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Everyone will say that inner beauty is more important, but evidence says the opposite.

As you say yourself, people often get hired based (at least partly) on looks. It seems to be human nature and especially modern society that people are drawn to the aesthetically pleasing. It may not be nice to admit, but it's the truth. To my mind, body is the mirror of soul. f a person have good tempered, clemency, compassionate, these spiritual features reflect his or her physical appearance. I mean his or her soul's glory at least reflect his or her behaviour. We see the beauty according to what definition we give to it. Every one of us has different eyes and looks at beauty through them. You can find someone beautiful but others can find him ugly. Everyone judges others by looks but it shouldnt be the most important factor in determining someones character. We shouldnt be overly obsessed as to live by how we looks but unfortunately, we are too weak to resist beauty, especially women beauty, even if we are sure that beauty looked with eyes doesn't last forever.

We should concentrate on inner beauty and i think the outer beauty is what we inherit and the inner beauty is what we acquire. The point is that inner beauty is more important than outside beauty, but if a person is strong by nature, character, ethics, morals in other word if he/she derives his/her strength from religion then he/she automatically starts looking good by appearance. Believe me if you start your day with a smile and continue smiling the whole day you look so beautiful. In theory inner beauty is more important. But in reality, for many jobs, a good image is well received and it can make you to get better chances for a job. For example, for models, secretaries, people en human relations, etc. Nowadays, society expects you look good and project a good and healthy image: Be slim, be modern, earn a lot of money, go to the gym, have a nice car all is about image. In my case, of course I enjoy to see a good body, but theres more important aspects in a person that make me feel attracted by them. i think both prove their selves. From outer beauty we attracted a lot but if someone who has inner beauty then he/she is also inspired us. If we spend some time with them and one thing outer beauty leave effect on us for short time, but inner's effect is not forgettable. I think that when we look at a person we can somehow guess about his inner world. There is something warning in beauty without soul and others feel it. So i dont think appearances are so deceptive. It is something in features and in eyes that helps recognise kind and responsive people no matter what they look like I like what Supertest says. Also, learn to see inner beauty and you wont be so distracted by outer beauty. And to all I say, here looks have become way too important. It started as a simple outlook summed up by a quote from Cary Grant: I think a man owes it to me if I have to look at him to comb his hair and be presentable (total misquote but I left the marks becaus e none of it is original to me). From there weve turned our world into an amoral beauty contest. I think chasing physical beauty in a situation where beauty is irrelevant is just another glue trap from the Enemy. A healthy person would have a balance like Supertest describes I think. Everyone will say that inner beauty is more important, but evidence says the opposite. As you say yourself, people often get hired based (at least partly) on looks. It seems to be human nature and especially modern society that people are drawn to the aesthetically pleasing. It may not be nice to admit, but it's the truth. It is right that outer beauty is important especially these days, however not all jobs require or put beauty as a priority to get the job. For example, some jobs need people who are specialized and fit for it, without looking on how physical beauty he has, if you are a boss in hospital, youll employ the person who is specialized in dentistry, pharmacy, dermatology etc. nevertheless, if youre actress/actor, singer, broadcaster on TV, fashion showing, I think to have physical and outer

