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1 Tips and Secrets (Hpathy ) Three Wonderful Remedy Tips from Dr.

. Kent (Lectures on Homoeopathic Materia Medica) Magnesia phos Magnesia phos is a wonderful remedy for spasmodic hiccoughing. I have sometimes given Magnesia phos. for hiccoughing when I could not get any other symptoms to prescribe on. Manganum Manganum is a wonderful remedy for bedridden women who love to keep still, and it is said of them that they love to lie in bed. Mercurius Mercurius is a wonderful remedy to ward off acute hydrocephalus after measles and scarlatina; the child rolls the head and moans, and the head sweats. Acute Bronchitis- Bacillinum This is a story of an eighteen year old boy who was suffering from recurrent attacks of acute bronchitis associated with suffocative cough, hot feeling and night sweats. The patient also had some wheezing which always aggravated from strong odours such as perfume and paint which is a tubercular manifestation. Bacilinum restored the case and stopped the recurrence. Agalactia Asafoetida A young woman with her first child, had poor milk production and the baby was crying a lot which made the mother extremely anxious. Whenever the baby was sucking the breast, there was extreme soreness of the nipple. Since delivery, the woman developed a lot of gas and distension with loud belching. I prescribed Asafoetida 200 and one single dose allowed the mother to successfully breast feed. The clue to the prescription was agalactia with sensitiveness and hysterical belching with loud eructation. Excerpted from Dr. Subrata K. Banerjeas new book: Success of Homeopathy Authentic Cures with Medical Reports. (B.Jain ) Blow to the Face In traumatic injuries, e. g., a blow on the face by a snow-ball or anything else, the only remedy I have ever seen efficient is Symphytum off. I have had bad cases where homeopathists have tried Arnica and everything else and the inflammation continued. In every Instance I have cured them with a single dose of Symphytum. W. P. Wesselbceft, M. D. Ignatia for Stage fright Ignatia for Stage fright can be given prophylactically, a few doses on the day of performance, and one dose just before it. Dr. Bennett Bellis perennis Bellis perennis is indicated when there is a bruised, strained feeling with general soreness of joints and muscles, resulting from exposure, and after vigorous physical exercise, and in Dr Hinsdales experience, surpasses Arnica in these conditions. Dr. Skinner Liver Cancer and Cadmium I frequently find cancer of the liver yielding to Calcarea ars in every way, but with a tendency to relapse. A single dose of Cadmium in high potency will render the cure permanent. Dr. A.H. Grimmer

2 Scar and Graphites If you know a woman who is suffering from an old scar that has formed a lump, when she is about to go into confinement, give a dose of Graphites as a general remedy, unless some other special remedy is called for. Dr. J.T. Kent Fracture of Fingers Fracture of Fingers and Symphytum: Fracture of hands and finger bones knit more quickly with Symphytum 30, two or three times a day for a week. Dr. Pierre Schmidt Cirrhosis of Liver Muriatic acid is useful in the last stages of dropsy from Cirrhosis of the Liver. Hoarseness Arum Triphyllum produces a hoarseness which is characterized by a lack of control over the vocal cords. If the speaker attempts to raise his voice, it suddenly goes off with a squeak. Most similar to this hoarseness is Graphites they get hoarse and the voice cracks as soon as they begin to sing. Another remedy is Selenium, The patient gets hoarse as soon as he begins to sing. Clinical Materia Medica E. A. Farrington, M.D. It Was Tough Being a Homeopath Christian Gottlob Hornburg (1793-1834) was one of Hahnemanns pupils in Leipzic.He occasionally treated patients in the town homeopathically, and this drew down upon him the hostility of the doctors. His attending Hahnemanns lectures gave offence to the professors. He took every opportunity to openly and courageously oppose the old system. He was denounced on every possible occasion, and punished sometimes by fines and sometimes by imprisonment. His homoeopathic medicine chest was confiscated by the Dean of the University and buried in the burial ground of St. Pauls Church. History of Homoeopathy Its Origin, Its Conflicts Wilhelm Ameke, M.D. 1885 Arnica in Scarlet Fever I do not want you; I did not send for you; I am not sick; I dont need a doctor. Arnica is sometimes suitable to the scarlet fever, when the eruption does not come out, in those severe forms when the body is dusky, mottled and covered with red spots; the patient is constantly turning and that mental state is coming on with moroseness, and stupidity. Lectures on Homoeopathic Materia Medica James Tyler Kent, M.D. Constipation CARLSBAD: Stool passes when pressure is given either over the perineal muscles or by much abdominal pressure. (30C) CASCARA SAGRADA: Chronic constipation with rheumatic troubles.Q PARAFFINUM: Obstinate constipation in children (Alumina, Nyctanthes). Chronic constipation with haemorrhoids and continual urging to stool. Evacuations as hard as nuts. Fatigued trying to expel stool. (30C) STAPHYSAGRIA : Obstinate constipation. Frequent want to evacuate, with scanty evacuations. (Q- 2 or more drops twice daily) can cure constipation (R.R.B. 286). SILICEA MARINA: Constipation- use it for some time. The peculiarity of this remedy, is the ease with which evacuation is accomplished. (3x trit) VESPA CRABRO: Constipation during menstrual time. Mental depression(30C) Thanks to Dr. Subrata K. Banerjea Standstill Cases Giving an Intercurrent with Emphasis on the Scope of Using a Clinical Tip

