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Darkness covered the world in its blanket and ensured that there was not a sp eck of light, yet the presence of the pale moon ruined its intentions. Everyone slept peacefully in their rooms, fullfilling their hopes and (desires) aspiratio ns in the haze of a dream. But in a particular luxrious bedroom a woman lay on t he lavinder sheets, whimpering and groaning in agony. The reason behind her stat e was recurring nightmare. The man slept beside her, oblivious to her apperant p ain. The piercing sound accompanied with bright lights falling harshly on her eyes*, soon it was replaced with the coursing sound of hundreds motorcycles starting at the exact same time. The last thing she saw in her nightmare which forced her t o break free from the terrible hold was an image of a man. A young handsome man, who was drenched in blood. She gasped as she sat up on the bed, breathing harshly. She closed her eyes and tried to calm herself, her hands clutched the bed sheets tightly while the other pressed at her heart. A hand was placed gently on her shoulder and she jumped, literally. 'Sakura...its okay. Its me, Neji.' She turned around to look the man, her emeral d eyes met with a concerned lavender eyes. She smiled weakly at him, opening her mouth to assure him that she was fine she realised she couldnt find her voice. In an instant she was englufed in a warm embrace, the strong set of arms gently wrapped around her petite waist and gently pulled her towards the strong chest. Neji brushed his lips lightly over Sakura's hair, murmuring sweet nothings and a ssuring her that she was alright, whatever she saw was a nightmare and nothing m ore. She didn't reply, instead kept her face pressed to his beating heart. She f elt tear drop from her eyes, betraying her confidence. Neji continued to calm he r and they cuddled together until they both fell asleep. This was a routine, nothing new for Sakura and Neji. Sakura would have the same nightmare, she would wake up suddenly and then Neji will console her. Neji never asked her what was the nightmare that had her so disturbed, he did asked once b ut she just couldn't bring herself to tell him. He never asked again. She loved him. She loved him for his understanding. She loved him because after being together for past four years he never got angr y or annoyed by her nightmares. She loved him because he gave her life a new meaning again. She loved him because he picked her shattered heart and made it whole again. She loved him becuse he loved her. Thats why.., Haruno Sakura loves Huyga Neji, her fiance. The sunlight slipped through the white curtains fluttering in the warm breeze an d shined brightly on Sakura's face, much to her annoyance. Spreading her arms wi de she tried to feel that muscular and beautiful body of her fiance but met with nothing. She frowned in confusion, cracking open one eyes she glanced at the cl ock. Her eyes widened, she squealed and cursed as she jumped.