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Mahesh Reddy
First Name: Mahesh Last Name: Reddy Email: Contact Number (Mobile): Contact Address: Personal Data: DOB: Sex: Nationality: Indian Marital Status: Single

Experience Summary
4 years of work experience in SAS Programming and Insurance Domain (General Insurance Actuarial and Accounting Department, Long Term Care Insurance Marketing Analytics, Mortgage Insurance Risk Reporting) Expertise in SAS V8.2/V9 Programming (SAS/Base, SAS/Macros, SAS/Access, SAS/SQL, SAS/DDE) on Windows and UNIX platforms. Experience in identifying KPIs, automating MIS reports and design of SAS data warehouse using Base SAS and SAS Macros. 1.5 years of work experience in U.K as SAS Analyst for Risk Reporting Team. Mentored and trained junior members of the team. Communicated effectively in writing and oral presentations to external clients and internal stakeholders. Working knowledge in SQL Plus, VBA for MS Excel and MSAccess. Underwent in-house Six Sigma Green Belt Training. Completed several successful LEAN projects focusing on improvement of existing process.

Certified Base Programmer for SAS V9 from SAS Institute. Achieved the Gold Award for Best Performer in 2008 from Genpact, India. Ability to learn new tools and techniques quickly along with strong programming and analytical skills to thoroughly evaluate and solve a problem.

Educational Qualifications Qualification Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering Senior Secondary School Leaving Certificate Secondary School Leaving Certificate University, Institute SCMS School of Engineering and Technology, India Central Board of Secondary Education, India Central Board of Secondary Education, India % GPA 73 68 82 Year of Completion 2005 2001 1999

Technical Expertise Operating Systems Languages Windows 9x/2000/XP SAS V9/V8 (SAS/Base, SAS/Macros, SAS/SQL, SAS/ACCESS, SAS/ODS),

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Scheduler Tools Source Control Packages SQL IBM Tivoli Work Scheduler Planview MS Office (Excel, Word, Access, PowerPoint)

Work Experience 4 Years

Employment Details with Genpact Organisation Genpact Designation Business Analyst From 15-Jan-2007 To Till date

Professional Experience: Client - Genworth Mortgage Insurance, Location - London, United Kingdom Role - Risk Analyst 17 March 2008 Till Date Member of the Mortgage Insurance Risk Reporting Team involved in automation of standard reports used by Senior Leadership Team using Base SAS, SAS Macros, SAS Access, SAS SQL and SAS DDE and improve the Monthly Report generation Process. Conducted regular Technical Training courses to the Risk Team. The trainings were Introduction to SAS Programming, Macros and SQL in SAS, How to write SAS programs efficiently, Automations using SAS/DDE. Developed good knowledge of Mortgage Insurance Business by analyzing the quarterly and Ever To Date Risk parameters to study the growth of Mortgage Insurance Business. Generated performance and physical data for various lenders to help in analyzing the performance of the loans on a quarterly basis. Interacted with Operations, Finance, Sales, IT and other teams to help them improve the understanding of the KPIs generated in the reports and understand new requirements. Involved in Data Cleaning of Sybase database that helped improve the quality of data uploaded onto the database. Assisted with monthly data uploads to SAS data warehouse and checks. Redesigned the SAS Data warehouse to eliminate redundancy of variables, improve the efficiency and time involved in the monthly generation of SAS reports from the data warehouse and reduce the complexity of the whole system. Currently involved in eliminating the redundancy of the reports by studying the KPIs generated, removing the reports no longer being used, identifying new KPIs required by interaction with other teams and developing business specification document for the development of new reports and redesign of existing reports.

MAJOR PROJECT REDESIGN OF SAS DATAWAREHOUSE Technologies Used SAS v8.2 (Base SAS, SAS Macros, SAS SQL, SAS Access, SAS DDE) Database Sybase Operating System Windows The main idea of the project was to reduce the high amount of time involved in generation of reports, manual work, redundancy of many SAS variables and inclusion of other important variables required for Risk Analysis in the SAS datasets. The project also focused on reducing the time involved in changing SAS programs to reflect changes in the Sybase database and make adhoc task requests much simpler by simply extracting the required data from a high level reporting dataset. The project involved firstly creating a data flow diagram of the old SAS data warehouse, identifying repetition of process, list the SAS variables in the existing SAS datasets and the new variables required, the

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method of extraction of these variables from the database, list the calculated variables along with their calculations and input dependencies. Using this, a new data warehouse was designed and discussed. The platform programs were created first which extracted datasets from Sybase. The reporting datasets were then created from the platform datasets. The reporting datasets were divided into physical and performance datasets. Standard SAS macros like dates macros were created which were used in the programs. The programs also used SAS efficiency techniques.