3 Menorrhagia Where menorrhagia occurs without being dependent upon some more deep-seated disorder, Nux vomica will be found an efficient remedy, more particularly if the patient gets angry at the least remark, shows an irascible and obstinate temper, starts at the least noise, loses her balance on the most trifling occurrence, wants to lie down all the time, and shows an aversion to open air. Chamomilla is particularly indicated, if the blood looks dark, almost black and coagulated, with drawing, griping pains from the small of the back to the pubic bones, sometimes accompanied by fainting fits, coldness of the extremities and great thirst.
The Science of Therapeutics According to The Principles Of Homeopathy Bernhard Baehr, M. D. 1872

Distinguishing Bell from Hyos from Stram Belladonna: Visions, screaming out and desire to escape, full of fear and imaginings, sensation as if falling, clutches the air; sometimes a stupor, when aroused they strike people, bark and bite like a dog and are very violent. Hyoscyamus: Averse to light, fears being poisoned, sits up in bed and looks around, exposes sexual organs; is nervous, whining, crying and twitching. Stramonium: Desires light and company; objects rise from every corner to frighten him; laughs, sings, swears and prays in the same breath; face bright red. W. A. Dewey, M. D. Essentials of Homoeopathic Therapeutics Instant Healing Ms. E. called me to her residence where I found her in great distress and humility. Doctor, I have been suffering now for three days and I can stand it no longer. Can you give me some morphine to put me to sleep? I have a large abscess that feels as large as an egg (on what I noted as the left labia majora). And oh how it pains! It even hurts my left thigh and left arm. She received the dose of Lachesis 200 and in perhaps a minute she said Dr. Schwartz, do you think your medicine could work this quickly? My arm and leg are easy and I dont suffer any more. It was amusing to see her bewildered expression. I left her saying that she would need no more medicine, but that if the abscess did not break by morning, I would lance it. She told me the following day that the abscess broke within an hour. William Henry Schwartz, M.D. from: Heal Thyself Journal Feburary 1943 Mercurius corrosivus The throat symptoms of Mercurius corrosivus are very violent. The uvula is swollen, elongated and very dark red. There is intense burning in the throat, just as intense as that of Ars alb., Ars. iodat. or Capsicum. It is accompanied by violent constriction of the throat. Any attempt to swallow, be the matters swallowed solid or liquid, causes violent spasm of the throat. Clinical Materia Medica E. A. Farrington, M.D. Why We Use Potencies in Provings Natrum mur, was re-proved by the Austrian provers, a company of physicians who made heroic provings of some drugs, some of them dying from the effects of their proving, so large and powerful were the doses of the medicines they took. Clinical Materia Medica E. A. Farrington, M.D. Cuprum in Asiatic Cholera Cuprum is a wonderful remedy in cases of Asiatic cholera in its various stages and when given according to indications, cures the patient at once. Dr. P. C. Majumbar

