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Welcome to Noah's Ark

Thank you for accepting employment with Noahs Ark. We are very excited to have you as part of our Team. Get ready to embark on a season of learning, hard work, and fun! Our mission is simple as we continually set the standards for our industry: "At Noahs Ark, we pledge to provide wholesome family entertainment that is safe, a great value, and exceeds guest expectations at every opportunity." By always placing quality, integrity, service, and safety foremost in the workplace, we can carry on the successful tradition of great family entertainment that our Guests have come to expect and demand.

A Letter from Management

You are now a member of the Noah's Ark Team. Our Team is well known for being dedicated, enthusiastic, and hard-working. You and your fellow Team Members provide our Guests with a safe, clean, and fun waterpark experience that they will remember for years to come. Managers and frontline staff do what is necessary to please and serve our Guests. No tasks are below the dignity or responsibility of any employee. Your job is essential to the success of everyone. Your friendliness, cheerful smile, courtesy, and hospitality contribute to the total fun experience our Guests have come to enjoy. We expect the very best from all of you because our Guests expect the very best from all of us. By displaying a positive attitude, showing your enthusiasm in all you do, and doing your very best every day, you will keep the Noah's Ark reputation alive and well. Noahs Ark is one of the top tourist destinations in the Midwest and we want to make sure we stay that way. This handbook outlines your job responsibilities and the expectations management has of you. If you have any questions, be sure to consult your department manager, or corporate Human Resources. We appreciate our employees efforts, comments, suggestions , and ideas. We ask that you share these with us. Your participation and feedback provide all of us with a healthy work environment and experience. We look forward to working with you this summer. We will do our best to make it a good experience for everyone. Together we can keep Noah's Ark, America's Largest Waterpark, a fun, clean, safe, and courteous entertainment experience. Sincerely, Noahs Ark Management


At Noah's Ark, we pledge to provide wholesome family entertainment that is safe, a great value, and exceeds guest expectations at every opportunity.


Table of Contents
Welcome to Noahs Ark... 1 A Letter from Management. 1 Noahs Ark Mission Statement......2 Table of Contents.. 3 Noahs Ark Park History.. 4 Noahs Ark Management Team..4 Customer Service..5 Frequently Asked Questions 6-8 Admission. 6 All-Day Lockers..... 6 ATMs...6 Cabanas. 6 Credit/Debit Cards.... 6 Diaper Changers/Nursing Station.. 7 Disabled Guests... 7 Life Vests... 7 Lost Articles... 7 Lost Children.... 7 Medical Coolers... 7 Paging.... 7 Pay Telephones....... 7 Pets 7 Picnic Supplies/Coolers.. 7 Refunds and Rain Checks.. 8 Rentals... 8 Restrooms/Dressing Rooms/Showers.. 8 Smoking Policy. 8 Water Fountains... 8 Waves... 8 Safety. 9 At Will Employee Policy.10 Employee Services Office.11 Employee Benefits... 11-12 Employee Appearance.....13-14 Uniforms. 13 Grooming Standards.. 13 Nametags. 14 Shoes and Footwear.. 14 Sunglasses.. 14 Tattos & Misc... 14 Reporting to Work.. 15 Absenteeism 15 How You are Paid... 15 Updating Personal Information for Payroll Purposes..15 General Information..... 16-17 Termination of Employment.18 Harassment Policy..19 Deduction System. 20 Reasons for Dismissal......... 21 Equal Employment Opportunity Policy.22 Open Door Policy Employee Hotline. 23 Handbook Acknowledgement. 25


Noahs Ark Park History

Noahs Ark started in 1979 as 205 feet of frontage property on Hwy 12 purchased by a local famil y. It started with a bumper boat ride and a go-kart track. In 1981, Noahs Arks first waterslide complex, Jungle Rapids, opened and Americas Largest Waterpark was born, followed by enormous growth in the years to come. In 1994, the Gantz family of Dubuque, Iowa purchased Noahs Ark. Tim, Dan, and their families continued the same family traditions, additions, and growth that truly keep Noahs Ark Americas Largest Waterpark. In 2012, the Park was acquired by Festival Fun Parks, LLC- Palace Entertainment. With 70 acres and over 80 family activities, we are one of the most traveled-to attractions in the Midwest. Another area of excellence that Noah's Ark boasts is our safety record. Our 240 certified lifeguards are among the country's best at providing safety in a fun environment. While Noah's Ark has a unique and exciting history, we are always looking toward the future for new ways to make the experience for our Guests and Team Members a memorable one.

