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Interior Visualization

Special Course by Stanislav Orekhov copyright 2009

The Content
1. System customizations. Scene organization • The Actual version of the software/ • Computer configuration • System Units • The Important settings in 3D MAX • Import DWG • Proxy • Vray scene convector • Layout of modeled objects in the scene • Archive of the scene 2. Correct and effective Modeling • Scaling • Groups • Effective and simple operation with Layers • Rules of modeling. It is necessary to know and perform for effective operation • Recommendation of modeling. How to make scene easier and faster • Modeling main mistakes • The Main modifiers, and ways of usage • Example of fast classical interior modeling • Design rules in interior • 20 main sizes and dimensions in an interior • Furniture modeling rules • Groups of objects • Layout in the scene • Design and elements • The Description of models library • The Description of textures library • Fast work tips 3. Visualization
• • • • • • • • • Work explaining The Quality standards on interior visualization Decorative objects in an interior Background UVW Coordinates Materials. All you need to know Textures. All you need to know Batch Render: the Step-by-step instruction Final image standards

4. Camera

• • • • • • •

Detailed customization Vray Physical Camera with all important parameters Shared data Optimal height of the camera Focal length Color balance ISO Composite setting of the camera

5. Light • Used light sources Vray. Application in an interior • Arrangement of light sources • Detailed customization of all light sources Vray • Parameters Vray which is responsible for speed-quality Render • Ideal customizations Render setup • Essentially different two ways of customizations render in Vray • An operation Expedition • Principles of lighting of an interior • Day lighting • Step-by-step Day lighting settings • The Mixed lighting • Step-by-step Mixed lighting settings • Night and evening lighting • Step-by-step night lighting settings • Lighting of difficult space • Final materials settings after visualization • Super efficient scene settings • Preview visualization • Final visualization 6. All problems in Render and ways of solution
• • • Ways of revealing of problems and struggle against them Algorithm of revealing of the problem object Work with incoming scene

7. Photoshop for a visual analyzer
• • • • • • Application The Most important keys and operations Brushes of color effect The Step-by-step instruction of usage Photoshop Hot Keys Usage Example

8. Composition
Fundamentals and composition laws • The Main sense of visualization • Ways of creation of art integrity of the image Perspective and map size • Splitting on areas • Visual stability of the image • The Rhythm

• Light • • • • •

Light Brightness Contrast The Sunlight The Mixed lighting Lighting day/night

Cameras • Installation of an ideal foreshortening • Balance of the map • Equal corners. • Frames • The Cut off subjects • The Relation of the sides of a frame, a lens choice • Cuts • Special effects. A usage Interior filling • The Most important objects • Vegetation • The Life in an interior • Subjects, large and small. • Fillings with a binding to a room

It is rather complicated to implement the task and to get an expected. We will try to reach this goal during our course. I strive to be in the market. you should get used to adjust work. than a modeler.To put the whole work on production line. Working process organization is very important. Exterior visualization should be payed more. but quicker and without errors. Show to employee's technical specialist your model as well as adjusted system of scene organization.(if you get direct orders without subcontractors) Working process. Also make people to understand that you are well aware of design rules and it will be very easy to any architecture or designer to work with you. To get a bit ahead. whose scenes need to be amended to a large extent. It saves a lot of time while fulfilling the task by group. It will play an important role afterwards. You and your colleagues will not lose time studying composition of others' scenes. you will be able to ask for a salary 10-20% higher.Introduction What does effective visualization . To create what other freelances do. that it is much easier with exteriors. but if it takes a lot of time to create it and design is problematic. You get previously foreseen. Does not request much time 2. Commercially profitable. Besides the comfort. During the job interview. I may say. . And even more. Such behavior ensures your preference against other candidates. high quality result satisfying the client. Why is so important: economical You may heap a cool picture. easily editing material without concrete instructions how to fulfill the job.mean? I consider to be effective such work that 1. than interior. Even if you are alone. you will have an advantage while being recruited by any design/ Visual studio either close to you or distanced from you. together with your portfolio you may describe to the administration your systematic approach to project and easiness of your scenes to be accepted by others. it will be hard to sell it and get permanent clients for this work.

Unnatural plants . How to achieve realistic scene Human "eye" immediately fixates false unreal scene and especially designer's or architecture's "eye". Basic design knowledge. Illogical details arrangement . windowsills. 1.All other filling elements may be taken from the 3D library.lack of basic interior knowledge . you will also learn to lead your own team. there is a rule . Low quality materials .contrast effects) 8. Believe me. photos.small defects revealing hasty work 10% 4. They are mostly the same or they can be modified on the spot. door-handles etc. Wrong light installment . I firstly pay attention to geometry and details. Better to check with designer or client.look like slapdash 20% 5.unnatural. you should have a production line. observation It is very widen your knowledge searching for samples in journals or books.if you doubt in an element.spoils impression to 10% 7. Durable light installation . In bonus materials you may find all necessary models. Forget about polygonal restrictions. Professional work is mainly distinguished by the way how performer studies the technical requirements and follows them.20% (flat . Durable modeling .Study the books. Remember. Model and texture library Without this you get nowhere. Usage of such system may reveal best the above requests. And on the contrary avoiding all mentioned above failures may lead to a perfect result. renders. not reflecting) All mentioned above may substantially decrease visualization quality. Details not thoroughly worked out . And even better to analyze by yourself . unless you learn to see and automatically add small necessary design details: drainage system. Therefore. Taking this course. which stimulated me to make a description of the whole visualization process.20% (performer losing time) 9. Detailed elaboration Object elaboration should be maximum. to remove flat faces. reference pictures. 5 professional success additives Attention to technical task The customer prefers to be totally understood and all his requests to be totally met.destroys the beauty in 30% 3. If something is missing you should ask and not invent.20% unprofessional view 2. 10 main beginner’s mistakes leading to % loss of project attractiveness . Pay much attention to the details and go deeply inside the task. Due to this I have attached to the course additional material with reference scenes which might widen your outlook. have this always at hand and enrich the basis. Do not hesitate to add small elements. Working speed . All details are described and given in this course. this what you need. We strongly lack qualified personnel.lower the quality to 50% 6. I want to see highly organized level of work and logical attitude to tasks. Wrong texture .This is the reason. Scene having more small details looks more presentable and will be appreciated by the client. This can be compared to competition with IKEA in production of cheap furniture. Value the client’s time. Wrong composition and shooting . When I pay for the model. do not put it in.20% (performer losing time) 10. Lack of contrast effects . pipes. willing to work in team and not individually.10% (all seems ok but something is missing . Changeable part in the project itself is the building (visualization object). That is the way we work in our studio.

3d max version 1. “S” hotkey (for modeling geometry).It is very simple: the more you succeed to create in a unit of time. It is preferably to use Windows XP64 6-12 GB RAM. It will restrict your usage of vegetation which will disable you to render the scene even in Vray Proxy. 12 GB of RAMM 4.jpg 2. Mouse correct scaling settings 007_SYSTEM_mouse_zoom. Sometimes when you open scene the system signals about lack of coincidence and recalculation of system units. I7-920 2. 4. Computer configuration For today the best computer on a parity the price-quality.jpg 5. Another things . (Cost of the system block nearby 1200-1500$) It is worthy of it: 1. In work we should use identical options of the program to receive similar result. This is good during import from AutoCAD and correct from architectural point of view. the more you earn. Logitech revolution MX mouse is very comfortable in use as you may register buttons. GeForce GTX 285 5.5. 1.jpg or cm Important: at the end of modeling before you archive and resend file – return it back to mm. You can use EGZ materials for glass egzMaterials08_for1. 2. Real-World Texture Coordinates settings by default 003_SYSTEM_real_world_default_settings. You may ignore this signal 001_SYSTEM_UNIT_RESCALE. necessary for correct visualization.jpg . 4.jpg Displayed unit setup . 2. Vray Materials settings by default 002_SYSTEM_vray_default_settings.not important At present it is the best computer for the parity price-quality. Competitive prices My system enable you to work quickly and quote to the client competitive prices. Viewports configuration back after modeling 005_SYSTEM_back_view.jpg Max files must open in Autodesk 3D Max 2009 without plug-ins and dll errors. 001_SYSTEM_EGZ. because for 32 bit you can not use more than operative memory 3 GB . 3D max 2009 Vray 1. Unit setup 001_SYSTEM_unit_setup.5 sp2 without plug-in.jpg I advise you to do the same to avoid mess in dimensions. Elementary design knowledge enables you to avoid revision and will increase customer's respect to yourself providing you with new orders. Asus P6T 3.5 004_SYSTEM_snap_settings. System block cost is between 1200-1500$: For better comfort 1. 2. 3. 3. System settings The scene organization It is necessary to begin with for monitor – the larger – the better. System settings System options 3D MAX. The best size is 30”mac Unit setup I always use mm. Settings by layer 006_SYSTEM_layer_default. Snap 2. 1.jpg 6.

2? 001_SYSTEM_gamma.If you see any problems while rendering. Import drawings from AutoCAD file -> import (in 3dmax) It is changed Nothing in options at import in 3D Max 007a_SYSTEM_DWG_import. Typical mistakes while opening the file 1. While opening the scene with another gamma you may receive a notify 001_SYSTEM_gamma_convert. when there is a projection sideways and from above. nothing is the link for geometrical objects. To get universal scene you should not use any additional plangines. 2.jpg Scale 1.jpg 4.dlm ColorCorrect. 2.leave as it is 001_SYSTEM_UNIT_RESCALE 3.jpg As shown in scene at gamma we get a wider range of shadows. You may switch over projection views to Space. it is necessary to create 2 separate dwg a file and to import them by turns.Making of proxy. First correct and only after continue work. 2. QuickDirt.jpg 5. 2. it is more actual for exterriers and vegetation. Texture filter off 057b_VIZ_filter_maps_off. 059_SYSTEM_ vray_proxy.7.2 all_prints\001_SYSTEM_gamma_convert. Sometimes while opening file in another gamma 3d max may ask you whether you have gamma from your max or have imported it. If something wrong in scale. SYSTEM_ make_proxy. except egz. Textures of old or deleted objects. You can use box to check it (2. for example. .jpg. While opening – to confirm. further setups will be connected to gamma 2.jpg (it make render faster) 8. 3. It gives more grey color gradation and not absolutely black color at once. 2. In some cases. You should always keep your gamma setup to . Always agree. SCALE_box_dimension. We should agree with it and change problematic materials in scene if they are stuck in render. 001_SYSTEM_miss_maps.5 snap).Proxy . dlm (ColorCorrect. Scale or measure unit incoincidence of existing scene and that to be open. These means that plangines were not supported. Gamma What is it and why 2. miss dll.avi 3. 4. Mistake while opening the file 001_SYSTEM_old_version. another sideways accordingly). The program notifies you of possible mistakes. If this explanation is not very clearly seen.jpg to speed up navigation. decorative elements on all eaves. Before you start modeling be sure you use correct scale .jpg The imported plan or a cut that it is easier to communicate and not to lose with it slices at moving At once is grouped. It must be in real size dimension 1:1. Gamma setup 2.dlm ) – during opening the scene the program notifies about lack or loss of dll. 001_SYSTEM_space. miss maps – if some textures are while opening the scene. There wouldn’t be problems. While opening the scene do not rescale .jpg is that is was open in old version vray.jpg (is very important .2).jpg Import DWG 1. Just install as shown in the sample and do not care too much.2 057a_VIZ_gamma_setup. It’s the best way. 001_SYSTEM_miss_dll. First clear drawings before import (in AutoCAD we open a file and it is deleted the superfluous information. Those textures might be either lost or not used in scene. Proxy We use proxy when in a scene there are many difficult repeating objects. One in a kind above.avi 1. In general. you should change the texture for another from your library.