4 Ipecac Sick Headache In nervous sick headaches, unilateral, commonly over one eye, accompanied by deathly nausea, Ipecac, has a wonderful curative record . Blue rings encircle the eyes upon a very pale face. The Homoeopathic Recorder -Volume IV 1889 Aesculus in Itching Piles Mrs. E., dark complexioned, married, aged fifty, itching piles, chronic ; gave Aesculus Hip. 30 internally, and suppositories of same. June 30th, better, continued same treatment. Patient cured. Mr. A., aged fifty-four, by trade tinner, case of acute itching hemorrhoids, cured by a few suppositories of Aesculus Hip. Mrs. W., brunette, married, aged thirty-two, acute itching piles; gave Aesculus Hip. 30 internally and suppositories of same. Cured in four days. The Homoeopathic Recorder -Volume IV 1889 Argentum Metallicum All symptoms are worse after sleep. Instead of being rested for the day, he wakes in the morning with mental fatigue and weakness, so that he can hardly move, and it is with great difficulty that he gets himself together for a mental or physical effort of another day. Lectures on Homoeopathic Materia Medica James Tyler Kent, M.D. Sepia Distinguished from Pulsatilla Both have weeping, anxiety, peevishness, and are ill humored; but Pulsatilla, only, has the mild, clinging disposition calling for consolation; she makes her grief known and seeks sympathy. The Sepia patient is worse from gentle exercise, but is relieved by violent exercise. Essentials of Homoeopathic Therapeutics W. A. Dewey, M. D Biliary Calculi (Gallstones) The remedy to permanently cure biliary calculi is Cinchona. Unless some symptoms call you specifically to another drug, put your patient on a course of Cinchona. Arsenicum Bromatum in Diabetes Arsenicum Bromatum is a powerful remedy in diabetes mellitus and insipidus, for I cured cases with it where the patient had already been reduced from 138 pounds to 98, and where the urine could be condensed by boiling, into a syrupy consistency. New Old and Forgotten Remedies Ed. Dr. E.P. Anshutz Three Remedies in Asthma Kali bichromicum Worse at three or four oclock in the morning; relieved by raising stringy mucus; relief also from sitting up and bending forward. Stramonium In nervous asthma, where the voice suddenly gives out and takes on a higher pitch. Great sense of suffocation with tight feeling across chest; face becomes blue. Pothos -Asthma brought on or made worse from inhalation of dust of any kind. Essentials of Homoeopathic Therapeutics W.A. Dewey M.D. Hydrastis In all forms of Stomatitis of children it is valuable in simple ulceration, in mercurial sore mouths, and in Stomatitis Materna. We have found obstinate cases, in which other remedies had failed, yield to a wash of Hydrastis used several times a day. The Homeopathic Vade Mecum of Modern Medicine and Surgery E. Harris Ruddock MD Dislocated Knee Cap Gelsemium is the only remedy that shows a spontaneous knee cap dislocation in its pathogenesis.

