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SU Meeting Agenda

Sunday, 28th Oct 2012 (MTwk4) 4PM

A: Officers reports B: Motions

1. Badminton Equipment SU notes: 1) That the Moser Theatre is used regularly by many members of college for badminton 2) Anyone in college can book the Moser Theatre to play badminton 3) One of the badminton posts has recently been lost and has been replaced with a broom handle This SU believes: 1) That equipment and spaces bookable for students should be maintained to a good quality 2) A broom handle does not lead to good quality badminton This SU resolves: 1) To fund the purchasing of a club-training quality new set of posts at the cost of (160) Proposed by David Primmer Seconded by Callum Munro

D: Matters for discussion

1. Music, Drama & Arts: Improvements and Events this year (proposed by Nathan Somers)