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Switzerland in days.

Lucerne | Interlaken | Zermatt
In three days from Lucerne via Interlaken to Zermatt: The journey begins at Lake Lucerne and takes you across the Jungfrau Region to the Matterhorn.



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Our highlights: Lucerne: Pilatus, Lake Lucerne, Old Town Lucerne Interlaken: Jungfraujoch, Schynige Platte, Beatus Caves Zermatt: Gornergrat, Alpine village Findeln, Klein-Matterhorn

On the road: 1. Aareschlucht 2. Freilichtmmuseum Ballenberg 3. Glasi Hergiswil 4. Blausee 5. Oeschinensee 6. Niesen

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Pilatus The dragon mountain . http://www. Take a walk through the rock gallery. and the city of Lucerne. Tour 03: Lucerne/Interlaken/Zermatt Lucerne The Old Town.Schweiz Reisen.luzern. the Dragon Mountain. This leisurely.pilatus. where the world's steepest cogwheel train conveys you to Pilatus Kulm (2. Lucerne is an ideal starting point for daytrips.). exciting cruise to the upper end of Lake Lucerne takes three to four hours. The walk on the Swiss Path around Lake Urner is an attractive option for hikers. Lucerne is the starting point of our 3-day tour. The City on Lake Lucerne Our highlights. or hike to the Tomlishorn where you can savor a delicious snack in the restaurant. lake. http://www. We highly recommend the Round Tour around the vantage point of Pilatus. Lake and Mountains The 5 hours Lake Lucerne Cruise on Lake Lucerne If you want to experience the tumultuous history of the original cantons of the Swiss Confederation in style.s. and mountains! With its multitude of offerings.among them Switzerland's Traffic Museum . a lakeside stroll and a walk along the river are most 2.l.will delight the culturally inclined as well as the technology buff. car-free Old Town beckons you to stroll the lanes and tarry awhile. 7 hours Old Town Lucerne Idyllic Old Town. Modern architecture par excellence can be admired in the Culture and Congress Center and The Hotel designed by Jean Nouvel.lakelucerne. If the «water bug» bites you.132 meters a. take a paddle steamer cruise on Lake / Schweiz Tourismus page 2 / 9 . train or bus. the mountains. Ten museums . In the evening.5 hours © myswitzerland. A spectacular ride by aerial cable car and gondola down to Kriens/Lucerne concludes this tour. Return by ship. Enjoy the view of the lake.Golden Roundtrip The steam ship takes you from Lucerne to Alpnachstadt. The Chapel Bridge is best viewed while sipping a cup of coffee at a riverside cafe along the Reuss River. we recommend a cruise aboard the Art Nouveau paddle-steamer. the city is a veritable «Adventure Center».

6002 Luzern .+41 (0)41 369 77 78 (Fax) Heini Conditorei This fine confiserie with its chocolate specialties is a must-visit confectioner's store. enjoy sitting on the lively bank of the Reuss River. Blues and Dixie . or on the Vegetable and Fruit Market A lively market takes place on Tuesday and Saturday mornings.Adligenswilerstrasse 22 6002 Luzern . and delectable cookies. flag swinging and yodelling.Adligenswilerstrasse 22 .+41 (0)41 369 77 00 . and coffee and cake afterwards. The aerial cableway leading to the peak revolves around its own axis and the Glacier Park located at 3. UNESCO Biosphere Entlebuch Starting in Sörenberg.+41 (0)41 419 00 00 . The Entlebuch High Altitude Moorlands are UNESCO protected sites. for instance. the moorland trail leads to Salwideli. Address: Heini Conditorei Löwenplatz 9 .. Address: Hotel Waldstätterhof .org Bucherer It belongs to Lucerne like the Chapel Bridge next door. on the terrace. in the center of Titlis .6005 Luzern .ch Verkehrshaus .+41 (0)41 370 44 44 .Werftestrasse 5 Postfach 4265 . or strum your own guitarre.Zentralstrasse 4 6003 Luzern . It is in close proximity to the lake.+41 (0)41 485 88 50 .6004 Luzern . In the restaurant.tourismus@biosphaere. But also the detour through the Kneipp facility at the Schwandalpweiher.6006 Luzern . dancing and folklore ply Lake Lucerne throughout the On the Bank of the Reuss People love Lucerne's relaxed spirit and Hotel Waldstätterhof** The nostalgic.