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April-May 2013 Vol.

Issue: 04

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Dear Members,

This issue carries the Elections - 2013 notice, Nomination form for election and also the announcement on ICI Awards -2013. The relevant nomination forms could be downloaded from our website. Should you require any further clarification, please feel free to mail us to or call us at 04424912602.
Er. R. Radhakrishnan Secretary General

From the Presidents Desk

We are a 10,000 strong professional body! It gives a great feeling a n d i m m e n s e satisfaction that we are still growing. Yet this is an important milestone in our history of the last three decades. It is the result of selfless work carried out by a whole lot of dedicated professionals. I am happy that more and more professionals are getting attracted to our Institute and so are our activities. I hope that the growth will continue probably on a faster pace and will cross the next 10,000 within this decade itself. The world is changing. So is the World of Concrete. So are the technologies, materials and professionals. Managing these changes is not easy. Here I must quote Lewis Carroll from 'Alice in Wonderland' My dear, here we must run as fast as we can, just to stay in place. And if you wish to go anywhere you must run twice as fast as that. Let's run twice as fast. In managing the change communication is the key. The younger generation has already embraced the 'Social Media' which uses faster but shorter texts. It is necessary that ICI too look at possibilities to effectively utilise the social media as a means of communication especially in the context of growing student chapters. The Kochi GC on the 1st June will give a thought in this direction to find ways and means to utilise this powerful medium for communication with our members. Another area in which we must delve into is the way we keep the communication lines open to have continuous communication and updates on technical matters. We do a number of technical programmes but without any follow up actions. In case we can keep communicating with the participants and the resource persons, we will create a very active professional community. The e-learning platform is such a development. After every technical programme we leave the lines open for consultations among participants and resource persons for that matter anyone who is interested in the subject for a longer duration. The New Delhi centre after their successful completion of the workshop on 'IRC Limit State code for Concrete Bridges IRC 112' has just done that. The participants were given a facility to continue consultations and this has become a good forum as an effective follow up action. There are agencies which can undertake this activity on our behalf and the Kochi GC will be giving a thought in this direction. The next Worksop on C&D Waste Recycling is being planned at Chennai IIT during 5th & 6th August 2013. We will have faculty coming from Korea, Norway, Singapore and experts from India taking part in the workshop. This is being done with the support of the Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India and they are very keen that the programme is repeated in other parts of the country too. The next one is planned to be done in Mumbai later this year. The ICI-BMTPC programme for certification for Laboratory Technicians is doing well. The Mumbai centre has just concluded a programme. The Delhi programme was just got inaugurated by the Executive Director, BMTPC on the 11th May. The Chennai Programme is already on. The Nagpur centre too has just started the programme. It is expected that the Pune will start their programmes early. The Quality Council of India has launched the Third Party Certification Programme for Ready Mixed Concrete Plants on the 17th of May during a function held in Delhi. They have created a Technical Document 'Criteria for RMC Production Control' and a Certification Document 'Certification Process for RMC Plant Certification Scheme' which will form the backbone of the system. There will be two levels of certifications, the basic one 'RMC Capability Certification' and an advanced one called the RMC 9000+ Capability Certification' which will also certify the management process. QCI will accredit Certifying Agencies who will carry out certification throughout the country. This was a long felt need of the Industry and it is hoped that the RMC scene will undergo a change for the better. The Head Quarters has come out with the announcement of election programme for 2013 -15. I hope all of you will actively participate in the process. We must bring out genuine leaders and technocrats to the forefront to spearhead the growth of this great institute to further heights. The centres too shall take care to conduct their elections which should be completed before September 2013. The centres shall also see that the accounts are closed, audited and information passed on to the Head Quarters early. Wish you all the best.
Jose Kurian President

ICI Update - April-May 2013


for private circulation amongst members only

News from Centres

Workshop on Construction and Demolition (C&D) Waste Recycling Prof. Takafumi Noguchi, from the University of Tokyo, Japan drew the attention on the importance of material flow analysis in a Mass-production and mass-consumption society. He stressed on the fact that the recycled products are not marketable unless they are of a quality that satisfies users.

