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Sunday, 10th February (HT Wk 5) 4.

00pm in the JCR SU Meeting: Minutes A: Officers Reports PRESIDENT Rent Negotiations Provisional approval for bike scheme Library Tagging bikes New projector Guest dinners: Fridays impossible on regular basis but already introducing more for next term TREASURER Money Meeting Thursday 6th Week VICE PRESIDENT Holding elections Made a template for all future elections on mi-vote Promotion for elections; improvement in turnout Charities: Environment ACADEMIC Academic Session this week ACCESS Recruiting Student Ambassadors Training on Saturday, last opportunity this year; email to join ARTS New arts officer handover (Alex Wood) Ongoing projects Had meeting with Angie (thanks for your work etc!) Ideas for Arts Week; advertising uni-wide BAR & SOCIAL Whisky tasting COMMUNICATIONS Started tweeting: College Website Meeting, more info soon OUSU Council: next on Wednesday, motions to be read at end Last OUSU meeting emergency motion for much needed money for OUSU

ENTZ Wadstock preparations Email in for Wadstock auditions/interest etc FOOD & AMENITIES International dinner organised Bike tagging scheme: help improve bike shed organisation HOUSING Room choosing still successfully underway Hoping to put together photos taken of each room INTERNATIONAL Feb 28th: First international themed food night Crewdate in 2 days LGBTQ LGBTQ history month; flag flying Saturday crewdate Scott Mills talk to be held at Wadham MCR Exec Meeting SARAH LAWRENCE Superbowl party success. More planned SPORTS CB Fry Wadham walked to Wembley Wadham football team TECH More lights at bop (too many lights at bop) WELFARE Anti-5th-Week-Blues Welfare Week Imps tonight in JCR for free, 9pm Comfort Food Night Yoga/Zumba Girls Night In Open Mic Night WOMEN Thanks to all involved in WomCam campaign Wednesday Girls Night In with Welfare (boys welcome too!)

B: Motions MOTIONS SOLVED IN ADVANCE ASKING WARDEN TO SUPPORT SAME SEX MARRIAGE BILL Warden has already agreed to support FRIDGES IN DOUBLE ROOMS Already the case that double rooms pay relevant rate, either: Half price (30) each for one fridge between two Full price (60) each for two fridges (as normal) 1. SELLING COFFEE MACHINE Proposed by Jahni Emmanuel, SU President Coffee machine bought last year for 4854 with 80/month service, SU funds Not worth expenditure Pres negotiating out of 5-year contract Will replace machine with tea, coffee and kettles in JCR Questions How much money is it losing? 76.24/month Not breaking even at all Should be selling 1000 cups (currently selling 53/month) Eyes on potential buyers? Trying to sell to other JCRs (e.g. if they have cafes) Discussion If the replacement kettles get messy, College might remove them So try to keep them clean Snug also has fridge with tea and coffee Conclusion Mandate SU President to (try to) sell coffee machine Outcome No opposition Motion passes 2. SUPPORTING TURING PARDON Proposed by Adam Roberts SU to support posthumous pardon for Turing for conviction of homosexuality Questions Is there any precedent for this posthumous repealing? Yes, pardoning of WW1 soldiers for example

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Outcome No opposition Motion passes 3. 1. MOTION FOR THE ONE Proposed by Joseph Williamsone Jahni Emmanuel is the ONE As the ONE, she should wear a ONEsie to all future SU meetings ONE Questions Where will the money for the onesie come from? Future SU pres gets hold of one each week by own means (e.g. borrowing) Does it have to be a different one each week? Yes Discussion Jahni would look onederful Is Jahni happy with onesie? Yes Will Jahni wear onesie en route to and from meeting? Yes, but with onesie guard Mandate a onesie guard Conclusion AMENDMENT That one SU member should walk with Jahni to and from college as onesie guard Amendment taken as friendly Jahni will wear onesie from next meeting onewards Outcome No opposition Motion passes

