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Scripture Searchers
Berean Bible Fellowship Newsletter, May 2013 Issue

Letter from the Editor

Greetings and a warm welcome to our very first issue of Scripture Searchers! We are so excited to make it to this point. It has been a long time since Berean Bible Fellowship had an Official Publication. The newsletter was first published decades ago and now, with Gods grace, it has been restored and jam-packed with contributors whom we are honored to be part of our team. We appreciate your support and are so happy to have you as a reader of Scripture Searchers. To God be the Glory!

Let us labor until the Master comes

was the theme of this years Missions Conference that was held last April 7- 8 at Berean Bible Fellowship. Every year BBF missionaries and sister church workers are invited to come and give ministry reports. This is a mission activity aimed to strengthen the burden of believers for missions. It is also a time for the missionaries and church Bantayan Bible Fellowship, Cebu; Pastor Danilo Pondoc from Simbuco Bible Fellowship and Pastor Rowel Acoba from Lapasan Bible Fellowship. Pastor Danilo Pondoc was the first speaker and he gave his message on Saturday night. He quoted that, When God calls, he qualifies. The next speakers Pastor days were Loloy


by Joan A. Bahinting

workers to share about how God has worked in their lives through experiences theyve had in their mission field. The speakers this year were Pastor Bonnie Pejano from

and Pastor Bonnie. Pastor Loloys message was quoted from the book of 1 Corinthians 9:15-17 wherein it says that believers must labor until the master comes.

With warmest thanks, Paul Nikolai C. Pinongcos Editor-in-Chief

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They received the Word with all readiness of mind, and searched the Scriptures daily whether those things were so. Acts 17:11 (KJV) This is the very passage which inspired the name Berean Bible Fellowship, and this same attitude of the Bereans should characterize every child of God. We should be characterized by simple faith in Gods Word and humble inquisitiveness of the important details of Gods revelation. I personally congratulate the young Bereans for initiating the revival of this much awaited newsletter. And to every believer who reads this well- done job, may this newsletter serve as an encouragement to serve our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ faithfully, until He comes. God bless us all!

MISSIONS CONFERENCE 2013 (from page 1)

There were three points in his message. First, that it is a believers duty, responsibility, and accountability to be ambassadors of Christ. Second, that it is a believers privilege to preach the gospel. Lastly, God has promised rewards (a crown that will last forever) to those who have been doing the responsibility of sharing the gospel. Pastor Bonnies message was from the book of Matthew 28:18-20. He emphasized that it is a churchs goal that Christians should be able to spread the gospel according to each spiritual gift bestowed by God. Believers should first surrender their lives to God before they can discern Gods will (Romans 12:1-2). He even added for the single believers, Ask what is Gods will not who is Gods will. Believers should seek the will of God, pray and find ways to serve Him. That afternoon, after all the messages, there was lunch and then sharing time. It was really a blessing to hear ministry reports from different missionaries and to get to talk to

Ren and Joy Moscoso, PIE

Pastor Danilo Pondoc and family, Simbuco


When God calls, He qualifies.

Jamaica Haganas, PIE

Pastor Bonnie Pejano, Bantayan

Nene Chiu, Bantayan

Kuya Pepe and Linda Haganas, Pagilidan O Ilana Educators (PIE)

BBF Ministry Updates
by Aimee Grace C. Gemelo

BEREAN CHRISTIAN ACADEMY One of BBFs outlets in its ministry to children is the Berean Christian Academy (BCA). The schools theme verse being Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it, (Proverbs 22:6, NIV). BCA not only develops the intellectual capacities of their students, they cater to the childrens spiritual needs as well. Christian Living is

