel tips from other visitors. Pulverize them with a mortar... Pastel Accessories Using a few.00 Still-life … Fixative Treat your pastel artwork with fixative after each layer. Pastel Paper Want to know what paper to use? Click here to find out more. or leave glue on the paper. You get about 30 sheets for $5. then mix in a bit of alcahol or mineral … How to erase soft pastels I use scotch magic tape. well chosen accessories can greatly enhance the quality of your work.. It absorbs so much color and is excellent if you are using many layers of color... Put the sticky side down over the part you want to erase … Suede Mat Board Suede Mat board is a wonderful surface for soft pastels. broken pastels. Oil Pastels Learn everything you need to know about using oil pastels. there is a very good barrier cream made in Australia by Hamilton Pharmaceutical pty.. … Pastels on Black Paper You can buy acid free black construction paper at a large craft store or order it very inexpensively online. They are extremely versatile and can produce intensely vibrant colors as well as (perhaps more obviously). It is has less glue and does not stick. tear. Don't throw awaythose broken pastels I learned from Cheap Joe's catalogue to not throw away your crumbling.. soft subtle shades of pale tones..

from any auto store. First. is that it takes time to blend colors together. get a rough … Pressure Fixative I use a pressure technique in order to avoid spoiling my colors with fixative. delicate look to your picture. Also. if you soak a chalk pastel … rework an area of a picture If you need to go back into the picture say near the middle and you are worried about smudging your work take a piece of black paper and cut a square out … using fixative It is best when using fixative to only use it during the painting process and use what is known as workable fixative. it will effectively remove pastel … Chalk Pastels In Water Chalk pastels are great for producing a soft. Depending on how many you will be cleaning at any one time. use pastels … . With the painting face up on a flat table I cover the surface with waxed … Chamois cloth: Very useful in soft Pastels I have found a number of wonderful uses for ordinary chamios cloth. rubbed rather briskly. Go to the 'pound shop' (or dollar shop) to stock up. it takes many layers. So plan out your compostion. … Hard and Soft Pastels: Know Your Composition and Colors! One thing I have learned from using pastels. A sanded surface … Under painting in pastels To achieve greater depth in paintings. simply immerse them in a jar of uncooked. But. It is a way of building up more … colors to use in skin when doing portraits I start out with a light cream color for a foundation and do shadows in blue's browns and red. then build up with lighter … How to clean soft pastels If you want to clean your soft pastels.My favorite pastel surface My favorite primer for watercolor paper whether I'm using dry (hard or soft) pastels or oil pastels is clear Colourfix sanded primer. start your pastel with an under painting--start with hard pastels and darker colors. dry rice. The under layer of skin has so many … Cheap Alternative to Fixative To fix chalk pastels use a cheap hairspray instead of the expensive arty fixative.

Gently move … Sharpening pastel pencils At last I have found a decent pencil sharpener to sharpen my pastel pencils!! It is a cosmetic pencil sharpener by Bourjois and has a large and small hole … Use Finger Plasters (Band Aids) to Blend! I went on YouTube for some video tutorials on how to use pastels.. the better … Corrections To Pastel Work This is a good way to correct your work in soft pastels. blend them back and forth lightly … ..(The type used for making cornbread).instead of using fixative on drawings and pastels.. I found the best way is to work is in very fine layers building up the colour and spraying regularly with fixative. you can use hairspray which is just … Drumming When I want to paint a sunset or sunrise and I want the colours to blend subtly. Use the end of a disposable razor! Here's the thread … A cheap alternative to expensive fixative I actually received this tip from an art teacher years ago. When … Be Bold With Base Colour I have only just started experimenting with pastels but have found that the more generous I am with the initial base colour. I first put the colours on that I wish. The middle was too small to use for much of anything. Pour some of it into a clean container. Keep your hands clean by holding … A cheap pastel holder for those nubs. Make a paper mask to cover the … Velvet Mat Board I cut a mat the other day from a red/brown velvet board. so I decided to try it for a pastel painting. … How to keep your pastels clean Buy cornstarch in a grocery store. Place the dirty pastels in it. Brush off the pastel from the area you are not happy with.. I was surprised to see that a man was using hand plaster (which he put around his 2nd … keep your fingers clean When working with soft pastels your hands get dirty with the colours that you may contaminate your next colour with.Velour paper When working on velour paper.. such as flesh tones.. I learned from a thread on Wet Canvas of an idea for a inexpensive holder for the nubs of hard pastels.