The workshop was jointly organized by ICI & CPWD at Vigyan Bhavan from 28th Feb to 1st March 2013. The workshop sessions were conducted by eminent speakers from across the globe and were attended by about 170 delegates from different parts of the country consisting a wide spectrum of professionals. The workshop was inaugurated by Shri V. P. Das, CMD, NBCC. Shri Dharmendra, IAS, Joint secretary, MoUD and Shri V. K. Motwani , ADG(Trg), CPWD spoke on the occasion. Gist of Deliberations:

Dr. Christian J. Engelsen, Senior Scientist, SINTEF spoke on the Best Practice for Processing Construction and Demolition Waste into Recycled Concrete Aggregates. He suggested to develop rational guidelines for stripping the building, pre-sorting of components, technical guidelines for the production of recycled concrete aggregate etc.

Mr. C. K. Khaitan, IAS emphasized the need for establishing Recycling System in Construction Industry considering the necessity for conserving the Natural Resources and adverse impact of present system of C&D Waste disposal on environment and elaborated the initiatives taken by MoUD in dealing with the issues related to C&D wastes.

Dr. A. K. Mullick, Former DG, NCB dealt with the issues related to processing, uses and specifications of Recycled Concrete Aggregate. Dr. A. K. Mullick, Former DG, NCB dealt with the issues related to processing, uses and specifications of recycled concrete aggregate.

Prof. Dong-UK CHOI, Hankyong National University South Korea talked about the Low Carbon Green Growth and Waste Re-cycling in Korea elaborating the regulatory frame work in Korea.

Er. Pradeep Khandelwal, Chief Engineer, EDMC mentioned about the Environmental and Social issues associated with C&D Waste. ICI Update - April-May 2013 02

News from Centres Contd..

A half day visit was arranged for the Delegates to C&D waste recycling plant of MCD at Burari, Delhi, which is the only C&D waste recycling plant in our country. The delegates could see themselves various process in the C&D waste recycling. Resolution The following resolution was accepted and passed by all the participants: Dr. K. N. Satyanarayana, Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, IIT Madras presented the various Models for estimating the Waste Generation. We, all Engineers, City Planners, Urban Designers and Municipal Administrators hereby commit ourselves to convert C&D waste into a useful resource by recycling it, as part of our constant endeavour, by adopting new technologies, by bringing about changes in acts, rules, byelaws, practices, procedures etc, motivating our colleagues and sensitizing our fellow citizens on the issue, to save our environment. Valedictory function was addressed by Dr. Sudhir Krishna Secretary (UD), Govt. of India and Er. V. K. Gupta, DG, CPWD.

Dr. N. B. Mazumdar, Consultant IL&FS dealt on the Regulatory Issues related to C&D waste in India.

M. B. Gopala Krishana, Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. presented a case study of recycling Of High Strength Concrete From Squander Pile Heads. Plant Visit

Er. V. K. Gupta in his speech brought out that recycling of aggregates from concrete waste not only bridge the gap in supply and demand of natural aggregate but also save energy cost in transporting the waste over long distance for dumping. Secretary (UD) appreciated the initiative taken by ICI and assured his support in dealing with issue of C&D waste management. He stressed the fact that recycling of C&D waste shall be one of the major initiative to make our construction industry sustainable.

ICI Update - April-May 2013


News from Centres Contd..


Workshop on Formwork Design & Value Engineering: On 20th April, 2013, ICI Kerala Kochi Centre conducted a workshop on Formwork Design, resource persons being, Er. M. Ilayaraja, BSCC-Cluster In-charge - CB&A, L& T Construction-Chennai Cluster and Er. U. S. Prabakaran, L & T- ECC Division, Chennai. Topics like Emerging Trends in India, Need for Formwork Codes, International Standard, Loads on Formwork, Design Criteria and Value Engineering on Formwork were discussed in detail. Practicing engineers, Structural consultants, Academicians and engineering students from all over Kerala participated enthusiastically in this interactive workshop.

