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By Murphy’s Waves

and strength of those found in the ocean . There is now an alternative. or in some cases traveling to the ocean might only be feasible on a few days per year due to the distances involved. our Point Break Surf system offers real surfing waves in excess of 3m high! (10 feet). THE WORLDS TOP PROFESSIONAL SURFERS HAVE ENTHUSED AT OUR MOST RECENT INSTALLATIONS AND RATED THEM ‘AS GOOD AS THE REAL THING’.Introduction THE ULTIMATE WATERPARK ATTRACTION IS THE ‘POINT BREAK SURF’ WAVE GENERATOR. as well as the desirable point break all available at the flick of a switch. CAPABLE OF GENERATING THE LARGEST MAN MADE WAVES IN THE WORLD. While the ocean is the ideal surfing experience there are a variety of reasons why this is not always possible. surfers often drive hundreds of miles to the ocean only to be let down by mother natures efforts on that day. BUT WITH THE ADVANTAGE OF A GUARANTEED GREAT WAVE. from young beginners through to experienced professionals.through the plc control system we can also change the direction of the waves. EVERYTIME. with right & left breaks. PointBreakSurf AS GOOD AS THE REAL THING . shape. Not only do our waves provide the height. This same control system also means that we can generate waves to suit every age and skill level.

The wave is created by releasing a large volume of water very quickly from specially shaped tanks. PointBreakSurf AS GOOD AS THE REAL THING . the water then travels over a series of reefs to impart the desired characteristics into the wave.Technology Point Break Surf has been developed over a 20 year period to provide a truly natural surfing wave. We have research & modeling facilities that enable us to model everything from a longitudinal section (2D) through to a full 3D scale model of a wave pool. In addition we can advise on the water treatment & filtration systems for large surf pools. by doing this we can guarantee perfect waves every time and take a lot of the “unknown” out of the wave pool development.

Billabong professional surfers PointBreakSurf AS GOOD AS THE REAL THING .Gallery Siam Park .

Las Vegas PointBreakSurf AS GOOD AS THE REAL THING .Gallery Siam Park & Mandalay Bay.

knee boarding.~~ Point Break Surf brings real surf waves to your waterpark or specialist surf facility ~~ Fully adjustable for both wave height & direction ~~ Fully adjustable wave frequency ~~ Suitable for every age group and level of user ~~ Suitable for surfing. boogie boarding. body surfing & surf canoes ~~ Proven technology that has been evolving for over 20 years on several successful international projects ~~ Proven reliability ~~ Suitable for use by the general public in a waterpark environment ~~ Proven sustainability ~~ Provides the opportunity to host surfing events and competitions ~~ Provides associated retail opportunities ~~ Proven long term attraction ~~ High capacity PointBreakSurf AS GOOD AS THE REAL THING .

uk Douglas Murphy douglas.Contact Murphys Waves Ltd 423 Hillington Rd Hillington Industrial Estate Glasgow Scotland UK Tel:~ (44) 141 810 1313 Fax:~ (44) 141 810 1414 Jim PointBreakSurf AS GOOD AS THE REAL THING Sales Director jim.

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