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A. Choose the correct answer by crossing (x) a, b, c, d or e 1. A : Mr. Ario. Let me introduce our new manager. Mr. Raharja.

B : .? C : How do you do? a. Hi, good morning b. Pleased to meet you c. How do you do e. Pretty well Reza and Anita . Professional singers. a. am d. was b. are e. were c. is She buys a new motorcycle for.. a. us d. his b. them e. him c. our Anita .. in a store as shopkeeper. a. works d. working b. work e. had worked c. worked My parentsfishing with their friends a. went d. going b. goes e. had gone c. go The students . the sentences that the teacher said. a. wrote d. write b. written e. has written c. writes (-) Mr. Andre is not present today (?) .. ? a. Are Mr. Andre present today ? b. Did Mr. Andre present today ? c. Do Mr. Andre present today ? d. Does Mr. Andre present today ? e. Is Mr. Andre present today ? (?) Are they sure about that ? (-)








a. They dont sure about that b. They are not sure about that c. I dont sure with them d. I am not sure with them e. the are not sure about that. 9. (-) They do not distribute the food (?) ? a. Do they distribute the food ? b. Does they distribute the food ? c. Are they distribute the food ? d. Did they distribute the food ? e. Do they distributes the food ?

10. The rose is so pretty. I like it very much. a. brown d. blue b. pink e. blue c. orange 11. Good looking slim a girl Nitayani The good arrangement of the sentence is.. a. Nitayani is a slim girl good looking b. Nitayani is a girl slim good looking c. Nitayani is a girl good looking slim d. Nitayani is a good looking slim girl e. Nitayani is a slim good looking girl 12. Touring my bought a father beautiful car Italian old. a. My father bought a old beautiful Italian touring car. b. My father bought a Italian beautiful old touring car. c. My father bought a beautiful old Italian touring car. d. My father bought a touring beautiful old Italian car. e. My father bought a beautiful Italian touring old car. 13. Wooden shelves small orange move Dara the to living room The correct arrangement of the sentence is.. a. Dara move the orange small wooden shelves to the kitchen b. Dara move the small orange wooden shelves to kitchen c. Dara move the shelves wooden small orange to the kitchen d. Dara move wooden small orange shelves to the kitchen e. Dara move the orange shelves small wooden to the kitchen


The girls is . a. very fat b. very tall c. very large d. very ugly e. very small 15. Mr. Sulis ia a performer. His work is to make a joke and make people laugh. He usually performs on a television program. He is s funny and makes other people feel happy. He is a.. a. farmer d. singer b. comedian e. doctor c. mechanic 16. March 23th 1983. The correct way to say this expression is a. March the twenty third, nineteen eighty three. b. March the twenty three, nineteen eighty three. c. The twenty third march, nineteen eighty three. d. The twenty third march, nineteen eighty three. e. The twenty second March, nineteen eighty third. 17. Nania is the of the student who goes to school in the morning. a. three d. second b. two e. four c. one 18. It is a quarter past eight. The correct numbering of this expression is. a. 6.38 d. 7.38 b. 7.37 e. 10.37 c. 8.15 19. It is half past nine The correct numbering of this expression is.. a. 10.30 d. 7.30 b. 9.30 e. 10.15 c. 8.45

20. It is thirty eight past seven The correct numbering of this expression is.. a. 6.38 d. 7.38 b. 7.37 e. 10.37 c. 8.37 21. It is twelve to ten The correct numbering of this expression is.. a. 10.12 d. 12.11 b. 09.48 e. 10.11 c. 11.12 22. 2nd October 2017. The correct way to say this expressions is.. a. The second October two thousand and seventeen b. October the second two thousand and seventeen c. The two October two thousand and seventeen d. October the two thousand and seventeen e. The second two thousand and seventeen 23. Tomorrow is Monday. Two days before is. a. Tuesday d. Thursday b. Friday e. Saturday c. Monday 24. A : Please accept my condolences B : .. a. Thank you d. Were sorry b. Thats ok for this time e. Yes, I will c. No problem 25. I feel . in the drama movie a. interested d. angry b. scared e. worried c. tired 26. . If borrow this dictionary ? a. do you mind d. want you b. may e. will you c. would 27. A : May I go home now ? B : a. I am sorry b. thank you c. by all means

d. But I . e. watch out

28. . I take your umbrella ? a. can b. will c. want

d. could e. do you mind

29. A : Please accept my apology for coming late. B : . a. Go ahead d. Thank you b. Do you mind if ? e. It doesnt matter c. yes, I will 30. her office by bus.. a. had gone d. go b. gone e. went c. goes B. Read the text below and answer the question. Mr. Kent is a professional cook. He works at French restaurant in one of famous hotel in Surabaya. He likes cooking very much. He always cook very food deliciously. He is my fathers friend. When he comes to my house he always cooks a French food for my family. I want to be like him. So, I ask him to teach me cooking. He is glad to hear that. And he accepts my offering to be my cooking teacher. I am really happy and impatience to do that. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. What is Mr. Kent ? Where does he work ? What does he do every come to the writers house ? Who wants to be like him ? Is Mr. Kent the writers friend ? Does Mr. Kent like cooking very much ? What does the writer do to be like Mr. Kent ? Does Mr. Kent say yes to be the writers cooking teacher ? What is the writer feeling after knowing Mr. Kents answer ?

10. Is Mr. Kent being the writer cooking teacher now ?