ICI Annual Awards 2013

Nominations are invited for the following awards : 1. ICI - Outstanding Concrete Technologist Award Sponsored by M/s.Fosroc India Ltd 2. ICI - Life Time Achievement Award (N) Sponsored by M/s.Jaiprakash Industries 3. ICI - Life Time Achievement Award (W) Sponsored by M/s.BASF India Ltd 4. ICI - Life Time Achievement Award (E) Sponsored by M/s.Civil Aid (Bureau Veritas Group (India) 5. ICI - Life Time Achievement Award (S) Sponsored by M/s.Larsen & Toubro Ltd. 6. ICI - Outstanding Concrete Structure Award Sponsored by M/s.MC-Bauchemie India Pvt Ltd 7. ICI - Outstanding Prestressed Concrete Structure Award Sponsored by M/s.BBR India Ltd 8. ICI - Young Scientist Award Sponsored by Dr. V. Ramakrishnan 9. ICI - Best Student Chapter Award Sponsored by M/s.BASF India Ltd 10. ICI - Innovative Application of Special Concretes Award Sponsored by M/s.UltraTech Cement Ltd 11. ICI - Best Phd. Thesis in Concrete Award Sponsored by The Master Builders 12. ICI - Best Paper Award published in ICI Journal Sponsored by ICI-Mumbai Centre 13. ICI - Best Paper on Construction Techniques Award published in ICI Journal Sponsored by ICI-Uttarakhand Centre 14. ICI - Best Centre Award Sponsored by HQ For more information, pl visit our website : or mail us to or contact us at 044.24912602.

Lecture by Er. U. S. Prabakaran

A section of the audience

From (R to L): Er. M. Ilayaraja, Er. U. S. Prabakaran, Prof. Anitha G. Pillai

R. Radhakrishnan Secretary General

ICI Update - April-May 2013


News from ICI Students Chapters

Site Visit:

CMRL Site visited at Koyambedu

CMRL Site visited at Saidapettai

SRM Society of Civil Engineers and SRM - ICI student's chapter members visited the construction sites of a) Chennai Metro Rail Limited (CMRL) at Koyambedu and Saidapettai on 06.02.2013, b) Gabion Wall construction at Perungalathur near Tambaram on 12.02.2013 & c) Ready Mixed Concrete (RMC) plant on 18.03.2013 at Kandigai nearby Vandalur for observing the construction practices

at site. Staff members Dr. P. T. Ravichandran, Professor, Mr. M. Moganraj, AP (OG) and Mr. P.R. Kannan Rajkumar AP (Sr.G). / Dr. P. T. Ravichandran, Professor, and Mr. M. Moganraj, AP (OG)) / Mrs. S. Santhana Selvi, AP (SG) & Mr.K.S. Anandh, AP (OG) accompanied the students for the above site visits.

Gabion Wall Construction at Perungalathur

RMC Plant at Kandigai near Vandalur

Officials from CMRL, L&T, Gammon & Maccaferri Environmental Solutions Pvt (Ltd) explained the processes like installation of Prefabricated Vertical Drains for ground improvement at Koyambedu, the construction process of D-wall at Saidapettai and also explained the features and SRM - ICI Student Members Participation in Events SRM ICI society of Civil Engineering students Mr. M. Gulshan Bafna and Mr. V. Midhun Kumar from III year participated in an International workshop on Durability and long term performance of concrete conducted by Indian Institute of Technology (Madras) on 12.02.2013. Mr.V. Midhunkumar and Mr. M. Gulshan Bafna from III year participated and secured FIRST position in National Level Technical Symposium held on 12.03.2013 entitled DYOKRA - 3 rd millennium at J. J. College of Engineering and Technology, Trichy. Mr. Abdul Haseeb ICI Update - April-May 2013 05

the construction process of Gabion Wall. During RMC Site visit, Mr. Sivakumar Administrative Off icer and Mr. J. Kananan Senior Maintenance Engineer of RMC explained the features of RMC plant, batching process and quality control system followed in making RMC.