5 Two Remedies in Cancer Mistletoe -Viscum Album slows down tumour growth and largely relieves pain. 1x to 3x most useful. Gives best results with 3-5 drops of 1x. X-ray Cancer in persons who had repeated exposures to X-ray. Leukemia. Burns that become carcinomatous and refuse to heal. Dr. S. M. Bihari Homoeopathic Insight into Cancer Petroselinum (Parsley) It has a very characteristic indication for its administration great and sudden desire to urinate. Children jump up and down from pain and urging. Another symptom is itching in the urethra ; feels as if he must run a stick or something in there and scratch it. Burning, tingling, from perineum throughout whole urethra. E. B.Nash, M. D. Leaders in Homoeopathic Therapeutics Abortion : Clinical Tips (1) Tendency to abortion at any month during pregnancy Viburnum Prunifolium (2) Early months Apis, Viburnum (3) First Month Crocus, Viburnum (4) Second month Kali carb 1M (5) Third month Apis, Cimicifuga, Crocus, Kali C, Sabina, Secale, Thuja (6) Black blood in third month Kreosotum (7) Fourth Month Apis (8) Fifth to seven month Sepia (9) Seventh month Sepia 1M, Ruta (10) Later months Opium. Thanks to Dr. Subrata K. Banerjea Standstill Cases Giving an Intercurrent with Emphasis on the Scope of Using a Clinical Tip The Significance of Gesture in Disease If a child refers a persistent pain to the stomach, and there is no tenderness on pressure, disease of the spine is indicated. In hip joint disease, the pain will be referred to a point inside the knee. In appendicitis the patient does not touch the skin at all when asked to locate the pain. He simply holds the palm of his hand over the diseased area. In the pain caused by the descent of renal calculi and gall-stones, he follows their course with the top of the thumb or index finger. The Medical Counselor January, 1896. Chronic Sun Headache Lachesis is one of our best remedies for sun headaches. Of course it does not compare with Glonoine for the immediate effects of sunstroke, but does come in well after the first effects are overcome by that remedy. The patient is troubled with headache every time he is exposed to the suns heat, and the trouble has become chronic. (Nat. carb.) E. B. Nash, M. D. Leaders in Homoeopathic Therapeutics Lachesis in Cancer Lachesis is often of great use in cancer of either the breasts or uterus. In either case the cancer puts on a bluish or purplish appearance, and if open or fungoid bleeds easily, a dark, decomposed blood. In case of bleeding, the pains and suffering, as in the case of uterine hemorrhage, are temporarily relieved by it. E. B. Nash, M. D. Leaders in Homoeopathic Therapeutics

6 Belladonna Worse Lying Down The elder Lippe once told me of a case of suspicious enlargement or swelling and pain of the breast of long standing, which, as he expressed it, seemed likely to prove a case for the surgeon (cancer), which was entirely cured by a few doses of Belladonna, to which he was guided by this symptom of the pains being so much worse on lying down. E. B. Nash, M. D. Leaders in Homoeopathic Therapeutics Sensitive to Remedies I have known temperaments so intensely Aconite or Belladonna that they could not take these remedies except in the high and highest potencies, and then only in single doses at long intervals. Why should this be thought incredible? Carpenter, in his Physiology, tells of a person who was so susceptible to Mercury that she was salivated by sleeping with her husband, who had taken Mercury. E. B. Nash, M. D. Leaders in Homoeopathic Therapeutics Fucus Vesiculosis I was led to try the remedy in a pronounced case of goitre, with such good results that I have never since given any other remedy for that disease, either in the exophthalmic or in the uncomplicated form. And what is more, I have never known it to fail to cure when the patient was under thirty years of age. After that time of life, or about that period, it seems to be no longer efficacious. Respecting its use in goitre, I would like to add a few words. The drug is of variable quality. If one specimen fails to give satisfaction it ought to be discarded and another tried. Time is required for effecting a cure. This varies according to the age and size of the goitre. Three months may suffice for a small goitre of one years growth. Six months may be required for one twice as large and of longer standing. The dose is a teaspoonful of the tincture twice or three times daily, in a well developed case. Half a teaspoonful twice a day will answer in recent cases. Smaller doses seem not to produce any effect. : New Old And Forgotten Remedies Ed. Dr. E.P. Anshutz Test for Correct Potency Different potencies of a remedy may be tested to see which is most appropriate, by placing one or two globules (# 20 or 40) in the crevice between two fingers. A mild heat is felt from the correct potency, while there is no feeling from the other potencies. Homoeopathic Insight into Cancer Dr. Sultan Alam M. Bihari

Aconite and Opium faint only when frightened. Pulsatilla faints when placed in a closed space without ventilation Sulphur and Phosphorus faint from hunger around 11am. Alumina faints when compelled to stand. Conium, Podophyllum and Sulphur faint at stool. Alumina faints at the sight of blood (also nux v, nux m. and verat a.) Stramonium faints in dark places. A Study of Materia Medica and Repertory Dr. N.M.Choudhuri / Homeopathic Medical Repertory R. Murphy ND. Indications for a Few Remedies Useful in Influenza In the beginning, dry fever Acon. often repeated. In the beginning, the coryza being dry Nux or Sticta. Excessive dryness of nasal passages Sticta. Nose dry at night, damp during day Nux. Headache, with dry cough Nux. Watery secretions Cham., Puls., Sulph.

