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To My mother Who was source of inspiration? And solace of courage and patience for me.

After god, only she is for me like him.

I am really grateful to all those who Helped me in completing my first book. My sweet brother is always there to help Me in my good and sincere works.

Nikhil Nathoo was born in Kashmir in 1983. He got education in Kashmir, Solan (H.P) Jammu, graduation (B.C.A) yet my mind remained unsatisfied. I wrote few Letters and articles. This is my first book of golden letters and articles.

Angry in love

All I have left of our love is a photograph All I have left of our love is a photograph of your face. The question is -- what do I do with it? Many answers come to mind. It could be considered a multiple-choice solution. Do I: A. Burn it, B. Throw darts at it, C. Rip it to shreds, or D. All of the above? How naive I was to not understand what you were capable of doing to my heart. Your cruel words still pierce and wound my soul. I can't believe that I gave you the power to turn my heart to glass. You shattered it and left me with broken shards. In the end, I don't miss you. I don't look for your face. The pain becomes a cure for loving you. My belief in you died. You've become a well-taught lesson, not to be forgotten and not fondly remembered.

I am leaving Because there is someone else I am leaving because there is someone else. I am leaving because you can't make up your mind. You do not know what you want, but I do. I want an answer. I cannot live wondering if I will see you each day or if you will be in another's embrace. Don't tell me how meaningless that relationship is when you cannot be free to be with me. I will walk away and not look back. I may lose my heart, but not my mind. I need to be loved for me by someone who loves only me. If I sit here and wait for you, I may wait forever. I will not be a pitiful soul waiting for the meager love you offer. I refuse to let you use me this way. I am worth more and I deserve better. If you did not realize this then it's time you did.

I didn’t mean them, I swear! How can we both sit in the same room with a deafening silence between us? How could words pour forth that could only hurt and crush our love? I didn't mean them, I swear! I just didn't know how to take them back... I don't understand why we fought. Can you forget what I said? It was my frustration speaking, not my heart. Can you understand that my intent was not to separate us, but to vent my inadequacies? What can I do to make you look into my eyes again? How can I bring you into my arms? What would it take to restore our love? Say that you still love me and that I am still yours. Do not let my words be the barrier that divides us. Forgive me... I'm sorry,

I loved you beyond all reason I loved you beyond all reason. You were my heart and soul. Now I can see in your eyes that you are looking to another. You carry the scent of [Choose His or Her] Cologne on your mind. It is [Choose His or Her] face that you see, not mine. Promises -- promises that were to be our future now ring empty in my ears. Empty as my heart. How could you love me one minute and then the next not love me anymore? Did I change or you? I can't make you love me and I can't make this ache in my heart go away. Another now holds you in [Choose His or Her] arms, while my arms are left empty. Tears and pain are the only reminder of the love we had. Ashes of the fire that once burned in my heart for you are all that remain. I cannot wish you happiness. You have broken my spirit and my only regret is that I gave you the power to do so.

If I was no longer enough You didn't know I'd be there. You didn't see me for another held your gaze. I watched as you gently touched [her/his] face. I saw all defenses melt under your magic. [He/She] believed like I once did. You cast a new spell and broke mine. If I was no longer enough, why couldn't you tell me? Our love is a mirage. I thought I could see us forever, but none of what I saw really exists. There is only one thing between us now - lies. Take your lies and go. Nothing remains that could make me ask you to stay. Our love lays crumbled a ruin in the mist of my hopes and dreams. I may have been naive and innocent to believe, but you made me grow up fast. Nothing you say will change my feelings. I can no longer trust you or wish to do so. I see who you really are now - a stranger with your mask removed. There isn't a thing I see that will attract me to you again. Go and don't return,

The world does not revolve around you You make me so angry sometimes! You are an egocentric. What makes you think that the world revolves around you? Are yours the only feelings that count? Is that what you think love is about? When you are like this, I don't know you. You become a dark stranger. The last place I want to be is by your side while you stand there and [Describe Situation]. I don't want to be near your anger or the frustrations that change you. I can be there if you need me, but not like this, not when you forget who I am and the love I have for you. When you see that I am not your scapegoat, your whipping post, but the one who loves you and cares about you - call. But call only if you're ready to talk and direct your anger in the right direction, not at me. Remember I'm the one you supposedly love. Treat me that way. As always your love,

you betrayed me I thought no one could love like we did. Each day I gave you more of me, more of my love and more of my soul. I would have given you all...But you betrayed me, my darling. Do you remember our dreams at night? They glistened in the velvet light. Promises spoken -- were they just words to be forgotten? I thought at times that I could not live without you. I believed I existed for one reason -- you. Yet I breathe, I laugh, I live ... without you. Only now and then I feel the sadness as memories fill my mind. What we had and what could have been are now just memories, too. Why did I believe? Why? Regretfully,

You destroyed a part of my soul Understand that I need time to think over what's happened. I cannot understand why you sought another's lips, when mine were warm and willing. How could another's arms beckon you when mine were always open? you destroyed a part of my soul. I am hurt. I feel empty and hollow. I don't know if there is anything of our love left to save. How can I trust you again? I will always wonder who you were with, every time you're late. I will wonder if you will betray me again. For if you did -- it would kill me... I can't give you any answers now. I love you, but I can't make any promises, I once believed that we were invincible. I don't know what we have now besides a broken trust. For these reasons I must go...