Vray scene convector It is an auxiliary option of converting of all materials of a scene in compatible with Vray. problems in materials are possible. 5. People who will probably work with a scene after you will tell to you thanks.3.Before Proxy convertation you need to be sure object has Multi-Sub-Material and all paths of object attached in one geometrical object.Example of name Project Name _ Furniture Name (Name of project. Object must be merged from max file. If Render goes slowly.You can't create Proxy from Max menu file. 058_SYSTEM_vray_scene_convertion. 4.Names of materials: •wood •wallpaper •water •stone •marble •brick •stucco •parquet •carpet •fabric •water •metal •decor •glass •plastic 4.You can see Proxy in Viewport like a box.Names of object of Interiors: •sofa •chair •armchair •table •lamp •bra •luster •curtain •background •window •decor •wall •ceiling •cornice •plinth •panel •profile •radiator •shelf •book . 1. Name of furniture). It is necessary to execute a command "Vray scene convector". Name of objects The name should display a subject essence.Instead of space use ”_” 008_GROUP_name.jpg.jpg 3. Also it is useful to execute just in case this command when many models of a doubtful origin are imported to a scene with doubtful materials. 2. It is a good form.

jpg 2. Such double test helps to avoid mistakes. Accurately and clearly. A scene on a zero mark.0).jpg Archive of scene Often there is a necessity to give or send a scene to other person. 2. There may be lines. Use hand to find and attach it in archive. Possibility to use the same models in other projects Working speed up means Sometimes you do not have enough time to follow all the rules dur to urgency of task If the project is very urgent you may omit following all the rules But do not get used to it and take it for granted. parts of imported subjects and other construction rabbish. 3.Pivot point must be in the center of( XY axis) 010_OBJECT_pivot_point_center. That on other end have received all files. Same concerns and Pivot point. You should model the objects in such a way that visualizer should not lose time on technical editing But should check the models before accepting them for visualization. 1. ies & proxy files put in one directory (with name of correct object) without sub folders 012_SYSTEM_archive_files. 009_OBJECT_center_position. Competitiveness while being recruited 3. So that it was not necessary to search for them on all three-dimensional Universe.But Proxy can't be packaged this way.jpg.jpg Team workuing It is much more effective to work in team especially on complicated projects. 3. Possibility to forward something not finished to another team member 6.Down plane must be 0=Z.Use archive command to make zip package of scene with all textures 011_SYSTEM_archive_scene.Getting ready for team work 2. jpg. 009_SCENE_erace_objects. Task distribution goes in 2 directions: • Box modeling (all fixed objects in the room) • Furniture mideling ( filling elements and furniture) System of work organization 1.•picture •frame •poster •decor •flowers •vase •bar Object place in interior All objects in a scene to have close to a scene of coordinates.jpg 1. The customer should see final variant and not partial work. it is possible to collect all of them this simple command. . Working in team means distribution of tasks.The correct place of the object is in the middle of axis (0. If anything is wrong.After archive command all max. Calm work without pressure 5. the customer can’t blame the modeler for having wrongly read the drawing.jpg. High production quality 4. 010a_OBJECT_pivot_point_z=0 CLEANING AND CHECKING THE SCENE Before archive you should check the scene and delete geometry you do not need. 009_SCENE_erace_objects_good.0.

All objects must have correct layer organization. If to observe all these rules.Before save file close all hidden layers.jpg . not to miss anything This will underline concentration and professionalism of the performer. There are 3 priorities while working on comments • Speed – to make all as soon as possible • Peculiarity – to do exactly what is being requested If not clear – better to clarify • It is very good to make a list of all comments.1. and background. LAYERS_interior_01. windows. to save time you may leave material without changes. ROOM – room elements (floor. Scaling and editing • You may scale the objects if it does not lead to size/proportion changes • You may use modificator FDD box (with 20% object scale) to scale them along the wall.Law of Layers name in interior: default – only for Camera.LAYERS_interior_09. This simple standardization will save many hours of human work. their changing. 0-plan – draw from AutoCAD or sketch. and also the person who will bring comments from the client. • It is worth to check materials from time to time to change and raise Subdivs in case of need. Are used modeler for convenience. walls and wall panels). 2.avi • You may move the dots to change geometry 3D MAX Correct Fast and Easy Modeling Rules What do I mean by correct modeling? It is system of the organization of objects and a method of their creation. Also will fine agree that all objects are disbanded on the identical layers. one scale and are closed in certain logic groups. 4. 3. Must be Hidden layer. Filling elements • If you import furniture model from the library Multi-sub materials no need to sign..jpg 1. if the scene difficult. You should avoid geometric and texture perversion MODELING_fast_fdd_panels. Working out the customer’s comments The client’s comments should be followed on the spot. observed by modeler and strongly simplifying life to a visual analyzer. Layers Layers make navigation on geometry more easy. Vray Lights. changes will occupy a minimum quantity of time and objects will be intuitively clear to the person.All wrong or not used layers must be deleted. 3. doors. 2. GLASS – window glass. ROOM-floor ROOM-dw (door-window) ROOM-ceiling . Recommended varieties of additional layers.

. Objects must be in zero coordinates.avi 9. For example.Write names of Multi/Sub Object materials in sub-material slots 051_MATERIAL_different_multi-sub. 036_GROUP_fireplace_and_elements. panels.Don't use Blend/Mix/Composite and other difficult materials. Filling put on DECOR layer.representation that the object in a future will need to be moved to other place with all sub elements. quickly to move and change their site in a scene.jpg 7.jpg 6.Library materials can be modified if you need this. 1. 14.All materials must have Diffuse (100) and Bump (5-30). luster) use Multi/Sub material. One material of the physically-real world should be and in a virtual scene one material. Before saving Delete all not used layers.If you try select group it must be selected with all small sub-objects. include importing materials make 20 Subdivs on Reflect.To Replace a difficult material with a structure where it is possible . Groups To group objects extremely important. FURN-sofa use logic. 5. floor lamps. you merged new object it must be closed in one group or converted in one Edit Mesh/Poly.For brick material make special Bump texture 050_MATERIAL_textured_brick. Table put in FURN layer (look at layer organization next page).Cameras and lights no need to be grouped.After that . You can make some add layers if scene has many objects and hard organization FURN-room1.all shapes for bevel profile. floor tiles) must be union in one group by type 048_GROUP_tile_elements.jpg).make it in Photoshop. armchair.).All types of geometrical objects in the same room (floor. VRayLightMaterial.All objects must be close in group with correct name.jpg) 3. Materials 1. And put it in correct layer. 038_GROUP_table_and_elements. The object should be selected at once entirely. Not Edit Mesh/Poly object) 5.ROOM-wall FURN . 4.Always use simple types of material VrayMaterial. LIGHT . 8. (I prefer to use group method. chandeliers and another) Must be grouped with Vray Lights Sphere 039_GROUP_lamp_luster_light. DECOR .It is forbidden to multiply identical materials. table. all identical tree on all subjects of an interior . It is necessary that then in one action to change properties of all tree in all scene.Wood direction on panels UVW_mapping_panel. chairs) . 7.The General rule of the union objects in group .one material.all decor elements and objects SHAPE .all fixtures in interior. 2. There should not be difficulties with selection of its parts. 8. 10.Furniture – all furniture in inferior (sofa. 15.all objects must be in one big group.. wall.All fixtures (Sconce. To create Bump copy texture from diffuse to Bump slot Instance.Logic close objects (restrain table with all filling. 12.Materials must be imposed on all objects. 3.On all Glossy Materials.jpg 13.jpg 6.Use only Vray materials..We use materials from library 050a_MATERIAL_library.The way to make simple material MATERIAL_main_parameters.For objects Mesh/Poly (furniture. chair. Don't `use any another layers.jpg 11. 2.avi 4.

not refract surfaces). you can use texture from library and change it. 1200-800. We adjust / we correct materials and structures.then a final picture. UVW_mapping_panel. walls .6 Glossy 10-15 Reflect. 2.avi Textures 1.avi 17. Special attention to give to objects with a dark structure.avi 9. Glossy.jpg 4. all changes noted on the previous are not made yet. It is changed at once ALL materials of a structure and objects which need to be changed on Render. brightness and color of structures.jpg. count the second preview . 5. fabric.Use Real-World Scale and make correct scale 052_TEXTURE_1000x1000. add more Subdivs "30" Subdivs.jpg 6. PHOTOSHOP_texture_no_tile. пластик). Most important Reflection on black materials. Only if they obviously ugly. Another situation with light materials. UVW map. 8. It is not necessary to waste time on small objects.That has not been swept up tiling. Render final preview.less reflection. It is studied render image. It good for final image and not slow with render if you use Irradiance map method.To make texture without tiling use Photoshop.Most important make wood direction 053_TEXTURE_wood_map_direction. We remember materials and the objects which quality does not arrange. 4. it is possible to pass to materials. Fabrics and carpets too.6-0. accept comments. it is possible to press button "L" opposite Highlight glossiness. 8.7 and Reflect 30.16. Than it is more dark .jpg 18. Subdivs. 19. It is important for expressiveness of a scene all_reference\black_interior_material_example Final work with materials After light adjustment. At scale 1 if on a dark material they are not present a patch of light. 10.change of any one parameter and рендер to look this change.don't use it. And trifles as a rule imported. If Glossy has small value 0. More light . Textures must be included all materials and all objects except metal and plastic.No tiling.avi 5. else possibly noise on render 061_MATERIAL_subdivs. 0. 20. Materials and structures it is not necessary to change filling for them. Often meeting error at visualization . 9.Absolutely all materials must have Glossy. That the material reflected more strongly. preview we can show It to the customer. 11. parquet. Make better.more reflection.If texture no good quality . 2. •To 0. the structure should be homogeneous for illumination. It is necessary to correct brightness in color correction and to add reflect on a material with dark structures. Make new. Usually it Bump. 7.Texture must lie correctly on all sides of object. a tree. For fast result to operate according to the plan: 1. 3. 6. 054_TEXTURE_tiling. walls. 7. 10. correct. All materials should have reflection. Carpet and fabric too. We Pass to an accessories and filling. • From 0. Dark materials must have more Reflection effects. We Correct any last defects.Sometime the option mirror “mirror” can help in texture properties. Refract parameters of materials.Texture can't be small size.6 Refract value 10-15 (ceiling. . it will be black at Render. a ceiling.jpg. Experiments are required. It is chosen and worked at first only with the most significant objects of an interior: a floor. we keep. 3. Not to consider Preview.95 Refract value 50 (wood polished. MATERIAL_reflect_L_parameters. and the patch of light was more. It is time loss. 060_VIZ_Material. MATERIAL_main_parametres.

