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STANFORD SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Stanford is a private institution located adjacent to Palo Alto, California. Each year, Stanford School of Medicine matriculates an entering class of 90 students. About 6,000 applications are received from over 500 undergraduate institutions. Stanford recognizes the value of breadth of undergraduate education in preparation for a career in medicine. While a majority of accepted applicants major in the biological or physical sciences (including engineering), a substantial number have backgrounds reflecting a broad range of disciplines in the liberal arts. Stanford School of Medicine believes that a student body that is both highly qualified and diverse in terms of culture, socioeconomic status, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, work and life experiences, skills, and interests is essential to the education of physicians. Because of its strong belief in the value of diversity, the School encourages applications from all whose backgrounds and experiences contribute to and will enhance the School's educational environment. REQUIREMENTS FOR ADMISSION Applicants must have received an undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university by the time of matriculation at the School of Medicine. An undergraduate major in any subject is acceptable. Solid accomplishment in the basic sciences is an important preparation for medical training, but the Committee on Admissions also looks for evidence of competence in the humanities and the social sciences. The MCAT must be taken within a four year period measured from the time you take the test to the point of intended matriculation. For example, the oldest acceptable score for a student applying for Fall 2013 admission would be August 2009. Your test scores are automatically sent to medical schools you have designated. Please note: You must inform us through your American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS) application if you are taking the MCAT at any time during the period of June through September 2012. Failure to do so will result in your application being processed and reviewed with the most recent MCAT scores available. All applicants (including international applicants) must have studied for at least one year in an accredited college or university in the United States, Canada or the United Kingdom prior to applying for admission. No applicant who has discontinued studies in another medical school for reasons of academic failure will be accepted at Stanford. An applicant to the first-year class who has attended a foreign medical school must submit a letter from the Dean of that school attesting to the student's good academic standing. The minimum course requirements for admission to the School of Medicine are consonant with the requirements of the State of California for purposes of licensure: biological sciences (the equivalent of one full academic year); chemistry (the equivalent of two full academic years: one year of organic chemistry and one year of inorganic chemistry); and physics (the equivalent of one full academic year). Work in each of these subjects must include laboratory work. Knowledge of a modern foreign language, particularly Spanish or an Asian language, and course work in behavioral sciences, calculus, physical chemistry, genetics, and biochemistry are strongly recommended. The minimum course requirements must be completed prior to matriculation at the School of Medicine. TECHNICAL STANDARDS The essential abilities and characteristics required for admissions and completion of the M.D. degree at the Stanford School of Medicine are described at the following link: COMPLETION OF THE APPLICATION PROCESS: SUBMISSION OF SUPPLEMENTAL MATERIALS The applicant is responsible for ensuring that we receive all of the following materials, including letters of evaluation, as early as possible. Any delays will lead to a prolonged application review period. The final deadline for a completed application is 11:59 PM (PST) on November 15, 2012. 1. Application Fee: The only payment method available is by credit card. The Supplemental Application fee is $85. AAMC Fee Waiver: We will ONLY waive your secondary application fee if you have received a waiver from AAMC for the AMCAS application. There are no exceptions.

alumni. If you were a previous applicant. then your file will not be reviewed until all letters have been received. clinical. friends of the family. 3. your file may be immediately withdrawn from consideration. Letters on your behalf should describe the nature of your activity and your role in it and will be most helpful to the Committee on Admissions if they follow the guidelines stated in the “Recommendation and Waiver Form for Graduate Study”. Letters of Recommendation: A minimum of three letters is required. Please do not send additional coursework or transcripts unless we have specifically requested such information from you. if you list more than three letters and we have received only three letters by November 15. instructors. INTERVIEWS (MMI – Multi-Mini Interview) When your completed application has been evaluated. and local community members. A minimum of three letters of recommendation is required. or acquaintances will not be considered. 2012. other health professionals. additional information can then be submitted at the time of your invitation to interview. They will be discarded. staff. or letters of recommendation. Letters from teachers who do not know you beyond grades and class rank tell us little more than your AAMC academic record. Acceptable updates include any significant developments in scholarly endeavors or projects. LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION Stanford obtains all letters of recommendations through the AMCAS Letters of Evaluation/Recommendation Service. and Letters of Recommendation.2. and such letters are discouraged. volunteer or employment activities usually provide the most informative letters or recommendation. patients of Stanford Hospital and Clinics. 2012. Please follow the instructions provided at the AMCAS Letter Writer Application website. and letters of recommendation have been received in a timely manner. If you list more than three recommenders on the secondary application. Professors. A Pre-Medical Committee Evaluation is also acceptable but it is advisable that this evaluation contain letters of recommendation in their entirety. the Committee on Admissions is likely to question the value of the experience. See section on letters of recommendation below for further details. Your letters of recommendation will not be made a part of your permanent educational record if you enroll in the School of Medicine. It is the applicant’s responsibility to do so. Completed Supplemental Application: Your responses are limited to only the space allocated in the application. . If at least three letters of recommendation have not been received by November 15. NOTE: Please check this application website periodically to verify that the fee. Please check with your school regarding its policy on Committee Evaluations. your supervisor will usually be able to provide an evaluation of your performance in ample time to meet our timelines. This decision can be made any time between the months of August and February. Supplemental Application. If your involvement in a project began during the summer of application. Interview decisions are made based on information provided in the AMCAS application. If applicable. When submitting additional information. please indicate that you are an applicant invited to interview or we may not include updates with your file. If you have been significantly involved in a relevant activity for which you do not request a supervisor's or preceptor's letter. a decision will be made as to whether you will be invited to interview. MMI’s are conducted at Stanford by medical faculty members. new letters must be submitted. medical students. APPLICANT UPDATES Our policy with regard to application updates is that additional information may be accepted only AFTER an applicant has been invited to interview. your file will be considered complete with only those three letters of recommendation received. Letters from family members. Stanford Supplementary Application. and a maximum of six may be submitted. NOTE: Decisions regarding acceptance or denial of admissions are NOT made available online. An MMI session lasts about two hours. Stanford requires complete letters of evaluation from three to six individuals who know you well and can evaluate your performance in those areas that are most relevant to your application. However. NOTE: DO NOT SEND TRANSCRIPTS We do not accept any transcripts during the application process. thesis advisors or supervisors of special projects.

