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As mum of 4, triathlete and science-and-tech crusader, Science Centre Chairman Tan Yen Yen gives her all saturday

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Saturday, 11 May 2013


MICA (P) 093/06/2012



Govt studying measures to curb online gambling

Social risks associated with Internet gambling a concern as industry set to take off
Eugene Neubronner

Nine Msians get police warning for Merlion Park gathering

Woo Sian Boon
SINGAPORE The authorities are mull-

Online gambling is a new and potentially more addictive form of gambling, with greater access to the young and vulnerable. These risks will likely be magnified as the technology supporting online gambling further evolves.
Mr S Iswaran

ing over measures such as banning advertisements as well as restricting access and payment to gambling websites to combat the scourge of online gambling, as part of a study involving industry experts and examining regimes in other jurisdictions that will be completed by the end of the year. Announcing this yesterday at the Casino Regulatory Authoritys (CRA) annual workplan seminar, Second Minister for Home Affairs SIswaran pointed out the need to address the worldwide growth trend of online gambling. The global online gambling industry is expected to grow at an annual rate of 9 per cent, with Asia being a significant growth opportunity, he noted. The industry was estimated to be worth about US$400billion (S$493 billion) in 2011. He said: Online gambling is a new and potentially more addictive form of gambling, with greater access to the young and vulnerable. These risks will likely be magnified as the technology supporting online gambling further evolves. He added the Government shares the communitys concerns over the social risks associated with this highly accessible form ofgambling. Noting the practical challenges, Mr Iswaran said complete eradi-

cation would be difficult because of technological change. He added that various countries have taken quite divergent approaches. Hong Kong and Norway, for instance, permit only a limited number of state-approved companies to offer online gambling products. Other jurisdictions, such as Australia and Nevada, have recently begun regulating some types of online gambling through a licensing regime. Posti ng on Facebook later, MrIswaran said the study would assess the efficacy and feasibility of implementing measures that are being used in other jurisdictions, and whether amendments to current laws or even new legislation arerequired. On whether the CRA would be responsible for regulating online gambling, Mr Iswaran said that it was too early to draw conclusions as to what role the CRA or indeed any other agency will play in this effort although the CRAs experience in regulating casinos could be useful. In November, Mr Iswaran said in Parliament while wrapping up a debate on amendments to the Casino Control Act that the authorities have started a review of
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A woman trapped for 17days beneath the rubble of the collapsed Rana Plaza building was discovered alive yesterday, after she managed to grab the attention of rescue workers by moving a pipe. The woman, whose name is Reshma, had apparently been in the basement of the collapsed building. Rescuers said they were clearing debris yesterday afternoon when they saw a pipe moving and heard cries of save me. They found Reshma, pulled her free and then rushed her to a nearby military hospital. The rescue teams had long given up hope of finding more survivors, and the discovery came hours after it was announced that the death toll had surged past the 1,000 mark.

authorities are reviewing the work and visit passes of nine Malaysians who were deemed to have actively participated in an illegal gathering at the Merlion Park on Wednesday, the police said yesterday. In a media statement, the police added that their employers would be informed of the review and conditional warnings were issued to the individuals. Apart from the nine who were warned, as many as 200 others were said to have taken part in the gathering, including MediaCorp actors Zhang Yaodong and Shaun Chen. It is understood that the police have taken statements from them and investigations are continuing. The gathering, where participants were dressed in black and held placards, was in response to a call on social media for Malaysians around the world to show solidarity with their countrymen. It coincided with a massive rally held in Selangor organised by the opposition Pakatan Rakyat alliance to protest against alleged fraud-marred election results. With the Malaysian opposition pledging to hold more protest rallies, the Singapore police had earlier warned foreigners, including Malaysians, not to import their domestic issues from their countries into Singapore and conduct activities which can disturb public order, as there can be groups with opposing views. Those who break the law will be seriously dealt with. This may include termination of their work
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