Expression of love

Become my soul mate Are you aware of the feelings you provoke inside the deepest parts of my soul? Do you know that when I look in the mirror it's not my face I see but yours? I constantly imagine your touch and the sensations that delight my very being. I held my love deep in my heart. It was not something I would easily give to the first sweet smile I encountered. Others have tried to reach deep and retrieve my love, but they were not you. You have awakened the love that was ready to spill from my soul. The love I've kept welled and sealed because I could not be sure if my feelings were real or just an infatuation. I have not one doubt that you are the one, the only heart to whom I can give my love. You are the rarest and most valuable jewel to treasure. In your presence are riches and riches that can never be duplicated by any other. Say you feel the same love and become my soul

mate, my life long love. Say you'll marry me. My heart and soul are yours forever,

Being warmed by your love Did you know that at one time I was afraid of the thunder? Or were you aware that I trembled whenever a cold wind would blow? Then again the darkest nights would make me shudder - all because I didn't know of your feelings for me. Now I spend my days being warmed in your love. My nights are no longer the dreaded hours, but they are the anticipated moments of the delights in your embrace. Your smile dispels all my fears and I find my heart secure within your soul. I pity those that know not of such yearnings. How sad for those who do not have a love to share. I know that true love is a rare gift. I am among the fortunate because you have offered me this priceless gift. There is no other who could mean more to me than you. I love you, my precious,

Each day that I am with you I become more Each day that I am with you I become more. I find another piece of my heart that I didn't know existed. Each night I find delights as we unwrap the darkness. I surrender my complete being to you, my only love. My favorite time is when we are together. I love you and the light you bring to my life. Our love conquers the invincible. As we stand side by side, we are strengthened and empowered. The world is at our feet as we begin our life, hand in hand. Loving you was the biggest risk I've ever taken. I was afraid I would never have you. I was afraid you'd laugh at my love for you and reject me. In my life, loving you was all or nothing. I don't know how you saw deep inside of me -- but you did. You love me for who I am. I don't have to pretend with you. I will always keep you in my heart and by my side.

Forever and Always,

I am blessed, Being the one you love When I hear love songs on the radio, I know that you surely were the inspiration for those proclamations of undying devotion. Your countenance radiates the light of an angel that even brings sight to the blind. As I look at these things each day, I count my blessings, that I am the one you love. I don't know how you found me, for I certainly was not the one looking for love. I still wonder what it was that drew you nearer and nearer to my side. Yet the biggest mystery is "Why me?" It's not that I am trying to put myself down, but you are so precious and there are many who are more talented and worthy of your love than I. Whatever the reasons that you chose me above all others, know that you will always be the keeper of my heart. Know, also, that I could never give any of my love to any other. It belongs to you for now until my dying day. My soul will always be with you with its only purpose - to love you forever.

Your eternal love,

I drown in the sensations of your love? Why is it that when I see you I want to press my face into your being as if smelling a bouquet of exotic flowers? Why is it that when I look at your hands, I imagine feeling angels strumming my heart? How, I ask myself, can I look into your eyes and disappear as I drown in the sensations of your love? Questions overcome me as I try to rationalize why I dance on clouds. How can I fly to far galaxies, when my gaze falls upon your smile? What is to become of me, if I am blinded by the white fiery disc that I thought was the sun, but in reality it is your presence? These emotions overwhelm me, these feelings of love. I do not wish to feel any other way, to feel any other heart. I wish to bask in the glow that emanates from your touch. Your radiance is the nourishment of my soul. Your soul is the journey to my destiny. Your love,

I know the exact moment when I fell in love with you I know the exact moment when I fell in love with you. What I didn't realize was that you felt the same. I could lament lost time, but instead I am ecstatic that you my love, love me! Dreams and fantasies that escaped as morning broke are now the reality that I have with you. What did I do to deserve your love? Do you know that I would never do anything to compromise our relationship? Do you know that the value of your love is beyond the most precious treasures? You own my heart and my soul. They are yours for eternity. As I look into your eyes, I see my soul's reflection. How sweet to know, I have a place in your heart, that I am one with you! My future is secured in your love. I cherish you my darling Forever my love

I only existed as a vapor In the vastness of the universe, I only existed as a vapor. It was as if I was part of nothingness. No reason, I thought, could validate my existence. No reason that is until I gazed upon you. Do stars collide and explode in brilliance? That is how I could describe our meeting. The colors still wash over me as I recall our first embrace. Your touch is a soothing balm, healing all the hurt and scorched places of my soul. Your eyes are fire flames flickering with passion. I see the desire burning in those eyes. First they drench me, then my soul is quenched as a river running to the sea. Take my heart, you own my soul, I am yours always,

I think you are like the sea I think you are like the sea. You stretch out before me, going from here to the forever of the horizon. You are liquid -- moist and cool, pouring yourself over me. As a wave's gentle rhythm, you come wrapping smoothly over my heart. You are the sky then I think. You are bluer than indigo, frosted and tipped with iridescent clouds, a contrast, shuddering against the crisp green earth. Verdant and luxuriant, you become as I stretch out in your love. How can you be so many things to me? What can I become in return? Till the day I die, I will get up each day to write all the poems in my heart for you, but I think I can never find enough words to express the love that I feel, my sweet heart Yours with all the love of heaven and earth,

I was sane and level headed What have you done to me? I was sane and level headed. Never was I swayed by the scent of the Perfume or Cologne. Never did Color of your eyes. Eyes tear my soul in two. I was too tough for the softness of love. Then you entered my life and turned everything upside down. Being in your presence drives me crazy, and I never want to leave the radiance of your smile. Your love burns desire in my heart. I cannot live without your gentle touch. It is a breeze that refreshes and restores my being. My day can be filled with one absurdity after another. This cannot be I think; then I fall in your arms, and you hold all the answers to an insane day. I want to be with you forever. I want and need you. I love you more than the deepest fathoms of the sea. Your love washes over me. It renews my soul. All that I am is illuminated under your gaze. From here on you have my love each day -- completely and forever more. For always,