the parameter is put in 2 places: • In properties of texture to set the real size in parameters of the sample (for example 1000-1000 mm) • On object to impose UVW map in a mode box. than on furniture.Use cropping/placement for redact visible path of texture.The scale of a structure imposed on chairs and walls (panel) can not coincide.Library can be fill up with new projects and interesting textures. 3.11.avi 19.For large areas use large textures and large size in Real World coordinates.jpg . 20. 14. 18.You must have you own Texture library. wood fibres on walls are much larger.Rotate texturing for 90 degree. 3. 5.Library must include no tiles good quality textures sorted by materials.jpg” 13. 2.Examples of main section: •Wood •Stucco •Metal •Wallpaper •Carpet •Parquet •Stone •Marble •Decor •Fabric •Sky •Background •IES •Decorate UVW Real World Coordinates UVW coordinates are responsible for correct texturing 1.To include the given method. else you will see tiling.For easy change texture color or tone use Color Correct TEXTURE_color_correction. 15. 4.avi This option like Photoshop but without physical texture change.If you make special texture for project name of it: “NameProject_NameTexture.jpg 12.In UVW mapping modifier of object 055_GROUP_no_tiles. small size texture Real world 16.Example to simple Real-World texturing room TEXTURE_room. and then UVW map object refers to the specified sizes of a structure. Change Angle in properties "W" on "90" degree.Texture size minimal 300-300 mm in Real World Scale. Always there is a correct imposing on any object with appropriated to it UVW real world coordinates. 6.Hand made special project textures must have project name ProjectName_TextureNme. 4.Floor tiles texturing example TEXTURE_floor_marble.jpg 5.And on the contrary on small object.This option is necessary that each time on each object not to impose UVW map manually. 17. For example. Push view image and change used area 062_VIZ_material_crop. It is obligatory to sign a new material in appropriate way that it was clear.avi Texture library 1.Always use UVW Real World Coordinates 024_MODELING_uvw.jpg 2.Activate fast search in texture library. to Put a daw on "UVW real world" that value of a structure undertook from properties of a material.Once we set a binding to dimensions in a material. what where. In this case it is supposed to do 2 identical materials with different parameters of scale Real World Scale.

panels. dimension.jpg 21.jpg 17. cornice. moldings must be created line and has editable profile 015_MODELING_cornice_shape_bevel_profile.5 snap and modificators Spline+Bevel Profile(Sweep) and Spline+Extrude. If any part of the information is not clear .Glass in window must be put on GLASS layer.For making chamfer or fillet use spline chamfer or fillet in spline modify options 020_MODELING_line_chamfer_fillet. It happens sometimes with others’ models.For make chamfer you need to use Edit Mesh modify.Sometime you can not respect real-world scale if it necessary. except objects with transparent (curtains. or imported room other sphere with unknown dimensions. marble-wood) always make chamfer 3 mm 022_MODELING_materials_chamfer. plafond.All profiles must be put in SHAPE layer in the middle of coordinates in FRONT view.jpg . 023_MODELING_scale_object. 025_OBJECT_width.My recommendation make all modeling with 2.On joint of different materials must be chamfer (example marble-marble.To change size of model you can use Scale but only for Vray Light Plane and group of objects.jpg 13. Modeling Modeling rules 1. floor. UVW Real world и UVW • • • Real world UVW – is used in most cases UVW without real world is sometimes used for artistic correlation and if image is stuck.Use geometry.jpg 22.jpg 15. chamfer and fillets are correct. with the maximum detailed elaboration. UVW without real world is used if the object with the same texture looks differently from close distance than from far distance. If you need it can be easy hide/unhide or make more width with modify Shell 026_MODELING_shell.The Room should be simulated according to drawings.jpg 12. walls.6. Easy change shape of object.Use adaptive for all splines 014_MODELING_adaptiv_bezier.All objects must have weigh. ceiling.jpg 7. sketches of the customer with observance of proportions and materials. window sill. 019_MODELING_wall_chamfer. It’s good for visual effect in final image 3 mm on all visible corners and sides of object geometry: wall.Don't use Polymodeling for cornices and profiles . 2.avi 18. 017_MODELING_center_position_profile. 19.jpg 11. tiling.jpg 20. doors. Don't use or make plane with zero weigh.jpg 16.Make chamfer for all objects. 8. MODELING_chess_scale.Attentively to study a material and to pass nothing.Before coping object be sure all geometry.avi 10.Be careful in copying objects. UVW. not textures to make tiles.jpg. must be modeled separate 018_MODELING_room_modeling. This is main modificators when making any interior. Don't make intersection in one plane.UVW Mapping Box and Real-World Map Size must be on all objects 024_MODELING_uvw. scale.Every element of room: ceiling. Chamfer 3 mm 021_MODELING_floor_tiles.avi 14.After finishing modeling return all Viewports for standard view 005_SYSTEM_back_view. windows. glass). plinths.All similar objects must be Instance 013_MODELING_instance. 6. MODELING_gizmo_bevel. 016_MODELING_ profiles_in_interior. select side and make command Chamfer 3 mm MODELING_chamfer_making.jpg 9. It can activate render errors.All cornices.jpg. 5.ask for explanation 3.jpg 4.You can change edit snap and place of profile with Gizmo Bevel Profile.

Don't use Editable poly and Loft for modeling cornices and moldings. 10. 27. door. Hidden in cornice or on an arm. Move object on door height.Don`t use Scale for room main elements (wall.Polymodeling and Boolean window in monolith wall. 7. This is more effective method MODELING_room_modeling. Walls .Bricks. And use special profile for classical plinth.Modeling recommendation 23. doors. Union in group. Copying duplicate on height of window. 7. . Making cornice. plinths.jpg. 6. 11.Horizon line must be respected. 3. 29.Spline + Bevel Profile. Design elements in interior 032_DESIGN_examples. window. 3.Luster position . plinth.Don't use Poly for modeling radius. Color should be like floor or wall.jpg 9. Alternative . In hard objects with chamfers recommend use Edit Mesh/Edit.Don't use Multi-Sub Material for main room elements.Doors and windows must be in depth of wall. MODELING_edit_mesh_window_size_change.jpg. you can import from 3d library. 12.Under all window there must be radiator or radiator net/plane. MODELING_bevel_panels. 28. ceiling .curtains or windows there should be curtains/tulles/jalousie. platband . top view lead round window aperture with Spline and Extrude on height of window still. height 100 mm for modern style interiors. Floor.The correct way to change size is to move top view lead round Spline door aperture on plan view and Extrude. In any interior. top view lead round Spline with AutoCAD plan. 4. (use Spline+Bevel profile) 26. Convert it in Edit mesh. width 20 mm. 5.Don't forget to put some elements on far empty planes.avi. 2. 027_MODELING_spline_rectangles. portal. 028_MODELING_spline_rectangles_bevel.avi.jpg. 8. 5.Cornice light must be made by Line and hidden in niche (look down by text cornice light screenshot).avi 30.Don't use Boolean in final model.avi 24..All metal in material must be of similar shade. 029_MODELING_spline_rectangles_bevel_mesh_chamfer.). panels make separate objects Spline. Modeling_test_room 1. the center of room.Line+Extrude or Box on all plane.jpg 1. This need for easy change geometry. It line height like camera = 1600 mm.jpg Modeling errors 25. use Extrude modify. All objects must be modeled independed with UVW Mapping. with Bevel Modify.Connection between panels and elements must be good readable 033_DESIGN_panel_modeling. Windows. • Polymodeling (if it is without radius) • Spline+extrude on walls and Spline+extrude for window. Door . 2.Pictures and posters always in frame connected design of interior style. Windows . Main modify and room modeling example MODELING_room_modeling. 6. MODELING_bevel_panels_chamfer. And then convert it in edit mesh.Still window under all windows.avi. Picture gamma must have same interior.On window . Make adaptive Spline around room in top view and Bevel Profile..Walls and windows can be modeled this methods: • Cut window Power Boolean with converting in edit mesh/poly.All wood color must be one in interior (red or yellow). 031_MODELING_correct_change_window_size. All radius objects must be modeled Spline(adaptive)+Bevel Profile.Don't forget plinth.jpg. This kill UVW and object proportion 030_MODELING_scale_wrong. Wood can be different tones light or dark.Don't forget hands for doors and windows.

3 7.jpg 3.. 2.jpg and merge in main scene. 9. 4. a fine fabric. a floor lamp fabric) must be modeling like one side geometry and used 2 side transparent material from library curtains1.jpg Coordinates furniture in scene 009_OBJECT_center_position. Groups in furniture 1. 6. 037_GROUP_table_decor. 600-600. check all materials and textures. 8. All small elements must be respected.jpg 2. Laws of furniture modeling and placing 1.20 main dimension in interior These sizes it is necessary not only the nobility. Minimum pass for walk between furniture in room 600 mm. a tulle. Ready objects can be present in one object Mesh/Poly or include several objects union in group ( I like this method).jpg. Better way is to open model in new max and make Vray Scene Convector. 14. Main entrance door 900-1000 mm Tiles sizes 300-600. 2400. 10. are simulated strictly according to drawings. Use maximum detailed objects.All elements included one object must be in his group (Pillows on a seat.Object must be stay on virtual floor plane. on floor can me square 450-450 Width of kitchen standard segment 600. fire and fire wood in a fireplace.jpg 5. sofa small table 400 mm Height of standard window still . Standard 800-900 mm. 11. 12.900 mm Height of stair protection . Before merge new object in scene be sure it have good materials. and also those things in which make mistakes beginners without base building formation more often are collected. 3. but also to use at modeling.900 mm Width of door. overall dimensions and materials. Don't use Polymodeling for round elements 034_MODELING_wrong_polymodeling. 2600 Height of sconce installation 1800 mm Height of plinth 80-100 mm for modern room.jpg 1.Put Vray Light Sphere in the Lamps. etc.jpg 3. Door height 2100. Here the most widespread sizes of an interior. Make group 039_GROUP_lamp_luster_light. If all ok . 16. 18. All objects should be. Minimum 700 (for WC).). 900. Depend of model making on furniture use one Multi-Sub Material (mesh) or several materials (object group) 035a_MODELING_mesh_materials. 035_MODELING_group_or_mesh. 4. 600-600. 17. 19. 7. You can make furniture by any method but in the end of modeling collapse all in Mesh/Poly. Height of chair sits 400-450 mm Height of bar chair sits 600-800 mm Height of standard table 750 mm Height of bar and reception table-top 1000-1100 mm Height of armchair.All decor elements of furniture put in DECOR layer and give name "FurnitureName_decor" 038_GROUP_table_and_elements. 035b_MODELING_mesh_materials. . 5. 13. wardrobe 600 mm Minimum Width of corridor 1200 mm Width of bookshelf 350 mm Height dimension shelf's 350-400 mm Standard ceiling height 2900-3200 mm.2. 2. 1200-600 mm.jpg.Object must be placed in the center of coordinates of. 15. 1. 120-180 mm for classical room Height of wall panels . 2. sofa. Objects with transparent (curtains. sketches of the customer with observance of proportions.900 mm Height of standard door aperture 2100. 20. 2200. Grout this elements with main object 036_GROUP_fireplace_and_elements. 1200 mm Width of case for cloth.