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4. ROOM BALLOT Proposed by Jahni Emmanuel, SU Vice President Suggestion of allowance to ballot in groups up to 10 members More likely to live near friends Almost every other college ballots in groups Questions How would it be done from within groups? Group members can sort things between themselves however they wish

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Any effect on the incoming freshers? No, they will pick by form as normal How does it work? People can choose to ballot in groups OR as individuals Shouldnt be any implications of unfairness How does it work for sharing as a two? Can ballot as a group of pairs What happens when a group comes at the bottom and the remaining rooms are all over the place? Same solution as it is now anyway. Group at bottom could always pick Bowra which remains free. This random allocation mathematically treats individuals less fairly than groups Housing Officer: When would groups pick each other? Michaelmas? More work for H.O.? Groups can work things out amongst themselves What if theres a group of 11? Split into 2 groups of 6 and 5 Other colleges get groups of approx 6 We propose between 1 and 10 people Maybe group size based on size of staircase? Discussion Massively opposed: bad integration of 1st and 3rd years will be made worse Current system bad for people in the middle who dont know where their friends will end up You can arrange to end up in a group anyway e.g. SC 16/17 this year Hard to do this though; cant arrange in advance when and friends are so far from each other in ballot Separation isnt a bad thing; can socialise in a friends room better than yours Would much rather live in a staircase together which is like a house atmosphere Groups of 10 would be too big because there will be remainder rooms spare Dont want to go through the bitchy politics of sorting housing groups again Should be easier/calmer in established 2nd year groups Revival of a freshers-only staircase would be a good plus SC 9 used to be this but not any more Some freshers-only staircases v disruptive to nearby finalists though Housing Officer: Many logistical difficulties in making room decisions within groups Issue really doesnt matter; college community is very close anyway, dont have to have friends in own staircase. Good that its mixed

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Nice to have your own space again in 3rd year Also nice to live with new people who you havent met properly before Current 2nd year really wanted to live with friends again next year and currently not able to Being in the same space would be better for knowing whos in etc People might feel awkward obligation of balloting with old housemate group Final year can actually be a fresh, different year Current system supports integration with 1st years Especially good for people on 4-year course whose friends have mostly gone People organise themselves into groups anyway Nothing wrong with formalising; pro-motion By contrast, this also means theres no need to bother Main aim of motion is to improve system for people in the middle who dont have a good idea where friends elsewhere in the ballot end up Old system works out fine anyway for some However, new system lessens the element of luck New system does give people the choice to pick rooms in a staircase by themselves if they want to stick similar to the old system This proposal is entirely hypothetical No guarantee that people will get into groups End result might be just like the old system anyway Groupmates not always likely to pick same type of room; different preferences Current 1st year is relatively cliquey New system might cause this to entrench itself even more come 3rd year Original proposer: Now tempted to retract motion having changed mind but happy to hear opinions Conclusion Motion not retracted, but amendment proposed by another SU member AMENDMENT To bring the number of people allowed in a group down from 10 to 4 Amendment taken as friendly Outcome Some opposition Motion put to vote Motion fails

C: Matters for Discussion 1. TORTOISES Proposed by Jen Wright Connie Bloomfield will kindly donate two Wadham tortoises (thanks Connie!!) Put suggestions for names in suggestions box Vote on names in next SU elections What are the tortoises like? Two males; might be in love with each other! Tortoise Officer Elections next week Preferably someone in college next year Roles include: Talking to Warden re hibernation Getting hold of a hutch

D: OUSU AGENDA for OUSU Council on Wednesday 13/02/13, 5pm, Corpus Christi Motions for OUSU to bring to NUS Council in April Proportion of female delegates Anti-Early Release Campaign Sex and Relationship Education Tax Avoidance Child Poverty Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Same Sex Marriage No discussion volunteered on any of the above motions In future, all OUSU agenda will be sent out in advance with SU agenda (with or without my voice recorded as an aid for insomnia :P) Rather than talk through all motions, interest/relevance will be gauged in advance (inc. emails to involved Wadhamites so they can talk to SU) THE END.