I'll stand by your side There is so much to say I don't know if I'll ever find all the words or the time to tell you. How can I in one lifetime give you all the love I have to give? Everything I do is for you. Every thought that comes to mind is of you. Each day I live, I spend in the delight of your light. I'll wait for you if that be your wish. I'll stand by your side every moment of each day. I'll spend my life loving you, rapturous in each second we are together. You are a miracle that saved me from becoming lost in a world that can be cruel. You soften all the edges in life that are sharp. You sweeten the bitter. I am constantly in a state of delectable contentment. Others show envy in their eyes. They do not have the love that we share. Their dreams can never even come close to our reality. I love you so much I know there is no other dream in my life that needs to be filled. You have filled them all. Forever yours,

I'm in the presence of an angel When I think of you, it is as if musical notes are pouring Over me. It is a haunting melody, sensuous, deep, and rich. It cuts through the night playing havoc with my heart. When I am with you, surely I'm in the presence of an angel. Your eyes, darling, mesmerize my soul. Your touch is a silky temptation. Being with you makes everything right. You are my sanity in a crazy world. You are my inspiration, my delight, my passion. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I want to share day and night, moment by moment, dream by dream. You are my soul. I love you more than any written words have the power to tell. [First Name of the Person Who Will Receive this Letter], I'm asking you to marry me. You hold my heart and I give you my love completely. Say you'll share your life forever with me. Always with heart and soul,

Love was not for me until I found you. If we had met at another time, I would probably have run as far away from you as I could. I definitely have spent a large part of my life trying to avoid this emotion that some call love. I would rather have a dreaded disease than to expose my heart to a situation where I would be vulnerable. No, love was not for me - then I found you. Am I wiser? Has time pushed my fears away? Or was it my destiny to meet you and fall in love? I'm sure it was not wisdom, for if I had any, I would have looked for you long before now. I know it wasn't a lack of fear, because I am still afraid of all the love that I feel for you. As for destiny, all I can say is that it was in someone's plan to use you to draw me out of my ignorance. Some say only fools fall in love. I can now speak from experience and I am ready to shout from the top of the highest mountain - only a fool would flee love. This mysterious emotion drives my every thought. You are never far from my soul. You have brought me to a place of wonder and delight. I would never run from you. I would only plunge into the headiness of your love. From now until forever,

My life changed the moment you stepped into For someone who has what others would consider to be everything, I felt I was living my life under a shadow. In that darkness, stars burst forth and showered me with a radiance that came from your love. My life changed the moment you stepped into my shadow. I love you with my heart and soul and know that you return these feelings for me. This love is the most wonderful sensation two individuals can encounter; but what is more wonderful is that for us it is the beginning of unknown ecstasies. It is a journey to be traveled in tandem, a voyage of shared dreams, delights, and pleasures. Take these words and store them in your heart. Place them in a place where only I can go. Never forget them, or that you hold the passport to my soul. You, darling you are my soul mate, my companion forever. Yours always,

My most favorite place is in your love I look to spend each day speaking words of love to you. My most favorite place is in your love. It is the most perfect gift -- the sharing of your heart, body, and soul. Your generous spirit washes over me. The feelings you provoke defy definition. They are a wicked temptation and the most sacred salvation. Your love is a presence that cannot be denied. It exists even when we are apart. There are so many things that I once considered the necessities of my life. They dwindle in comparison to your love. I treasure each second that we share. The unwrapping of your love is like a gift. It reveals realities that were once only my dreams. I love you dearly, my sweet heart Yours only,

Tell me how much you love me I let few in to see the real me, to share and taste the wine of my soul, but you had the key, even before I invited you in. You knew me as I know myself. How did you come across the secrets I buried? How could you see where others were blind? Was our destiny a gift? Tell me again how much you love me. I can never tire of these words from you. Tell me again of what we'll do together, now and forever, each day we have to spend. For I cannot be one again without you to complete me you are my heart. Your touch sears my soul. My being explodes in delight. We have become one - your heart beats as mine. We cannot be separated by time or space. We have become an entity. I love you with all my soul,

Without your love my world is colorless I love to paint pictures with words. I love to fill page after page with color. Then I try to write to you, but the words seem colorless, lifeless. All the ink that touches the page pales in comparison to your beauty. What words could I pen that would even bring adequate value to illustrate the way your love has captivated my heart? Maybe I just lived in an illusion before. Maybe what I thought were the most vibrant hues were only a hint of the washes that would stain my heart forever. Deepest purples, blues, and greens vibrate from just writing your name. Where do I find the other shades to express your depth? I have known your love and realize that without it, my world would be colorless. A cold gray would cloud my being. My existence would be less than a black shadow in the real world. In your presence I am filled with intensity and vividness. I exist in the spectrum of your love. Your love saturates me,

You are the wonder of my life You are the wonder of my life. I see you and wonder how Nikhil Nathoo could have written poetry without knowing you. I wonder how Nikhil Nathoo could have painted without seeing you. I wonder how Nikhil Nathoo could have created music without hearing you. You darling are the wonder of wonders. I see you approach, and I think I must be dreaming. I will never forget when we meet, and every head turned as you passed. Your presence is magic, and it holds me spellbound. You take my love as a sweet offering, never asking for more. Oh, but if I possessed the power to put stars at your feet -- I would... But in the end, I am only a mortal, star struck by your love. You are the bright shining light in my world. I will love you - forever, and always,