namely.jpg. To Model geometry the small elements provided by a design and object details. That the usual person can make for one put. using models from available preparations. At modeling of furniture on the instructions of the customer. Do not experiment. If you do not have good archive and preparations you strongly lose to colleagues at all points. Not to touch and not to change that data. Not to feel sorry for ranges. separately a leg and a table table-top 040_MODELING_furniture_ID. 010a_OBJECT_pivot_point_z=0 Design and elements 1. for example. It is recommended to model objects without their connection in one Mesh. 7. another modeler without three-dimensional base will do in 3-5 times longer. .Pivot in the center on in down of object on virtual plane 010_OBJECT_pivot_point_center. At a post processing stage there will be a possibility to allocate an object part on ID. Fixtures on each style • Chandeliers • The Sconce • Desktop • Floor lamps 5.jpg Models library The archive of models should be. Library of models can be enlarged with new projects. Accessories on each style • Sofas • Seats • Chairs • Desktops • Cases 4. Chamber adjustment. I have achieved understanding and laws of work of the virtual chamber and real (as real I used Canon Mark II with an objective 16-35). 1. 4. 6. the similar furniture can be taken from library and to change. In the numerous tests. Be prepared. Tests have shown similarity in options of real and virtual chambers which I give more low. To Create object of the maximum quality and detailed elaboration.3. almost any room. The furniture and light archive should be spread out on styles • Classics • Ardeko • Modern 3. functions which I do not describe better They to me not to time in a life were not useful. At the concept of an interior the customer can show models. In places of joining with a ceiling of pendant fixtures always to do fastening washers. Probably it will pick up something from library. 2. For fast modeling work you need good model library. It not an option. It must include correct and all time use models: • The Architectural part • Filling • The Accessories and light 2. And not the fact that will turn out to get to proportions. Vray Physical Camera We pass to the following point. 3.

It possible to make camera a little down about 1500 mm. achieving the effect necessary to us. You can add interesting composition camera. 2. film grade 36 mm 9. 2. This can a little more space. Most popular 18-20. Camera angle 1. Camera position in the corner of room.Camera must be with target. not to force down vertical lines.You can move target in vertical. Correctly using only this function of the chamber and adjustment of artificial fixtures on intensity and colour. 3.We use width angle for interior visualization.All different by properties cameras must be uncial. restrain you need to show tables. Otherwise properties will be transferred on all cameras in scene (Instance) 5. 7. not ceiling. 4.color balance.Camera can be moved in the wall. All cameras must be made Instance. 5. if composition need this. A principle of work same. After slight setup you can change ISO and color balance in camera settings 064_CAMERA_color_correction. We search for additional interesting foreshortenings of a premise.avi 3. if it need for composition. CAMERA_18-20_1500_vertical_shift.From minuses: complexity of installation of each chamber and cut possibility any the objects getting to a plane of section. all_reference/distortion Height and Camera target 1. 10.jpg. Composition rules.Therefore to accelerate process of arrangement of chambers and to protect itself from "the cut off" subjects. 4.avi.Focal length must be 16 if room are small and about 24 if you render big hall. 6.Standard height for Camera and target 1600 mm.avi 1. Camera must be make by customer task. Camera angle can be changed outgoing room size. You can use distortion (round angles) and another effects .avi 1. 2. Also you can use camera clipping and move camera in wall. We can change focal length move target in XY coordinates. This is camera for full view room different angle. Camera clipping CAMERA_clipping. Possibly can be cut some objects near wall.You can choose camera or target click right button in the left corner select camera/target. 2.Focal length parameters from 16 to 24.Color balance used for change color of image (Blue-Yellow balance) .Often used clipping parameters 1000-1500 mm 3. as at the real chamber except that all real chambers adjust color balance automatically. Light system ideal works with VrayPhisicalCamera. In 3d max it is not provided. And then place cameras in all corners 049_CAMERA_Interior_settings. 6. It is necessary to devote any time to its studying and concept of a principle of work. 063_VIZ_CAMERA_interior_settings. 4. Color balance Very much and very important function. we often refuse this method. Target in opposite of room through center of room .avi. 3. 5. CAMERA_iso_color_balance.It will give less distortions at the same area of visibility of an interior (focal length). Use only VrayPhisicalCamera with target.jpg 8. 064_CAMERA_color_correction.jpg.avi.jpg 7. We please with them themselves and the customer. CAMERA_room_angle&position. Focal length can be any parameter. For example.You can move Target horizontal XY). First camera angle 18 mm CAMERA_focal_leight. therefore we correct it manually. 11.jpg 1.Main data CAMERA_vray_settings.If Focal length not width (24) you can use vertical view all_reference\vertical or move camera in wall and use "camera clipping" option. Use vertical shift for corrections/ Vertical lines must be equal. 4. First camera settings must be like 049_CAMERA_interior_settings. it is possible to achieve very interesting and different results.

Color balance on default . table layout).For interior start value of ISO 400. Value "100" 2.avi. flowers. flowers.jpg Blackout on image corners. You can add it in Photoshop Composition camera setup 1. First choose focal length. Step-by-step scheme of color balance setup such number we can receive a correct shot without trembling. 8. Render only light cache Light cache.color balance . More yellow or more blue. 6.Most important parameter is ISO. Film gate Value "36".first step. 2. 3. Make down it 1-half tone and use this color in Color balance. To Search for the elements creating illusion of volume – the lines leaving in depth of a shot.avi 1.Standard sun angle 45 degree horizontal . 4. Image cam be more darker.If interior dark .make ISO higher. . back – is more light). To Place in a shot special beautiful subjects ( search or create interesting elements and laws. Sometimes 2500 or more in dark interiors. Second ISO parameters. Render scene with correct color balance. beige walls).It set ups with Light cache. curtains. 6. 4. 064_CAMERA_color_correction. Pick white texture (ceiling). 3. 7. Correctly position of camera and target. I use it like start point. DOF effect It is better not to use DOF in interior visualization. 3. plants. 5. ISO parameter combined with real world. 5. We Search for color shades and their contrasts. Never to change Shutter speed 1. 3. Lines and a rhythm can create interesting effect.sensitivity of a film.White color in Color Balance . 2. Position Sun stain on floor from the sun. most white sample.2.5 in 3D MAX. by hands. Maybe you need increase ISO parameter.white. This is brightness of all image. voicefrequency prospect (the foreground – is more dark. To Clean from a shot the superfluous and not worked subjects: backs of chairs. 2. Vignetting 065_CAMERA_vignetting.jpg 1. 3. The Chamber needs to be put so that it show the plan of an interior designer. 5. 4.ISO in the phototechnician . 6.After you use interior lights iISO can be corrected 400-1600. After we cam calibrate. Not necessary wait end of render. In the phototechnician . Shot shadows long shadows. 7. like you wish. The image should be equally exact in all directions. Don't change parameter Shutter speed "100" ISO CAMERA_iso_color_balance. figurines. but color can be yellow on image if interior has yellow tones in textures (Brown Floor. 4. I use value 0. If the interior designer is boring .white.

jpg 2. Make Instance for logical light groups. 3. Vray Light Plane .jpg Lights inside fixtures 1. 5. 6.jpg On all Vray Lights. Arrangement and application of light sources Vray Detailed adjustment of light sources Vray Each applied light source should be used on the mission.long line lights (Cornice light. Vray IES 047_LIGHT_vray_ies_parametres. floor lamps.The intensity Parameter is established automatically. The more light gets to a room. Vray Light Material. floor lamps.jpg.For cornice light. the quality of a picture is better.sun direction light.If the window is partially closed by opaque curtains. dot lights. Should be present at each window in each scene.Light Vray light fixtures in interior Here all light sources which will be useful to you. 6. . 5.Sconce. 041_LIGHT_all_lights. 042_LIGHT_interior_position. reflected. color of lamp yellow. Line value 20 mm. except Vray IES need make 20 Subdivs Window lights Window fixtures are necessary to "catch" light Sky from street and to direct all photons to a room. 4. 2. you should turn off store to irradiance map within the parameters of light device. fake light).projector lights.Before all windows and curtains indoors should stand Vray Light Plane in mode Skylight portal in size with a visible part of a window 043_LIGHT_window_skyportal. 3. By default all lights this type must be "off" All fixtures (Sconce.jpg 2. when you do not have much light in the room and it will not increase rendering time. Vray Sky .ordinates (XY). curtains. Vray Light Sphere .Window light sources should not cross geometry. 2. lamps in luster) make light material with multiplier "30" 045_LIGHT_self-illuminate_MTL_parameters.jpg By default Radius Vray light 30 mm. 5. In order to make efficient lamp shadow. Accurately to place. Make Vray Light in every fixture.light from the sky. a window light source to scale to size of visible light aperture LIGHT_curtain_position. walls. Multiplier "100".cornice light. 4. Vray IES . Forget about all the others: 1. Vray Sun . It is possible to change only intensity parameter on final adjustment of render. Multiplier "30" 044_LIGHT_self_illuminate. 3.jpg 1. light in the window. chandeliers) must have Sphere Vray Light 046_LIGHT_lamp_luster. On everyone there should be optimum picked up and unique options.All small lights (build in ceiling or wall. 4. VrayLightMtl . It’s worth to perform.To scale Light Plane under the size of a window it is used Scale on one or on two axes of co. chandeliers.Vray IES Instance by local zones.avi Self Illuminate material 1. Options of light for visualization of window sources: 1.

