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Procedure to get the modem logs via SD card interface:

1.Click on Applications -> My Files -> triggers, and delete all the files that are present in this folder

2.Perform the test that is needed using the Janice hardware.

3.Click on Phone and in the keypad,dial the following MMI string *#9900# and a Sysdump screen appears

4.Click on Ramdump Mode Disabled so that it will HIGH (i.e Ramdump Mode Disabled/HIGH )

5.Click on TRACE OPTIONS and select '-t BUFFER' (It shows selection is successful).

6.Then click on 'run modem log' (It shows run modem log success).

7.Click on "Copy to sdcard" and it will generate a trigger file in /sdcard/triggers

8.Go to home screen and click on Applications -> My Files -> triggers and we can find the rpt_**** files being generated.

Please check following steps once again for getting trace log by key string.

1. *#9900# -> Check Ramdump Mode Enbled/Low -> Ramdump Mode Enabled/MID (or HIGH))" // need to be changed

2. Problem is occurred

3. *#9900# -> run modem log -> Confirm -> Copy to sdcard

4. Go to Idle main menu -> Application -> My file -> storage -> sdcard0 -> log -> err -> rpt_host_2012_... file is created // this is modem log // AP logs are created under 'log' directory

5. Copy that rpt_ file from GOLDEN to PC

Also, please check customer's AP team (e.g., Modem System team) who manages debug menu (*#9900#) for checking that modem log triggering of AP side is ok or not.

To extract the logs to a PC you can use adb.

From cmd window in Windows or terminal in Linux type command: adb pull /sdcard/triggers

To change trigger directory add the following command to trace_auto.conf (above the AUTOSTART line): trigger -D /data/log/err

Also the difference between mcd files and rpt files is that the mcd (modem crash dump) files are generated on modem crash only.

rpt files are generated by both host/modem. rpt files are nothing but just modem traces. For analysing rpt file, you don't need map/os files but you just need right PMD files.

The modem sw image used when this rpt was generated is based on MB10A_12w43_1_28112012 modem sw stack. This version string is present in each modem image Or modem trace.

While using latte, i followed the following procedure 1. File ->Load Sdcard/USb File ->then i uploaded mcd_2012-01-01_02h01m31.tar.gz.After that,a window named Load Modem Package was opened in which i loaded ste8500.MB10A_12w43_1_02112012.l23.master_id_zero.rnd.pmd in "main" and ste8500.MB10A_12w43_1_02112012.l1.rnd.pmd in "append". Then Go to "Modem Analysis" menu-->Resets-->WGModem Reset Analyser-->load debug files. Then i loaded the necessary map files and os trace fiels which i am attaching now.And after that, i get an error of incorrect map file.

Debugging method: 1. Run 'Latte' Tool 2. File -> Load SD card/USB file 3. Click ''(Browser button) of *MCD /Trigger+, and select MCD file(dump file) 4. Write "output name" in [Output File] field -> Load (ex:d:\ste_dumpfile\trace.blx,) - write any name but don't make name or path too long. 5. 'Open Modem Package / PMD' window appear, Main: ste8500.MB10A_12w16_2_pre1.l23.master_id_zero.rnd.pmd Append: ste8500.MB10A_12w16_2_pre1.l1.rnd.pmd 6. Modem Analysis -> Reset -> WGModem Reset Analyser 7. Load debug files: L1Map: L2Map: L1 os_trace : ste8500.MB10A_12w16_2_pre1.l1.os_trace_data.txt L2 os_trace : ste8500.MB10A_12w16_2_pre1.l23.os_trace_data.txt Core dump files: modem_priv, modem_shared, modem_trace, TCM_L1, TCM_L2 files in Decompressed_XXX in directory which you write no.4 (ex: D:\_STE_Dumpfile\I8160_P120507-0981\Decompressed_mcd_2012-05-06_07h25m14) 10. Check "I want to analyze dynamic object behavior in Trace32 -> select OK 11. Select "Extract core dump" at 'WGModem Reset Analyser' window 12. After extract, we can distinguish this problem related to L1 or L23 (ignore Warning messages) 12. Decompressed_XXX ???? ?? output ???? ? ????? core_dump_analyser\CDA.cmm ?? ??? 13. Copy 'modem.fs' and lauterbach files (l1.lauterbach.out, l23.lauterbach.out) to \Decompressed_XXX\core_dump_analyser ????? ?? 14. Run __T32_8500_SIM.bat in C:\T32STE

15. Choose core dump folder. (ex. D:\_STE_Dumpfile\I8160_P120507-0981\Decompressed_mcd_201205-06_07h25m14\072139\core_dump_analyser) 21. Select 1(MCD file) ->select 'modem.fs' -> select STE_CDA.cmm -> choose 'XX.lauterbach.out' = if you don't have STE_CDA.cmm, please use CDA_dump1_XX.cmm. But you have to change the cmm file before using it. Please change last 2 lines of the file as below