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52 Ponzi

Five Card Stud rules allows for eight players, by card count ten players are potential. Where in Five Card Draw a player can elect to replace all his cards limits the number of players to five players. Modified rules allowing only replacement of three cards would extend the number of players to six.

Texas Holdem allows for a greater number of players, whereas with five common cards and two cards per person dealt would allow for twenty three players. But is such player number practical, probably not unless you got small chairs and very small arse(s).

In gambling hall atmosphere, players are not the dealer and the dealer is paid by taking a part of the bet(s) waged. In aspect we apply applications learned from the previous sentence to the tangible and intangible world.

Substitution and Injection Factors Tangible Substitutions

Players = Tangible Goods Manufacturers (Durable and Non-Durable) Dealer = ?

Intangible Injections
Credit Default Swaps Synthetic Swaps Swaps=Non Player Bets In this exercise, corn will be substituted as tangible money. First player bets three corn cobs where second player calls the bet and raises five corn cobs. Assuming

five tangible betting players remain in the game there would be a total of forty cobs of corn on the table. The dealer is entitled to a number of kernels from each corn cob and elects to take a total amount by taking an intact corn cob with the appropriate number of kernels. All players betting corn agree that taking by the dealer is part of the game. Upon completion of the hand, winner takes all the corn cobs minus the cobs taken in payment by the dealer which by fact consists of tangible corn on the cob.

Interjection of comment, as the worlds population grew and more corn was grown and in accordance to most laws, interjection of created from thin air money is required to be placed into tangible circulation to allow compensation for corn cob purchase, logical, reasonable and acceptable practice.

Lest move beyond tangible reality and beyond tangible dealer profit. Where a dealer wants to generate profits beyond snatching tangible kernels of corn and not face incarceration, intangible laws over time where genetically modified to allow for the creation of intangible wealth whose value derived its source from the tangible betting of corn. Looks good but, a cook knows that one cannot make cream of corn without having tangible corn. The dealer may have and hold intangible profits but does not own and hold a tangible product.

Many in the financial world over decades has advanced into owning more intangible product value and such intangible value must yearly, daily, hourly increase proportionally to promise(s) made to the buyer(s) of such intangible(s) and applying time to the intangible growth factor it is simple to extrapolate one year of tangible corn value will not sustain a multifold increase of intangible value.

Maybe elected leaders and appointed leaders carry an illusion that you can squeeze a tangible square mile of tangible corn from a tangible acre of land to support the intangible. Or, could it be they know and realize failure is imminent and only seek to take possession of the tangible acre of corn so as to not go hungry. Or, could it be they do not give a damn about humanity so long as they have what they want.

Where as many are looking to the last one hundred years or so for wisdom to guide them in making financial decision have failed to look over all time the repeated failures that have occurred. Render unto Caesar what is Caesars, for if more is demanded than justly supported, support of the tangible people will not be given, and those who live by intangible value will be left to their own fate.

In advertisement there is impression that any advertisement is good advertisement, but word of tangible mouth advertisement cannot be influenced by lies told by intangible liars.

Truth will be known an advertisement will affect the upcoming elections, not just in United States of America but that of the world. Adage, lies to obtain office will become known and the lies will bring failure. Is such what one wishes to carry to the grave? Leaders have a choice to make and the people will see that such choice is a just choice; its just a matter of time, not if

Maybe if one eats enough intangible digitized value may envision tasting sweet bitterness.