+41 (0)41 419 00 01 (Fax) .+41 (0)41 410 61 71 . the Planetarium and the Swissarena. In a dignified. Address: Bucherer .+41 (0)41 418 52 52 .Zentralstrasse 5 . . old timber-frame Where to stay Romantik Hotel Wilden Mann**** This charming Romantik-Hotel is located in the Old Town.+41 (0)41 410 47 33 . Along the Reuss River.+41 (0)41 399 87 87 .Europaplatz 1 .+41 (0)41 412 20 20 Nightlife Louis Bar There is high life in the bar of the Art Deco Hotel Montana.Tourist Information . as well as along the Reuss River. Especially popular are honey and preserves.luzern@luzern. it was first mentioned in 1517. Additional attractions are the IMAX individually designed by Jean Nouvel (who also designed KKL).6002 Luzern .ch Shopping Old Town Shopping A shopping spree is as much part and parcel of a stay in Lucerne as the Lion Monument and the paddle a walkable orthophotography. .Schwanenplatz 5 .Switzerland's Traffic Museum The Traffic and Communication Museum is located at Lucerne's lake basin. art and timeless design. the wine cellar a repository of tradition and the meat platter out of this world.Tourist Information . Car-free Old Town between Schwanenplatz and Mühlenplatz. tastefully renovated city hotel is located at the Lucerne Train Station.+41 (0)41 226 70 71 (Fax) .+41 (0)41 227 12 72 (Fax) © myswitzerland.luzern@luzern.Glacier Paradise Restaurant Old Swiss House Located only a few steps from the world-famous Lions Monument.+41 (0)41 227 17 17 .+41 (0)41 442 03 02 (Fax) info@dampfschiff. is a worthwhile experience. the "Lucerne Raindrops" (Truffle cream with Kirsch). the lunch menu is an attraction.6002 Luzern . Address: Romantik Hotel Wilden Mann Bahnhofstrasse 30 .ch Evening Cruises on the Lake Cruises featuring entertainers. or in the "Skippers' Arbor" you will enjoy Swiss specialties under the arcades. Address: The Hotel Sempacherstrasse 14 .6004 Luzern .6004 Luzern .+41 (0)41 639 50 61 .luzern@luzern.Biosphärenzentrum .Postfach 2944 . listen to music. it opens up vistas of the lake and the city. Address: Art Deco Hotel Montana .Address: Titlis Talstation . make the cruise an unforgettable experience.mail@verkehrshaus.Lidostrasse 5 .ch KKL World Cafe Located under the famous roof of the KKL. An enchanting picture-book house.Schweiz Where to eat Steamship Vierwaldstättersee The nostalgic paddle steamers are not only a means of transportation: Culinary delicacies at lunch.+41 (0)41 210 16 66 . Highly recommended are. It unites spirituality with elegance.6000 Luzern .6002 Luzern .6002 Luzern .6002 Luzern . Very suitable for "People watching"! Address: KKL Luzern World Cafe .+41 (0)41 227 17 20 (Fax) .+41 (0)41 210 16 29 (Fax) mail@wilden-mann.+41 (0)41 367 67 67 .+41 (0)41 226 71 00 . a pond. Address: Hotel Restaurant Schiff . situated on the Hotel Restaurant Schiff Historical house in the Old Town. Don't miss the Louis-Bar with its Jazz ambiance! Address: Hotel Montana . Address: Schifffahrtsgesellschaft des Vierwaldstättersees . Address: Luzern Tourismus .6390 Engelberg .+41 (0)41 227 17 17 .+41 (0)41 226 86 86 .Sternenplatz 3 .+41 (0)41 419 00 00 . Have a Cappucino. Especially popular are the Oldtime Jazz Cruises.+41 (0)41 226 86 90 (Fax) .+41 (0)41 227 17 17 .just like Louis (Armstrong). the Rigi.6002 Luzern .Address: Rigi Bahnen AG .Unter der Egg 8 . Address: Dampferfreunde Vierwaldstättersee .Chlosterbüel 28 .Louis Bar . Address: Verkehrshaus der Schweiz . day 4 Important addresses: Luzern Tourismus AG Tourist Information Zentralstrasse 5 6002 Luzern +41 (0)41 227 17 17 +41 (0)41 227 17 20 (Fax) luzern@luzern.Address: Tourismus UBE .+41 (0)41 410 61 33 (Fax) . costumes. the merchant and entrepreneur Carl-Friedrich Bucherer opened the first watch and jewelry store in the city on the lake in 1888. Enjoy one of the choice Whiskies while listening to Jazz. cow bells. The hotel boasts one-of-a-kind Art Deco rooms and a funicular railway that leads directly to the hotel. Titlis (Engelberg) is the trendiest excursion destination around Lucerne. fresh produce and organic products of the region are on sale.