the range of greens you have might all be very bright true greens. the greens in many climates … Keeping pastels clean Not rated yet I use chickpea flour instead of rice to store the pastels I am using. When you have a good amount. with a flat ruler type tool. So many would-be artist's experience is that this vital foundation is overlooked when they begin drawing and painting. keep a tray of aluminum foil under your foam board and save the powder that falls from your work. all over. (it must … Keeping pastel pencils sharp Not rated yet When working with pastel pencils I always have at the side a piece of fine or medium sandpaper to use to keep the pencil sharp and used at the right angle … Save the Powder Not rated yet When working with pastels. It's very effective. sponge. You can also use a smooth paintbrush. . there is nothing worse than spoiling a pale subject with a smear of dark … No fixative use at all Not rated yet A tip I picked up when creating with pastels is to complete the work and tap the back of the work lightly. It also means I can keep the rest clean and therefore easy to … Fingers with Oil Pastels Not rated yet When I use oil pastel I like to use my fingers to smooth out some of the rough area that looks a little bumpy.A cheap pastel holder for those nubs. Not rated yet I learned from a thread on Wet Canvas of an idea for a inexpensive holder for the nubs of hard pastels. Use the end of a disposable razor! Here's the thread … Mixing Landscape Greens Not rated yet Especially if you're using student grade pastels. … Retaining the color strength in your pastel work. you need to get the basics right from the outset. … Learn to Draw Section If you want to learn to draw to a standard you're happy with. In nature. Not rated yet Spray your pastel work "as you go along" in order to "set" the colors in your painting and to minimize the lessening of color strength that seems to occur … A few things I do Not rated yet 1. I always have a wet rag handy for cleaning my hands between colour changes.

. This isn't a problem. some take a little longer to pick up the required knowledge. So they fell back. even though they liked art and wanted to learn to draw. . they frequently shy away. And sadly.. However. if you're a complete beginner. They wrongly assume that everyone else in the class will be really very good except them and they'll be shown up all over again. Oh and by the way. It's because everyone who wants to learn to draw does so at different speeds and in different ways.Time and again. became disheartened and lost interest. Or. because of the popularity of the subject. Well if you want really to learn to draw and enjoy it along the way it needn't be like that! If you use the the links below. maybe for good. because they've had to work a little harder. Whatever the reason. It may be because they misunderstood what the teacher was saying or they missed a class and the tutor didn't have time to go back over a topic just for them. when they do master it. art is lost to them. Learn To Draw Tutorials & Videos How to Draw a Mouth Here's how to draw the mouth step-by-step. they are probably lost to art as well. people relate how they missed out at school. Even when people are older and would like to join an adult art class. you'll open up a whole series of drawing tutorials that will start you with the basics so you will learn to draw anything with ease and confidence. In fact. and this is quite normal. they often have a more thorough grasp of the basics.. I'd really recommend you start with the 'How to Draw Anything' tutorial below.. there's a complete section on how you can learn to draw animals of all shapes and sizes.