BEREAN BIBLE INSTITUTE For High School and College students, or those who want to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ, BBF has its own institution called Berean Bible Institute (BBI). Last school year, BBI offered subjects that have been enrolled by many students. BBI plans to offer Personal Evangelism this coming June. BBF SISTER CHURCHES BBF currently has five sister churches, each in the following locations: Tambacan, Iligan City; Naawan, Misamis Oriental; Simbuco, Misamis Occidental; Lapasan, Misamis Occidental; and Bantayan, Cebu. Each church is to be visited once a year by Pastor Aringoy. Tambacan Bible Fellowship is pastored by Florencio Bordado. He is pleased to report that the fellowshippers are active volunteers of HE+LPers, an organization that helps Sendong victims get back on their feet by providing loans and livelihood programs, as well as preaching to them the Gospel. The church building in Tambacan is almost finished, and is only lacking a few finishing touches.

Berean Christian Academy, Kolambugan extension.

The graduates of the BCA during the 11th Commencement Exercises and Recognition Day on April 21, 2013.

being taught in all grade levels. Bible Hour is also done every Wednesday morning, wherein students are taught lessons through Bible stories from the Creation to the life of Jesus. Students are also taught memory verses. On the last Sunday of every month, the school holds an event called the BCA Sunday. Parents are invited to witness their childrens prevsentations and also to hear messages from the Word delivered by Narciso Aringoy, BBFs current pastor. BCA offers nursery, preschool, and elementary levels. The school produced its 11th batch of graduates last March 15, 2013. CHILD EVANGELISM FELLOWSHIP BBF also ministers to sixth grade students of North I Central School, in partnership with the Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF). Volunteer teachers meet with their assigned section once a week for a 30-minute to an hour class full of Bible stories, memory verses, and quizzes. Most importantly, teachers are given the opportunity to share the gospel to their students.

Pastor Rolly of the Naawan Bible Fellowship, Naawan, Misamis Oriental

The believers in Naawan Bible Fellowship are thriving, with Roseller Pastidio as their pastor. They have this ministry of giving free medical checkup and medicines every Saturday at Punta Silum and Pagahan, Naawan. Dr. Dianne Pauline G. Valdez, her mother Susan Valdez, and Pastor Rollys father Eustequio facilitates this ministry while Pastor Rolly does follow-up bible studies on those theyve reached out. Ptr. Rolly also goes to Zamboanga del Norte, riding

his motorcycle to preach to an outreach there. Please pray for strength and protection. An annex of Berean Christian Academy was built in Simbuco. This endeavor was headed by Danilo Pondoc, the pastor of Simbuco Bible Fellowhip. The school accepts enrollees for nursery and kindergarten. Rosalie Pondoc (formerly Rosalie Baquiran), the pastors wife, acts as the main teacher. Rowel Acuba, pastor of Lapasan Bible Fellowship, is now engaged to be married to Lyn Salazar, our fellow sister in Christ from Palawan, who is currently working in Hong Kong. They are planning to get married in Palawan on December 2014. Pastor Bonnie Pejano ministers to the believers in Bantayan Bible Fellowship. They have an extension in Sulangan, where one of our missionaries, Nene Chiu, is based. Miss Chiu acts as a Sunday school teacher and conduct Bible studies to children. The need for Pastor Bonnie to visit the church in Sulangan has decreased to once a month, since there is now a member of the church that can be trusted to preach the Word every Sunday. One of the needs of Bantayan Bible Fellowship which was a boat is now an answered prayer. It has been a great help with Pastor Bonnies Bible studies located in the other islands near Bantayan.

The believers at Bantayan Christian Fundamentalist Church at Bantayan, Cebu.