7 Cough, with wheezing, rattling in the trachea, catarrhal hoarseness, with dryness of the eyelids Cham. Young children and nervous irritable persons Cham. Patient, mild dispositioned subjectsPuls. Much sneezing and nightly cough, in horizontal position Puls. Mucous discharged is thick Puls., Sulph., Merc., Bry. Inflammation, cough, with sharp pain in chest Bry. In cases advanced beyond Bry., especially if secretions are profuse, greenish; thick with night sweats Merc. Nasal secretions, corrosive Ars., Merc., Gels., Cepa. Cough provokes vomiting of food I pec., Phos., Bry. Cough ceases only after vomiting Kali-bich. Cough provokes spurting of urine Caust., Kreos. Most simple cases will require Acon., or Bry., Nux., Puls., Ipec., Merc., and Hepar, during stages of expectoration. Bronchitis fully established give Ant. -tart. Great headache Bell., Stam., Hell., Glon. Coma Opium. Flowing tears corrosive, but nasal flow bland Euphrasia. Mucus bloody Cham., Phos., Puls. Sneezing predominates Ammon Phos., Cepa., Sab. Sharp frontal headache Bry., Nux. Suborbital pain Sang., Sulph. Laryngeal coughing Spongia, Caust., Bell., Phos., Hepar. Cough thick, nausea Ipecac. Difficult expectoration Kali bich. Greenish expectoration, night sweats Merc. Pneumonia is threatened Ant-tart. Dry bronchial cough Bell., Nux. Night cough Cham., Pals. Expectoration bloody Phos., Dros. Haemoptysis Acon., Bell., Ipecac. Cough worse after eating Nux. Cough worse after inspiring cold air Rumex. Cough worse after entering house Verat. Dry cough, with dyspnoea Bell. Dyspnoea severe Ipec., Phos. Snoring respiration, cant expectorate Ant tart. Cough provokes vomiting Dros. Diarrhoea with vomiting, epidemic form, Verat., Ars., Carbo. veg., China. If weakness predominates, with periodicity, Acon, next Ars. Pains, loins, limbs, neck Eup. perfol. Red turgessent face Bell. Rheumatic cases Bell. Rhododendron, Bry., Rhus., Ruta. Pain in left thorax Ranun-bulb. Pneumonia cases Bry., Phos., Ant. tart. Resolution tardy Strych., Phos., Ant. Sulphuratum. Pleuritic form of lagrippe Canth, Bry., Sulph B. H. Lawson , M.D. Strophanthus in Heart Disease Strophanthus acts in heart disease by increasing the force of the systole, at the same time that it diminishes the rapidity of the hearts action. It is not cumulative in its effect and can be used in smaller doses than

8 digitalis. It is indicated in all cases of valvular disease where compensation has broken down. In mitral regurgitation where edema and dropsy have supervened, its action is often most marked, the heart being strengthened and slowed, the respiration relieved and free diuresis set up. In aortic stenosis and incompetence where there is want of compensation, and where, as is often the case, there is marked atheroma of the vessels, Strophanthus is much preferable to digitalis. In chronic conditions like the irregular heart of old people and where a rapid action is not necessary, one or two drops three times a day, continued steadily, give the best results; but in more acute cases five or ten drops are necessary

Affinities for Body Parts

Certain remedies have an affinity for certain parts of the body. A soldier who had been marching a great deal had two ulcers, one on the heel, the other on the instep. Natrum carb cured the one on the heel, but not the one on the instep, which was afterwards cured by Lycopodium. Lycopodium acts on the instep and Natrum carb on the heel. E.A. Farrington MD Lectures on Clinical Materia Medica