Wani and Mr. Vishal P. Mehta delivered an oral presentation on the theme Design and construction challenges associated with existing Civil Engineering Marvels at the ICI-FEST held at the Indian Institute of Technology (Madras) during March 14th -15th, 2013. Mr. Mirza Abdul Basit Beigh, Mr. Abdul Haseeb Wani and Mr. Peerzada Abdul Basit won second prize in the event CEA Fest'13, the technical festival organized by the Civil Engineering Department of the Indian Institute of Technology (Madras) during March 15th-17th, 2013.

News from ICI Students Chapters Contd..


Inauguration of ICI Students Chapter: Medi-Caps Institute of Science and Technology, a part of Medi-Caps Group of Institutions inaugurated ICI-Students Chapter on 4th April, 2013 in the august presence dignitaries Shri A.K. Tiwari (Vice-President of UltraTech Cements India Pvt. Ltd), Shri J.S. Chauhan (Chairman of ICI-MP Centre) and The Demolition Man Shri S.B. Sarwate. Dr. Shamsher Singh (Chief Executive Director, Medi-Caps Group of Instituions) welcomed the gathering. Miss. Uma Bhavsar (HOD Civil Department- Medi-Caps Institute of Science and Technology) spoke about Department of Civil Engineering. Shri J.S. Chauhan gave a briefing about Indian Concrete Institute. Shri S.B. Sarwate talked about the needs and aspects of demolition of structures. At the end, Shri A.K. Tiwari enriched the students with his lecture on Advances in Concrete Construction. Mr.Palash Solanki and Mr.Prateek Jain were appointed as President and Vice-President of ICIStudent Chapter respectively. The event ended with vote of thanks delivered by Dr. Shashi Ranjan Kumar (Director, Medi-Caps institute of Science and Technology).

Dignitaries on the dais (L to R) Miss Uma Bhavsar, Shri Sharad Sarwate, Shri J.S. Chauhan, Shri A.K.Tiwari, Shri Gopal Agrawal, Dr.Shamsher Singh, Dr.Shashi Ranjan Kumar

Prof.Toshi Bhavsar felicitating Shri S.B.Sarwate

Shri Sharad Sarwate

Dr.Shamsher Singh

Shri J.S.Chauhan honouring Mr.Palash Solankias President of ICI-Students Chapter


International Conference: The Department of Civil Engineering and the ICI-Students Chapter at Adhiparasakthi Engineering College, Melmaruvathur organized an International Conference on Innovative Materials and construction on April 8 and 9, 2013. The function was inaugurated by Er. R. Radhakrishnan, Secretary General, ICI. More than 100 delegates attended the conference from various institutions from across the country. Sakthi. Dr. G. B. Senthilkumar, Correspondent graced the occasion by his presence. The dignitaries lighted kuthuvilakku as a symbol of inauguration of the conference. Chief Guest ICI Update - April-May 2013 06 Er. R. Radhakrishan in his address emphasized the need for innovations in materials and construction techniques to face the scarcity due to depletion of resources and to achieve sustainable developments to protect the environment. Prof. Dr. Ong Khim Chye Gary, Deputy Head (Administration), Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, National University of Singapore, Singapore was the Guest of Honour for the inaugural function. In his keynote address, he narrated how Singapore was able to overcome the situation of importing all raw materials used for concrete preparation form Indonesia, Japan, etc., to a

News from ICI Students Chapters Contd..