+41 (0)41 367 68 68 (Fax) Stadtkeller Traditional Swiss entertainment with Alphorn.+41 (4)1 418 52 55 (Fax) . this is a self-service restaurant with a large selection of international specialties and select wines. Address: Luzern Tourismus .+41 (0)41 227 17 20 (Fax) .+41 (0)41 410 17 38 (Fax) . .6004 Lucerne . The ride can be combined with an attractive round-trip cruise starting in Lucerne. Address: Restaurant Old Swiss House .org Other sights Rigi in the heart of Switzerland Europe's oldest mountain train ascends the "Queen of the Mountains". The Stadtkeller is the summertime folklore Mecca.Zentralstrasse 5 . Address: Luzern Tourismus . the Culture and Congress Center and the charming Old Town. Address: Stadtkeller .ch Hotel Montana**** Located high above the lake basin.Tourist Information .6170 Schüpfheim . is home to 25 deluxe studios and suites.+41 (0)41 399 87 00 (Fax) .+41 (0)41 227 12 71 .+41 (0)41 419 00 01 (Fax) info@hotel-montana. Here you will find individually designed and stylishly furnished rooms and suites as well as elegant salons.+41 (0)41 370 61 68 (Fax) .info@oldswisshouse.000 meters offers plenty of fun in the eternal ice.titlis@titlis. In the / Schweiz Tourismus page 3 / 9 .6002 Luzern .+41 (0)41 227 17 20 (Fax) .worldcafe@kkl-luzern.6354 Vitznau .+41 (0)41 442 03 03 .ch The Hotel**** The Hotel.Löwenplatz 4 .info@stadtkeller.Zentralstrasse 5 .

Trip duration: Car: 1:20 hours via Brünig Pass. there are a few attractive excursion options (for those who travel by car).ch 3. a ride up the Jungfraujoch is highly recommended.from Central Switzerland to the eastern part of the Bernese Oberland.and Ballenberg in the Alpine region of Brienz-Meiringen-Hasliberg is simply a unique site.002 meters above sea level) to Interlaken .ch © myswitzerland. Address: Schweizerisches Freilichtmuseum Ballenberg für ländliche Kultur . Freilichtmmuseum Ballenberg Swiss History . Address: Aareschlucht . In the afternoon. centuries-old buildings from all parts of the country.4 km long and 200 meters deep. On a secure bridge and through tunnels the Kirchet ridge is walkable today (each section takes approx. En route. Aareschlucht On narrow paths through the rocks Thousands of years of rushing wild water have created between Meiringen and Innertkirchen a dramatic path through the rocky «Kirchet» mountain ridge: the Aare Gorge.Osteingang (Innertkirchen) .3855 Brienz . Glasi Hergiswil Full of enthusiasm for the art of glass blowing Where do traditional arts and crafts and modern design interface? In the «Glasi» glass factory in Hergiswil on Lake Lucerne art works of timeless beauty have been created for some 200 years. Address: Hergiswiler Glas AG .6004 Luzern . 1.+41 (0)33 952 10 30 info@ballenberg. day 4 Löwenplatz 9 .ch/wasserenergie/wasserausflug/aareschlucht/ 2.Schweiz On the way from Lucerne to http://www. (Brünigpass.3860 Meiringen .luzern@luzern. Here you can experience the art live.+41 (0)41 227 17 20 (Fax) .+41 (0)41 412 20 20 17 17 .within your reach This is how the old Swiss confederates lived a hundred years ago: Over 100 authentic.Westeingang (Meiringen) . 40 minutes) . They can be admired in the factory's own museum and purchased in the factory store. Here we stay overnight.+41 (0)33 971 10 48 . partly with Golden Pass Express) 1.6052 Hergiswil .+41 (0)33 971 40 48 / Schweiz Tourismus page 4 / 9 .+41 (0)41 630 12 23 .glasi. 250 local farm animals. Train: 2:00 hours by Central Train (Zentralbahn).experience depth like nowhere else.Seestrasse 12 . original gardens and fields as well as demonstrations of traditional crafts make the past a wonderful experience .info@glasi. The name Roberto Niederer is synonymous with the art of glass blowing.alpenregion. Brünig Pass Route Riding across the wooded Brünig Pass (1.