Noahs Ark Management Team

General Manager Finance Director Office Administrator/Employment Coordinator Sales Director Marketing Director Accounting Manager Doran Carrell Kevin Gruber Sandy Jonas Tracy Michaels Amy Muller Matt Wahl

Admissions/Retail Manager Food & Beverage Director Operations Manager Aquatics Manager Aquatics Manager Park Services Manager Grounds & Rides Manager Maintenance Manager Housing Director

Dennis Mellen Giacomo Belardo Ali Maassen Melanie Schnorr Heather Wagner Nate Croulis Wayne Winch Dave Baker Giacomo Belardo


Customer Service
An area of importance that we cannot stress enough is customer service! Every Guest is a VIP (Very Important Person). In a sense, every Guest is our boss as he/she pays our wages and gives us the opportunity to work. We have hired you to become a part of our Team because we believe that you have special talents to contribute. We look for people with great attitudes, dependable work ethics, and outgoing personalities. Your work here is very important. Your positive contribution guarantees your own success and that of Noahs Ark. At Noah's Ark, how you relate to our Guests is as important as how your work is done. We must treat every Guest in a courteous and friendly manner. If you have a problem on the job, keep it in the park. Talk to your department manager and always strive to help maintain the Noah's Ark image. We should never let our Guests hear us complaining. Imagine yourself as a Guest at a Noah's Ark restaurant: as you are walking through the serving line, the restaurant's employee is complaining about how tired she is. Or imagine yourself as a Guest standing in line at a ride, and you overhear an employee talking about last nights date. How would this make you feel? Ignored? You bet! You are not being appreciated as a Guest or being paid the attention our Guests expect and deserve. Our Guests are here to escape from the problems of everyday life. Our park represents millions of dollars and thousands of hours spent preparing to entertain them, and your one-on-one contact will determine our Guests lasting impression of their day with us. Make them glad they chose us! As a customer service agent, there are times when you will encounter Guests who have been faced with a situation that has prevented them from having fun. On these occasions, your mission is to provide courteous customer service. Listen to the Guest and treat him/her in a courteous, attentive manner. If you are unable to help a Guest, do not agree or disagree with him/her, but instead call the appropriate manager for assistance. Your experience at the park will be a successful adventure if you always remember that Noah's Ark is a people production. Take time to answer questions and talk with Guests in line. When you see someone about to take a picture of his/her family, please offer to snap it so they can all be included. Go the extra mile to make Noah's Ark a better experience for our Guests. We believe you are on your way to a rewarding work experience. Our Guests' lasting impressions of their visit will be YOU!


Frequently Asked Questions

"How late are you open?" "Where are the restrooms?" "Where can I buy Dippin' Dots?" If you can answer these questions you have already taken the first step toward becoming an information specialist. It is our job to provide all the information needed to assist our Guests during their visit. We must be walking, talking, and smiling information specialists. While working as an information specialist, you may be asked the same question a thousand times during the day, but remember, you'll be asked by a thousand different Guests, each for the first time. This is a critical part of your job! If you don't know the answer to a particular question, find out or call a manager for assistance. Never make up the answer. You'll soon find that being an information specialist is a highly skilled role. Here are just a few topics that you will be expected to be knowledgeable in as a Team Member at Noahs Ark.

Admission Prices
General Admission $38.99 + tax Includes use of all wet and dry activities for one day. Seniors (age 60+) Child 47 and under $28.99 + tax $28.99 + tax

Children age 2 and under are free Season Pass $64.99 + tax (pre season) $69.99 + tax beginning May 25 This pass is valid through Labor Day. Pass is valid for one person and is non-transferable. Noahs Ark photo ID must be presented at a ticket booth upon each visit. Pass holders may visit the park as often as they wish. A $10.00 replacement fee applies for lost ID. Group Rates are available for 15 or more people. Groups must pre-register at least two days before arrival, must arrive at the same time, and must pay in one transaction.

All-Day Lockers
Lockers are available for $6.00 or $8.00, depending on the size of the locker, plus a $5.00 deposit. Lockers may be rented for the entire day allowing the Guest to lock and unlock the locker as many times as needed. They are located in the following locations: Kahuna Arcade and Rental Wave Rental Dockside Rental Guests must pay $5 for a lost key. This fee is refundable if the locker key is found.

ATMs are located at the Kahuna Arcade, Wave Gift, and Dockside Gift. There is a $2.00 transaction fee.

Cabanas are located at the Big Kahuna, Paradise Lagoon, Endless River Area, and the Wave. Cabanas can be rented online or at the park.

Credit/Debit Cards
Guests may use MasterCard, Visa, American Express or Discover to purchase tickets, most food items, or items from our gift and candy stores. Minimum $10 purchase is preferred.


Diaper Changers/Nursing Station

Diaper changers are located in each of the mens and women's restrooms. A nursing station is available in the Family Restroom in the Big Kahuna area behind the fried food stand and the handicap stall of the womens restroom in the Arcade Building near the Flash Flood Ride.

Disabled Guests
Please notify a manager if a Guest in a wheelchair or with a disability requires special assistance. We do NOT have wheelchairs for rent. However, wheelchairs are available for rent at the downtown Walgreens; the office has the phone number for the Guest to call for details.

