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International Farmers Dialogue


Where farmers renew their calling to feed the world

56 Crossfields Tarvin Chester CH3 8EP UK Tel +44 (1829) 741947 Email Skype Minutes 130516 Present- Christer Lilliehook, Hassan Mohamud, Claude Bourdin, Jamil Ssebalu, Shailendra Mahato, Olivier Martin, Jim Wigan Apologies- Jean-Pierre Emeriau, Julius Khakula, Phil Jefferys, Claude-Alain Gebhard, Martin Simtenda and Charles Danguy 1/ DR Congo The FD team will be meeting on May 19th when they will finalise the invitation, the dates for the International Farmers' Dialogue are now fixed, it will take place on November 18th to21st - 2013 2/ S Sudan We all noted the difficulty cause by the cancellation of the conference with special appreciation for all those who were already travelling and had to turn back. The good news is that the training in leadership and reconciliation that was taking place continued and over 200 hundred people have taken part in the course. There was expression of our keenness to continue working with our S Sudan FD friends. It is hoped that they will give us some ideas about how the proposed joint project can be put into action in their country. 3/ Website Ideas for improvement to the website have been sent to the IofC web team. It is hoped these will be made by the end of June. 4/ Farmers' Dialogue International 15 Founding members (FD associations or groups) have delegated their representative who will form the General Assembly. Each has been asked to sign an official document which refers to the constitution and has been sent to them. The next step is for them to agree on the names of the President and of six other members to be appointed to the Committee, now known as the FD Skype group. The committee will be expanded to 9 or 11 during the general assembly which will be held during the International Farmers' Dialogue in DR Congo in November. 5/ Support for Caux conferences. Phil Jefferys will represent FD during his visit July 5th to 23rd and specially during the International Association General Assembly on 19th-21st of July. It was noted that any financial support that can be given for his travel and stay in Caux will be very welcome, this being specially relevant as he will be in Caux representing FD. We discussed how during the summer conferences those who are present can raise the profile of FD. There is an idea of having a special meeting on this on the 22nd of July. The hope was expressed that one of the first actions once the FDI details are in place would be an event which could take place in Geneva where the FDI registered office is and where our programme can be presented in a way that would interested funding bodies. 6/ Update on proposed joint project with ILLP, Alan Channer, Manor House Agricultural Centre, Namasuba College and FD

It was agreed that we should find out if our friends in S Sudan had any further ideas about how the project should be implemented. That is soon as the final detail of FDI are completed we should consider how to raise funds. We need someone who will help write the project in a way that funding bodies would find acceptable. 7/ Report on visit to Somalia (Hassan) Hassan and Christer gave a detailed report on the situations and the requests for FD to help them. They agreed to produce a memo that would be circulated to all those who receive the minutes. They are keen to host an International Farmers' Dialogue in 2017. It was noted that Jamil played a very effective role while there. He and his wife have been invited to Sweden where he has been asked to give a talk on the role of Culture in Development. 8/ Secretarial help for The proposal that Fiacre Sengati should be invited to help with Secretarial work, to help with preparations for DR Congo and also the FD work that Claude carries, this is subject to funds being available. 9/ Any other business. 1) Jamil reported on an enthusiastic phone call he had just had with Dr Hashi in Somalia He was very positive about recent development. 2) Shailendra expressed his appreciation of peoples good wishes, saying that after his recent medical examination the specialist had said that at 60 it was not wise for him to have a kidney transplant so he now goes for dialysis twice a week. He said it was his longing that they should have an International Farmers Dialogue in November 2014 and he hoped his son would help with this. 3) Claude and Jamil asked us to think about the following areas that needed funding. - Preparations for the DRC FD. - Funding for the event itself. - Funding to be able to have the help of Fiacre. - Fees due for the use of the website and due to the IofC Association approximately 700 Swiss fr 4) Jamil reported on the funds raise for the Africa fund to enable him to employ Ruth Nanteza for six months to run a FD in the north of Uganda and help with other issues relating to his Farmers' Dialogue work load. Date of next meeting June 20th Please see the times for the Skype call at the end of this message. Jim Skype (myglobalconference) times UK 10:00 Jim Mainland Europe 11:00 Claude, Claude-Alain, Christer, Jean-Pierre, Charles, Olivier Africa 12:00 Jamil, Julius. Martin. India 14:00 Shailendra. Australia 19:00 Phil

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