jungfraubahn. http://www. The Jungfrau Mountain appears like a picture in a / Schweiz Tourismus page 5 / 9 . The town is the entry point to the world-famous Jungfrau area. mountain hikers start out on their long trek to the historic Faulhorn Mountain Hotel and to First/ 6 hours Schynige Platte By Nostalgic Cogwheel Train to the Panoramic Vantage Point The cozy. During the summer.000-year-old stalactite. nostalgic cogwheel train dating to the 19th century huffs and puffs up the 1. located high above the eastern shores of Lake Thun. are among the most beautiful natural wonders of the Bernese 4. Schynige Platte and Jungfraujoch are our destinations. From here. the rushing waterfalls as well as the mighty 40. http://www. 500 different species of Alpine plants bloom in the Alpine Garden. It is an overwhelming experience to see the Eiger Northface through the window and later on to stand high up there at the starting point of the Great Aletsch 4 hours © myswitzerland. The ride crosses Alpine pastures and further on via the Eiger goes to Europe's highest train station. On the Swiss National Day in 1912. even when viewed from the Höhenmatte in front of the legendary Hotel Victoria Jungfrau. the trains of the Jungfraubahn went into operation after a 16-year construction effort. http://www.400-meter ascent from Wilderswil to the vantage point of Schynige Platte.Schweiz Reisen.beatushoehlen.25 hours Beatus Caves The unique sight at the lake of Thun.jungfraubahn. located at 3454 meters above sea level. The Beatus Caves. Jungfraujoch In the depth of the "Top of Europe" A great moment in mountain railroad history. Among the hidden treasures of this underworld are the mirror grotto with its crystal-clear cave lake. Starting Point for tours to the Bernese Oberland Our highlights. The Beatus Caves.Lake Thun and Lake Brienz. Tour 03: Lucerne/Interlaken/Zermatt Interlaken Interlaken means «Between the lakes» .

are major attractions.+41(0)33 828 28 80 (Fax) . and is managed by an Indian family with cordial traditional hotel offers a view onto the Jungfrau Massif. nature still has plenty of space. Excellent cocktails. Address: Zryd .+41 (0)33 334 52 11 +41 (0)33 334 52 12 (Fax) .ch Restaurant Bar des Alpes A popular restaurant located along a high altitude trail. It is accessed from the Susten Pass Road by a small aerial cable car.3800 Interlaken . Address: Restaurant Bar Des Alpes .3800 Interlaken .Oberdorfstrasse 1 .+41 (0)33 827 61 00 . who enjoy its luxury and casual ambiance.+41 (0)33 821 00 91 Shopping Zryd Souvenirs Woodcarvings from the nearby town of Brienz are offered side by side with small leather goods and many other souvenir ideas.+41 (0)33 826 00 07 .+41 (0)33 823 23 36 . It is cherished by discerning guests. to select cheese specialties. Address: Restaurant Goldener Anker Marktgasse 57 .3812 Wilderswil . The region's smallest 4-star hotel (30 rooms) has a wide range of offerings. It's the ideal place to enjoy the glorious mountain world. Hotel Bären (The Bears) has been committed to hospitality and quality Restaurant Spice India This restaurant serves authentic Indian cuisine. Grand Restaurant Schuh Large.3601 Thun .+41 (0)33 826 70 08 (Fax) .und Brienzersee .ch Trift Suspension Bridge A piece of Nepal in Switzerland: The 102-meter long and 70-meter high suspension rope bridge leading to a mountain hut. the famed Amici-Coffee.