situation of becoming a surplus state by recycling the aggregate retrieved form demolition of buildings. The inaugural session was followed by keynote address of Mr. Perumalsamy, Singapore, Prof. Dr. Malathi, Dean, Sona College of Technology and Prof. Dr. P.N. Ragunath, Annamalai University. They dealt at length the development of various types of concrete from wastes and their applications in construction. A total of more than 100 papers authored by professors from IIT, NICMAR, VIT University, Vellore, Anna University, Annamalai University, Dr. M.G.R. University, conference, of which 44 papers presented. On 9th April 2013, the morning session started with a keynote address by Prof. Dr. M. Neelamegam, Eswari Engineering College. He described the development of varieties of polymer concretes and their applications in repairing concrete structures. This was followed by the address of Dr. J. Prabhakar, Principal Scientist, Structural Engineering Research Centre on the development of lightweight building panels for seismic resistance using PEC MIT Pune, Bangalore University were received for the

thermocol material and wire mesh. The concluding session was held on 9.04.13 at 4 p.m., Prof. Dr. P. Paramasivam, National University of Singapore was the Chief Guest and Dr. Manamohan Kalgal, Head Techical Services, UltraTech Cement was the Guest of Honour. Prof. Paramasivam in his address explained the use of ferrocement in the repair and restoration of elevation of buildings, the technique of prevention of heat transfer into the building through the terrace, construction of boats, and other popular applications using ferrocement through out the world. Dr. Kalgal spoke on innovations in concrete like concrete tents, concrete cloth, etc., which was well received by the participants. The Chief Guest, Guest of Honour and other Dignitaries distributed participation certificates to the authors and delegates. The function ended with Vote of thanks by Ms. D. Saranya, Joint Co-ordinator and rendering of Moolamandiram and National Anthem.

Release of Souvenir at the Inaugural Function

Dr. M.R. Kalgal distributing the certificates

Organizers with Dignitaries

ICI Update - April-May 2013


News from ICI Students Chapters Contd..


ICI-Students Chapter Inauguration:

Er. R. Radhakrishnan Lighting the Lamp

Dr. R. Nalini, Principal, addressing the gathering

GRT Institute of Engineering And Technology (GRTIET), Tiruttani, Chennai opened its ICI-Students Chapter on 22nd April, 2013. Prof. T.S. Lakshmi, HOD, Civil Department

welcomed the gathering. Dr. R.Nalini, Principal of GRTIET felicitated the occasion.

Er. R. Radhakrishnan briefing about ICI

Er. K. Jayasankar being felicitated

Er. R. Radhakrishnan, Secretary General, ICI, briefed about ICI, its activities and the importance of Students Chapter

for the benefit of students.

Er. K. Jayasankar delivering the technical lecture

Dignitaries with Students Chapter Office Bearers

Er.K.Jayasankar, Chairman, ICI-Tamil Nadu Chennai Centre delivered a technical lecture on Challenges in Making Good Concrete. Membership certif icates were distributed to the students. Mr. M.Ruthrakumar was 08

selected as the president of GRTIET-ICI Students Chapter. The function ended up with vote of thanks by Prof. T.S. Lakshmi.

ICI Update - April-May 2013

News from ICI Students Chapters Contd..

TECHNICAL COMMITTEE ON FIBRE REINFORCED CONCRETE (ICI-TC/01) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 Names Lalit Kumar Jain Ravindra Gettu K. Balasubramaniam B.H. Bharatkumar Ganesh Chaudhari Manu Santhanam R. Nagendra K.R.S. Narayan Navneet Narayan Nemkumar Banthia N. P. Rajamane Rajiv Gauri Rakesh Gupta S. Ramakrishnan V. Ramakrishnan V. Senthil Kumar G. Sivakumar Sunitha K. Nayar Sujatha Jose R. M. Telang Position Held Chairman Secretary Member Member Member Member Member Member Member Member Member Member Member Member Member Member Member Member Member Member Affiliation Consultant Professor, IIT Madras Hitech Concrete Solutions Chennai CSIR-SERC Bekaert IIT Madras Civil-Aid Technoclinic Reliance Bekaert Professor, University of British Columbia SRM University Reliance Nina Concrete Systems Pvt. Ltd. Bekaert South Dakota School of Mines & Tech SCUBE Flooring Solutions Managing Director, ICOMAT IIT Madras IIT Madras Garware Wallropes Ltd.


