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Scoring Rubric for Reader’s Notebook

90-100 80-89 70-79 60-69 60>

Overall Generously exceeds Meets or exceeds Meets all requirements Falls short of meeting Far from meeting
requirements minimum requirements Generally “satisfactory” requirements (missing requirements (missing
Requireme Several superior entries Several very good work several required entries) an excessive number of
nts Consistently “quality” entries Some less successful Some satisfactory work required entries)
work Consistently entries Many “perfunctory” Mostly “perfunctory”
“satisfactory” work entries work
Interesting mix of Mix of Few strategies/response Only perfunctory Incomplete
Creativity strategies/ strategies/response techniques from reflection response techniques “Simplistic”
Good use of a variety of techniques from entries. from reflection entries Use of only one
and response techniques reflection entries. response
Expression from reflection entries technique/strategy

Quality of Thorough responses Thorough responses Some responses Minimal responses Missing or minimal
that consistently that frequently demonstrate demonstrate thoughtfulness, insight,
Response demonstrate demonstrate thoughtfulness, insight, thoughtfulness, insight, connections and
considerable thoughtfulness, insight, connections and analysis. connections and analysis.
thoughtfulness, insight, connections and analysis.
connections and analysis.
Detailed Consistent use of details Frequent use of details Occasional use of details Minimal use of details Minimal, incomplete or
from the text to support from the text to support from the text to support from the text to support missing details from the
Responses responses. responses. responses. responses. text to support

Organizati Consistently creative, Evident care for Satisfactory appearance Shows minimal effort in Little care evident in
interesting organization organization and and organization of final appearance and final appearance and
on and and appearance of appearance of notebook. Some entries organization. Entries organization of
Appearanc notebook. Entries are notebook. A majority of are clearly marked in are not neat or clearly notebook.
e clearly marked in Table entries are clearly Table of Contents, on marked in Table of
of Contents, on entry marked in Table of entry page, and dated. Contents, on entry
pages, and dated. Contents, on entry page, and dated.
pages, and dated.

Notebooks are to be graded “holistically”

Circle one: First Check Second Check Third Check Fourth Check
Score: _____/100