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Sunday, 27th January (HT Wk 3) 4pm in the JCR SU Meeting: Minutes A: Officers Reports Details not recorded Email if you would like information B: Motions 1. OXFORD RADICAL FORUM Details not recorded Email if you would like information Motion passes 2. FORMAL HALL Formal evening dinner on Fridays with gowns QUESTIONS Quick fact: College has to up price for nice food, no exceptions Doesn't have to be nice food Will there be grace etc No Gowns? Yes Essentially no difference? Just get people to wear gowns Main difference is 3-course dinner Point that formal hall varies massively by college Often subsidised Not always more popular Factual info from 2 years ago Can't put such strain on kitchens Chef doesn't like putting out average food for guest nights Other college subsidies come from rent Have they spoken to food officers? No Guest dinners turned into formal hall? They're halfway point

Seems to suggest that all motion wants is for gowns to happen in hall Tutors and wardens against it DISCUSSION Access: Gown gives a bad image Emphasis on 'no formal hall' as part of Wadham's image 3 courses good Formal hall unimportant; makes no difference Gives good image and less stuffy Guest night: is there a calendar for when guest nights are Formal halls are an oxfordy thing; formal hall infrequently won't ruin image Parents lunch at end of term More guest nights Demonstration of no formal hall at wadham Can go to other colleges Don't have to wear a gown If they want to do it, give them the opportunity Strong point about message of gown Wearing gowns is a class issue Compromise: guest dinners Always good reception for guest dinners Flexibility from kitchens Could emphasise themed dinners rather than formal hall Gowns and black tie symbol of inequality and elitism It's just a bit of fun Would anyone object to a non-named, no-gown dinner Amendment: Guest dinner Removal of clause B Every Friday 3-course meal

Bring your own bottle? Wine cellarer Buy your own bottle from the cellar? Potential logistics Don't get hopes up too high Potential resistance from staff/authorities Proposal is now to ask college if we can introduce guest dinners as something to look forward to in college on a Friday evening Overcame political part of motion Value of regular meal of good quality More affordable and less sporadic than current guest dinners Cost of dinner; implications Wine: Doesn't matter if college College should provide community support Food rep says probably won't be approved in the end anyway Motion passes 3. YARD-GLASS Cost: 70 Bar serves ale SU Pres says it's good Ale should be vegetarian Yard-glass leader board AMENDMENT: Add leader board into motion Opposition: Male domination in college and this is part of that culture Motion passes

4. OUSU 1. Emergency motions Funding reduction 2. Election timing Sorting out Sarah Pine to go as 3rd vote 5. CHARITY HIKE TO WEMBLEY Take it to the money meeting (6th week)

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