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How to get rid off debts - Is there any astrological remedy

Any one who had visited the astrologer, would have understood that there are many remedies through which he/she can overcome the difficult phase of life. In general, we find in the society that many people resort to loans from banks and financial institutions. Many others go to private money lenders for purchasing their requirement of necessities of life or luxuries. Due to the pressures of the repayment of principal and heavy interest burden, often we come across with the news of committing suicide. In Andaman & Nicobar Islands, in the recent past, a few stories of suicide owing to the pressures of debts have been published in the media. The moot question arises whether there is any solution astrologically for getting rid of the loans/debts irrespective of the horoscope. The seers have said many ways through which one can pay back all the loans or debts if they are followed sincerely. It is also said that these are very effective in repaying fully. The following muhurthas will provide happy moments for the persons who find difficulties in the repayment of loans: 1. 1. when Aries lagna rising with Aswini Nakshatra 2. When Scorpio lagna arises with Anuradha Nakshatra The above period is also known as Maitra Muhurtha If one repays a small amount of the loan during the maitra muhurtha , it is said that the entire loan will be cleared soon thereafter. The Aries also referred to Mesha and Scorpio refers to Vrischika. You need to collect the timings from an astrologer only. 1. In Tuesdays during Mars hora. The hora table is prepared based on the sun rise of the place where the party undertakes to repay the loan. The hora table is appended at the end of the article. The sun rise information is printed in the local newspaper being released from Port Blair. The appended table could be used to great advantage and one can easily fix up the hora himself/herself after noting down the time of sun rise. The hora table is provided for all the days and for this purpose only Tuesday is required. Small quantum of money can be repaid on an eclipse day towards the closing time. This time is normally mentioned in any Panchanga and the same could be used without any adjustment of the timings. The ending moments of eclipse is provided also in the news paper and one could use the same to great advantage The people are familiar with Pradoshams. If such pradoshams fall on either Tuesday or Saturday, one can select the day for the repayment. The following conditions are to be satisfied by the lendee. If the day is Tuesday, within 90 minutes prior to the sunset a small quantum is required to be paid. The sun set tables are published in the newspaper and one can select the timings by applying the principle. If the day falls on Saturday, please contact a good astrologer to locate the timing for Aries (Mesha) Lagna, Cancer (Kataka) Lagna, Libra (Tula) Lagna or Capricorn (Makara) Lagna. Please repay atleast a small amount during this period. Also please avoid ending moments. This method takes in to account the rising of Gulika on Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday. The second condition stipulates that on Tuesday Navami Tithi should be running while on Sunday it should be Chaturdhasi Tithi. The Saturday should have Chaturdhasi Tithi. The Karana should be shashti on all the three days at the time of Gulikha rising. This can be provided only by an astrologer.