color. FRIENDS. Consistent with its obligations under the law. The following person has been designated to handle inquiries regarding this policy: the Director of the Diversity and Access Office. FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE. or decide not to offer you an acceptance. REQUESTING THAT YOUR APPLICATION BE WITHDRAWN WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. it is often difficult to assess the chances of eventual acceptance of waitlisted candidates. Stanford attempts to ensure that every accepted applicant can meet the costs of a medical education. Prior to I-20 certification. religion. AND EXPENSES Through its generous program of financial assistance. VISA STATUS In order to register as students. ETC. against students on the basis of sex.If you expect to be out of the United States during our interview season. INTERNATIONAL APPLICANTS International applicants must have studied for at least one year at an accredited college or university in the United States. LETTERS FROM PARENTS. DEPOSIT Admitted candidates are required to submit a non-refundable enrollment deposit of $100 by May 15 . Stanford University. Financial aid information is available at this website: http://med. Please include your name and AAMC ID number. age. (650) 723-0755 (voice). Canada or the United Kingdom prior to applying for admission. Mariposa House. and living expenses) for the length of the program of study. A website link along with login information to schedule an interview date will be included. CA 94305-8230. religion. place you on the waitlist. (650) 723-1791 (fax). sexual orientation or national and ethnic origin to all the rights. including harassment. 2013 to reserve a place in the fall entering class. FEES. the ultimate action in your case will depend in part on the decisions of other applicants who have been accepted. or if you wish to withdraw following an offer of admission. For this reason. and athletic and other University-administered programs. We will try to work out a mutually acceptable arrangement for your interview. fees. it prohibits discrimination. 585 Capistrano Way.html. If you are placed on the waitlist. you will NOT qualify for issuance of an I-20 (Certificate of eligibility for Nonimmigrant International F-1 Student Status). color. Unless you show written evidence of having financial support for the entire time needed to complete your degree program. CONTACT INFORMATION UPDATES It is extremely important that any changes in your contact information (address. e-mail. equal. it is necessary that you request it in an e-mail or letter addressed to the Committee on Admissions.opportunity@stanford. Further information may be obtained from the Office of Medical School Admissions. programs and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the University. Applicants invited to interview will be notified via email. gender identity. sexual (email). Please send the notification as soon as possible after you have made this decision. Stanford University requires that all those who are not United States citizens or registered United States permanent residents must obtain and maintain appropriate visa status for their stay in the United States. WITHDRAWAL FROM FURTHER CONSIDERATION AND WITHDRAWAL AFTER ACCEPTANCE If you wish to withdraw your application from further consideration at any time. national and ethnic origin. Stanford.” . NOTIFICATION OF APPLICANTS You will be notified of the decision of the Committee on Admissions between two and six weeks after the interview.stanford. You should not contact Stanford School of Medicine to update this information since the school will automatically receive and update changes from AMCAS. (650) 723-1216 (TTY). and phone numbers) be entered through the AMCAS website. please contact our MD Admissions Program Coordinator by phone or e-mail. scholarship and loan programs. privileges. race. The Committee on Admissions may decide to offer you immediate acceptance. or any other characteristic protected by applicable law in the administration of its educational policies. you must prove sufficient funds to meet all expenses (the equivalent of four years including tuition. admissions policies. NONDISCRIMINATION POLICY “Stanford University admits students of either sex and any race.

edu Website: . A paper copy can be obtained by calling the Stanford Department of Public Safety at (650) 723-9633. Stanford’s policies and statistics under this act are posted on the Stanford Department of Public Safety website at http://www.shtml. CORRESPONDENCE All correspondence including letters of recommendation should be sent to the following address: Stanford School of Medicine Office of MD Admissions 1265 Welch Road.stanford.CAMPUS SECURITY Stanford University complies with the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Crime Statistics Act. MSOB Room x309 Stanford. CA 94305-5404 Phone: (650) 723-6861 Fax: (650) 725-7855 E-mail: mdadmissions@stanford.