beauty is required sometimes in this kind of jobs. Although, certain jobs require physical beauty, there are many and maybe tremendous of jobs that need people who are specialized. Physical beauty of course been the major factor in explaining beauty or describing the beauty but the inner beauty is above this too. Yes inner beauty is responsible for providing the person with more respect and status in society. Outer beauty play role but if youre are not good with your soul then the outer beauty role remain for less period but if you good at your soul then you are talked everywhere. We may find a good and charming looking person good but until and unless he or she is not good at soul we can't play a relationship. Inner beauty is more important because it remains for lifetime. But, physical beauty vanishes with the time. Physical beauty may help to progress in work place but only for limited period of time. Inner beauty helps to earn the respect from the society. If a person is beautiful, good looking but is arrogant and proud, no one in the society cares for such person. So, a person should always have a good nature, must respect others, and should always be polite. I believe physical beauty can attract some one on a temporary basis, but it is only the inner beauty that can keep anyone attracted towards himself/herself for a longer period of time (or permanently). It is the inner beauty that helps maintain relationship with any friend or colleague at workplace. Physical beauty is just temporary and will fade away with age, whereas inner beauty is something that stays with an individual throughout his/her life. So, it will be extremely futile to judge a person or make friends with someone just on the basis of physical beauty. Obviously inner beauty is more important and even is preferred than the physical beauty. But at the same time a person need to be presentable as well. A person who is beautiful from within in case presents himself / herself well though he / she is not physically beautiful will be scaled higher. Please remember that gone are the days when only the beauty of the skin was taken into account but now days people are giving much importance to present themselves well in the society. Even people prefer beauty with brains than the dumb beauties. Even the people with inner beauty need to give importance to present themselves well instead of completely neglecting the dress up part. Here dressing up doesn't mean that one need to be in modern outfits but even in a traditional way of dress up a person need to be presentable and this is what is required in the present trend of world. I feel both are important. It is difficult to say one. But generally first impression is only on external beauty. In an on going relationship the internal beauty will come out. You can see the external beauty then and there but to understand internal beauty it is long time process. Further when you have the same ideas and feelings on a particular things then only you feel it is a beauty of a person. External beauty is beauty that appears to all but internal beauty is a beauty when come across with the people with same ideas. Physical beauty is seen immediately and inner beauty is not seen that fast which is the reason why people are attracted to physical beauty faster. When you are with a person for a certain amount of time, only then can you know that person's inner beauty. Though it is customary to place inner beauty above physical beauty, yet there is probably no gainsaying the fact that external beauty is also very important. A pleasant personality in addition to inner purity is what is welcome by most people. Since we live in a society we must look acceptable and amicable and that is why external beauty, body language, etiquettes, attires all are worth giving care. So we will do well to say that both forms of beauty supplement each other. In a movie(I forgot the name but perhaps the lead role was played by Eddie Murphy)the hero, though from a very well to do family, takes a mean job and searches for a girl who would accept his love even in the condition he lived. At last he finds the fiancee of his choice. The moral of the story is that it takes time to know the spiritual beauty of a person but that is superior to all other forms of

beauty. But even if you utter a good word you have to present it in a pleasing manner and there comes to your help the external beauty. Rajesh Chandra Pandey. Physical beauty is visible but it is short term attraction. However inner beauty is long lasting and can be dependable for ever. In selection of each aspect of life one should make a balance among both, however if any confusion is there, go for inner beauty. Inner beauty is most important than outer beauty. It doesnt matter how you look from your face but the character that matters to judge a person as good or bad. And i suggest everyone who spend or waste their time in building up their body, going to beauty parlour to become beautiful and all to stop those activities and to start building their character first. Physical beauty can be built anytime in life but the inner beauty should be built only from childhood and that too the parents are responsible to teach the children. For example, Mother Teresa who was not very good in appearance but by heart she was very much kind, due to which she was considered as god in people's heart. So the physical appearance doesnt matter at all, the thing that matter is your character and the way you respond and move with others I think yourself have faced the problem of declination of physical beauty at working places. Well human beings are creation of God, we cannot assure anything such as co-lour of our skin whilst our birth. Yes now a days people are very much attracted towards the physically appearance of opposite persons at workplaces and also all areas of society, which is the general behaviour and mentality of all people. Nobody get attracted towards physically ugly appearing people due to the reason of bad skin co-lour. They too have the habit of being unfair and making fun of those common people. Everybody knows that inner beauty is the most important than physical beauty but in matter of following all gives priority to physical beauty itself. We find very rare people honouring inner beauty. No physical beauty is not everything it just only an attrition at some stage of life, people came to know the actual meaning of inner beauty at that time they definitely feels shame regarding their behaviour with inner beauty persons previously. No doubt inner beauty is more important than physical beauty. But the problem is we can't judge the inner beauty of a person in first sight. Physical beauty fades over time. But the first impression we have towards someone is due to his outer/physical beauty. People should be judged on the basis of their character, their nature, it is a wrong thing to judge someone by just their appearance, as the quote is, "Good Behaviour can cover the lack of Beauty, but, Beauty can never cover the lack of Good Behaviour". Any person can look good superficially just by changing his appearance, but true inner beauty is something that only few have and which can't be faked, as Sir George Bernard Show has said, "Man makes clothes, clothes doesn't make a man"