Client - Genworth Long Term Care, United States of America Location Bangalore, India Role - Business Analyst 15 Jan 2007 15 March 2008 Member of the Marketing Analytics Team for Long Term Care insurance gaining sufficient exposure to LTC Insurance and SAS Programming. Gained thorough exposure to Reporting and Analytics involved in Long Term Care Marketing. Actively involved in Lead Generation program to help the customer identify the key population who have the highest response rate for a mailing. Analyzed agents 13 weeks performance and distribution of the leads among the agents based on their performance. Extracted data for adhoc requests from the database using SQL Plus and SAS. Documented the process to generate Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for operation and maintenance of reports. Used extensive SAS Programming to o Extract data from Oracle database o Manipulate the data extracted above and create MIS datasets using SAS/Base and extensive SAS/Macros o Identify data issues and take corrective actions o Create MIS Reports used by Senior Leadership for taking business decisions o Create reusable SAS Macros wherever applicable. Used VBA for Excel to generate macros for formatting of reports in MS Excel. Worked on LEAN Projects for improvement of the process.

MAJOR PROJECT AUTOMATION OF REPORTS FOR MARKETING MIS TEAM Technologies Used SAS v9 (Base SAS, SAS Macros, SAS SQL, SAS Access), VBA for Excel, SQL, MS Access Database Oracle Operating System Windows The automation of reports aimed at reducing the amount of manual work done to generate the weekly reports. These reports enable the business users to look into the various aspects of LTC product marketing for Genworth, which include number of mailers, responses, leads delivered, leads distributed to agents and so on for various categorical variables. Of the 12 weekly reports, 8 reports were completely automated by extracting data from Oracle warehouse using SAS and performing the required manipulation like variable calculations, match merging and so on to create the final dataset. This dataset was then exported to either MS-Excel or MS-Access based on the amount of data. The required formatting for the repots generated in excel sheets was done using VBA for Excel. The automation of reports reduced the manual work greatly and pulled down the number of reporting days from 3 days to one day. Employment Details with Allianz Cornhill Information Services Organisation Designation From To

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Allianz Cornhill Information Services Professional Experience: Client - Allianz Cornhill UK Location Kerala, India Role - SAS Programmer 03 August 2005 01 January 2007 Member of the Allianz Cornhill UK Direct Insurance General team mainly focusing on implementing new products in SAS data warehouse and generate reports using SAS v8.2 in UNIX platform. Responsible for transitioning the Direct Insurance General MIS business unit from Allianz Cornhill UK to the offshore unit in India. Train junior members of the team on SAS and DHOLAP (Allianz Cornhill Report generation tool similar to OLAP) Design the structure of the datasets Formulate the dataset design principles Define rules for the derivation of certain fields Interact with Actuarial and Planning Division to confirm rules Design and program standard reports for Actuarial and Planning Division. These reports focused on historical analysis of premium movement and claims development, Loss Ratios, New Business, Lapses, Premium, Expired Loans and were automated to be generated on a quarterly basis. Responsible for handling any errors occurring during the Monthly build Process. Web Administrator of Allianz Cornhill intranet controlling and updating the web pages. Software Engineer 03-Aug-2005 01-Jan-2007

MAJOR PROJECT TRANSITION PROJECT DIAMOND DIG MIS SYSTEM Technologies Used SAS v8.2 (Base SAS, SAS Macros, SAS SQL, SAS Access), VBA for Excel, SQL, MS Access Database Oracle Operating System UNIX This challenging project focuses on off shoring an entire business unit ' DIAMOND DIG MIS' from UK Allianz Cornhill to India offshore unit. It involved firstly training a new resource in SAS and DHOLAP, understanding the business and gaining sufficient domain knowledge in the DIG area. It also involved creation of two main documents as output business understanding and application understanding document. The existing team in UK who signed it off verified the documents. The division is now off shored to ACIS and the tasks are handled independently, i.e. end-to-end interaction with the whole project life cycle. The Application Understanding Document includes the MIS processing starting from reading Oracle tables from Oracle system, generating SQL scripts to store these tables in the staging database, create the platform datasets from the SAS views created which hold all the historical data. The platform datasets are then combined together in different permutations and combinations to give a number of High-level and low-level model datasets. The reports are then created from these datasets which are viewed by the enduser using DHOLAP.

References Professional and personal references are available on request.

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