+41 (0)33 822 39 89 Royal Present Souvenirs Here one buys the famous red T-shirt with the white Swiss cross.+41 (0)33 827 61 05 (Fax) POSITIVeinfach This bar is a popular meeting place. great music and the best people "in town".+ 41 (0)33 822 94 41 . Swatch watches and gifts of all kinds are available as well.+41 (0)33 856 85 68 . Hugo Boss Women.3800 Interlaken .Höheweg 45 .+41 (0)33 826 70 80 . also called Piz Gloria.from Ticinese olive oil to a magnificent selection of Swiss Address: Schilthornbahn AG . Address: Hotel Restaurant Stella Waldeggstrasse10 . defines the charm of this property.interlaken@victoria-jungfrau. La Hotel Rosenlaui This 6 . lively dinner conversations and marvelous concerts. Magnificent rooms.+41 (0)33 823 39 36 (Fax) Nightlife Restaurant Goldener Anker A sought-after locale for tasty cuisine. A stunning variety of souvenirs.+41 (0)33 971 29 12 . The spa building's stylish rooms.+41 (0)33 822 23 23 .info@baeren. and Wellness facilities. combined with an extraordinary cuisine.Höheweg 197 3800 Interlaken .last but not least on account of its "Tavern License". And how about dinner on the lake at sunset? Address: BLS Schifffahrt Where to eat Jungfrau Brasserie The elegant. Address: Office du tourisme de Lauterbrunnen 3822 Lauterbrunnen . Mughlai and Tandoori specialties are served. / Schweiz Tourismus page 6 / 9 .welcome@rosenlaui. Children receive their paint or crayon set at the table and can right away send a postcard to their godmother. Address: Lindner Grand Hotel Beau Rivage . Address: Positiveinfach cafe & cocktail bar . Today it is also home to the Grand Casino Address: Casino Kursaal .3800 Interlaken . was built 100 years ago.+ 41 (0)33 822 94 27 (Fax) . in a part of the "Jungfrau" UNESCO World Natural Heritage Where to stay Victoria-Jungfrau***** This famous hotel offers the best view of the Jungfrau Massif.schiff@bls.3800 Interlaken Night Boat The night cruises on Lake Thun and Lake Brienz provide entertainment and dancing. exclusive restaurants. congenial hotel far from the madding crowd has been offering a cordial atmosphere and excellent cuisine for over 200 years. offers with its revolving restaurant a 360° panoramic view. sought-after designer collections: Orwell and Marc Cain.Uhren Reparatur & Geschenkartikel .+41 (0)33 821 05 85 (Fax) .info@lauterbrunnen.+41 (0)33 826 70 07 . Address: Royal Present SD SA .+41 (0)33 822 36 78 (Fax) Casino Kursaal The Kursaal.3800 Interlaken .info@alpenregion.+41 (0)33 828 28 28 .ch Other sights Schilthorn .3800 Interlaken .Höheweg 41 .+41 (0)33 822 88 71 .Höheweg 211 .+41 (0)33 828 28 28 . Seven for all mankind. near Interlaken.Höheweg 2 . Schumacher.Höheweg 41 .ch Grand Hotel Beau Rivage**** Built in the Art Nouvea style.+41 (0)33 822 66 71 (Fax) . Found at the pass crossing to Grindelwald.Piz Gloria On the track of James Bond: The Schilthorn. built in the architectural style typical of the Bernese Oberland.+41 (0)33 826 70 89 (Fax) King’s Fashion Trendy clothes from international.3800 Interlaken . popular Tea House with first-classöheweg 10 .Damen-& Herrenmode .Schweiz Reisen.+41 (0)33 972 50 50 .ch Hotel Bären*** Authentic well-tended Chalet hotel. Summer © Rosenlaui .3800 Interlaken .+41 (0)33 822 16 72 . Address: Victoria-Jungfrau .