Naturopathic treatment for high blood pressure : Nat-mur 6X four times a day and Equisetum
mother tincturefive drops in water, three times a day. Dont combine with Rx blood pressure drugs, you could cause electrolyte imbalances. Robin Murphys course notes Cough When All Remedies Fail

The last remedy to use when all others fail, or when you have to give your patient rest and the chance to
sleep at night is Codeinum phoshoricum D2-3, 15-20 drops two or three times a day It is not recommended for children. Dry, torturous cough with cramps or titillating cough day and night, torturous cough in the last phase of tuberculosis (palliative). Wilhelm Eichsteller Der praktische Homoeopath I used this remedy in the C5 potency in a case where Sticta and Drosera failed. The patient could sleep through after he took the remedy once at night, after awaking from the cough. Certainly this is only a palliative remedy and when no other remedy really helps this one could at least help to restore the energy of the patient and keep him away from allopathic medicine.

When to Give the Constitutional Remedy

1. When the pathology is asymptomatic, picked up only on a routine lab test 2. When the local complaint has nothing but common symptoms 3. When there is no clear or strong etiology 4. When the patient is allergic to many things, instead of looking up allergic to this/allergic to that give the constitutional remedy. Elaine Lewis DHom

Some Drainage Remedies

Drainage serves the dual role of organic stimulation and elimination of toxins. Skin Calendula, Cyrtopodium, Petroleum , Mucus Membranes Hydrastis, Sedum acre Stomach Condurango, Ornithogallum , Rectum Hura, Ruta , Scrofularia Liver Cardus m., Chelidonium, Chinchona, Conium, Taraxacuum, Solidago Pancreas Senna Kidneys Berberis, Formica rufa, Sarsaparilla, Solidago Drainage in Homoeopathy Dr. E.A. Maury

What to Expect After Taking a Remedy (An Introduction to Herings Law) Author: Elaine Lewis
Im writing this for all of you who use homeopathic remedies, but mainly for beginners because Ive noticed that orthodox medicine has spoiled us and given the impression that medicine can cure a body part to the exclusion of the whole person; and so, if the body part doesnt heal immediately after taking a homeopathic remedy, even though the person may feel better in general, many a user of homeopathy laments, Homeopathy doesnt work! We lose a lot of cases due to ignorance of The Law of Cure and so if I can have your attention please, everybody, Id like to explain it to you, because without this knowledge, we can scarcely manage even a single case! The Law of Cure, also known as Herings Law, observes that true healing takes place: 1. from the inside out 2. from the center to the periphery 3. from the most important organs to the least important organs 4. from the top down and 5. in reverse order of occurrence. What this means is, you cannot go to the homeopath and say that you want your acne to get better and its all you care about! The homeopath has no control over that, he does not use drugs! He gives remedies that initiate healing on the mental/emotional plane first, regardless of what you want because thats natures law! Heres what Ive seen happen. A person has a physical complaint, like a bladder infection. A remedy is given like Cantharis, the bladder infection goes away and everyone is happy! Then the homeopath gives Sepiathe patients constitutional remedyand what happens? The patients energy comes up, she feels better in general, and the bladder infection comes back! (Briefly.) Why? Cantharis wasnt really the right remedy! It was a superficial local-symptom-only remedy that fell by the way as soon as the real remedy, Sepia (that took the mental symptoms into account) was given! Apparently all Cantharis did was suppress, just like an antibiotic! Ive seen the same occurrence with antibiotics! You take them, the infection goes away, then the constitutional remedy is given, the patients energy comes up, and the bladder infection comes back! You have to conclude from this that all the antibiotic did was suppress, it didnt cure anything! So, when we give a remedy and we see, as the first response, an improvement on the mental/emotional plane, an improvement in energy, a lifting of spirits and a feeling of calm, we breathe a sigh of relief because we know that the right remedy has, indeed, been given! The homeopath takes a detailed case of the whole personmentally, emotionally and physically and finds a remedy that matches the patients profile. This remedy acts as a catalyst, jump-starting the immune system into forward motion, after which, its Hands Off! Watch and Waitan oftrepeated phrase in homeopathyand observe Herings Law! Think of the remedy as the ignition key that starts your car: once started, the car knows what to do! We should not interfere but rather trust that the car will change gears when its supposed to, regulate the flow of exhaust as it should, inject the fuel into the cylinders in a timely manner without us imposing an agenda on it that doesnt conform to its car nature (which is what drugs do; they force the body to do something fundamentally unnatural, like paralyzing the bowels when theyre attempting to flush out contamination); and similarly, we shouldnt keep starting the car over and over again once its running! Whats the point in that, wheres it going to go that its not already going? When we give a remedy, we are starting up our own internal engines and trusting that the body will move purposefully to make corrections in an appropriate manner. If the remedy is acting, thats all it can do! Ive heard people say, Yes, the remedy is acting, I feel much better emotionally but my hair is still falling out, so, maybe we should repeat it or give it in a higher potency. No, that would serve the same purpose as starting your car over again once its already running! In due time your hair will stop falling out, your immune system will get there. You might ask, If the immune system is so great, why do we have problems at all?