ICI-TC/01 ICI-TC/02 ICI-TC/03 ICI-TC/04 ICI-TC/05 ICI-TC/06 Fibre Reinforced Concrete Precast Construction of Buildings Concrete Admixtures Unified Code for Concrete Construction Recycling of Aggregates from C & D Waste Decorative Concrete

ICI Update - April-May 2013


New Members
S. No. Centre A. Life Members
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 Patiala New Delhi Kochi Nagpur Ghaziabad Goa Hyderabad Chennai Bhopal Bengaluru


Niraj D Shah. Er Niketa T Panchal. Er Mitali Uday Vedanti. Er Chauhan Neha Hemantkumar. Er Trivedi Bhavita Shirish Kumar. Er Mohan Rao K.L. Er

Nadiad (Gujarat) Karamsad (Gujarat) Sunav (Gujarat) Vadodara Nadiad (Gujarat) Bengaluru

Ahmadabad 10005 10006 10007 10008 10009 9991 10000 9989 10014 10015 9995 10017 10003 9996 9992 9993 9997 9994 10012 10013 9990 9998 10010 10011 10016 10018 10019 10020 10021 10022 10023 9999

Basavapatna Ramaiah Srinivasa Murthy.Er Bengaluru Bhruti Sharma. Er Shailendra Kumar Vyas. Er Jitendra Kumar Vyas. Er Metro M.M. Er Pradeep K.P. Mr Ved Prakash Bansal. Er Gurunath M. Naik Parrikar. Er Tekmal Vasudeva Rao. Er Srinivas Reddy P. Er Padmini A.K. Dr Ghanshyam Vallabhdas Desai. Er Suman Kabasi. Er Ashutash Suhas Gasari. Er Saroj Kumar Barnwal. Er Sanjay Kumar Jain. Er Rana Pratap Singh. Er RB Singh Guliani. Er Sudhanshu. Er Shashi Ranjan Kumar Rajan. Er Nand Lal Verma. Er Anil Kumar Khajuria. Er Anand Mohan Prasad Sinha. Er Siddharth. Er Akhilesh Kumar. Er Neeraj Sharma. Er Ujjain (M.P) Indore Indore Chennai Chennai Noida Goa Hyderabad Hyderabad Kannur (Kerala) Nagpur Jadurhati (West Bengal) Wardha (West Bengal) Dibrugarh (Assam) Delhi New Delhi New Delhi Gurgaon Patna Faridabad Jammu & Kashmir Gurdaspur (Punjab) Jehanbad (Bihar) Gurdaspur (Punjab) Faridabad (Haryana)

B. Organizational Life Members 1 2 3 4 Bhopal Chennai Mangalore Pune 9945 10004 10002 10001 10 Medi - Caps Group of Institutions Sri Krishna College of Technology K.V.G. College of Engineering Bekaert Industries Pvt Ltd Indore Coimbatore Sullia (Karnataka) Pune

ICI Update - April-May 2013

Election Notice

ICI Update - April-May 2013


Election Note Contd..

ICI Update - April-May 2013


Forthcoming Events

ICI Update - April-May 2013


Forthcoming Events Contd..

ICI Update - April-May 2013


Forthcoming Events Contd..

ICI Update - April-May 2013


Forthcoming Events Contd..

ICI Update - April-May 2013


Forthcoming Events Contd..

ICI Update - April-May 2013


Forthcoming Events Contd..

ICI Update - April-May 2013