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Government of Malawi


Your Excellency Shinzo Abe, Prime Minister of Japan Honourable Ministers Ladies and Gentlemen Let me congratulate Your Excellency for the impressive arrangements that you have put in place to have a successful TICAD V. As the TICAD process celebrates its 20th Anniversary, I am happy to be here and be part of the celebrations. As Africa also celebrates her 50th Anniversary, I believe this TICAD V will enhance our partnership and cooperation to greater levels. It is remarkable to note that the Government of Japan has remained committed to its TICAD IV pledges despite the challenges experienced during the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011. Your Excellency Our two countries have enjoyed cordial relations since 1964. Malawi considers Japan to be a reliable friend and development partner who continues to provide worthwhile assistance to Malawi in various areas including infrastructure development, health, agriculture, water and irrigation and capacity building.

Malawi is proud to have received the highest number of Japanese Volunteers since the programme began in 1971 in Malawi (1,600). This also signifies the special relations that exist between our two countries. These relations have withstood the test of time and are based on mutual respect of human rights, sovereignty and cooperation for human development. Japanese volunteers have contributed significantly in the developmental efforts of Malawi. They have worked in various fields such as: Education, Health, Nutrition and HIV/Aids, Agriculture and Community Development. Japan has also assisted Malawi in the following development projects: 1. Construction of over 1,300 boreholes; 2. Construction of rural health centres; 3. Rural Elctrification Programme; 4. Establishment of irrigation projects including the Bwanje Irrigation Scheme; 5. Infrastructure development, including the construction of the Blantyre Masauko Chipembere Highway and the construction of the South Rukuru Bridge; and the rehabilitation and expansion of community day secondary schools; and 6. Empowering communities through the one Village One Product (OVOP) Program.

Your Excellency, as you are aware, I took office of the President of Malawi in April, 2012 after the death of my predecessor, Prof Bingu wa Mutharika. The economy was at the verge of collapsing. The countrys development partners had withdrawn their support and I had to make difficult decisions to bring back the economy on track. We have now put in place an Economic Recovery Programme which targets five priority sectors of agriculture, mining, tourism, energy and infrastructure development. I therefore wish to appeal to Your Excellency to assist Malawi by supporting the programs which my government has put in place in order to restore our economy and bring it back on a sustainable path. Japan is technologically advanced and has developed unique ways of improving and modernizing means of production in the areas of farming, mining, energy and many more. It is in this vein that I am requesting Your Excellencys government to assist Malawi in a number of projects, particularly, the Project for the Extension of Tedzani Electricity Hydropower Station which my government submitted last year. Malawi needs reliable energy in order to create a conducive environment that will attract investment. Currently, we are failing to produce enough energy to

satisfy local demand. in addition, there are several other projects that we would like your government to take into consideration to support and these include the construction of jetties along Lake Malawi, rehabilitation of the Nacala Railway Line, Development of the Sena Corridor and construction of the terminal buildings at Kamuzu International Airport in our capital city Lilongwe. Let me finally assure Your Excellency that Malawi is committed to the TICAD Process and is also looking forward to working together with Japan for the mutual benefit of our two countries.

I thank you.