A scripture study by Pastor Narciso D. Aringoy


In this issue of our newsletter, we will begin studying the Epistle to the Hebrews. We will try to do an exhaustive outline of this epistle, but we will do it one at a time, with the hope to have it completed at its appointed time! For this issue we will only look at the background study of the epistle. Author: Unknown - Although tradition points to Paul as the writer, there are good reasons for questioning Pauls authorship. a) The style of writing is different from that of Paul in all his known letters. b) The writer is not one of the apostles (2:3); he belonged to a second generation of leaders of the churc - The writer is well known by his readers (13:19, 23b). - He is one who was well- versed of the Old Testament sacrificial system; he could be a Levite. - He knew and had personal knowledge of Timothy (13:23) - Some near possibilities: a) Barnabas He was a Levite (Acts 4:36) and Pauls companion during their first missionary journey (Acts 13-15 b) Apollos He was versed in the Old Testament law (Acts 24-28). Place of writing: The mention of Italy in 13:24 could be interpreted in two ways: 1. That the writer was in Italy writing to the church elsewhere; 2. Or he was outside Italy, though accompanied by Italians, and writing back to the group of Jewish believers in Italy (possibly at Rome). Time of writing: - Timothy had been released from prison (13:23). This is very probably the same Timothy who was Pauls companion in his missionary journeys. - Although there is no mention of the Temple, but all references to worship are connected to the Tabernacle, the epistle could not been written after the destruction of the Temple since the author did not use the cessation of the Temple worship as an argument for the superiority of the sacrifice of Christ over the OT animal sacrifices. Thus the epistle could have been written before A.D. 70 after Pauls martyrdom. Recipients: Hebrew believers - v. 1 - Jewish forefathers are the ones referred here. - The writer presumed the believers to have knowledge of the Old Testament Scriptures. - The epistle contains a great amount of materials about the OT priesthood and sacrificial system. Condition of the recipients at the time of writing: They were facing persecution because of their faith (10:32-39) - Others were discouraged in their faith and had even stopped attending church meetings (Heb. 10:24-25). - Others wanted to go back to OT way of worship, the sacrificial system. Purpose of writing: - To stress the superiority of Christ over the angels, prophets, Moses, Joshua, and the High priests and priests - To stress the superiority of the New Covenant being founded in Christs perfect sacrifice over the Old Covenant which was founded upon animal sacrifices. - To exhort the believers to stand strong in the faith they have in Christ and not to go back to the inferior O.T. sacrificial system. The exhortation The words Let us is frequently used(4:1, 11, 14, 16; 6:1; 10:22, 23, 25; 12:1, 28; 13:13, 15). Key word: better (greater, superior) - 1:4 The Son is much superior to the angels - 3:3 The Son (Jesus) has greater honor than Moses - 9:11 Jesus went through a greater and more perfect tabernacle - 6:9 Better things- things that accompany salvation - 9:23 heavenly things purified with better sacrifices - 6:13 No one greater for God to swear by - 11:16 OT saints were longing for a better country- a heavenly one - 7:19 A better hope is introduced, by which we draw near to God - 11:35 so that they might gain a better resurrection - 7:22 Jesus the guarantee of a better covenant - 11:40 God had planned something better for us - 8:6 The ministry Jesus has received is superior to the ministry of the OT priests and high priests - 12:24 Christs blood speaks a better word than the blood of Abel - 8:6 The covenant of which Christ is mediator is superior to the old one

Theme: The absolute supremacy of Jesus Christ, the Son of God

In every issue, we are going to feature a believers love story since this can serve as a good example to young believers.