How to Draw Wheels in Perspective Quickly set up wheels that look right..... first time... How to Draw Eyes One of the most important facial features to get right .... every time. How to Draw a Man's Body Use basic proportions again to draw a figure of a man. How to Use Watercolour Pencils . How to Draw a Face This step-by-step video tutorial will show you how to draw a basic human face....How to Draw With Various Mediums (PART 5 Using water soluable pencils.. How To Use Reference Photos For Your Paintings Using reference photos as a basis for your pictures is great way to provide yourself with a good source of raw material ..Part 1 If you've never used watercolor pencils before why not give them a try? This 3-part guide will show you how. How to Draw a Woman's Body Here's a simple step-by-step process for drawing the female form. The Value Of A Tonal Sketch A tonal sketch is an ideal method of working out your composition and also where the lights and darks are going to be placed in your picture..How to Draw a Nose Learn to draw the human nose quickly and easily. ..learn to draw eyes realistically first time every time. regardless of what colours are long as you use them correctly! VIDEO TUTORIAL ....How To Create Shadows This video tutorial will show you how to add shadows to your drawings creating depth and contrast.Part 3 Here's the third video covering watersoluble pencils...Part 2 Here's the second video covering watercolour pencils. How to Use Watercolour Pencils . VIDEO TUTORIAL ... How to Use Watercolour Pencils . VIDEO SERIES ..

. How To Draw Cars Learn how to draw any model of car you want to in four simple steps.. How To Draw Trees Learning how to draw trees is a lot easier than you may think. How To Draw A Car Learn how to draw old-time cars in four simple steps.How to Draw With Various Mediums (PART 3 Using pen and ink for your drawings.. ..VIDEO SERIES . How To Draw Faces So you think learning how to draw faces is difficult? Wrong! All faces are made up of simple shapes like anything else.. VIDEO SERIES . How To Draw Hands Learning how to draw hands isn't a problem if you follow the simple steps in this tutorial . HOW TO DRAW ANYTHING .... VIDEO SERIES ..Learn To Draw Whatever You Want Read this tutorial before you read anything else on the site.How to Draw With Various Mediums (PART 4 Using charcoal for your drawings.... How To Draw The Human Head Video series produced by drawing coach Mitch Bowler that shows you how to draw the human head with ease. Filled with example sketches you'll leanr how to get the most from your drawing equipment. Many budding artists of all ages are put off because they've only previously managed a 'lollipop' that they remember producing when they were at school.How to Draw With Various Mediums (PART 1) This 5-part video series introduces you to various drawing mediums such as pencils. It covers the very simple. We'll replicate Henry Ford's classic Model T of 1926 and re-live a piece of Detroit history . yet highly effective technique that underpins all good drawings.. straight out of 'Goldfinger'.. Start off with James Bond's famous Aston Martin DB5. charcoal and water soluable pencils.. Follow these steps and you literally WILL be able to draw whatever you want with ease! Master Perspective Drawing First Time! Many people who learn to draw and paint think perspective drawing involves lots of technical skill and hours of practice. Yet it's not as complicated as you may think....How to Draw With Various Mediums (PART 2 Covers putty erasers and why they are not just for erasing errors! VIDEO SERIES ...

using the little ones … Sketch Lightly First Here's a great tip to remember when you're drawing .5mm mechanical pencil is best for smooth shading and blending. They start with information about specific materials and … How to Protect Your Picture While You Are Drawing I know in the past when I was drawing anything. As a professional T tutor. Drawing with confidence. not pictures. I also used this pencil to create a smooth texture required … Great tips and materials for beginners I discovered and fell in love with the Walter Foster art instruction books a few years ago. then you can adjust your mistakes as you go. I would also use a fixative and spray the … Cannot get the Expression Right? Turn your reference photo upside down. Looking at how one holds a pencil may indicate how confident or otherwise.. I … Smooth Shading & Blending Many artists agreed that a 0.. How To Draw Flowers Learning how to draw flowers can be much simplified into a few basic shapes which allow you to draw literally any variety under the sun. See Drawing Tips From Other Visitors Click below to see contributions from other visitors .. then you will be looking at lines and shapes. So. … . an artist is with their drawing equipment. It really works and is a tip I learned on a drawing … How to Prevent Smudging Your Work The best way not to smudge your work is to not lean on it or you can just do the outline of your drawing lightly before going thick or your work will definitely … How To Draw Straight Lines Instead of drawing one long straight line. I always had a piece of paper under my hand as I was drawing..How To Draw Roses Learning how to draw roses is so much simpler if you follow the hints in this straightforward tutorial. draw the line bit by bit..Sketch Lightly First.

