Construction of a PV park in Dorobantu village, Calarasi county


C. The point for grid connection is 10 m away from the land limit. SMC type SMU 11000 TL 2|Page . 3.PROJECT PRESENTATION PV PARK GENERAL PRESENTATION 1.R.649 mm x 991 mm x 40 mm 156 mm x 156 mm 60 15% ±3% 1. PROJECT NAME PV park with a peak power of 1 MWp. 2. LOCATION The land is in the public property of Dorobanti City Hall. The land was concessed from the City Hall for 49 years with with the right for another 24 years extension.L. has a area of 2 ha with the possibility of extension up to 4 ha.000 V (IEC) Weight Connectors Inverters 18.5 kg Tyco (IP 65) 83 PCS.mono Si 1. INVESTMENT OWNERSHIP S. OMNIA CONTEXIM S. TECHNICAL INFORMATION The project was designed based on an offer made by Bisol – Czech Republic Panel Panel dimensions Cell dimensions Number of cells Eficieny Temperature tollerance Voltage BISOL BMU-245 .

ISU (fire prevention authority). AutoCad drawings.5% from the construction value but to start works in an undetermined future. This moment was delayed for cash-flow reason in order not to pay 0. ESTIMATED TIME FRAME FOR ACCOMPLSHING THE INVESTMENT WORKS TERMS INVESTMENT TYPE Estimated term (months) Projecting Execution 1 1 2 1 1 Fence Construction of the controller shelter Mountig the metal structure 1 Installing the PV panels.PROJECT PRESENTATION PV PARK EXISTING PERMITS AND AUTHORIZATIONS Concession contract for 49 years concluded with the City Hall of Dorobantu. connectors. Solutions study for connecting the project to the grid ATR (Technical Authorization for Connection to the Grid) Construction permit documentation including certificate of urbanism. cabling and 1 inverters Conectig the AC output to transformer and final conection to the grid 1 3|Page . Calarasi county Authorizations from the Enviroment authority. TOPO measurements. Costruction authority. The building permit can be obtained in 10 days after we sumbit to Dorobantu authority the documentation we already completed.

98 229.06 2.71 56.15 2.900.564.080.957.06 112.62 380.00 504.06 2.00 149.715.00 175.00 462.89 37.00 1.280.880.094.000.20 VAT eur 7.00 30.62 1.380.000.00 7.99 5.400 MW/year x 6 GC x Eur 55/GC) Total yearly revenues Expenses Consumables Salaries (3 workers to monitor and guard) Utilities Taxes to City Hall including rental Insurance Total yearly expenses Value (EUR) 42.00 2.expenses which can be co-financed from UE funds ** .836.864.00 3.00 436.00 10.00 2.870.000.00 800.00 7.62 total eur 44.261.00 2.960.00 356.06 133.651.859.00 4|Page .355.859.00 11.782.140.00 25.76 21.31 19.00 4.261.00 190 1.400.678.00 462.PROJECT PRESENTATION PV PARK ESTIMATED INVESTMENT COST Fencing the land Metal structure including works Shelter for controllers Cabling / connectors Transformer Connection to grid sub TOTAL PV Panels including works sub TOTAL works and equipments Permits and authorizations Consultancy Projecting and design Publicity AUDIT sub TOTAL other expenses TOTAL GENERAL eligible* eligible eligible eligible eligible eligible eligible eligible eligible non-eligible** non-eligible non-eligible non-eligible non-eligible val EUR 37.13 193.26 9.464.900.517.66 1.225.17 11.000.345.000.29 299.140.76 2.000.678.00 624.15 0 20.312.00 572.575.90 9.299.00 21.736.800.00 6.836.911.000.51 * .00 800.509.24 8.000.448.expenses which are not financed by UE funds ESTIMATED INVESTMENT PROFITABILITY Revenues Revenues from selling the energy to ENEL (1.219.687.85 36.400 MW/year x 30 EUR/MW) Revenues from selling Green Certificates ( 7.00 Value with VAT (EUR) 52.91 1.575.90 31.00 1.400.82 22.00 44.

000.5 years out of the 15 years for which the project receives 6 GC/MW. the initial investment can be repaid in 6.096.PROJECT PRESENTATION PV PARK EBITDA 460. 139/2010 and production estimation according to the Canadian program Ret Screen (attached) Comparing the investment costs and yearly EBITDA .00 Estimations were made based on the Green Energy Law no. 5|Page .00 580.