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Turn Heat Into Electricity with the PG-1 Power Generator!



.50(12.5mm) 3.0(76.0mm)


This self-contained device is ideal for demonstrating the Seebeck effect of thermoelectric power generation for the scientist, educator, inventor, or hobbyist. The PG-1 comes fully assembled with everything you need to begin your own thermoelectric power plant. Apply heat using a canned fuel or some other heat source to begin generating electricity. Thermoelectric power generation is made possible by creating a temperature difference across the thermoelectric module inside the unit. Heat flows from the higher temperature surface to the lower temperature surface creating an electrical potential. When the electrical circuit is completed, electrons flow and electrical power is produced. Tellurex has designed the PG-1 to power its fan and maintain the temperature difference with power to spare. The net output of approximately 0.75 Watt is adjustable from 3 to 14 VDC by means of a built-in voltage converter, making application of this device extremely flexible. Charge batteries, power your handheld game or phone, power LEDs or music devices, or run fans. Any small DC device in your imagination can be powered off the grid!
Caution: Care must be taken to ensure that the module IS NOT subjected to temperatures greater than 175C (347F) or the unit may stop operating and permanent damage could occur. Tellurex will not replace under warranty a module or system that has exceeded the 175C (347F) upper temperature limit. Net Power Output: Output Voltage (adjustable): Dimensions: Weight: Mounting: Connections: 0.75 Watt 3 VDC to 14 VDC (adjustable with voltage converter) 9.0 (228mm) x 4.75 (120mm) x 4.75 (120mm) 1 lb.13 oz. Bench Top Model Flyings Leads (12 in length)

4.0(102.0mm) 4.75(120.0mm)

Flame power your handheld device! Charge batteries! Power a handheld game system! Great starting point for waste heat recovery/ alternative energy development Renewable energy experimentation Power LED arrays! Power USB devices with an open flame!

PG-1 Power Generation Kit Performance Specs & Operation

1.0 0.9 0.8

0.30 0.25
Net Output Wattage

Operate the PG-1 With Caution: This device uses an open flame to generate electricity
and should be operated with the appropriate safety precautions! Whenever using a canned fuel source, follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer. The heat collection plate can reach 174C (345F). Do not touch this hot surface as you can burn yourself! Never connect the leads together! The leads will produce 3 to 14 volts of direct current and could create sparks. When attaching the leads to your device you are powering or charging, observe the polarity (blacknegative, red-positive). Tellurex assumes no liability for damage that could occur when connecting the PG-1 to an external device.

Net Output Wattage

0.7 0.6 0.5 0.4 0.3 0.2 0.1 0 3


0.20 0.15

Output Current Level

0.10 0.05 0
7 9 Output Voltage 11 13

Tellurex PG-1 Power Generator Performance Graph

The PG-1 Power Generation Experimentation Kit Operation

1. A canned fuel (Sterno or Magic Heat) with a wick canister works best. 2. Light the wick of the heat source, then position the flame so it is centered under the heat plate of the PG-1. 3. The system will heat up and the fan will begin to spin after 3 to 5 minutes 4. The output voltage can be adjusted to desired level using a small regular screwdriver. Turn the trim pot screw on the voltage converter while monitoring the output with a voltmeter. 5. Full power will be reached after approximately 10-15 minutes.

Output Current Max

The completely assembled PG-1 Power Generation Kit Includes: Tellurex Z-Max Thermoelectric Module (G1-1.0-127-1.27) DC fan Aluminum heat sink Alloy heat collector plate 6 inch legs (removed for shipping and packaging) Adjustable voltage converter Stainless steel fasteners Teflon hook-up wires

Adjusting the output voltage on the PG-1 voltage converter with a small screwdriver and a voltmeter

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