behind matte glass all_reference/fake_light 4. Self Illuminate material 045_LIGHT_self_illuminate_MTL_parameters.jpg 5. 069_LIGHT_fake_vray.2.jpg IES lights 047_LIGHT_vray_ies_parametres.jpg 1. 068_LIGHT_ceiling_self_illuminate_parameters. IES Vray light beautiful and looks natural. This parameter can increase render time.jpg 1. It not attached with any scene fixture.jpg 4.If lights numbers more 10 in one place possible replace it all for 1 fake light plane Light. All_reference/fake_light 2.Subdivs 8. Ideally for night views. Fake Light for replacement group IES lights.jpg Fake Light 1. Bulbs on a chandelier) to do light by a material with value of intensity "30" 045_LIGHT_self-illuminate_MTL_parameters. All directed fixtures should be supplied Vray IES Instance with value by default. Neon light must be visible on all visualization..jpg 3. 072_LIGHT_vray_ies. Cornice and niche light instead of Vray light material 067_LIGHT_cornice_and_hole_light_parametres. 2. Multiplier of IES about "2000-4000" 5.Fake Light as a rule are in far corners on a background where it is not visible a real light source. A bright picture. Detailed Multiplier setup we make on preview stage. 3. 3. Mode good if you have some environment light. Ceiling can be a little plane light in ceiling. Color yellow 073_LIGHT_IES. Intensity of all below the listed sources are exposed on the basis of preliminary Render. chandeliers) must has Sphere Vray Light.jpg 3. 8. Depend of fake light size. 10. Double side. Subdivs on each light source "20".All fixture (Sconce. . 3. Standard parameters of 150 mm 250 mm. multiplier "1-2". Use fake Plane Light for simulate.As a rule are replaced plural ies the sources which are not in the foreground. It is actively used two files of IES: nada1. Use on long line lights. Picture light.Caustic Omni simulation 071_LIGHT_omny_caustic.jpg 4. 066_LIGHT_picture_linear. If you use area shadows Increase Subdivs "12-20".ies. Shines down 070_LIGHT_fake. More or less tuning on render. Vray Light Plane 1. The form take from ies special file. 6. The self-luminescence Material is used for закарнизного light on a difficult contour or when illumination has long extent. It is possible to change shadow size in parameters Area Shadow. IES works like projector.jpg 5. 2. It will increased render speed. 9. floor lamps. All small fixtures (built in a ceiling or a wall.Dimension a little more lamp size 30-50 mm. In other cases it is possible to replace vray Light Plane 2.All direct lights must have Vray IES Instance multiplier by default. 2.jpg 6. Don't use many IES in scene. Multiplier by default. of shadow size and 12-16 Subdivs. spot.Multiplier "5-10". One side. contrast colors. The floor in a bright light.jpg 4.Lights in far corners.jpg 1. 3. 7.Fake light . on self illuminate ceiling.Fake light used for replacement groups of lights. Neon light becomes a visible line in diameter of 20 mm with material Vray of a selfluminescence the Multiplier "30". The multiplier can be changed at detailed adjustment of light to 100-200 and above 044_LIGHT_self_illuminate. 7. Vray Light Sphere 046_LIGHT_lamp_luster.ies.Multiplier 30-50-100 or more.

This one of the main rules whom it is necessary to adhere. Completely closed to exclude. (usually it’s window light). 3. 2. interior lightening laws. 4.avi 1. Below paragraph will represent basic knowledge of interior visualization. Sky settings 1. Color balance can be used for correction.jpg 5. The basic mistake if light set up is flat image. logic of light distribution. Not understanding light characteristics. All_reference\light_logic This is one of most often problems. except night view settings (look down instruction). And.Sun+Sky light system LIGHT_sun+sky_senttings. Sun . 6. Principles of lighting of an interior Light in an interior shares on 2 categories artificial and natural. Shadow parameters. Need exclude transparent curtains from Sun light if they are all window size. We can change sun position down and up.75.jpg 2. evening). Sun stain from windpw on floor middle size. How to avoid image from being “flat” The main rule of interior visualization is that image should have only one main light source. Sometime possible to reduce Sun multiplier 0. increase and reduce sun stain. 075_LIGHT_sun_evening.jpg. This Automatically reduce Sky parameter. Not to exclude from illumination translucent half-open jalousie and curtains. Sun+Sky work in union system. If we change Sun position it will be automatic change Sky parameters. 3.environment light. There should not be too much light and to lighten the room from all directions. The most beautiful images turn out at their combination. Can be put in material editor 078_LIGHT_Sun_top_position_attach_sky.directly Sun light. day light) to yellow (long shadows.5-0. Sky . interior should remain light. Only necessary amount of light sources should be switched on. It is light system at which the corner of position of the sun to horizon is responsible for time of days and colour of light in an interior 074_LIGHT_sun_day. 3. Sun attached Sky. Possibly to change sky parameters only in night scene. Beams directly target in window. differently the image should prevail will be flat. 7. Sun settings 1. not long and not short shadows 076_LIGHT_sun_front_position. 8. 5. one of directions. Color will be changed from Blue (short shadows. 2.jpg 4. Sky automatically appear with Sun installing. . Neutral Sun position . Don't change sky parameters . which means if to switch off the lights.45 degree horizontal.jpg If area shadow "on" Subdivs parameter increase to "12-20". 077_LIGHT_sun_size_multipler.

Light should be divided into zones. ISO in the camera as there will be no artificial light. Please follow given below 3 steps image set up system. Such light effect makes the cabinet scene There 3 variants of interior lighting All_reference/Day_Mix_Night 1 Only day light. That is why if you switch on all light sources. bright spaces.8 It will reduce contrast a little and will relieve of darkness. Step 1 Work only with natural light.Night – when dominant light – artificial Please read over and look once again references for logical lightening as this is mostimportant. Necessary light sources are those that are located at enough distance from main light source for example somewhere in the corridor or in shadow. These are properties of light and an exposition. dark. 3. because a light source one.Main rule – very important light direction. 2. For the chambers located on removal far from window. This is the main light source. The chamber adjusts balance white on it. . 6. Natural light shines only from windows. Step 2 Put on only necessary artificial light sources. Sep up the day light in the way you like it. scale it is possible to do hardly overestimated 1. 2. Those light sources should not be too bright and should not beat the main interior light source. Very contrast. with overbright in places of a light source and dark stains in the distance from windows. It is a big mistake to put lights sources of the same intensiveness all over the whole interior. The picture will seem photorealistic. differently the window will be lighted and round the camera . In daily view the light should go from the window to inside of the room. Step 3 To fix set up of ISO camera (maybe it will need to be lowered slightly) Example: Day and combined light all_reference\day_mix_light. the picture usually in 2 times is considered faster. How to avoid mistakes in light dislocation? The only right way – is to fix image step by step. (It is possible to use Subdivs a method described above. 4. If you want to get a volume image. 5.jpg. there should be consequence of light. Only white illumination. There are ways of the decision of this problem.2-1. consequence of light and shodow. There is no sine-yellow light. Contrast can be lifted at postprocessing. Day light Feature: dark (as in a real photo). bonus_scenes/Kabinet_1. when scene is lightened by day light and rays from the window 2 Combined – day light and artificial light 3. The Camera should be located near the window. Do not switch on all interior lights simultaneously. Then go to step nr. One additional rule – artificial light serves only to determine light spots. Used light sources Sun + Sky + Vray Light Plane in mode Sky Portals. the image would not look natural. but architecturally not informative. That is not enough light sources (only window).

jpg 4.It is excluded background from illumination Sun. but not owerbright it is important). achieving the necessary composite effect and the necessary reflected light of beams of the sun on a floor. Light from them will be invisible. when the room is very brightly shined by a daylight to see artificial illumination.background too should be with a blue shade.It is important to switch off fixtures which are close to a window that there was no imposing of a luminescence of day and artificial illumination. Mixed light Feature: 1.It is established Vray Sun + Sky system. Value Sun. 7. Day illumination equal. A bright mix of artificial and natural light. 12. 6.Put / we check chambers. We find all windows.Day illumination is adjusted.7.Thanks to different light temperature of light sources.At the given stage at a scene there should be only a natural illumination. 2.The Mixed illumination is day (Sun+Sky) and artificial light sources for illumination of the dark areas kept away from a window and the corridors/rooms getting to a shot. and white window light turns to the blue.avi 1. It we will avoid засветов.If natural illumination is adjusted correctly . Background should be more light. Whether beautifully light stain. (If the scene becomes removed modeler .It is possible to change only site Sun in the sky.It is inserted Background by a structure on box for windows. 7. Day_light_settings.Render preview. illumination "plays" colors and shades. The color scale of an interior and light should coincide. . 8. Simultaneously we check as solar beams through a window fall. Artificial yellow fixtures become not such sated. 13. 8. The human eye itself adapts for color and considers its white.Put / check presence of fixtures in window understand light overall picture: whether the premise where are available засветы.all picture looks is realistic. 8. Dark stains there are places kept away from windows. the lesson see the given stage important . we change options dispersion shades Sun.At correct light exposure beams from the sun on a floor and a Reflect on a ceiling about a window will be almost white (on near.Further we twist ISO on the chamber towards increase (value from 400 and above 600-800-1200-1600). 15. 9.avi 5. Color yellow-orange. It is possible only light cache (above). of phototechnics also is visible only in photos.Open a scene. 10. at addition of artificial illumination. 4. It is directed at an angle to a window in the top view at an angle 30 degrees and at an angle to horizon in a face-to-face kind of 45 degrees. The general light stains. 11. Sky by default 074_LIGHT_ sun_day.We Achieve a bright solar picture without overwrites.If necessary. If windows much (shine an interior from the different parties) most likely it will not be possible to include artificial illumination is will not give the necessary effect. Because of good distribution of a daylight.we light sources of artificial light. (Should be put by modeler) CAMERA_vray_settings. than interior illumination. but is not effective enough. 6.jpg 3. automatically underestimating intensity of the artificial fixtures burning in brightly shined room.Edit a site of chambers . If thanks to color balance of the chamber from a window there is bluish light .This most effective and presentable illumination. All_reference\Background_blue 14. photorealistic. From dark blue to the yellow. 3. darkness is enough shined.Therefore. The step-by-step scheme of adjustment Day illumination. If necessary we put the new.Bluish light from day illumination turns out at the expense of displacement of balance white in the yellow party. All is regulated Color Balance and yellowish colors of artificial illumination. predicted. artificial illumination will be lost against the day. quiet. That of them will get rid .Blue light from windows . 5. 2. Parameters of light sources 081_LIGHT_light_sky_portal_parameters. 17.this point should be executed). The beautiful pictures sated with different colors turn out. it is necessary to reduce value ISO of the physical chamber and to raise intensity of artificial fixtures.a composition.It is checked once again ISO.If necessary we exclude curtains from source Sun. where on the contrary.