+41 (0)33 828 31 52 (Fax) .Höheweg 115 . Adjoining the Höhenmatte. live music.+41 (0)33 828 31 51 .ch Hinteres Lauterbrunnental A dreamy mountain jewel with 72 waterfalls and the Kerzenhotel Obersteinberg! Here. Address: Verkehrsbüro Meiringen-Haslital Bahnhofstrasse 22 . In summer people sit outdoors to see and be seen. to fish from pristine Swiss lakes.3800 Interlaken . Address: Victoria-Jungfrau Grand Hotel & SPA Jungfrau Brasserie . Address: King's Fashion .3800 Interlaken .+41 (0)33 828 28 80 (Fax) . Since 1706.3800 Interlaken .3860 Meiringen .interlaken@lindnerhotels. and the surrounding elegant park. or spa hall.Höheweg 56 . Address: Hotel Bären .Lachenweg 19 . Address: Hotel Rosenlaui .ch Hotel Restaurant Stella**** The sensuous decor. this extensively renovated. Address: Restaurant Spice India Exotic Indian Cuisinie .Grand Hotel & Spa . Address: Grand Restaurant Schuh .3800 Interlaken . and chocolate show.+41 (0)33 826 00 09 (Fax) . day 4 Important addresses: Interlaken Tourismus Höheweg 37 3800 Interlaken +41 (0)33 826 53 00 +41 (0)33 826 53 75 (Fax) mail@interlakentourism. refined brasserie in Hotel Victoria Jungfrau has everything . Most of its 101 luxurious rooms feature balconies or loggias.

an idyllic lake high above Kandersteg. The excursions and side tours en route are planned in such a way that you have time in Zermatt to ride up one or the other peak to take in the panoramic vistas.500 meters above sea level.+41 (0)33 675 11 19 .s.) is more than a scenic pearl: it is Switzerland at its purest. Niesen Mountain Trains: Expect to see World Records! At http://www. Via the Lötschberg Mountain to Valais From Interlaken we travel the Lötschberg-Route (by train or by loading the car onto the train) into the canton of Valais and head to Zermatt. The © myswitzerland. day 4 On the way from Interlaken to / Schweiz Tourismus page 7 / 9 .niesen.+41 (0)33 676 77 11 A nostalgic chairlift whisks visitors to lofty heights.600 m a.Schweiz Reisen. Blausee Trout turn blue . Address: Niesenbahn .ch 2.3711 Mülenen . trout are frolicking. Lake Blausee constitutes 20 hectares of dreamlike nature in the midst of the Bernese Oberland. 1.blausee.3717 Blausee . Families and nature lovers saunter along the shore. Address: Hotel-Restaurant Oeschinensee .ch http://www. Load car onto train. while colorful rowboats dot the lake. from Täsch there is only a train connection to 3. Rowboats beckon in the water among stark rock faces and green Alpine pastures. Train: 3:30 hours.l.674 steps along the tracks constitute a world record.+41 (0)33 672 33 33 . The hike from Mülenen via Schwandegg to Niesen Kulm takes 5 hours. transfers in Spiez und Brig. which runs through the Lötschberg. and there is a summer toboggan run as well as a garden restaurant offering hearty local specialties. These steps may only be climbed during the Niesen step-climbing event (Record time 52 minutes). and gourmets rave about the delicate fish melting in their mouths. Address: Blausee .info@blausee. it is Europe's longest funicular http://www.even here A jewel between Frutigen and Kandersteg: In the crystal-clear Blausee.3718 Kandersteg . Trip duration: Car: 3:00 hours. The funicular climbs the stunning mountain peak at Lake Thun in 30 about minutes. Oeschinensee Blue miracle between mountain peaks Lake Öschinen (1.