A Modern
It was in the late 1980s when I first set eyes on Tita Lot. Actually, Ive known her ever since I was a baby. She was this delightful little woman with black curls and brown radiant skin. She loved little kids and I think all the kids loved her, too. She was like a mother to every little one. At that time, I always wondered why she never got married. She was just the ideal woman. Anyway, years passed and I grew to be a lady but Tita Lot never grew old. Sometimes I would ask my mom why Tita Lot never got married. And my mom would say,Your Tita Lot has a strong personality and she needs someone who has a stronger personality than her. Someone she could submit to and respect. A foreigner would be just great for her! I also heard from other people that Tita Lot really said that if she ever got married, she would like her husband to be a foreigner. I even asked her about it, Is it true that you really want a foreigner for a husband or were you just kidding when you told your friends about it? And she replied, Oh no, I was not kidding. I was serious. I really want a foreigner for a husband. Now, in the 1990s the internet was not yet popular so it would be hard for her to get to know a foreigner unless one really came to visit. So I thought at that time, Ah, so that was why she never got married. But Tita Lot never acted despondent or sad; actually she was so contented with her single life. She could serve the Lord without any encumbrance and go and do whatever she wished to do. In the year 2011, a friend of hers who must have known about her desire for a foreigner husband made an account for her in a Christian dating site. At first Tita Lot just disregarded the site but one day, she opened it and behold, there was a message from a man named Daniel! Tita Lot saw and read the message but she didnt write a reply (why should she?). Now this Daniel was a very persistent man. He must have felt a deep attraction for Tita Lot (who wouldnt?) because he texted her saying, I miss you. Still there was no reply. But this did not daunt him because he texted again, I miss you. Well, after the second text, Tita Lot got curious (and maybe thrilled) and replied (but that was after almost one month), Why do you miss me? So that started their communication! Kuya Daniel started sending her emails. He would share to her his daily devotions and prayers everyday. Of course she couldnt help being attracted to him since it was also her prayer that


by Esther Viv B. Aringoy

if she ever got married, aside from being a foreigner her husband must be one who really loved the Lord. And she saw Kuya Daniels love for God. Kuya Daniel was not one to dawdle. He knew what he wanted and so after just months of serious communication and sharing of devotions and prayers, he came to the Philippines to see her. Not only see her but also to ask for her hand. He even had a ring with him. (I must say, he must have been a very confident man!) He even had written his proposal and when he proposed, he read it to her, Lotlot, will you love me unconditionally, to stand with me wherever I stand and to be a helpmeet in allowing me to fill my life out according to God's plan. To be the center of our home believing that all that we have is His and is to be used for His kingdom and all that come in and out of our home will know Jesus is Lord. I will protect you and provide for you as the Lord bless. And what do you think was Tita Lots reply? Well, she also wrote her answer, Daniel by the grace of God, I WILL... love you unconditionally, support you, stand with you wherever you are, submit to you and follow you wherever you go, that our home will be a channel of blessing to everyone and that both of us will be a vessel of Gods message. At last, Tita Lot has found a foreigner husband and more importantly, a man who truly loved the Lord. And so, it pays to wait, right?

were others that came from Kiwalan, Tumpagon, and Rogongon churches. It was a great experience to be with fellow believers from different places. The campers were divided into three teams named after the three least-reached tribes found in the Philippines: the Molbog, the Badjao Team, and the Yakan. On the first two days there we by Juneza Pastrano listened to messages about missions, Most of us Christians think that it is enough to go to church every and seminars and workshops on church planting. Afterwards, we went Sunday and participate in church activities. But at the camp held to one of LRFs ministry area. At first, at Life Resources Foundation (LRF) I learned otherwise. I thought it was an easy task talking to our M friends but as we got to the What comes out of your mind to church activities but can we give place I realized how hard it is to talk to when you hear the phrase, Comfort the same answer when it comes to people whose culture is different from Zone? Do you think of a bed, a reaching out to the least-reached ours. I thought of all the missionaries television or the internet? Whatever among us? Are we willing to be called who were in this kind of ministry and it is, a comfort zone is a place that to serve and witness about the hope felt their struggles. makes you feel safe, comfortable that we have in Christ Jesus to our Finally, I learned that life is nothing or rested, a way to escape stress, M friends? It is our responsibility as if not lived for the Lord. What good are pressure or depression. Christians to be involved in missions! mens praise for worldly achievement For Christians, the church is This was what defined the focus of the such as educational attainment or a comfort zone. Most of us Christians camp at LRF. wealth? Can we brag that to God think that it is enough to go to church LRF is located in Abuno, when we get to heaven someday? every Sunday and participate in Fatima, Iligan City. This school is Our life would be more church activities. But at the camp run by Christar held at Life Resources Foundation missionaries. LRF Our life would be more meaningful if weve helped (LRF) which had the theme, Moving focuses on cross meaningful if weve helped bring a soul to Christ. Christ out of your Comfort Zone I learned cultural missions bring a soul to Christ. himself left his comfort zone and humbled himself for otherwise. We have a duty to fulfill and accepts us (Philippians 2:5-11). Isnt he just other than church attendance. Our students who they could train for 2 the perfect example? We have been Christian life should not end in the years to reach out to our M friends. saved and we must not keep this to church. We must continue the work The camp held at LRF last April 15-19, ourselves! It is our privilege and it is that the Lord Jesus has set for us. 2013 had the same purpose of making Christs challenge that we serve and Jesus Christ humbled young people aware of the need to tell others about Him! himself, left his glory and honor and reach out to these lost people. came as a humble servant. We must Aside from 8 campers from follow his example and serve him Berean Bible Fellowship and 2 from wholeheartedly! It is easy to say, Yes Simbuco Bible Fellowship, there