Life Vests
Life Vests are required in both wave pools for anyone under 48 tall. Child and adult life vests are available free of charge for our Guests at each of the tube rentals and near the wave pool entrances. Life vests may be used on all rides and pools except for the Slidewinders Waterslides and Paradise Lagoon Activity Pool. Only waterwings, life vests, and Noah's Ark tubes are allowed as flotation devices in the park. No other flotation devices or water toys are allowed, except in kiddie pools, due to safety requirements.

Lost Articles
When Guests inquire about a lost article, direct them to the Lost and Found station closest to where they think they might have lost the article. Never hold or watch any personal belongings for any Guest. Never tell the Guest that you might have seen the article. Do not send Guests to the office. Lost and Found stations are located in the following areas: Dockside Rental Paradise Lagoon Guard Room Wave Rental Kahuna Rental Any Ticket Entrance

Lost Children
Whenever a child becomes separated from his/her parent(s), notify a manager to assist the Guest.

Medical Coolers
Medical coolers may be brought into the park as long as they have a Noahs Ark wristband attached, identifying them as having medical supplies within.

We do not page for Guests unless it is for a medical emergency. Contact a manager if a Guest has any questions regarding this policy. Groups may be paged to return to their buses. (This is common during the early part of the season during Special Event Days.) The Main Office must be contacted to make the page.

Pay Telephones
We do not have pay phones in the park. If a Guest or employee has an urgent need for a phone, you can direct him/her to guest services.

Pets are not allowed in the park with the exception of Service Animals.

Picnic Supplies/Coolers
Carry-in picnic supplies and coolers are welcome only in the pavilions designated for carry-ins. Carry-in picnics and coolers are not allowed in the park. State law prohibits carry-in alcohol on the premises at any time. Plastic bottled water is allowed inside the park.


Refunds and Rain Checks

We do not issue refunds or rain checks. Contact a manager if a Guest has any questions.

Tubes: Tubes and mats are provided free of charge when an attraction requires them. Wetsuits: Wetsuits are available free of charge at either tube rental with a $30.00 deposit for each by cash, credit card, or travelers check.

Restrooms/Dressing Rooms/Showers
Restrooms, showers, and changing rooms are located in the following areas: Arcade Building near Flash Flood restrooms Dockside Gift Building restrooms, dressing rooms Paradise Lagoon restrooms, dressing rooms, showers Wave Rental Building restrooms, dressing rooms, showers Big Kahuna Rental Building restrooms, dressing rooms, showers Big Kahuna Fried Food Stand family restroom

Smoking Policy
Noahs Ark does have designated smoking areas.

Water Fountains
Water fountains are located in the following areas: Arcade Building Back Yard BBQ Two by Two Caf Paradise Lagoon Endless River The Wave Big Kahuna

The waves at both wavepools are on for ten minutes and off for ten minutes.


Noah's Ark has designed the safest conditions possible and the most important element involves YOU. Many of our visitors get caught up in the excitement of the park and don't always act safely. This means it is up to you to be alert and to protect our Guests (and co-workers) from possible accidents or mishaps. This is a big challenge but with your attention and dedication we can continue our outstanding safety record. If you notice a possible safety hazard, inform your supervisor immediately.

Emergency First Aid

In the event that the Guest requires immediate care, follow the steps below. Call a manager for immediate first aid assistance. Do not call for an ambulance; this is the decision of the EMTs on staff. While waiting for the EMTs to arrive, make the Guest as comfortable as possible. Never make a statement to anyone about the incident except to management personnel.

First Aid
First aid kits are located at every ticket booth, food stand, gift store, gate, and attraction. If a Guest is injured and is requesting assistance, call a manager to assist him/her.

Heat Waves
Throughout the season, we may encounter some very hot days. The guidelines below will help you get through the extremely hot weather. Drink plenty of water! Stay away from carbonated beverages or those high in caffeine. Each employee will be issued a free water bottle. Eat a meal before coming to work and one while you are at work. Stay in good physical condition and be sure to get out of the heat on your break. If you are working in the sun, we recommend using sunscreen to protect you from the sun's harmful rays. Free SPF 45 sunscreen is available in each breakroom. Hats are available in the ESO.

On-the-Job Injury
If you are injured while working, it is YOUR responsibility to report the injury to your manager on the same day that it occurred. If you go to the doctor without prior authorization, you will be responsible for the bill. For the safety of all employees, only authorized personnel are allowed in any part of the maintenance or mechanical areas. Violators of this rule are subject to termination.

Severe Weather
Occasionally during the season we may encounter severe weather. In the event that severe weather occurs, remain calm and help the Guests remain calm. For the Guests safety we may temporarily shut down water activities during severe weather, but will reopen them once the severe weather has passed. Noahs 4-D Theater, arcades, food stands, and stores do remain open if this happens. Announcements will be made to inform everyone when these events occur. We do not issue rain checks.