You have melted my heart You are my first love. There have been others I've known. Those that tried to charm me, turning sweet smiles in order to seduce me, but only you have melted my heart. Only you have captured my soul. I look into your trusting eyes and I see a passionate love revealed. I am in awe that someone can love me as much as you. I know that our desire is a shared ecstasy. It is a fantasy fulfilled. Only a true love could make these feelings real. Only love can make past encounters insignificant and turn them into lost memories. You are the only one that dwells in my mind. What would you say if I told you that I need no other? I can leave behind all that was once important to me. None of what I had can match the place you hold in my life. You, my precious, meet all my hopes and dreams. You are the only love for me. For now and always,

You must be the reason for my existence I love you! I look into your eyes and feel as if I'm looking into the eyes of an angel. I want to share every thought I have, every dream I dream, and every second I breathe with you. You must be the reason for my existence. You are the sun, the moon, and the stars in my eyes. The universe has not the mysteries that intrigue me. But, oh, how I am intrigued by the sound of your sweet voice, the lilt of your laughter, the turn of your head, the secrets you have hidden in your soul... Tell me, sweet heart, do I create any mysteries for you? Or can you read these thoughts like a mystic -- a touch and you know what I feel, and what my words don't always say. The secrets that I have hidden are truths exposed under the gaze of your Color of the eyes. Tell me what our future holds. Tell me what you see for us. You are my enigma,

Your love has changed me I've spent my life searching for the one person who was to be my love. It was you who found me and saved me from a life of endless seeking. I could not see you even as you stood before me. It was your gentle touch that awoke and brought me to the reality of you. Now that you are with me, it is as if before I had existed as a vapor, a spirit of nothingness. Your presence in my life is like a velvet curtain that has dropped over my loneliness. Your love envelops me in warmth and smoothness. I had a dream of love, but you are more than a dream. You brought me to a well spring of life, filling me with joy. What can I give you in return? You already hold my undying devotion. Your love has changed me. I am not afraid to let go of my soul. You have so much more to give in return. If I had known that this is what would happen as I loved you, I would have run into your arms long before. I would not wasted a second of our time. I am yours always,

Your touch was like the whisper The stars were dancing in the sky as your finger tips danced on my face. Your touch was like the whisper of butterflies. Your lips lingered a second too long. And I was lost in a kaleidoscope of vibrant colors. The taste of wine could not have been sweeter on my lips. A winter fire could not have warmed me more. And all I wanted was more of you. I never knew that love could change a kiss. I never knew that love would only let me remember my time with you. Love, Darling, made me one with you. I close my eyes. Swaying to and fro, you are music descending about me, surrounding me completely. Your arms enfold me, transporting me to a state of delectable sweetness and contentment. Forever your love,

Your touch will undo me Walking in the rain or on moon drenched beaches has never been your style. You are the realist and I the forever romantic. How could this combination succeed? I thought I needed poetry at night, read under shimmering candlelight, but what I needed was you. Your hands speak a poetry that has not been written. Your touch will undo me and all my self control. I melt and I burn, running to you with no shame. Oh, how you speak to my soul. I soar to heights and see colors I never imagined. Kaleidoscopes pale in comparison to the intricacies of our love. Without the words being spoken, I know of your undying commitment. I know the most sun drenching, satisfying love in your arms. With love forever and always,

Friends as Lover

It takes a special person to be a real friend

We all have acquaintances, but it takes a special person to be a real friend. You are one of those special people. I am honored to call you my friend. There exists between us a bond that cannot be broken. I will defend you and stand beside you no matter what the circumstances. I will not let you down. I'll be there to share in your joy; I'll be there to grieve at your loss. My friend, I love you. There is no other person in my life like you. There isn't anyone else to whom I would tell my secrets to or bare my soul. On this earth, I don't believe, there is any other I trust as I trust you. I want you to know that you as well, have my trust in your hands. Always your friend,

Let me love you - more than a friend I'm asking you to trust in me. We have been friends for a long time. We've shared our secrets, hurts, and loves. Now I can't stand by and watch someone hurt you as you are taken for granted. Let me be the one that loves you more than a friend. Let me love you as your lover. Am I surprising you or am I bringing you a shocking idea? Hear me out before you reject my idea. All I've ever wanted was you. Maybe it was using our friendship as an excuse to be close to you. Don't run from what I'm revealing, but stay and let me love you the way you deserve to be loved. Just say the word and I'm yours - now and for eternity. Knowing that you love me in return would fulfill a quest of dreams and fantasies. I love you deeply with all my soul. I love you more than any friend. I love you in every way imaginable. I know I can make you happy. Remember, you came to know me as your friend first. Let me be more and let me be all to you. I will give you my love always,

You and I are so different Isn't life funny? You and I are so different, but when we need someone, we turn to each other. I've watched as others have broken your heart and chipped it away piece by piece, but that is not my purpose. I am here for you. Wherever my path may lead, wherever I go, I take you with me. Is this all new to you? It is to me. I thought of you as my best friend. Then when we met, I looked up as you approached and my heart melted. That's when I knew I loved you. How could I have missed this? Have you felt the same? Am I in forbidden territory as I open my heart to you? I do not know if you feel even remotely the same. But I will dare to reach for you-- daring to be more than friends. I will dare to be your lover. Will you dare the same as I? I await for you my friend...

You were there for me How did you know when I needed you? How did you guess I was ready to give up? You were there for me to lean on. Your encouragement and support carried me through some pretty tough times. You always listened as I bared my soul. You never criticized me, but you helped me with your patience. You made me realize many things without forcing your opinion on me. You cared and loved me gently, waiting for me to realize the most important thing of all - you love me. I always knew you loved me, just not in the way of lovers. Slowly over time I've finally opened my eyes. I see who you've been in my life and who you hoped to be. How could I be so blind? I didn't recognize the face of true caring, sharing and unselfishness as you quietly loved me. I know now that I have nothing without your love. Thank you for this wondrous gift. Please say it's not too late and accept mine. I love you, too. Yours, if you'll still have me,

Lost Love

A small reminder crept into my life I came upon a pressed flower in a book. It was the rose you gave me. I had almost forgotten you, but as always a small reminder crept into my life. When will you be totally forgotten? “Never!" my soul cries out. You are too much a part of me. No matter what I do to try and forget, you appear as if magic to haunt my dreams again. I still don't understand what happened. I don't know why you left. I thought I knew you. Was it real or did I just imagine all the love we shared? Why don't my words reach you? I think, sometimes, I made you up. You are only a part of my imagination, but then I find a piece of you to prove that we did have a life together. Somehow I lost you... You took my soul when you left. I'm still trying to find it among the dust and memento...