10 For one thing, often we tie its hands by eating junk food or taking drugs, like antibiotics, which lead to candida over-growth and loss of friendly gut flora, which leads to a whole host of problems like leaky-gut syndrome (you should read up on that); other times, viruses, for example, are in disguise, cleverly cloaked in the material of our own tissues and the immune system cant find them; but, this is whats great about homeopathy; the remedy is actually a CLEAR PICTURE of an illness (hopefully similar to the one you have). It calls out to the immune system, The viruses are over here, theyre hiding! Its waving a big red flaglike the red cape el matador waves at the bull. Over here, over here! it says. The immune system then acts swiftly and decisivelyeveryone whos ever gotten well after taking a remedy knows that; BUT, when it acts, it will act according to Herings Law, so you must learn to wait and watch and appreciate the direction of cure, appreciate that the first thing to change will be your mental/emotionals, next will be the physicals and they will be dealt with in a certain order, not all at once. Plus, and heres the interesting thing, when an issue is resolved, it moves out, rather than simply disappearing! What do I mean by that? For example, a patients seizures may stop, and then in their place, is a rash! Youd be tempted to say, Oh great! Now Ive got a rash! I better go and get a Rx for that! No, no, you dont now have rashes! That rash is your seizure in a new place! Its moving out! If you put a Rx steroid cream on it, youll clear up the rash but your seizures will come back! Theres a person I know whose acne went away after vaccinations. You might think, Wow! Vaccinations must be really good for you if they can do that! No, just the opposite! Thats what we call negative improvement. Your immune system has been so suppressedin this case by vaccines that the immune system can no longer do its work. As soon as this person recovered after a few months, the acne came back! Why? The immune system was working again, the acne must have been there for a reason! The body will throw every disturbance out to the skin if it possibly can, because the skin is the safest place for a disturbance to befar from the vital organs. Your body isnt working against you as you might think. Main message: If you experience a deep improvement, expect a superficial aggravation, or even a return of old symptoms (since healing takes place in reverse order as stated above) and suppressing it would not be a good idea unless its overwhelming and cant be waited out. (If the practitioner would only prescribe in lower potencies, these aggravations would be less problematic.) Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, founder of homeopathy, said in his ORGANON OF MEDICINE, paragraph 253: The very beginning of improvement is indicated by a sense of greater ease, composure, mental freedom, higher spirits, and, a return to naturalness. When I see this occur after giving a remedy, I breath a sigh of relief! It means the case is headed for cure. I would rather see this happen than an improvement in the chief complaint with no change for the better in general! Dont get me wrong, some cases are purely physical, like a sprained ankle, and all youre looking for is an immediate relief in pain. Even still, some people may feel a concomitant sense of relaxation after the correct remedy is given. If youve been given a remedy by your homeopath, and you experienced the all-important transformation on the mental-emotional plane, then please; sit back and relax and watch the fluctuations on the physical plane and the odd occurrences as they come and go and just say, Hmmthat was interesting. The body has its own internal logic, a road map that you may not like, but if you experience that allimportant improvement at the core, if your energy comes up, if your appetite improves, if your mind clears, if your sleep improves, if your disposition improves, relax in the knowledge that youve gotten the right remedy. If you see a relapse in this all-important areathe mental/emotional/energetic planethen yes, repeat the remedy; otherwise, let your case alone and be happy that the remedy was well-chosen and acting in accordance with Herings Law.