Moving out of your comfort zone.

The HE+LPers Foundation

The HE+LPers Foundation is a Non-Government organization founded barely a month after the typhoon Sendong wrecked Iligan City last December 16, 2011. It is composed of believers from two evangelical local churches, Berean Bible Fellowship (BBF) and Tambacan Bible Fellowship (TBF) and, missionaries from Pagilidan O Ilana Educators (PIE) who volunteered to render their services in distributing the relief goods and assisted in medical missions right after the typhoon Sendong left its victims.

by Vivian B. Aringoy


the most important thing to have in life, having a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ the only means for us sinners to go to heaven.

There are two main goals of this foundation: First, to continue helping the victims not only in the short time basis but also in the sustenance of their daily need in the future and that need can be met through a Livelihood Program. Second, to share to them


It was formed after some of the committed volunteers underwent Ethnic Ministry Orientation) through PIE an NGO to the minority who is also one of the supporters of the relief distributions. The first batch

was composed of 50 victims whose houses in Santiago and Tambacan were totally washed out from the storm. These beneficiaries meet once a week for their weekly meetings and during this time, the Word of God is preached and issues regarding their livelihood and association are tackled. Early this year, another batch of beneficiaries from Sendong survivors was opened by the grace of God. Three barangays are now granted livelihood cash assistance. The Lord used the United Nations Developing Program (UNDP) through Julius S. Haganas who endeavored to pass a proposal for a sustaining livelihood for Sendong survivors who were not able to avail last year. The same system as the previous batch is used, the benefeciaries come to the BBF or TBF church once a week and listen to the Word of God preached by Pastor Isoy, Pastor Dodong Bordado, Nong Felix and Nong Melecio.

Please continue to pray for the salvation of these people.

Scripture Searchers
May 2013 Issue Paul Nikolai C. Pinongcos Editor-in-Chief Esther Viv B. Aringoy Associate Editor Sandra L. Manulat Lay-out Artist Jamaica S. Haganas Adviser Writers/Contributors Pastor Narciso D. Aringoy Vivian B. Aringoy Joan A. Bahinting Anna Monica D. Bordado Fudene Gay C. Cagampang Aimee Grace C. Gemelo Christal Hannah O. Lee Gleeza L. Manulat Shirly Mae N. Pasco Juneza A. Pastrano Marie Joy L. Requiroso

The core or active members of the HE+LPers Organization composed of believers from BBF and TBF.


Complete the crossword by filling in a word that fits each clue. Words can be found in the word bank.

WORD BANK little children touch truth

kingdom belongs arms blessed

He said to them, Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these. ~Mark 10:14

Down 1. A statement accepted as fact 2. A country or territory ruled by a king or queen 3. To be a member of a group, such as a club or organization 5. To come in contact with or to feel with your fingers Across 3. Bringing hapiness, pleasure, or contentment to someone 4. Small in size 6. Sons and daughters, young people 7. The parts of the body which connects the hands to the shoulders

tur p a C F BB