Did you know I wept Did you see the tears in my eyes? Did you know I wept? Did you feel how your words hurt me? Do you think a kiss wipes it all away? Sometimes I feel as though a cold chill passes over my soul. The sting of your words remains etched on my heart. Time will surely wash them away... I try to make sense of it. I can be strong and not hear those sounds that echo in my soul. Those sounds that seem to kill our love, bit by small bit. Your weren't always like this. I remember sweet nothings surrounded by promises that now lay broken at my feet. What changed between us? What am I suppose to do now? I don't know if I can see you again. I don't know if there is a way to mend the hole that rips at the tapestry of our love. I don't have any answers now, just questions.

Forgive me, I promise you my eternal love

I know that my name is not one you wish to hear mentioned. I am the one who brought grief and havoc to your life. I am the one that was a fool to risk our love for a few frivolous moments of pleasure. I played with fire thinking I would never get burned, but I was when I lost you. What I thought was a flame burning passion was but a few seconds of fire that destroyed our love. I keep asking myself how I could have traded your trust for a fling. How stupid could I be to fall for someone's sweet lies? The worst of all this being that I in turn lied and deceived you. I regret all that I did. It was not worth losing you. I am begging you with all the love that is my heart and buried in my soul - forgive me. I swear to you and vow with my life to never again betray your trust. I know now that no one else can love me the way you do. If any of the love we shared still lives in your heart, give me a chance to prove to you that I can love no other than you. Forgive me, I promise you my eternal love,

I could not be the love you deserved

I never thought sorrow felt as the emptying of the sea. I could not imagine that tears carried the weight of the earth. I never believed that we would become undone. All that was has become our past. I cannot understand why our love was not enough. I long for you still to comfort me, but we were each lost, never to find our way back to where we began. It was as if our love faded like the afternoon sun. You could not see me for who I am and you appeared so different. The closer we approached, the further our love grew. I wanted you with all my heart, but our love unraveled, never to be gathered back. I'm sorry I could not become the person you wanted, the one you needed. I'm sorry I could not be the love you deserved... Still, you will always have a piece of my heart.

I only have you in my soul

I've played the scene where you've walked away, never looking back, leaving me with sonnets and sunsets. You take my heart and I only have you in my soul. Your face plays over and over in my mind and your touch is a lingering remembrance. It is not our time and I'm afraid I gave my heart too soon. I search each crowd for your eyes, your smile, your being. Where have you gone? Did you take even a minute part of me with you? I wonder if I ever play in your memory. I dream that maybe you'll return and find that you cannot live without me. In the darkest moment of the night, moonbeams pierce the darkness and I swear I hear you call my name. Am I dreaming? If you find you have a place in your heart for me to share with you, I'll be waiting.

I still seek the shelter of your arms

I write your name with love. It is entwined with brilliant colored ribbons which wrap themselves around my heart, never to be undone. They are streamers billowing in the breeze like your love. Do my words reach you? Does my soul touch yours? I still seek the shelter of your arms and the warmth of your lips. Melancholy fills the chambers of my heart. I am too vulnerable with you. Like the petals of a flower, I fall away. I stand before you, all revealed. I am lost to you. I cannot follow. You did not leave any steps to pursue. You and I are separated in a space called time. I can see your words written on paper, but they carry no sound. Voiceless is the anguish that cries in my soul. I can only hear you leaving...

I thought we had a perfect love

I grieve at what has become of our love. We have left ourselves to become others. We look at different stars and search for different galaxies. Were we not happy on our plane? I thought we had a perfect love. Love that would last a life time... The night approaches and I know that I am no longer happy in your embrace. I know that your kisses no longer thrill me. I am not looking to be cruel but to be honest. Unfortunately, honesty for one can be pain for another. I'm sorry, dear. I cannot live in the past or in the memories of what pulled us together. This life would not be fair to either of us. The time we shared will always be fondly remembered, but we were not meant for an eternity. Do not look sadly to the past. It is over and cannot be found. Look instead to the future and the hope of a true love that will always be by your side. It just was not meant to be me.

I was the last to know

I thought I heard whispers whenever I entered a room. I thought my friends held sympathetic glances. Yet, no one dared tell me what they all knew. I was the cliché. I was the last to know. You had found your way into another's heart. You lacked the courage to tell me. Or maybe, you thought as a fool, and believed that I would never find out. Did you think you could keep us both? Did you think we'd want to share? Did you honestly believe that you were so wonderful that two would be unwilling to give you up? It is amazing how thin the line is between love and hate. Once I could see past the hurt, I saw that I could easily give up loving you. You don't have to share or choose sides. I'm sending you on your way. What a simple solution you've brought to my broken heart. May your heart splinter and shatter like our love and may the shards cut you deeper with each breath you take.

