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Sunday, 13th January (MT Wk 1) 4pm in the JCR SU Meeting: Minutes A: Officers Reports NEW CHAIR Jez Stothart

PRES Sky good news Gym bid at end of term, hopefully over easter Coffee machine VICE PRES Website Constitution Agenda Suggestions red box in the JCR Food & Amenities Rep needed TREASURER Money from Sky ACAF CV workshop ACCESS Interviews good Access roadshow end of term Mentoring scheme ARTS Keeping things ticking over More workshops BAR fun social events CHARITIES Nominations Oxfords got talent (Wadham) ENTZ Wadstock preparations FOOD & AMENITIES

New reps needed HOUSING Room ballot sent Living out stuff Merifield for 3rd years INTERNATIONAL Intnl night Crewdate LGBTQ Crewdate Flag flying MCR SARAH LAWRENCE Superbowl Feb 3rd SPORTS ACMeeting TECH Microphones WELFARE Handover Welfare brunch on other weeks Fridge for the snug Yoga/Zumba Anti-5th-week-blues WOMENS With welfare Sign for door DISCUSSION POINTS 1. NEW MEETING TIMING Trial for odd weeks this term End of term meetings might be tricky Might be able to have one mid-8th Week 2. ROOM PHONES Getting rid of room phones because we are introducing wifi Poor signal in college

Emergencies International students phone room in college where you can use this Staff use phones for urgent contact Sports use phones Conference guests? Not really Welfare has used phones Phone per staircase; not viable Mobile no. given to lodge; emergency contact still available there Charity rate for phones? Context with other colleges Can we compromise emergency contact for the sake of a wifi? Emergencies both ways Emergency case depends on people being available in the room Phones in some rooms but not others Impractical because people want to contact each other Round college survey on phone usage? Computer meeting 3rd week MOTIONS 3. JULIAN ASSANGE Motion to condemn his appearance And donate to Oxford Rape Crisis Centre Money sum How much it costs to join the Union Rape crisis centre needs money Whats he talking about About wikileaks No acknowledgement of issue in advertising Misinformation about reason why he is being extradited to Sweden Unproven allegations gives impression theyre about whistleblowing not rape Money can be given through Charities Other JCRs covering this issue and also OUSU (protest) Discussion Oxford Union traditionally a place for controversial debate Free speech; can have his voice Union prestigious and influential platform Still only allegations not charges; innocent until proven guilty Serious allegations Not up to us who speaks at the union

Reinforces the silence of rape victims 20 minute Q&A section leaves himself open to such questions Long history of silencing victims of sexual assault Assange has already spoken out on other platforms Freedom of speech; right to speak and express opinions Difference between providing the platform and allowing speech Freedom of speech should be valued Preventing the platform gets rid of opportunities to have valuable discussion which aids the cause The Assange talk has given rise to JCR discussion of rape victims Up to the Oxford Union; provides relevant interest for members Condemnation against Union for failing to mention rape case Suggesting amendment to get rid of no platform but to condemn and protest against Union platform for wikileaks case, not rape allegations. Rape allegations are being silenced as they have been in history Union ignoring this case also silences these allegations Tenuous link between his wikileaks involvement and rape case In itself, the fact that Assanges whistle blowing overrides the rape case trivialises the historical silence Amendment to propose that Oxford Union should include allegations of rape in their blurb This motion actively takes away platform rather than passively not inviting; censorship Inviting him in the first place a form of censorship of rape victims This motion is a stronger way of expressing disapproval No actual hope of stopping him speaking but a way to show non-support for a culture of a silence Want him to speak but also want recognition of rape allegations; can we get the Union to mention this? Not practical Union is completely separate to Wadham; we cant control what they do If wed known from before the termcard we wouldnt have wanted him to speak Victims are to blame not clear victims are to blame for false allegations FRIENDLY AMENDMENT

Express strong disapproval Wouldve preferred to have not invited in the first place Disapproval of Julian Assange title Removal of clause a to withdraw invitation Mandate womens officer to write to Union and to update publicity to include for allegations of rape Amendment of b) faced for questioning; rather than face trial If questioning leads to trial, should support trial. *removed in later amendment NEW AMENDMENT Remove letter to Union about disapproving of him coming to speak Just update publicity and make clear about rape allegations Dont believe hes an inappropriate speaker Symbolic silencing of rape victims by Assange Have to stand against it in order to give any weight to the motion Amendment passes FRIENDLY AMENDMENT Donation doesnt come at a particular time of crisis More money available if done through Charities Mandate Womens Officer to take at least this sum to the next Charities Meeting Money should be made clear as part of the motion Taking out money from the motion sends a bad message Reason Charities Meeting was set up in SU history was to avoid cases of overgiving to charities FRIENDLY AMENDMENT Ask the Union to actively support the victims of rape in future Overrides the point of this talk in the first place Suggest a later Union talk featuring someone who can speak on behalf of rape victims Include that in a letter to be sent which clarifies that it wont affect the Assange talk AMENDMENT? Take away implication of Union connection in the specific sum No, because Union made the error in not including rape in publicity FRIENDLY AMENDMENT Money taken as profit from Assange talk should be donated to Rape Crisis Centre

Rather, suggest that Union donate the same sum we are donating Original proposers think weve made a good compromise Publicity at fault Charities Money a good donation Motion passes 4. OUSU Propose Anna as 3rd voter to OUSU meeting