Non-climbers enjoy the summit-experience on the Klein-Matterhorn. http://www. everyone on the panorama-cogwheel train is ready to shoot the first picture. with the Matterhorn in the Tour 03: Lucerne/Interlaken/Zermatt Zermatt This car-free holiday village is embedded in the valley of high-altitude mountains: Monte Rosa. only experienced climbers accompanied by a mountain guide should embark on the ascent. The Baroque chapel in Winkelmatter (18th Century).zermatt.html 2. Later on you hike down to Winkelmatten. http://bergbahnen. Restaurants and hotels are found along the way and on top of the Gornergrat.5 hours © myswitzerland.Schweiz Reisen.Moosjisee .300-meter Riffelalp. From here. From the start. Dent Blanche and Matterhorn are their resounding and famous names.Grindjisee . sun-drenched Alpine village of Findeln.478-meter http://www.gornergrat. the legendary Glacier Express starts its journey to the 3 hours Alpine village Findeln Hiking Loop in the Findeln Valley Take the train up to the 2. Zermatt. The subsequent hike takes you via lakes Grünsee . Four of his companions lost their lives. Gornergrat In full view of the Matterhorn Already in Zermatt the vista opens up to the Matterhorn. the 4. is a popular motif for photographs.html 4 hours Klein-Matterhorn The Alps' Highest Viewing Platform Edward Whymper was the first man to conquer the legendary mountain.Stellisee . Even today. The incomparable rock pyramid is even more imposing when you face it directly from the 3. Moritz. in 1865.100-meter vantage point on the Gornergrat. It's incredible how close to the glaciers and imposing rock faces the mountain trains and aerial cableways take / Schweiz Tourismus page 8 / 9 . At the Foot of the Matterhorn Our highlights.883 meters above sea level is the Alps highest aerial cable station. which at no less than 3.taescherhof.

+41 (0)27 967 66 36 .Zum Steg 3 . Cozy and rustic! Address: Hotel Walliserhof Bayard Sport and Fashion A trendy sporting goods store and specialist for mountain sports and leisure clothing. or in the evening for a drink . day 4 Important addresses: Zermatt Matterhorn Tourimus 3920 Zermatt +41 (0)27 966 81 00 +41 (0)27 966 81 01 (Fax) zermatt@wallis.Bahnhofstrasse .rund-um-visp@rhone.Schuhhaus & Sport .3920 Zermatt . It’s an après-ski bar in winter. Located above Zermatt. concerts and art Address: Bucherer .Broken Bar . Address: Saas-Fee Tourismus . its specializes in ski and mountain boots.zermatt@reconline.there is always a good reason to drop in at the Brown Cow Broken Bar Cult Disco in the town's oldest cellar vaults. Address: Hotel Post .Hofmattstrasse 4 .ch Shopping Burgener Sport The oldest store in Restaurant Avena This restaurant in Zermatt's pulsating heart offers in a cozy ambiance a flair for unforgettable moments.3920 Zermatt .+41 (0)27 968 19 09 (Fax) . Address: Josi Cheese & Wine .+41 (0)27 966 24 30 . Address: Bayard Sport + Fashion . fruity "Heida" reminds one of Alpine flowers and © Zermatt . and the very cozy Pfisterstube.+41 (0)27 958 18 58 to@saas-fee.+41 (0)27 966 26 60 . A dance on the famous-infamous Brokenfass (broken barrel) is a must-do. Authentic cuisine and high quality wine are served here.+41 (0)27 967 45 25 . Address: Walliserkanne .walliserhof. is a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site.222 meters Hotel Mirabeau**** Alpine Wellness with a holistic concept based on natural products: Mountain honey and herbs as used both in the beauty and spa oasis as well as in the gourmet kitchen. Address: Rund um Visp Tourismus . High-spirited party fun prevails until the early morning hours. Address: Hotel Mirabeau .ch Riffelalp Resort***** A summit meeting on all levels: Nature.+41 (0)27 966 03 33 .+41 (0)27 967 53 57 (Fax) ..3920 Zermatt . and the Aletsch Forest..+41 (0)27 967 27 94 . How about joining a guided tour on the river of ice? Address: Riederalp Mörel Tourismus . The golden.mail@vernissage-zermatt. at 2.