At Will Employment Policy

Employment with Noahs Ark (the Company) is strictly at-will meaning that you or the Company may change the terms of our employment relationship at any time, for any reason, with or without cause, and with or without notice, including but not limited to the Companys ability to alter terms of employment, such as demotion, discipline, promotion, transfer, or to change your compensation, benefits, duties, shift and/or location of work. There is not, and shall not be, any agreement (whether express, implied, or by operation of law) between the Company and you for any fixed-term, or for continuing, or long-term employment. The Company makes no representations or warranties whatsoever in relation to your employment, including without limitation, the stability, enjoyment, promotional possibilities, type of work or location, or long-term prospects of employment with Palace Entertainment. While Park General Managers and Corporate Department Heads have limited hiring authority, no one at Palace Entertainment (including any third party representative) has any author ity to alter the at-will relationship except the President and Chief Executive Officer and the Corporate Director of Human Resources.

- 10 -

Employee Services Office

The Employee Services Office (ESO) is located below the main office. To reach the ESO by phone, dial 608-254-6351, extension 247. All employees should go to the ESO for uniforms, time cards, employee wristbands, and payroll. Employees should always use the walk-up window. Nametags are required for all transactions at the ESO. All purchases must be signed for and most can be paid for through payroll deductions. The ESO will have regular hours. Please take care of your business during these hours.

Employee Benefits
We understand that maintaining the quality and overall atmosphere at Noah's Ark is a big job. That's why we have put together a generous employee package of benefits just for our Team Members.

Area Discount Cards

The Wisconsin Dells Visitor & Convention Bureau offers an entertainment card for all area employees. After purchasing the card, you may visit certain attractions for free and receive discounts for food and merchandise at participating restaurants and stores. Vouchers may be purchased at a discounted rate ($10) in the ESO to be redeemed at the Wisconsin Dells Visitor and Convention Bureau (if purchased at Bureau, discount card is $15). More information is available in the employee breakrooms and in the ESO.

Basketball Leagues
After work, join Noah's 3-on-3 basketball league.

Employee Appreciation Parties

Noahs Ark has employee parties to add entertainment and excitement to your summer. Not only are the parties intended to provide relaxation, they are also intended provide a fun atmosphere to spend time with other employees! Some of the party themes already planned for this year include: Getting to Noah You Kahuna Swim Night Big Kahuna Breakfast Volleyball Party Superhero Party Bowling Night Movie Night Year-End Party Drinking and smoking are not permitted at ANY Noahs Ark event by employees or management unless the host facility allows it. If you miss a day of work that falls on a Noahs Ark party or event night, you are NOT allowed to attend that party or event.

Food & Clothing Discounts

Noahs Ark offers employees a discount of 15% in the gift and c andy stores and 50% off of food and soda in the food stands (excluding alcoholic beverages) for all employees with your employee wristband or timecard. These offers are available both on scheduled work days and days off. They are intended for employees only, not for family and friends. Employees must wait in line for food purchases and food should be eaten in the breakrooms. No employee may sit in the bar areas to eat. Employees may not ring up their own purchases.

- 11 -

Noah's Ark Passes

Employees may bring up to six guests on two occasions to play at Noahs Ark. Bringing more than six guests requires approval from your department manager. Employees must provide the guests information (including name, department, # of guests, and date of arrival) by filling out a Guest Pass Form at the ESO. Be sure to fill out this form prior to guests arrival so the information can then be transferred to Guest Services. Guests should plan on arriving to Guest Services at the same time, but a list of names can be filled out on the form if coordinating arrival time isnt possible.

Noah's News
To keep you updated on current events, Noah's Ark publishes a biweekly news bulletin full of Noah's News. Anyone who would like to contribute to the publication can contact the office. We welcome any articles, artwork, clean jokes, or input you might have.

We want to hear from you! If you have an idea or suggestion on how to make Noah's Ark a better place for Guests or Team Members, please let us know. A suggestion box is located in the ESO and all suggestions remain confidential.

Year-End Evaluation
At the end of the season you will receive an Employee Evaluation that summarizes your overall performance. The evaluation determines your rehire status.

Year-End Prizes
Noah's Ark awards many year-end prizes to the Most Courteous Arkers of the Year. Prizes may include iPads, electronics, gift certificates, backpacks, and much more! The Most Courteous Arker awards are determined by votes from your co-workers and our Guests. Ballots are based on your efforts to provide the best quality service you can give to both our Guests and working as a Team Member.

- 12 -

Employee Appearance
Our reputation for outstanding employees stems from the way we act, and just as importantly, how we present ourselves. Whether you are working behind the scenes or in front of the Guests, you must look the role of a Team Member. A wholesome, fresh look is a pleasant reminder of the first-class entertainment we provide at Noah's Ark. Remember, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Each employee will be issued required uniforms. Your uniforms can only be worn when at work or when traveling to or from work. Required uniform pieces are free provided they are turned in within 24 hours of your last day of work regardless of whether you quit, are terminated, or the season is over. Each employee is issued uniform instructions that are to be followed without exception. It is your personal responsibility to keep your uniforms in the best condition of neatness and cleanliness at all times. On cooler days, you may wear Noahs Ark sweats or wind suits. Jeans are not allowed, nor are t -shirts under the issued uniform shirt. Uniforms must be the appropriate size. Polo shirts must be tucked in at all times, even if you are punched out.