I was wrong and I lost you

I know you will find this hard to believe, but I've always loved you. You asked me to be by your side when I thought I had obligations to fill, responsibilities that no other could take care of but me. I was wrong and I lost you. I've lived with the pain of my choice. I lived each day not seeing your face, not touching your hand. I've yearned to be by your side to share all the promises you made, to share all the dreams we dreamt. It wasn't that I didn't believe you. I just had misguided loyalties. The cost has been rich. No one could ever take your place with me. No one could be a substitute for you. My days have been filled with the duties that someone else could have easily filled. But I thought I was irreplaceable when in reality it was you I could not replace. If you still think of me, I'm here to put you first in my life. With all my love,

I will never speak a word of love to you again

It is so difficult to write this letter. I love you so much my heart aches, but I must tell you that after this letter, I will never speak a word of love to you again. I can't love you unless I give you up. You are aware of my circumstances. I belong to another, but you love me still. I can't face each day knowing that my love can't be shared. This would be totally unfair to you and selfish on my part. I can't change my life now. Call me weak or better yet a fool to give up and not fight for our love. I know that it is best if I leave. Please accept my choice. There are no promises I can give you, only sadness I'm afraid. Find a new love and be happy,

I'm asking you to forgive me

There was no compromise. The words that existed between us were filled with rage. I was arrogant and overbearing. I had to prove my point. I had to be right always. In truth, I can look back now and see clearly. Hindsight, however, is always better than foresight. I was wrong. Pride stood in the way of my sight. I was blinded to what was important. You are the one I treasure most in my life. I was stupid not to see that until I lost you. I'm asking you to forgive me. Am I asking the impossible? I can change and will change because I love you. I cannot live without you. Please give me a second chance to prove to you that I love you more than my very soul. I want to return to the place where we were happy with each other. Say, "Yes", and let us rebuild a new and better life together. For now and always,

Let us try to love again I know you didn't abandon me. It was I who drove

you away. I was far away and not listening. I didn't hear what you were saying until it was too late and you said, "Good-bye." Words like uncaring, insensitive, egotistical, and selfabsorbed are probably good descriptors for me. It took your leaving to bring me out of my world to see I had failed at meeting your needs. I know this would make you think that I didn't care or that I didn't really love you. The irony of this whole mess is that I love you more than you can ever imagine. All those forces that drove me were so that I could provide for us. Obviously I missed seeing that what I thought was important - wasn't. What really mattered to you was our time together and doing things side by side. I left you when I thought I was with you in spirit, trying to make the type of life we both wanted. Through all this I realize that what I want more than any thing is you. Can I ever make up for what I took away from our love? Is there any chance we can restore and rebuild the love that we once had? Forgive me for having the wrong priorities. Can I convince you that you are first? Will you give me the opportunity to prove myself to you? I love you so much I need you beside me. When I have you by my side, I know then that I have become a success. Let us try to love again,

We met at the crossroads We are not the same. We came from different places, and chose different paths to walk, but we met at the crossroads. Once we loved and embers of that love still burn within. You mean everything in my life -- but I have no more to give. I suppose what I gave was not enough to make you stay. Tell me - did I ask too much of you? What was it you could not bear? What was it I could not be? Why did you leave when I thought we had begun? Does doubt run through your head? I don't know where to start now that I've reached the end. My steps have stopped. My direction is uncertain. Where do I go from here? I've lost you and I've lost myself. The only way I get through each day is in the hope that our paths will again cross and you will see me in a different light. Waiting,

You really don't know me

I know you don't expect my leaving, but I must because of my love for you. My staying would only bring unanswered questions, questions I could not answer for fear of hurting you more than my leaving. You really don't know me. I've never told you of my past, but if I stay it will one day catch us unaware and destroy all we have built. I cannot let this happen, for I love you with all the power that exists in my soul. I cannot stay and expose you to the secrets I have hidden. Those secrets would unravel the love and trust we've built. Parts of my life are lies, but I've never lied about my love for you. I want to protect you, not harm you. For these reasons I must go. I know you won't understand, but it is better this way. Know that I take you with me, always. No one else on the face of this earth could take your place with me. Don't hate me for what I must do, but keep a small nook in your heart for the love we shared. I can't even leave you with the promise that someday I'll return, so do not treasure that hope. I can't. I can only leave you my heart,

Remember me

I watched as you walked out of the room, out of my life. Did you feel my eyes follow you? I wished I had the power to make you turn around and stay, but you left. Now I wonder how I am supposed to go on without you. I know no other place - only us. I have spent my life loving you. What do I do? Where do I go? I have no feelings left. I am numb. Should I have begged? Should I have called your name? Would it have made a difference? After all this time, you'd think I would have known you better. But I didn't see through you. I loved you - too much or maybe it was not enough to keep you here... Remember me, I won't forget you,

Pursuing New Love

All my life I needed you There was a time when the thought of seeking someone to

love was at the bottom of my list. A solitary walk on the beach was more attractive than being wrapped in a lover's arms. There just existed too many complications in loving. I had no need to care for anyone other than myself. Now I see how self-absorbed I was. I don't understand what made me think that I could survive on my own. I didn't see the need for companionship. Wasn't that a concept that could easily be shared with a pet? I suppose that I was so lonely that I couldn't describe it. I could only deny that I needed another. Work and accomplishments could not satisfy the emptiness, yet in my stubbornness I would not seek you out. I still don't know what you saw that made you look past the disguises. I thought I fooled everyone in that I needed no other. In truth, I can confirm that all my life I needed you. You completed me and filled the empty place in my heart. You made me whole. I love you more each day, now and always

Are you dreaming of me

In the deep of the night, I awaken and wonder where you are. What are you doing? Is there any chance you are dreaming of me? Tell me, is there someone else who holds that place in the darkness? Whether it is in the light of the dawn, or in the velvet of midnight, my head is filled with you. You spill over and fill my heart. You pour forth and wash over my soul. I am bathed in loving you, but I do not know if you tender the same thoughts. I wish I knew the sureness of your love. I wish that the love that burns within me would kindle the same in your heart. I will be here for you always. You create that devotion in me. It is for you - always... My heart,