+41 (0)27 967 16 30 Restaurant Mediterranée The restaurant's kitchen offers cuisine from Nightlife Vernissage Built by the Zermatt artist Heinz / Schweiz Tourismus page 9 / 9 . A whiff of the crackling fire in the fireplace and the excellent lamb specialties "à la Dan" never fail to cast a spell on the guests. movie theater. Address: Restaurant und Vinothek Méditerranée .Village Dance Club Bahnhofstrasse 41 .+41 (0)27 968 19 09 (Fax) .Bahnhofstrasse 32 . and in the bar and new sauna landscape.3930 Visp . has been offering a cozy mountain inn atmosphere since 1939.+41 (0)27 967 83 33 Restaurant Chez Heini A rustic ambiance invites you to tarry awhile.+41 (0)27 967 27 34 (Fax) .+41 (0)27 948 33 33 rund-um-visp@rhone.+41 (0)27 967 68 01 (Fax) .3906 Saas-Fee .+41 (0)27 948 33 33 .+41 (0)27 967 19 31 .Bahnhofstrasse 72 .info@cheese-wine. Alongside these so-called Suonen run fabulous hiking trails that are comfortably flat but nevertheless spectacular. parties. it offers a trendy ambiance in its bar and lounge-restaurant.3920 Zermatt . the well-known mountain hut.Brown Cow Snack Bar Bahnhofstrasse 41 . and Josi Cheese & Wine Josi is famous for its homemade fondue creations and the beautifully decorated cheese platters available for take-out. A wide range of offerings delights the guests.+41 (0)27 966 65 50 (Fax) .ch Europe's highest vineyard The steep sun-drenched slope with its small vine-covered terraces is Europe's highest vineyard.+41 (0)27 966 26 65 (Fax) info@hotel-mirabeau. a sought-after venue for weddings! Experienced mountain trekkers hike from Felskinn to the Britannia-Hütte. Address: Hotel Monte Rosa Bahnhofstrasse 80 . Address: Hotel Post .Postfach .Bahnhofstrasse 41 3920 Zermatt .ch Other sights Mittel-Allalin Ride with the Metro-Alpin mountain train to the highest revolving restaurant and to the largest ice Bucherer Here you will find quality and a wide range of prestigious Swiss watches. Address: Hotel Post .ch The Aletsch Glacier This.+41 (0)27 966 46 11 (Fax) . Address: Restaurant Chez Heini .3920 Zermatt Where to eat Walliserkanne Three worlds under one roof: In the Walliserkanne you will find the Italian "Il Ristorante". France.3920 Zermatt Zermatt . Address: Gebrüder Burgener .ch Where to stay Hotel Monte Rosa**** This "Swiss Historic Hotel" and flagship of the Seiler Hotels. which is Zermatt's foremost party and event location.3920 Zermatt . at lunchtime for salads and hamburgers. the longest Alpine glacier.+41 (0)27 966 24 34 (Fax) .+41 (0)27 928 60 50 . Address: Riffelalp Resort .s.+41 (0)27 967 53 53 . Address: Rund um Visp Tourismus .3930 Visp .3920 Zermatt .3920 Zermatt .monterosa@zermatt.+41 (0)27 967 45 35 (Fax) info@mediterranee-zermatt. the romantic Raclette Parlor. The shoes are individually fitted.+41 (0)27 966 05 50 (Fax) .+41 (0)27 966 03 30 (Fax) .+41 (0)27 968 19 09 (Fax) info@hotelpost.3987 Riederalp .3920 Zermatt .+41 (0)27 966 46 10 . peacefulness and luxury against the backdrop of a breathtaking mountain panorama. life is lived to the fullest. The precious stone and pearl collections and the creations of the company's own goldsmith studio are world The Suonen of Zeneggen Open melt-water conduits and aqueducts have for centuries conveyed the precious water to the steep fields and Brown Cow Snack Bar Whether in the morning for coffee. according to your measurements.+41 (0)27 966 49 50 . The dining room is appointed in the style of the turn of the 19th Century.+41 (0)27 966 49 55 (Fax) . Aerial cableways lead to such legendary vantage points as Hotel Walliserhof**** In Restaurant Stübl and in the Grillroom you can enjoy delicious Valaisian specialties.+41 (0)27 966 05 55 .ch Village Dance Club International DJs of the club music scene make your visit unforgettable.3920 Zermatt .+41 (0)27 967 19 31 .+41 (0)27 966 65 55 .reservation@riffelalp. Address: Restaurant Avena Steinmatte .Schweiz Reisen. rental and service of top sporting goods. Bettmerhorn.zermatt@bucherer.+41 (0)27 967 19 31 . Wine-tasting rounds off the visit.Untere Mattenstrasse 12-14 . club nights. There is always a surprise waiting at the club. Sale.3920 Zermatt . Address: Vernissage Zermatt . Guests are pampered in rooms designed around special this is the highest luxury hotel of its class in Europe.3920 Zermatt .