Care of Uniforms
Uniforms should be neat and clean at all times. To keep your uniforms looking their best, hang or fold them neatly when you are not wearing them. Launder them frequently and follow the label instructions: wash in warm or cold water, tumble dry on low setting, use non-chlorine bleach, and do not iron the logo design. For best care of the windbreakers, wash by hand and hang to dry. If you do put windbreakers in the washer, use warm or cold water, and hang to dry. Swimsuits, trunks, and rash guards should be hand-washed and hung to dry. Damage will result if dried in a clothes dryer. If any part of your uniform appears to look unsuitably wrinkled or dirty you will be asked to purchase a new one to wear that day. No refunds will apply in this situation. Laundry facilities are located in Lake Delton and Wisconsin Dells.

Grooming Standards
Noah's Ark grooming standards are set to ensure the consistent appearance of our Team Members. Remember, the Guests' perception of your appearance is just as important as their perception of the park's appearance. All employees are required to be neatly groomed and bathed at all times. Cleanliness and personal hygiene are an essential part of providing the best service to our guests. Females must wear their hairstyle, makeup, and jewelry moderately. Pierced ears are allowed for females. No other piercings, including tongue, nose, eyebrow, lip, cheek, or any other visible body part, are allowed. If any of these areas are pierced, they must be removed while in uniform. Plugs cannot be substituted for piercings. Nails should be clean and conservative in length and color. For males, moustaches and sideburns are acceptable provided they are moderate in length and are well groomed. Beards, goatees, earrings, and other body piercings are not acceptable. Fresh shaves are necessary. Any male coming to work in need of a shave will be required to use a disposable razor that can be purchased in the ESO. Hair must not extend beyond the top of the shirt collar. If it does, it must be kept under a Noah's Ark uniform cap. Nails should be clean. Regardless of your attire or appearance when you were hired, you must conform to all uniform and personal appearance policies put forth by Noah's Ark prior to beginning work.

- 13 -

Your nametag must be worn neatly (straight) and visibly on the front of your uniform shirt. Lifeguards must wear their nametags on their lanyards. Prohibited acts under the nametag policy include: Wearing multiple nametags Defacing your nametag Wearing your nametag on street clothes or while off-duty Switching nametags Wearing watches, rings, decals, rubber bands, or any other novelty items on your nametag If you lose or forget your nametag, you will be issued a new one in the ESO. The cost for a replacement nametag is $5 and is non-refundable.

Shoes and Footwear

The required footwear for Team Members (with the exception of lifeguards) is tennis shoes preferably whiteand white socks. Your shoes must be clean and well maintained when you report to work each day. Employees who report to work with soiled or poorly maintained shoes may be asked to make the necessary corrections before reporting to work the next day.

As a Noah's Ark Team Member, it is important for you to always maintain good eye contact with our Guests. For this reason, only those Team Members who work outside are allowed to wear sunglasses. However, when talking with a Guest, remove your sunglasses to establish eye contact.

Tattos and Misc.

Offensive tattoos are not permitted. Management has the right to determine which tattoos are offensive. You are not permitted to obtain a new tattoo during the summer if it prevents you from performing your job duties. Reading and chewing gum are not permitted while in uniform and on duty. Smoking, chewing tobacco, and drinking alcohol while in uniform are not permitted whether you are punched in or not.

- 14 -

Reporting to Work
All employees are required to check their schedules and daily bulletins before punching in. If the weather is questionable, call to check for possible schedule changes before coming to work. Call 608-254-6351, extension 247 to reach the ESO. You must be to work on time. Once you are at work, wait to be told to punch in. Punch in at the timeclock closest to your work station and report to your work station immediately. Once your shift has ended and you are told to punch out, do so promptly at the timeclock nearest your station. If you are waiting for a ride or a co-worker to finish his/her shift, wait in the breakroom and not at the co-worker's station. You may never punch another employee's timecard in or out. Failure to abide by this rule will result in immediate termination.

If an illness or other emergency prevents you from reporting to work, you must call in and notify your manager before your shift starts. DO NOT have someone else call in for you your manager will want to talk to you! Do not leave a message on your managers voicemail. Doctors excuses are not valid reasons to miss work and are not accepted. Excessive absenteeism or tardiness is grounds for dismissal with or without a doctors excuse.