I ache to know you

Consider the possibilities of loving me. You would have someone by your side, at your feet, who adores you. You would know that the only thoughts on my mind are those of you. I would spend my life dedicated to making your dreams come true. All because I love you. The mysteries that draw me to you are unending. Each day would be filled with discovery as we find out more about each other. Love is a complicated passion, woven with intricate glimpses into another's soul. I ache to know these intricacies. I ache to know you. Let me show you how much I care. Let me be the one to share your love. Say you'll be mine. I can think of no other life than one spent loving you. I am the destiny of your love,

I have fallen in love with you

You are the wine my heart wishes to drink. Yours is the face my eyes long to see. Yours is the soul my mind seeks to know. I have fallen in love with you. Anticipation fills me each time we are to meet. I am a child again - innocent, yearning to walk by your side. I feel silly, eager to be chosen by you. My heart feels as if a spring has burst forth, washing me anew. My imagination could never conceive of the desires you awake. I have become someone else, not myself. I am your heart, your passion, your soul. I am your love. When others have had me running far and away, you had me so that I could not get close enough. I wish to be one with you forever,

Loving you is like playing with fire Loving you is like playing with fire. When I see your face I

feel my being melt. Heat penetrates my soul. I am not alone; others feel your warmth too. What are my chances of getting burned? Your smile is wicked and tempting. You destroy my conscience. I see you and I want to be bad. You bring me to a place of passion and ecstasy. Burning within me is a hollow where I can't get enough of you. These impulses are as hot as a flame white sun. I can't walk away. You've set my soul afire. I want to love you forever. Take the promises that blaze in my heart to yours. Your smoldering love,

My soul is afire with longing I am inclined to believe that I must have spent my life, until now, sleeping. You have awakened within me sensations

that warm my blood and jolt my heart. My soul is afire with longing for you, my precious, My eyes have opened to sunsets awash with brilliant color, staining the sky under which we stand. When twilight approaches, the moon reveals itself, creating a halo around your silken hair. You have the power to disquiet all that is within me. You have become my heart of hearts. You stir within me emotions that surpass exhilaration. This passion within my soul is the expression of the love I hold for you. Each day the feelings I have for you surmount the feeling I had for you the day before. You are the sunrise of my being. I will love you more each day we are together,

Tell me again - you love me I was so enraptured by your eyes. They held mysteries, secrets of now and forever. When I dared to gaze at them again, I thought I saw the promise of a beginning. They

seemed to promise a paradise with forbidden treasures. My heart trembled. Was your glance really directed at me? Did I fantasize about the look in your eyes? Was what I saw my heart's imaginings? Could it have been my deepest desire fulfilled? Your voice was a whisper. Did I hear your words correctly? Were they words of love? Did you tease me into believing you cared? Turmoil is filling my being. I can't eat or sleep, thinking of you. Take this weary soul and restore it with tranquility and joy. Tell me again - you love me... My heart will not beat again until I know,

Together let us travel the universe Together let us travel the universe. Holding each other's

hands, let us course new paths. In our journeys we will delight in the discoveries others have neglected. It matters not what we take with us as long as we have each other. Love has become our guide. Roads that once seemed rocky are now paved smooth. We will choose to travel those less known paths, those that are not charted. We are finding delectable secrets once hidden as we progress on our way. This is a new world to me, this world of love. I never knew there were no boundaries to our love. You seem to know the way and eagerly light the way. My shyness disappears and I am anxious to follow where you lead me. There is no need to beckon me. My love for you will always lead me to your footsteps. Your companion and lover always,

Your kisses are heaven Your kisses are heaven. Your lips lingering over mine and send my heart plunging to the depths of my being, leaving me breathless... Leaving me wanting more for now and

forever. Yet, I am not sure if you are just playing a game or if I am truly the object of your affection? Tell me, and bring this agony to an end. Tell me, and bring me to an eternal place of ecstasy. Do not crush my hopes, my darling. I will dissolve into nothingness if you just consider me your play thing. I wonder what you think. Am I one of many to desire your affections? Oh, but if there are others, I know they could not possibly love you like I do. Do you hear the sound in my soul? Do you feel the touch of my love? It is like nothing you've ever heard or felt. It is like the kisses of angels as you float above the clouds. It is the promise of a love that will be everlasting. It is the love I have for you. Eternally yours

Separated in Love

I know it is time for you to go I know it is time for you to go. Hold close to your heart the love that we have. Within mine, I keep the memories of our time together. Your face is never far from my mind, awakening desires that will be left unfulfilled until your

return. I will not forget you in your absence. I will remember that special time. Those memories will sustain me until we are together again. I will always love you. If only each day, it could be your face that I see as I awake, your touch that I feel as I arise, or that each day I could spend with you would never end, my Darling. Keep these thoughts as I anticipate your return. I will be here waiting for you, my Love. Faithfully and forever,

I long to wrap my arms around you I go to sleep at night in an empty bed. When I awake I feel your warmth and the smell of your being lingers on your pillow, but you are gone. I long to wrap my arms around you as we sleep, to rest my face upon your shoulder, but you are not here.

What keeps you away? What is more important than me? Maybe I don't understand because you are the most important person in my life. Does that make me dependent on you? Does it make me weak to love you so much? I wish I were your first priority. I wish I could be first on your list. I wish you would love me enough never to be separated from my side. If you would only rush home and gather me in your arms with promises of never leaving again... But you know that I am always here when you need me, so I wait for you my love...

I never thought our love could end I never thought our love could end. I would have sworn that I would fight and never have given up. You were my beginning, my soul, a treasure to be kept and never forsaken. I was wrong.