The Basic light sources of an interior . Vray Light Sphere. 11.Strong effect of reflexion on materials. 8. Sky and Vraylight Skyportals are included.The Night camera can be saved in 16 bits tif file for change of a exposition. Glossy.5 depending on time of days and the necessary mood. закарнизного light.IES sources can add Area Shadow (dim shades).All light sources of an interior As a rule are included. 10. 3. Vray Light Plane.avi 1. It is lighted all sources and we add capacities to artificial light sources. We Correct all materials (Reflect.avi 1.internal lamps.All artificial light sources in an interior Are included. The day scheme of illumination Should be adjusted.warm.Background should be self-shone night. but only necessary on a composition.To Include not all artificial fixtures. The Result: we have double illumination of an interior day + included интерьерные fixtures. contrast and other art effects.It is possible to play intensity and to create mood of a shot at the expense of different capacity of sources. The step-by-step scheme of adjustment of the mixed illumination Mix_light_settings.It is a lot of Light sources. Now it is included all effects of a self-luminescence. We achieve the necessary result.0 to 0. A greenish. 2.The Night kind will be render longer day. especially dark. We Reduce intensity Sky with 1. except what are close to a window that there was no relight. From a window there is cold light. They different. 9. 7. 9. 5. Again we correct ISO chambers adjusted for additional light (to lower value ISO on 100-200 points). installations. It is left adjusted before ISO chambers.1-0. 5. Were both not dim and not overbite. 3. 064_CAMERA_color_correction. from artificial . It will give the necessary bluish shade of a daylight and half will clean yellow artificial light. and the source of artificial light was not lost in solar beams. 2. The step-by-step scheme of night lighting SETTINGS Night_light_settings.VraySun it is switched off. 6. 8. Night or Evening light Feature: 1. 12. It is possible to strengthen or weaken in Photoshop at post processing. a sconce. dark blue or violet shade. Illumination of difficult space 1.At adjustment to use the information on a composition. If to include the whole world simultaneously with day illumination. The Effect should not be shouting. 2. 4.Set of the divided rooms rooms_many .The necessary number of artificial fixtures Should be included. 5. 7. floor lamps. 10. 6. It is switched off Sun 3. It is lighted not all sources. Color). 8. the picture will be flat and ugly. IES. Render preview. It is checked these parameters on Render Light cache. It in regular intervals and beautifully shines all interior. The Structure sky from environment it is placed in material editor by a method instance. It is important to make their necessary color and correct capacity that they without overbite were combined with a sunlight. 10. work on 20-50 %. 4. We Correct intensity бека under the night chamber. 11. We Adjust balance white chambers CAMERA_iso_color_balance.Lights are bights and contrast. 6. but only the most interesting on the compositions which have been kept away from solar beams. gives a life to a picture. illumination of pictures.The Difficult space is an association several zones in one file where light passes from one zone in another.jpg 4. Light_mix_example 11. We Include light sources. Render final Preview. 2.avi.9. It is a lot of shadows. chandeliers. 7.

4. It can fix if you make fake increase of IES. Two different ways to render setups in Vray: . 4200-2800 for final. 7. show calc. Contrast can be lifted locally in Photoshop. The rest auxiliary. it is close to a window or it is far in a corridor. Sometimes even in a victim of contrast.Image should not contain absolutely white and absolutely black stains. The basic small shades go from window illumination.on the contrary.need be "on" to have right correct image. 1. Best render setup settings Main 1. 1. phase . It is much more important to spend this time for correctly put composition of a shot and the light scheme. Depending on a chamber site.I have best parameters for render final image. 3.5. 2. 2.The Relation of length to width 1.In night .0-3. It depend configuration of computer. light goes from a window. Use maximum detailed objects. it is possible to print the image on a paper without fields and without an image of the image. For example. Glossy materials Irradiance Map/Subdivs. for example. 2. Scene must be maximum detailed. Use standard Vray material for maximum speed without Blend/Composite. it is necessary to watch this difference in intensity. Don't change. 1200-800 for preview. Fast result. 4. improvement of quality of the final image on 10 % conducts to twofold increase in time of the miscalculation and adjustment time. 6.At adjustment of light day and mixed. The Key rule . 8. 6. Number of lights.3. It is format А4 at the press without fields. This settings has ideal balance of time Render and qualities of a received picture. Set of small shades from different light sources. 1. Should be enough equal. 1 parameter. The Further tuning conducts to time losses and especially that does not improve. 5. You can make light settings only on light cache. 5.That the image was not flat.It is recommended to change ISO and options of balance white chambers on premises. Format.0 if noise on materials. Light cache. 4. This settings can be apply for 99 % of all interiors without any changes. resolution Using a proper correlation of the parties. Store to Irradiance map on/off Geometry don`t matter. Many Vray IES make time render long. Indirect Illumination . Not Necessary. 5. prevailing illumination .Should prevail obviously on a saturation natural over artificial illumination or on the contrary. Cornice light make VrayLightMTL.preview light cache. 3. Main parameters Render setup Frame buffer . instead of Vray Plane Light for fast Render. 6.Resolution 600-400 for fast light cache render. Speed-Quality Vray parameters 1. Global Subdivs Multiplier Parameter 2. Color mapping -use only Exponential. The average should not be. Don't change. "Use glossy rays" parameter in light cash increase render speed 2-3 times.

5. In modern empty interiors . 2. 6. Subdivs: The description and features of a method 1. 3.0 We carry out test Render. 5. If there is a necessity in increase images and contrast decrease. we add if necessary.jpg Preset for fast load.Vray Lights main parameter should be Store to irradiance map "on" 4. 8. 7.there are dim stains and a dirt. To Reduce quantity Subdivs on fixtures. 3. Well and very quickly works with Glossy materials. 11. samples can be increased from 50 to 80 (if there are stains of divorces on a ceiling).absence of shades from small objects that is no critical and on final Render is imperceptible. If it is a lot of Glossy surfaces .avi 079_VIZ_Interior_settings_50_50_parametres. If Subdivs insufficiently . To Reduce quantity glossy objects to a minimum. 10.Numbers of Vray Lights in scene not strongly depend on render time. RENDER_setup_interior. (Inter. For example. If it use "store to Irradiance map on" option. 12. Predicted time of the miscalculation.8.At a lack of options of quality Render . At the expense of it quality. Global Subdivs in options Render scene 1. 9. Store to irradiance map on a light source off. Irradiance map: Render setup settings 1. 2. 080_SYSTEM_load_vray_settings. it is not recommended to insert some light sources with parameter (Store to Irradiance map off) into a chandelier. Glossy materials to 12. if one becomes qualitative high detailed Render. 3. Irradiance map: The description and features of a method 1.Render time less 2-10 times faster.there is "noise".Influences for the speed and quality of a picture. 3. 9. 5. is considered longer. It will make less contrast and make image more lightness. Accelerate you work . Samples). I use it Always.2-1. Render can be considered very long.Inter. Only one parametre which is responsible for quality Render. to add gamma from 1 to 1. 4. The Method demands attentive adjustment Subdivs and in general more detailed approach. Subdivs: Render setup 1. 2. in depend of Subdivs. The Easy way of adjustment.This is the best way to render. 4. 2. 7. Possibly gamma correction.From lacks . Method Subdivs is good. but much longer time of the miscalculation is a bit better. 11. 5. If light sources 5 and more. 10. Longer and qualitative way: In parameters Vray Light of light sources should stand Store to Irradiance map "off" There are shades from small objects. 4. we define materials with shortage Subdivs. To 10 times longer. There will be additional small patches of light from light sources.It Best method if you need render several pictures of you scene for short time. is possible to consider as this method.jpg The Given options on speed-time are given for the permission of 1600 pixels and above.

Final render settings and final Render. 3. 12. if we fake on visualization.To check and change materials if it need. and to receive Render results of yesterday's work in the morning. The initial problem approximately color stains to catch intensity of light and the general color balance of the image. 7.Make Preview. 082_SYSTEM_Batch_render.tif (camera view add automatically) Visualization All good things of modeling will be lost. 4. 10. 3.avi 1. 9. 8. 064_CAMERA_color_correction. Pick path and file for safe.Visualizator must know and use all modeling rules (shown up by text)..To check and change UVW Mapping if it need.He must Know laws of composition and light. Pick path to save. 8.avi. version. 11.Effective settings for set up scene with light cache LIGHT_cache_render. 2. You can charge some kinds for the night. Example: topdom_bedroom_v2-02 ZDepth.jpg. Z-depth. Add view. Example: ProjectName_RoomName_c02.tif 6. 9. Write name by scheme (scene name.the function. If all actions are executed under recommendations more low . Add masks from Render Elements add Vray_RenderID. 083_SYSTEM_Batch_render_elements. camera view.Visualizator must know his texture and models library. color balance and intensity of artificial illumination CAMERA_iso_color_balance. Sense of adjustment of a scene on Light cache that there is no necessity to consider a picture up to the end. 2. 6. . 3. 7. 5. 5. type of mask) 10. camera view).Make lighting. The Only thing that it is necessary to make for the ending .He can add more elements and decorative objects in scene. helping to carry out Render at once several chambers by turns. Pick camera. version.Cameras position. Name of exit file (scene name.correctly to pick up ISO.jpg Batch Render Batch Render .you receive predicted result. 4.jpg Step-by-step Instruction 1. Excellent adjustment of light and Photoshop are capable to work wonders and transform even the most simple interior into excellent work.Visualizator must made picture with quality standard (look down). 2. Add more views Batch Render. Main Visualization work: 1.Visualizator must search modelers errors and fix it in final scene.

Using decorative subjects. It is possible to use box + modifier Bend that the structure has exactly laid down on the bent plane 056_BACGROUND_environment. Sometimes it makes sense to add wires from lighting devices and the socket. (magazines. Glasses and reflections in Interior.Right composition and camera position. to do the complete and sated image is composite.Material must be simple Vray Material.jpg) 9.jpg 4. 7. natural and artificial lighting. Check interior design rules. 8. 5. the manager and the art director. in glass cases . Don't forget elements. on an armchair at a fireplace a plaid. On little tables . fire and chimney accessories.No any tiling 056_TEXTURE_tiling. on a sofa . It is necessary to do it accurately not to be overzealous and to bring down the spectator an abundance and diversity of details from the main thing. 3. Objects should not be much. carpets for color gamma and style of an interior. Plants should be realistic. flowers). Recommend to use textures size not smaller than 600 pixels. models and materials in the foreground. 4. Special attention should be given to structures. 6. on kitchen . 15.Horizontal line must be 1600 мм.jpg. It is necessary to do them of different scale and try that they do not look the same.13. hours. Use reference photos for understanding of style and interior illumination. all_reference/main_objects 10.Mapping on object with respect to its direction 057_TEXTURE_wood_map_direction. instead of small all_reference/small_objects 5. In empty modern interiors it will add realism all_reference/decor_objects/wire 13. a figurine. 12.All empty spaces and far planes should be with lights and objects.jpg 5. (It is desirable to use reference pictures from the picked up library on design). The Dining table .Back must be big and close all areas you can see in window from all cameras in interior.Scene is beatify by the use of objects of decoration (vases.jpg BACKGROUND_window.books.Texture size should be enough for visualization 4200-2800 pixels. Recommendations: 2. The room should not look cluttered up. it is necessary to select posters. a brick wall. 2. 4.Lighting beatify. 11. Textures should be in a correct scale. like camera view.Materials .avi 2. accessories. 032_DESIGN_examples.pillows. 1. With different intensity. internet.Photoshop postproduction. Objects should be beautiful with well worked by geometry and materials. 3. 10.The image must have lighting planes. bright. . all_reference/fireplace 8.For windows should be background image. On a fireplace: candles. 3.If you need make more bright picture texture . The Fireplace and its interiors should be necessarily worked: a metal back. etc. magazines. Subjects should be large. (032_DESIGN_examples. in cases books and souvenirs. subjects of a life and accessories in interiors should be made according to wishes of the customer. 7.use Color Correction or RGB in texture output. Backgroung can be created by box. The most frequent errors of visualisation and design all_reference\errors Decorative elements in interior To decorate an interior it is possible interior serve according to style of a premise. and other) 14. Arrangement of decorative additional objects. contrast. play of blue and yellow color.You must exclude back from sun lighting. Background 1.ware. Use composition laws for setup lighting. At scaling to leave pots of identical size. Quality standard: 1.readable and knowledgeable 6. all_reference/Palms 9. fire wood.Mapping Real Scale World need to be absolutely all objects in the scene. a lattice. Pictures.