How you are Paid

The pay period is a two-week period that runs from Monday through Sunday. Direct Deposit Option: Your pay is automatically deposited into your bank account on payroll Fridays. The first check you receive may be a regular pay check that you must pick up from the ESO. It takes one pay period to cycle, depending on when your payroll information was received, into direct deposit for the remainder of the summer. TotalPay Card & Money Network Check Program Option: Your pay is automatically deposited into your TotalPay Account on payroll Fridays. The first check you receive may be a regular pay check that you must pick up from the ESO. It takes one pay period to cycle, depending on when your payroll information was received, into direct deposit for the remainder of the summer. If someone else is picking up your pay stub, a Paycheck Authorization Form must be completed by you in person in the office. Only then may that designated person pick up your pay stub. No other note or phone call will be accepted. If there is a discrepancy on your paycheck, please notify your department manager immediately. Remember, your paycheck is a private matter; you should not discuss hours or wages with other employees. PLEASE refer to the section in this handbook titled Termination of Employment (page 19) regarding your paycheck if you quit or are terminated.

Updating Personal Information for Payroll Purposes

If there is a change to your name, address, phone number, tax exemptions, or marital status, it is very important to update your personal information. To do this you log into the Employee Self Service Portal. You may register on the Employee Self Service Portal by going to and click on Register Now. Just follow the prompts and enter the Self Service Registration Pass Code which is: PalaceP-1234. You will then create your personal account. After this you will log in and be taken to the Welcome Screen. From this you should be able to access what you want. Most of you will probably go under the Pay and Taxes bar to see payroll information. - 15 -

General Information
Bike Racks
Bike racks are located on top of the hill behind Quadzilla and outside the entrance to Big Kahuna. Once in the park, walk your bike to the appropriate rack. Bikes cannot be ridden inside the gate.

Breaks/Lounge Areas
Team Members are required to take a 30 minute lunch/dinner break. You must eat behind the scenes in the breakrooms or lounges whenever possible. Remember to pick up after yourself and keep your breakroom clean. All minors are required to have a 30 minute break within six hours of beginning work. Complimentary sunscreen is available in the employee lounge areas.

Cell Phones
Cell phones must be stored in the breakrooms and cannot be used unless you are on break in the breakroom. You cannot bring your cell phone to your work station or call/text on your cell phone while walking through the park. Violation of this policy will result in immediate termination.

Drop Off and Pick Up

Team Members being driven to work should be dropped off and picked up in the employee parking lot. DO NOT allow your ride to drop you off or pick you up at the Main Entrance, Wave Entrance, or Big Kahuna Entrance.

Due to the nature of our business, no holiday time is allowed for employees from Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day.

Hours/Time Off
Hours will vary depending on the number of Guests in the park. If you need extra time off during the summer, you are expected to find replacements for your shifts unless the time you requested off was guaranteed in your interview. Your manager must approve all schedule changes.

Park Closing
After the park is closed, make sure your work station is neat and clean. Once your closing duties are finished you must punch out and leave the park immediately.

Employees are not allowed to enter the park through the front gate or Express Entrance. All employees must enter our back entrance and park in employee parking. You may enter employee parking by turning off Wisconsin Dells Parkway onto Lake Avenue and then taking a left at Sunset Boulevard. Parking is available in the lot to the right before entering the park. Failure to comply with this policy will result in your vehicle being towed at your expense and your parking privileges being revoked. Please drive under five miles per hour in the Noah's Ark parking lot.

Personal Belongings/Lockers
No backpacks, purses, or items other than Noahs Ark uniforms may be carried to your work station. If you bring a purse, tote bag, wallet, keys, cell phone, or pager with you to work, it must be stored in an employee locker or in your car. Employee lockers are provided in the breakrooms/lounges. Personal belongings left in the lockers are the sole responsibility of the employee. You must provide your own lock. Lockers are for day use only. Locks may be purchased at the ESO.

Each ticket booth, gift store, and food stand is equipped with a two-way radio for the use of the employees of that location only. Only employees properly trained on park radios are allowed to use them. Radios should remain off unless in use. - 16 -

Returning to School
College-bound employees are given up to two days to move in to school and register for classes. Exceptions may be made if your college is more than six hours away. This two-day period is the period before classes start; welcome week/social activities prior to classes starting are not included in the time granted off.

Speaking English
Noahs Ark employs students from many different countries in which English may not be the first language. In order to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction, all employees are required to speak English at all times while in uniform and on the park grounds.

The telephones located in ticket booths, gift stores, and food stands are for management use only. No personal calls are allowed. In case of emergency, a message may be relayed to you at your station through the office.

Each department has individualized training. Be sure to know your job expectations and attend all scheduled training. If you are asked to perform any job for which you have not been properly trained, please contact your department manager immediately. Feel free to ask questions at any time.

Work Station
Never leave your work station unattended. If you need to take a break or use the restroom, you must wait until a qualified person replaces you. Keep your work station clean and organized.

