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By Camille Torfs-Leibman & Jenna Wang

A Pravda News Article

A lead story in Pravda, Famine Rules Russia

The Pravda Cover Page

What was Pravda

Pravda was a former Soviet daily newspaper that was published in Moscow and distributed nationwide Communists way of spreading the information that they wanted the people of Russia to know Propaganda was important. There weren't any televisions or radios, so newspapers were the main media

The Start of Pravda

Pravda originated in 1912 in St. Petersburg, Russia Pravda began as an illegal revolutionary newspaper, being banned many times When the Bolsheviks took over Pravda became the official newspaper The original editors of Pravda were Vyacheslav Molotov and Alexander Shlyapnikov

The End of Pravda

On August 22, 1991 a decree by Russian President Boris Yeltsin ended the Communist party, including Pravda The journalists registered a new newspaper with the same name Slightly afterwards, the editor sold Pravda to Greek entrepreneurs

Pravdas Prime Time

They started a legal publication in St. Petersburg in April 22, 1913. It was controlled by Vladimir Lenin, he printed it from 1918 to 1991 Lenin used Pravda to inform the mass amount of people in Russia about his recent political business Pravda was printed daily but only while it was at its high point

While it was still illegal it was printed on an irregular basis

The Articles in Pravda

The newspaper informed its readers about science, economics, cultural topics, literature, and Communist theory and programs. It also published speeches, reviews of speeches, editorials, commentaries, interviews, and illustrations. Pravda did not cover everything that happened, it was censored by the government Pravda used propaganda when directed by the government

Pravda Today
Pravda is still around in different forms and countries The Pravda newspaper analyzes the news from a more socialist perspective Pravda online is published in different languages, it is more like a tabloid and gives a nationalist and sensationalist approach to reporting

What was Learned From Pravda

The public needs to know News is needed not lies Propaganda does not always convince people The spread of information is the first step to any movement

Contributions of Pravda to the Russian People

Before the government took over Pravda (when it was still illegal): It helped organize the revolution It increased peoples awareness of what was going on It was the first newspaper of the people For the first time the horrible life of peasants was made public

The Connections Between Animal and Pravda

Pravda, a Russian newspaper is compared to Squealer Propaganda by newspaper was a very important, because there weren't any televisions or radios When Squealer masks the evil intentions of the pigs, so the pigs could get away with them, without getting any complaints against them (Just as Pravda had done for the Communist government)

List of Connections

Convinces animals to believe and follow Napoleon Changes commandments, uses them to his advantage Covered up all the problems they had on the farm with propaganda

Communist Propaganda Media (Pravda included)

Works for Stalin to convince citizens of his ways Manipulated people, lied to people to convince Convinced people all was well, with propaganda

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