All mask files for final images must be saved with 8-bit TIFF. Preview for client 1200-800 pixel.saved 100% jpg Types of visualization. brightness/contrast/color balance. 2.5 Visualization of masks Render ID and Z-depth. Save render ion you special file organization structure on file server. Main problem with Render .Background can be in radius with tiling texture. If you don't have special background from customer you can use you own picture simulate landscape outside. Don't need make ID mask for preview.It is possible to break on half when the general atmosphere of illumination is clear.All files final image must be saved with 8-bit in TIFF format with LZW compression. 4. 3. We use only minimum Photoshop correction.Serves for a rough estimate of the light scheme. Super efficient customization of the scene 1.It is not necessary to keep results light cache. Preview visualization 1. 057_BACKGROUND_circle. All visualisation is reduced to three gradation from approximate representation about intensity of light to the final. These rules show how to organize file server. Preview must be shown to client for revision. 2. 4. 2. This is visualization of scene with maximum quality in 4200-2800 pixel A3 format printing. 2. 3.Preview files . 3.7. 3. Final visualization 1. 1.Render time at adjustment light cache should occupy no more than 1 minute. Length / width = 1. Sharpen.jpg Rules works with final files Files received from render should be saved and worked out correctly.

Each subsequent point is carried out. Light cache the miscalculation of the image the long comes to the end successfully. Refract. • It is convertible all geometry in Edit Mesh. Long render time Problems in options of light sources. Not global problems: 1. hiding half from the remained half of objects. Sometimes objects are not grouped in a way and at a choice one plane will be manufactured only. 7. 4. The Decision: to eliminate difficult materials Raytrace. Opacity.Problem can be in geometry. Long render time the final is placed all geometry in group Work_geometry and we continue to search in the same way. Thus we will reveal problem object and we can change and a material on it. max file or materials.Organize of group to scatter on layers. Light cache pressing of button Render or the scene begins it is considered. 2. a site. Dark render. Work with incoming scene 1. In a pure scene to adjust anew light and chambers under the resulted instructions. Errors can be in Raytrace. 6. These things can create problems. It is convertible all materials in Vray Materials it is tried Render. 2. errors in illumination. color.If the scene is collected in ArchiCAD or imported from any other program. errors in illumination Signs: 1. We look. Errors in materials: usually it occurs at import of models. One grey material Is appropriated to all objects of a scene. The Scene is not considered in general. We check first of all: 1. Opacity. materials. That of it to be convinced. 5. we follow algorithm of revealing of a problem (see more below). The Reason can be in materials Raytrace. a problem with materials. often happens it is impossible to work with objects. to allocate objects. To disconnect Displace in options макса and to check up in all materials presence active Displace in слоте maps 2. Such a thing happens. Displace. Step-by-step actions if there was a problem at Render. Refract. but Light cache hangs on any moment and further time inadequately increases. Displace. The image dark. Objects are in each other that at Render gives black planes. Let's disassemble each case separately: The scene is not considered in general. differently there will be a chaos. Dark Render. . Displace. With such scene it is impossible to work. 2. If it is a lot of materials. than to change. is not enough light. if the previous has not helped: 1. but. miscalculation degrees (Subdivs / irradiance map) and Subdivs on materials.We Use a choice on a name. it would be desirable faster. 1. in the top view and then to use select/deselect. • We Hide half of geometry under the list of objects and we try to consider. It problem with the chamber and Sun+Sky. It can have wrong materials.To Search for laws. If you make all with my recommendation all must be clean. But be careful with importing models.The decision: 3. light cache at once in infinity Most likely. Increase ISO at the chamber does not help.we search for the reason. Refract. Opacity. if it is considered рендер it is considered problems in materials . Displace. 2. • If works . import only geometry to a new pure scene. The decision . 3.Some things to make anew easier.Only after that it is possible to continue work. 3. 3. we reveal object on which the problem material is imposed.

A problem: glitches and noise on a ceiling (it is especially appreciable on equal smooth surfaces). It is a problem with any material. . Create object and attach Decision 2. 2. • • • • • The decision: We Reduce quantity of active light sources. we increase Global Subdivs to 3-4 (the most simple way.2 001_SYSTEM_gamma. dll error. The decision . The Decision: to exclude from illumination object with a transparency (a chandelier. Vray Lightможет is in transparent object or beams pass through it. From a window several times it is more. On the big images of a shade will appear. a sconce. replace material for texture find a proportion (we use rules "20 basic sizes and dimensions in an interior"). To Increase the permission of the image 1500-1000 A problem: chaotic white stains on all room.all imported files should be one scale in one units of measure. to replace Refract on Opacity falloff. 10 11 .80 (100). The decision: We Increase value Subdivs on Light and rustling materials. but. Any material contains Refract and through it pass beams Vray Light. • • • • 6. most likely a transparency. A problem: discrepancy of scale at import. and scale object then to convert in Edit Mesh and anew to impose UVW Mapping Problem – lack of textures from other file Decision: preliminary render and replacement of lacking textures to new ones from the library Solving .jpg miss maps. Visible noise on the image from light sources and separate materials. long).uvw mapping is out of order. probably. 9. And insufficient quality of the image To Increase 50-50 to 50 .to ignore if not influences render If influences and rendering goes wrongly . to make unilateral object without a thickness and to apply a material 2 side Vray. It is replaced all IES sources fake Light. a curtain). differently shades self excluded.• • 2. The decision: To Leave included as less as possible light sources or to reduce their intensity To Create the basic direction of illumination from a window. To Increase the permission. If there is a discrepancy . • • 3. scale is destroyed Decision 1. The Problem: the image flat is not visible small shades. overbright error. but usual and match necessary meanings Lack of memory error – to solve adding the memory or deleat memory hard elements Also you may use xreff. • • 4. It is not imposed uvw structures on any object. Without changing anything. 8. Use not read world sustem coordinat UVW. when filling is deleted from scene and loaded only from other file calculation Problem – incoincidence of gamma during rendering at other computer or while opening a new file render is too dark Decision – to check gamma setting. Intensity of light exposure from a window and from artificial sources should be different.

.bush of saturation and desaturation sponge_tool. Distort lens Correction . Ideally on blackout. Middle tones It is similar on action Ctrl+l Levels Works on average ranges. Blackout on corners distorce_vindating. hue.3d image from max must be more close for final. Sharpen – sharpness is used one time to sharpen the imagesharpen.bush of lighting dodge_tool. It is used to black out the area or a subject by this method. You can pass courses on Photoshop. Lightness (ctrl+l) . simultaneously it works on brightness and contrast.color_balance.Photoshop About Photoshop I write exclusively as the applied tool. the image looks more volume. Brightness/contrast . Most important keys and actions 1.avi 6. Photoshop_example.avi 2.bush of darkness burn_tool. It is used for clarification of almost black and matte surfaces. do not change any on the first image. 2.avi 3. I will show.This is not real all times but this is our target. duplicate_layer. On clarification works. but it is not applied on big and final images 9. Variants of brushes 1.avi 5. It is enough of it for results which satisfy me. lightness.avi 4.Dodge tool . also it is possible to strengthen the color balance of the image. Сolor balance (ctrl+b) .The general brightness should be on average levels. The Scale varies with Keys 3.avi Each brush can work by three variants to influence on color High tones It is used for the same action brightness and contrast Ideally for clarification.layer with brightness addition.avi Brushes with color influence 1. . . Duplicate layer .duplicate layer and work on it. There are many alternative ways of processing of the image.Burn tool . Screen . 3. The increase and reduction in brightness without relight will result in minimum loss of the color information.Editing on bright tones br_contrast.Work with color and saturation. it is necessary to use it more softly.avi 2.Sponge tool . Brushes for color influence tools have the same action on all layers. locally by adding contrast and brightness to the necessary sites. Hue/saturation (ctrl+u) . I always use this and only this limited tooling.avi How to use 1. And the brush should be scaled when it is used in a given area 2. Always use a standard brush with soft edges. Shadows It is similar on action Ctrl+u lightness Working in shades if the object can be clarified almost black it a little. Aberrations works on small images for gallery (to 15 points).avi 8. If you are still absolutely unfamiliar with the program. what actions and functions are used by me for the projects. Ideally for brightness of light objects. 3.avi 7. but operate locally.We add aberrations at the expense of blue-red effect.Photoshop can help the 3d image to become more realistic but is essential to improve the image.

clone_stamp. Scale. 2.Other useful brushes for local influence 1. It is possible to use Shift and Ctrl for fixation of scale and a binding of a mouse to horizontals and verticals. to strengthen or weaken any effect. clean small glitches and other flaws Render. 4. shift for a snap.avi Using allocation. To final Render always there is a sense to add brightness (+10) / contrast (+20) on a new layer. 9. 3. cracks in model.avi How to use: 1. ID_photoshop. deform the image to the necessary effect. 7. 7. 8.To copy in the buffer • Сtrl+v . It is important to understand that it is enough these tools for reception of worthy result in the shortest transform • Сtrl+u . Ctrl+y 3. Using ID on objects. 6. Burn tool middle tones for blackout and giving of expressiveness to sites. To erase formed owebright and owerdark area use erase tool. Color balance. It and in a reality dark. 2. the ceiling turns out dark. 4.Erase tool . More detailed information on functions can be read in help or any management Photoshop. 5. Step-by-step instructions of use 1. If a picture dark to make a new layer screen 20-30 % on the general clarification screen. dark blue on hightones) color_balance.cloning of an image area. As a rule. Used for the correction of render errors.levels • Сtrl+c . Hot Keys • Сtrl+e . 2. 3.lightness • Сtrl. transform. It is often necessary to add brightness/contrast to the image.1-1. 8. layers.avi Ceiling Clarification on ID. If it occupies more that means that there is something left unfinished in 3D max. Post processing it is possible to paint over.2 to soften the image. Search for the detailed description only these functions. a sconce. The Image should be as much as possible beautiful and realistic with correctly put light on initial Render. Sometimes it is possible to clean tailing structures stamp/cloning. 6. clone stamp will get rid of errors of a scene. selection and move of layer. (Yellow on midtones. such as тайлинг. to change their color. 5. Save 1 After editing . Image Processing should occupy a maximum of 5-10 minutes.color balance • Сtrl+l .avi Free transform Ctrl+t . 5. After addition. It is possible to use Ctrl+L on 1. Locally to clarify or black out sites.avi 2.Scaling influence on the chosen area transform. Photoshop it is necessary to decorate images. It is more nobility it is necessary than nothing.It is recommended to safe files to multi layers with compression LWZ 2 Do not erase basic layer to be able to come back to it 3 File render ID to 8 bit format TIFF .merge layer • Сtrl+b . Press Ctrl+t (hot key) 4. A brush blackout for clarification.To insert from the buffer • Сtrl+t . To do it on a new layer. for example. Choose an area. lamps. floors lamps brilliant surfaces. Step-by-step use 1. Use Dodge tool and high tones for brightness are given to already bright objects and their patches of light.Clone stamp . but on a picture it is visible at once. Copy on new layer through buffer Ctrl+c.erase area on correct layer erase.