- 17 -

Termination of Employment
At the time you were hired, you made a commitment to work through Labor Day Weekend. Quitting or terminating your employment before that date will affect your rehire status. If you decide to quit or are terminated, you must complete the actions below within 24 hours of your last day of work. Inform your department manager and fill out resignation notice Inform the main office (paperwork must be sent to corporate for final payroll). Return all required uniform pieces, nametag, and Ellis book. Failure to return these items will result in the cost of them being deducted from your paycheck. Once deducted, there will be no refunds. Lifeguards: if you participated in Ellis training and did not complete the season, the fee for this class will be deducted from your paycheck. Pay for any outstanding uniform charges. Inform the Housing Director if you are in Noahs Ark housing, return your housing key, and be checked out of housing. If you quit or are terminated you are not allowed on Noahs Ark property (this includes housing) unless you are a paying customer. You are not allowed as a participant or guest at Noahs Ark parties or functions.

The issue of theft and vandalism is taken very seriously at Noahs Ark. If you are engaging in any aspect of stealing or damaging company property, you will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Noahs Ark may offer a reward to those employees who help monitor company assets by reporting theft, vandalism, and/or abuse of company equipment, supplies, money and/or any other Noahs Ark commodity. In some cases, the reward may be up to $500.

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Harassment Policy
It is the policy of Noahs Ark to provide a workplace free of unlawful and improper harassment of employees or Guests. Harassment is considered a serious act of misconduct and may subject an employee to disciplinary action including immediate termination. As used in this policy, the term harassment includes sexual and racial harassment, a s well as harassment based on any other protected classification. Following are examples of what may be considered harassment. Verbal harassment, e.g., derogatory comments regarding a persons race, color, sex, sexual orientation, religion, ancestry, ethnic heritage, mental or physical disability, age, appearance, or other classification protected by law, threats of physical harm, or distribution of written or graphic material having such effects. Physical harassment, e.g., hitting, pushing or other aggressive physical contact, touching or threats to take such action, gestures or the display of signs or pictures. It is considered harassment if: Submission to such conduct is made either explicitly or implicitly a term or condition of an individuals employment Submission to or rejection of such conduct by an individual is used as a basis for employment decisions affecting such individuals (e.g., promotion, demotion, or transfer) Such conduct substantially interferes with an employees job performance or creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive working environment It is not considered harassment of any sort for members of management to enforce job performance and conduct standards in a fair and consistent manner. Sexual harassment may be defined as unwelcome verbal, physical, or sexual conduct including, without limitation, sexual advances, demands for sexual favors, or other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature regardless of whether designed or intended to promote an intimate relationship. The key word in this definition is unwelcome. No one wants to see all forms of humor or affection erased from our workplaces; the goal is not a sterile workplace, but one that is respectful of everyone. If behavior is unwelcome, it must stop. Employees who violate this policy will be subject to disciplinary action in the discretion of management, including suspension and termination. If you feel you are being harassed, you should consider telling the offending party that you object to that conduct. This action often solves the problem. However, if you are not comfortable confronting the offending party or if the offending partys unwelcome conduct continues, you may advise any member of management with whom you feel comfortable discussing the issue of the offending conduct.

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Performance Evaluation
The following chart is used as a guide for disciplinary action that may affect your employment and rehire status. This chart is not all-inclusive. Management reserves the right to terminate an employee at its discretion.

Tardy 030 minutes Uniform/grooming violation Tardy 3160 minutes Not coming in to work, (called in, excused) Tardy 61120 minutes Poor job performance Inappropriate behavior/language toward a co-worker Insubordination Not coming to work (called in, not excused) No show, no call Inappropriate behavior/language toward a Guest

2 2 3 4 6 6 6 10 10 12 12


0-6 7-10 11-13 14-16 17 or more Warning Motivational Action Motivational Action Motivational Action Possible Termination

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Reasons for Dismissal

Noah's Ark has certain policies and regulations that must be followed to ensure maximum safety and enjoyment for Guests and employees. When an employee strays from the policies and regulations designed for this purpose, it may be grounds for termination. The following actions may serve as grounds for immediate dismissal. This list is not all inclusive. Noahs Ark employees are employed at will meaning that you or the Company may change the terms of our employment relationship at any time, for any reason, with or without cause, and with or without notice, including but not limited to the Companys ability to alter terms of employment, such as demotion, discipline, promotion, transfer, or to change your compensation, benefits, duties, shift and/or location of work. Theft of cash or property. Mishandling company money/failure to comply with prescribed cash handling procedures. Excessive absenteeism or tardiness. Failure to conform to company uniform and/or grooming standards. Giving, taking, or accepting food, merchandise, or other items without proper payment. Falsifying or altering company records including employment applications and timekeeping records. Job abandonment, i.e., walking off or leaving the job before being replaced. Giving false reason for obtaining an excused absence. Providing park or operational information to the press, radio, or television representatives. Chewing gum, chewing tobacco, eating, or smoking while working at your station. Misuse of guest passes. Unauthorized use or possession of company property. Admitting anyone to the park without proper admission charge. Failure to report to work without proper notification. Inattentiveness to duties/carelessness in performance of duties/sleeping or reading on the job. Threatening, harassing, or discourteous behavior to Guests or Team Members. Profanity or indecent conduct while on park grounds. Possession of fireworks, firearms, or any weapon while on company property unless authorized. Possession, use, or sale of narcotics, non-prescription drugs, or alcoholic beverages while on park grounds or working under the influence of any of these. Engaging in any conduct that constitutes a violation of state law or city ordinance while on park premises, including Noahs Ark housing. Altering another Team Members timecard or allowing someone to alter your timecard. Violation of safety rules. Insubordination, including failure or refusal to perform work as instructed or to follow company policies or procedures. Willful damage of company property or property of any Team Member or Guest. Taking longer than the authorized break time. Unauthorized entry into the park or work areas. Interfering with the job performance of other employees. Making statements regarding Noahs Ark on any social media (Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, etc) that is deemed damaging, inappropriate, or a breach of confidentiality.