Dosing In Acute Cases: How Often to Take the Remedy and in What Potency ?
Author: Elaine Lewis This is a tough one because there is no formula per se; nonetheless, we do have a guideline: Take the indicated remedy in a 30C potency 4 times a day for two or three days. Now, here come all the buts. But: 1. If after 24 hours there is no indication that the remedy has had any effect, its probably the wrong remedy and you should try to find another. 2. As soon as the remedy starts to work, which may be as soon as 5 minutes, dont do any repetitions unless the case either stalls or relapses. The homeopathic remedy is like the ignition key that starts your engine, once youre moving theres no need to start it again unless you stall. 3. If youve taken the remedy and have gotten only slight improvement, put a few of the pellets into a disposable cup of water and take a sip. I have seen remedies totally fail when taken dry, only to have the same remedy decidedly work when put into water. If you need to repeat the remedy, always dose from the cup of water youve made, and stir the cup before dosing again with something disposable, like a straw or plastic spoon, dont go back to the pellets once youve gone to a cup. 4. If your complaint has come on suddenly, you should see the remedy work fast. 5. If youre in a very severe case, dont think you have to wait 24 hours. The acute remedy should work in 15 minutes. Lets take an injury, for example. Within 10 minutes, some relief should be felt. If not, repeat the remedy in water as stated above. Wait another 10 minutes. If theres no response, look for a better-suited remedy. 6. Lets say youve had a cold for 2 weeks. We would not expect you to be better in 10 minutes. This situation is better suited to the 4 times a day for 2 or 3 days guideline. Here is a range of responses I get from people who have been helped in this way: In 6 hours my throat was better! By the next day I knew I was getting better. I only took one dose, because I forgot to take the remedy after that, and the next day I was better anyway, I couldnt believe it! 7. Whenever youre repeating a remedy, its OK to take the first dose dry, but try to take subsequent doses in a cup of water, stirred before each sip, as explained in #3. This protects you from accidental provings (a kind of aggravation) and accidentally antidoting the remedy. 8. If your symptoms get worse after taking a remedy, dont despair. This has happened to me, though only once. It only means that the potency was higher than necessary, but the good news is that this is almost always an indication that the remedy chosen was correct and an improvement is sure to follow. Give the case about half an hour to settle down. 9. The wrong remedy: The wrong remedy generally will do absolutely nothing, meaning youll have to check your acute prescribing book and make another choice. However, sometimes the wrong remedy may cause an unsettling feeling, not the same as when the right remedy causes a temporary worsening of the symptoms in the case. The way to antidote a disturbing remedy is to take an equal or smaller dose of the same remedy; so, if you had taken three pellets dry on your tongue of the wrong remedy,

12 antidote with one pellet of the same remedy. If you had dosed with a sip of water, antidote with an UNstirred, smaller sip of the same water. 10. There are definitely occasions where the right remedy has been tried in a 30C and it hasnt worked. This is because the case is so intense it needs a higher potency. This has happened to me at least twice. The first time, I remember that I sensed that maybe the 30C of Arsenicum I had taken had done some good, and going with that intuition, I tried Arsenicum 200C and it worked beautifully; and I also recall a recent incident, this was another case of eating bad food, which Arsenicum is so well-known for curing, and taking Ars. 30C did not work at all this time. I had moved on to other seemingly wellindicated remedies such as Carbo veg. and China and Veratrum alb. and none of them worked. As a last resort I said, Lets try Arsenicum in the 200th potency, and voila! a total victory. Even having said all this, what if all you have is a 6C? I would put the 6C in water, stir before each dose and give a sip every 5 to 10 minutes in a severe case, maybe once every half an hour in a less severe case. Always remember to take your remedy less and less often as improvement sets in, and, it should go without saying, if the remedy makes you worse, stop taking it!