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OBJECTIVE To earn a position that will further my professional growth and understanding within the field of nursing and medicine.

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE [June 2012-now] Rush University Medical Center Medical Intensive Care Unit Chicago, IL

Part of the multidisciplinary team that manages and provides comprehensive care for patients with a variety of diagnoses including multisystem organ failure, diabetes, end stage renal disease, terminally ill, ventilator dependent, drug sensitization, ARDS, hypothermia and more Care of a patient population with multiple comorbidities that requires immediate decision making and interventions with the goal of improving the patients condition and treating acute and chronic illnesses. Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy administrator Chemotherapy drug administrator Rapid Response Team Member Education committee

[August 2010-May 2012] Mercy Hospital Cardio-Thoracic Surgery Critical Care

Buffalo, NY

Use of clinical decision making and evidence-based practice in the care of patients who underwent off-pump coronary artery bypass grafting, valve repair & replacement, transmyocardial revascularization, maze procedure, robotic and endoscopic minimally invasive coronary artery bypass grafting, bental, pneumonectomy, pulmonary embolectomy, atrial myxoma removal Care of patients that are hemodynamic unstable, ventilated, and on vasopressive support Charge nurse, Educator, & Preceptor Management of patients on ECMO Use of CRRT/Prismaflex Use and Management of patient with epicardial & transvenous pacemakers, Intra-Aortic Balloon Pumps, pleural and mediastinal chest tubes, sumps, pulmonary artery catheters with continuous SV02 and C.I. monitoring Use and Management of Abiomed Impella 2.5 & 5 vascular assist devices

[March 2010-July 2010] Mercy Hospital Cardiac Critical Care

Buffalo, NY

Titration of various medications, use of clinical decision making, and evidence based practice in the care of critical care patients Care of patients undergoing Therapeutic Hypothermia Care of patients with Intra-Aortic Balloon pumps, pulmonary artery catheters, terminal weaning, chest tubes, post surgical and cardiac stent placement Provided competent assessments and education to critical patients and family members Dyer, IN

[May 2009February 2010] Saint Margaret Mercy Hospital Intensive Care Unit

Collaborated with professionals across the organization to devise an integrated care plan Monitored patients and performed skills including titration of vasoactive drugs, pulmonary artery catheters- (PA, CVP, PCWP, and cardiac output) monitoring, temporary and permanent pacemakers, care of post-operative coronary artery bypass graft patients Skilled nursing care with extensive background in ventilators, EVD (external ventricular drain), arterial lines, intracranial pressure monitoring Rapid Response Team member Shared Governance best practice member

[August 2008-November 2009] Wristband Standardization Model Formulated a tool-kit for the Indiana Hospital Association to standardize the color of patient safety alert wristbands for the state of Indiana Inducted into the Society of Innovators in 2009 Worked on a multi-disciplinary team to change a standard of practice in the hospital setting Changed multiple hospital wristband policies to national standardization according to the AHA

EDUCATION Purdue University BSN [June 2005-May 2009] Bachelor of Science in Nursing, 2009 Deans List and Graduate with Honors Loyola University Chicago MSN, Acute Care Nurse Practitioner [May 2012- May 2014] 4.0 GPA Graduate Student Nurses Association, GSNA


Sigma Theata Tau Society member Volunteer Danzforce Patient-Safety Coalition Nursing For All Communities Volunteer for Camp Sharing Meadows 2008-2009 American Association of Critical-Care Nurses member Volunteer RN IHSDTA dance competitions 2012-2013 PAWS animal rescue volunteer Chicago 2013 Volunteer PADS Public Action to Deliver Shelter 2013

CERTIFICATION AND LICENSURE NY RN LIN 626829, IL RN LIN 041400683 Critical Care Licensed RN LIN NY-22626829 12 Lead EKG Recognition BKAT Critical Care Exam-Catholic Health System Abiomed Impella Cardiac Assist Device Superuser-Catholic Health System National Institute of Health Stroke Certified Intra-Aortic Balloon Pumps Basic & Advanced-Catholic Health System Advanced Cardiac Life Support and Basic Life Support Certification Port-a Cath Cannulation-Rush University Medical Center Chicago Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy, AVVH-Rush Medical Center Chemotherapy Administrator-Rush Medical Center