Potential Lockpick Rework Lockpick is the picking mode for HoN, and a lot of people seem okay with

ditching it entirely and trying to find a replacement mode. I think this would be a terrible mistake as lockpick is synonomous with competitve HoN at this point. Also, the complaints people have with lockpick aren't really inherently because locks exist. With this in mind, I have an idea that removes blind bans and shuffles the order of lock picking around while also adding even more empahsis onto the lock pool aspect of the mode. This idea would potentially add only 20 seconds of total time if I did my math correctly. I guess the esiest way to present it is just by phase. I'll use L for legion and H for hellbourne. Locking Phase 30 seconds each lock L-H-H-L-L-H-H-L-H Banning Phase 30 seconds each ban L-H-L-H-L-H Picking Phase 1 30 seconds each pick L-H-H-L-L-H Lock Banning Phase 25 seconds each ban L-H-L-H Lock Picking Phase 25 seconds each pick L-H-L-H Picking Phase 2 25 seconds each pick

L-H I basically just removed blind bans and replaced them with 4 guranteed bans through an extended lock pool. I also switched the order of picking around a bit to allow for the old "suprise" picks at the end. Thoughts? I honestly don't know if it's better than what we currently have, and I know it's a lot of bans/picks. I'd be intersted in feedback and potentially trying it out though.