Carpet tape … How to Draw Wheels in persepctive (extra tip) Watch the video (which is good) but you don't have to guesstimate the SECOND wheel. it worked!! Here you … Prevent ink bottle spillage To prevent overturning an ink bottle while working I use a SMALL BIT OF DOUBLE STICK CARPET TAPE.". Flip the tracing … Draw or paint from a re-usable grid When drawing portraits or scenery I personally find it difficult to get the proportions & positions of certain features correct and spend a lot of time … Don't smudge If you don't want to smudge your work you need to do one color at a time and wash your hands between every different color and do NOT keep the ridge of … How to make a Stylus-pencil.. pencils leaves marks. . so I did it on a horse body.on using Carbon-paper. Decide which side you like the best....on what you're trying to trace onto your Art-paper! … HOW TO DRAW A HEAD Many people do not know how to draw a head. I have seen 'tips'. most say. It will stick to your hand and glide over … Horse Proportion Diragram I found that drawing the human body proportionally correct can be done by using the head as reference. Regular two sided tape is not good enough. Here is a scale for head proportions . put a piece of acetate under your drawing hand.. Draw a line down the middle of the vase. Trace the outline. "Use a pencil.... If the first wheel is correct then simply extend the lines to create … Another way of getting a chiseled edge As covered in the drawing medium video part-1 you can get a chiseled edge by using a craft or pen knife but I also found out that you can get a chisseld … How to draw a symetrical object Draw an outline of a vase for example. It seems to be better at lifting graphite … Never Assume Something that quite often trips up aspiring artists is when they go to draw something and it doesnt actually look like what they are drawing!! There is … Keep your paper clean while drawing To keep the paper clean and to prevent smudging when drawing. but.Blu Tack as an eraser Took a drawing course this past Spring and was given a sample of Blutack to use in place of a kneaded eraser.

They fit in any pocket and are great for quick sketches.. this grade can cut into paper leaving permanent grooves.. your finger will not hurt or get sore. suppose you drew an orange and colored … Getting It Even Not rated yet I find that if I check out how my drawings are progressing by looking at them through a mirror i. Drawing animals or portraits and unsure if the features are right? Take the image and look at it through a mirror to compare it with the photograph … How to Smudge Take and band-aid and put it on the finger you're blending or smudging with. Tape your original to the window/ lightbox.A Secret Helper.any uneven un-symmetrical or imbalanced subjects really … . This way.e. Fill it with just … perception Not rated yet When you are painting a face for example. use either a lightbox or just a window on a sunny day. Use a heavy weight resealable polythene bag. You can also 'stick' … Easy tracing If you need to redraw a sketch or other drawing. However. Using too much colour With all those lovely colours to choose from it is tempting to try and use them all in a painting. the parts of the face that protrude (i. take a white cloth and smudge over one area of the drawing. the nose) should be slightly lighter than the rest of the face.. then … drawing when you draw and you don't want to use too much time redrawing it onto thicker paper. trace it. Not rated yet Most artists tend to use HB pencils when they are drawing... If you restrict yourself to a limited palette of around … Handy Low cost sketch Pad Buy yourself a 'Post-It' pad at an office supplies shop. To … Drawing with confidence. I prefer to use … Colouring with Oil Pastels Giving Life Like Effect Not rated yet After you have coloured your picture with oil pastels. Put your original drawing on top and the thicker paper … Portable Paper Wetting You don't need a tray to wet watercolour paper for stretching if you are out and about. I use a 5" x 3" one..e.

then trace it.try to use minimum pencil lines. draw the basic picture on a piece of practice paper. then you will be looking at lines and shapes. Then instead … How to keep guidelines to a minimum on Botanical drawings Not rated yet When drawing flowers/botanicals.and draw as feintly as possible.Don't Ruin Your Best Paper Not rated yet Rather than doing lots of rubbing out on your best piece of paper. It really works and is a tip I learned on a drawing … . leaving the bulk details for the paint/medium to build. not pictures. … Cannot get the Expression Right? Not rated yet Turn your reference photo upside down.