3. The Rhythm creates prospect and dynamics. color. Rhythm 1. leaving in prospective all_reference//rhythm 2. other show design and architecture of interior.Printing It is better to lighten the image adding lightness (ctrl +L to 0. it is necessary to follow these simple rules at arrangement of subjects. illumination. 5. back: on everyone there should be any objects.20 points and contract in Photoshop) Also you may calibrate the printer as print goes out darker than image on the screen Interior composition Sense interior visualization . The visual analyzer can effect 3 making maps:: 1. (One object against another with the obvious is distinguished invoices and color. Forward. light.The Repeating elements exposed in a foreshortening. a structure. light. Creation of prospect and image volume Planes 1. The Rhythm can be conceived the designer or is found/is created by a visual analyzer. directs a sight of the spectator. as well as a line adjusts movement of eyes of the spectator on object. The Foreground. average and an image background all_reference/plan Self objects with a contrast color. connected by sense or idea.The Rhythm can be set geometry. Visual stability of the image Condition at which all elements of color. it should have prospect and beautiful illumination. The rhythm.These objects can serve as a line and a direction for a sight. 2. materials are balanced among themselves. 3. Light . It is necessary to give especial attention to objects in the foreground. 2. 4. 3. the invoice. materials and light. That the image looked effectively. Light Illumination can create space and prospect composition/light_perspective Composition Rules The map becomes live and interesting if composition rules are observed. To add mood and an emotionality to the map. And whether one object in shades. camera position. camera and light settings. average. Filling objects.

to do close kinds and foreshortenings with the big focal length.In a bright sunny day when the sun in zenith. 4.It is beautiful. We Please the customer with additional kinds for the same money. It is obligatory to include интерьерное illumination. 3. Mixed lights The best images of interiors contain a mix both artificial. To Place in a portfolio. To Level a composition symmetrically concerning a window Angle chamfer 1. Thanks to physical properties of the chamber and color balance. replacement of video of flight. All_reference\distortion Equal lines and corners 1. 3. To Give these images to the customer in the form of a bonus. The picture should be the greatest possible contrast. . Sun light beams 1. At time presence to do 2 variants of illumination. It will give sensation detailed all interior. 5. if beams get on object in an interior and reject from it shade Object_shadow 5.It is desirable. 3. as opposite: green/pink.The Hade on vertical usually 45-60 degrees or are more.The Hade of beams is across usually equal 30-45 degrees. If the premise is worked in the sufficient image. Therefore there is no sense to do the sun image in zenith if it is not required to transfer illumination model physically precisely. 2. The camera is directed to a window at a bright daylight All_reference\window_camera_position 1. 4. that beams got to an interior through a window at an angle everywhere where it is possible. To twist in Photoshop contrast to a limit. sine-blue/yellow-orange. light and a shade from the sun it is possible to construct a rhythm.. we create pair of additional foreshortenings. To Turn out images and experience. 4. 3. 2. Only for new add camera. 4. Colors are combined. you can use distortionт effect with not real Color Balance. Light from a window very bright. 2. we can observe all scale of light temperatures. 2. To the full opens the created interior from different directions. Camera should be have equal position. lighting day / night 1. If we put the chamber opposite to a window very strong patch of light on a floor turns out. the along toward evening. 7. shades are softer and longer.. 3.It is necessary to remember that in the real world the more low the sun on вертикале. Mixed and night. To use this information at adjustment of balance white and shades. At sufficient study it is possible to focus attention on details. prospect and to show volume of interior Light_perspective 6. A hade of beams in a bright sunny day to leave 45 degrees. that light from the sun more and warm. Several times skill of composite construction of a shot faster develops. and simply white. the sun beam does not get almost to an interior. and day illumination. Camera position Additional beautiful camera position 1. And also a saturation of tones. then to erase areas of a limit and to increase other image by 10-20 % of contrast. It need for make image more art.Brightness Picture should be bright and contrast maximum Contrast Should be present division the image on light and a shade.Thus. 2. Otherwise it will be flat.

3000-2000. Corners of an average format 36-20 (36=film grade . 3. Square cameras (800-800 pixel) works not good.On a cut sideways and from above it is important to hide other subjects getting to a plane отсечки . through one object. 3. breakdown under plans and opens interior space. eaves. especially in the limited and difficult space. 2. 1600 mm height. It is useful both to the customer and builders. 3. 2400-2800 pixel Large-format corners: 36-16. than white. It can use.the corner of the review is closer to standard. This frame of corners of the image (columns. 5. CAMERA _18-20_1500_vertical_shift. 3. 36-26. Balance of the image on a composition 1. to hide. through an arch. a door. To Put the widest corner without visible distortions. The permission of a shot with proportions 1.5 on press А4.It is possible to leave subjects if they are cut off by borders of a shot from two opposite sides. 4. are strictly horizontal And strictly vertical. 7. 4. Approaches 36-18 more often.everywhere. 36-22 The usual formats are 36-24. it is possible to present a small premise to the volume. bathrooms. where height of a premise more than its width. It is possible to show a wall part sideways a shot that the spectator could estimate the real size of a premise. a portal). 2. If necessary to hide stirring objects under each kind. 1. It is impossible. restaurants. Depending on it to build a shot and a composition. 6. Now I don't use square proportion All_reference\box Elevations All_reference\elevation 1. strong distortions from above and from below a shot (a floor. All_reference\cut_2_side 3. The interior Composition should be visually counterbalanced across and verticals. To Put a foreshortening correct on a dining table or a table in cafe. Correct will be hardly lowered on a table and laying Target Target to lower more low and to level on a vertical vertical shift CAMERA _1820_1500_vertical_shift. Or to level or turn more strongly. From above and from below a shot. Always on Vertical Shift if target have vertical moving. a wall piece.Target height.avi Attentively to look at backs of chairs.2.. 36-18. for example. (For example. For vertical kinds . Large-format foreshortenings and parity of the parties of a shot 2. 3. 3. Sometimes. In a combination to a wide corner of the chamber. 5. Ideal foreshortening.Cuts become a cup plane chambers cropping. that the subject rested the side against shot edge. details sideways) differently are formed 8. Equal and inclined lines along the edges of an interior (Frame) All_reference\frame 1. The Lines which are framing a foreshortening and being near to its borders. The composite Effect gives prospect.avi The cut off objects 1. 1600 mm . They should not cut a shot. 4. Dark visually it seems more and more hard.Not to suppose trimming of a subject of filling only on the one hand a picture. Not to leave slightly turned lines if they it is close to shot edges. on the contrary. 2. a ceiling. 2.Very evident architectural giving. two lever rooms spaces . All_reference\vertical 9. 5. 1200-800.Subjects located at edge and completely getting to a shot should have at least the minimum space among themselves and shot edge. 2. Formats 600-450. Vertical kinds are pertinent in corridors. we see all interior). Foreshortening on a dining table or tables at restaurant 1.. 36-24. 4.20=focal length). Strongly inclined lines leaving in prospect are supposed. The Floor and their ceiling should be approximately equally the size.

a panel • From above a fireplace . 2. All in style of an interior • Desktops. If plant looks like a fake . fruit. fire. a plaid. a table-top . on desktop to put a beautiful vase or the open book.a should not be so much. coffee mugs . Should avoid monotonic. Filling Main objects All_reference\Main_objects 1. statues. 3. • Plants in all corners • A rest Room. figurines • The Case for ware . a tray. bouquets • The Glass and / or binge on a bar rack • The Seat for a fireplace . Live in interior 1.On a composition on the map should be a variety and scale.whole interior. 2. Show all interior. The different Plants All_reference\Palms 1. a mirror. 2. Plants should be placed in the corners of room.They should be beautiful and carefully worked. flowers. pillows • The Case .books. bottles. 2. 4. a lattice. To add lives to interior objects. ware in cases.plates.the book. coffee the computer. All_reference\Path_of_interior 1. towels • The Bar . wine-glasses • Kitchen .fire wood. Add good plants.Object of environment must be large.hours. candles. apples. copper accessories for a plate. 4.On the foreground is better to put ideally worked object. 3.a case. 5.laying. Small objects All_reference\small_objects This is one of main errors . cups.chess. Not elements. the book. a picture • The Wine case . a relaxation corner.don't use it better.bottles. 2 side opposite width height cameras. flowers • The Sofa . Use only good and realistic models. For close views you can use Photoshop 2d plants. Don't use camera angles special on some objects. 6.Paths of Interior.clay and copper ware • The Fireplace . different colors. tea . services • For classical kitchen . log. curbstones . candles.You can make more scale of object if it need for composition. cigars • Kitchen.binge.there are many small objects in scene. Professional art . slightly to turn chairs. If object small it need to be scaled or deleted Filling objects in corresponding rooms All_reference\main_objects Always it is possible to use a small amount of qualitative subjects: • On a dining table . For example.sweets. on it is possible glasses. From it the room looks cluttered up with trifles. fruit • The Little table journal .

napkins If you have any questions . the Stanislav Orekhov copyright 2009 www.TV. flowers The Toilet little table . bamboo. the book or the directory on desktop. books. a plaid Curbstone of a bed .children's toys. columns. pens Office . flowers. the book. boxes.the screen monitor. documents. In a corner . .just ask me support@d-e-s-i-g-n. a firm pen and a notepad On all lockers are pertinent to steam of photos in frames The Sofa before a fireplace the plaid.easy table layout. trousers The Bath .d-e-s-i-g-n. DVD.a towel a pile.champagne in a plant.frames of photos.notepads. water or a cocktail in a glass Reception .• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • The Nursery .towels on plank beds. The unique room accepting trifles and захламленность The Bed . pair of tubes of cosmetics or spirits. a notebook A cafe Little table . pens. a cosmetics set The Bath .flowers The Workstation . the book. frame photos The Locker . The Drawing room . phone.a tray. a floor vase with backs Hotel .omni and candles for evening maps Pool .a lamp. a wine glass are pertinent The Wardrobe . flowers.