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Equal Employment Opportunity Policy

Palace Entertainment and Noahs Ark is committed to a policy of equal employment opportunity for all applicants and its Team Members. Noahs Ark will not discriminate against Team Members or applicants in an unlawful manner including, but not limited to factors such as: Race, color, religion, sex, pregnancy, national origin, ancestry, citizenship, age, marital status, physical or mental disability, medical condition, sexual orientation and/or any other characteristic protected by state or federal law. Equal employment opportunity will be extended to all persons in all aspects of the employer-Team Member relationship including, but not limited to recruitment, hiring, benefits, promotions, training, transfer, discipline, layoff, recall and termination. Note, this does NOT mean that we will favor people or given special treatment to people who may be within such protected classes; rather, it means that there will not be a discrim inatory motive behind any adverse employment actions taken by Noahs Ark, and that we will treat all people equally based on their abilities, skills, professionalism and other work-related traits, and ones overall ability to positively impact and contribute to Palace Entertainment and Noahs Arks success and team oriented environment.

You may discuss equal employment opportunity related questions with Human Resources or any other member of management.

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Open Door Policy Employee Hotline

We seek to provide an open door policy with a spirit of cooperative teamwork. Most importantly, we have a workplace where problems can be discussed and resolved in a mutally respectful manner. We encourage you to present any work-related problems you may have to your immediate manager so the Company can attempt to resolve the issue through examination and discussion of the facts. We are especially sensitive to potentially harmful or dangerous matters such as safety concerns, illegal conduct, embezzlement and theft, discrimination and harassment. Serious matters will require an official investigation where relevant witnesses will be interviewed, and your cooperation is expected. We hope that your manager will be able to satisfactorily resolve most matters, but we certainly cant guarantee that complaints will always be resolved the way that you would like them to be. If you find that you still have questions or concerns after meeting with your manager, or if you are not comfortable discussing the issue with your manager, or if you would like further clarification on the matter, you may request a meeting with the next level of management or with the Corporate Director of Human Resources. You may also voice your concerns through a confidential Team Member Hotline at 800.680.1414. You may choose to remain anonymous, however, your anonymity may affect our ability to fully investigate this situation. All Team Member Hotline calls are immediately sent to corporate management and will be promptly and thoroughly investigated. Your participation is important and (if you have identified yourself) you will be notified of the investigations results. Regardless of the venue you choose to bring any complaint or issue forward, we welcome and encourage you to bring your input, questions, suggestions, complaints, feedback and comments to our attention. Careful consideration will be given to each of these in our continuing efforts to improve operations. That said, you also have a responsibilityto only lodge legitimate complaints and concerns with a reasonable basis; to report such concerns in a professional manner; to refrain from reporting speculation as fact; to refrain from exaggeration or falsification of facts; and to refrain from using the complaint process as a tool of intimidation or retribution (e.g., to get back at your boss or to harm the reputations or careers of others, or to seek to unethically propel your own career). Filing false reports may likewise trigger disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

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Handbook Acknowledgement
I acknowledge I have read the Noah's Ark Handbook (and supplemental handbook if I am a lifeguard). I will adhere to all of the policies and procedures set forth. Should I have any questions, I will seek out the answers from my manager or a park manager. I have also read and understand the essential functions of my job and am able to perform them as part of my job. Noahs Ark is an employer-at-will and has the right to end the employment of any employee at any time, with or without reason. This employee handbook is not a contract and no statement within this handbook guarantees any employees continued employment. Noah's Ark reserves the right to amend or modify this handbook or specific guidelines whenever it is deemed necessary. By this acknowledgement, I give Noahs Ark permission to deduct from payroll items such as uniforms, Ellis books, the cost of Ellis training, rent, cleaning charges if applicable, timecard replacement, etc. I also give consent to Noahs Ark and anyone else they may have authorized to photograph or film me, and to publish without any limitations as to the date of such use, photos or films of me, with or without my name for any purpose, including editorial, advertising, promotion, or trade purpose.

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