I can't find where our differences started. I can't analyze why we found different routes. Happiness was not a part of our life together. Were we too close to see it or too far to recognize it? I don't want to give up, but I don't see how we will survive. I would rather leave loving you, than hating you. It is a bittersweet choice. For even though we have lost and cannot live together, I do love you. This Letter may be a relief to the battles we have waged. I see no other alternative. We are miles apart and on separate journeys. I cannot find a way back... When you think of me, remember that I love you,

I took our love for granted I know that I have nothing to lose by writing this Letter. If anything, I have all to gain. I took our love for granted. I didn't value our love enough. Now that we are separated, I can't bear to spend another day without seeing you. I am a reflection in the glass without your comfort and strength.

Your love is what made me whole, a person with an identity. I lost all that when you left. I don't blame you if you want to hurt me. I did the most awful things to you without blinking an eye. I thought your love would be never ending. I thought I had a right to destroy you and that you would bear it all. I am ashamed of my actions. I find it inconceivable that I could hurt you - I loved you. You believed in me and my hollow promises. I wasted your soul and I grieve deeply for the cuts I so carelessly slashed into your heart. Please don't ever think that you were a fool, for even I know the truth. It was I who was the fool. I severed the love that was my life line. I want you back. Please forgive me. Let me spend the rest of our lives making up to you all the wrongs that separated us. I truly love you and I won't hurt you again,

Today we were apart, and I felt Today we were apart, and I felt as if a piece of my heart was gone as well. How difficult it is to know you are not nearby. I ache to touch you, to run my fingers through your hair, to caress your being, your soul. You are the

sweetness that courses through my veins; the same sweetness that fills my life... I feel cold. Not even the sun can wrap its arms around me the way your love wraps its warmth. I am one, alone without you. Oh, my love, no one can take your place by my side. Together, entwined souls, we become for eternity. If you would just return... Do not linger, for in your absence I become paler. My sustenance fades, and my destiny seeks your face. Circumstances have separated us, but our love will never be divided. I love you from the depths of my soul: always and forever...

You don't seem interested I want to share things with you, but you don't seem interested. I want to sit and talk, but something more important beckons you. I end up feeling lonely. I don't think I'm the one you want to be with like you once said.

What would it take for you to notice that I need more? Can't you see it in my eyes? Can't you hear it in my voice? Do you want me to beg for your attention? I don't think that would solve the problem. It would only embarrass you. I don't have the answers to what will bring us closer together. I love you and I want to be beside you. I want to unlock within you the feelings we once shared. I want to be the one that charms you, but I don't seem to hold that secret any longer. Why? Your love to have now and forever, just ask me,

Time less


I built walls I remember a time when I looked at the world through eyes blinded with tears. I built walls then. Nothing, I thought, could penetrate my barriers. But you came through them. You showed me a different

life; the importance of my being, sharing emotions, and the giving of love. You made me think. You made me face myself, face others, face you. You made me fall in love with you. Love with you is wonderful. There is no one who can love you more than I. There is no other embrace that can warm me like a burning sun. But you knew all that when you gave me your heart. Keep my heart forever,

My heart is yours forever I ran once, far and away, from all that I knew to be in your arms. I have never had any regrets that I chose to be with you. Our life has been spent in loving each other. We kept each other safe and warm in our own world.

You've given me dreams to share and see fulfilled as we worked side by side. Your faithfulness to me is a precious gift I keep stored in my heart. You have been all that I need in my life. There is no question that I am the happiest with you. We complement one another. Our souls are entwined in a mysterious passion that is never ending, yet always new. I look to each dawn because I arise to spend my day with you. Just as eagerly, I beckon the evening, awaiting the discoveries we will find in the night. No other could love you the way that I do or you me. My heart is yours forever,

Others are envious of our love I feel you slip your hand in mine as we walk, and your touch finds its way to the most secret place in my heart. Others are envious of our love and our closeness. I even find it incredible the way we know each other.

Your soul has always been a mirror of mine. My questions are answered even before I speak. My fears are calmed by your presence. Your love gives life to my dreams. You have my promise to love you forever. I would never purposely do anything to hurt you. If I did, it would hurt me more. I wish to always stand next to you, to share our lives from now until forever. I've made this promise to you, to be yours only, to be committed to our loving relationship for now and always. Love, with my written word,

Our love has never lost its passion. It is not as if we are new lovers. For most of our lives we have been together. We grew comfortable with each other, but our love has never lost its passion. I still find myself watching you. I love to see your face

and catch you unaware. There is a beauty I see that captivates me. It mystifies me how you still can turn my heart upside down. Time has not diminished the feelings you create inside of me. My soul quivers when I think of our closeness, of our hearts entwined. I savor your touch. It awakens sensations that I thought could only belong to those discovering new love. I gave you all of me when we made our commitment to each other. I am yours, since then, until forever. I love you. My soul, my heart, my love,

So many years we've been together So many years we've been together. How can it be that my love for you is never the same? Each morning I awake to find that I love you more. The dawn holds still the dreams of your face before I arise and I cannot imagine a day without you. Still, words only express a mere reflection of the

feelings in my soul. What utterance could convey the depth of my emotions? These syllables seem so inadequate to say, "I love you," now and always. Your love encompasses all that is kind, compassionate, and sensitive. You provide for me a haven from all the carelessness of each day. The warmth you offer is a silk, smooth and luxurious. It is where I can rest. You are my solace. I can reveal to you my innermost thoughts and desires. I know they are safe in your love. You are my companion, my confidant. When I feel there is no relief, you gently restore my soul. You refresh me with kisses like the dawn's dew. I cannot exist without your love. I will always be here for you, my darling as you are for me.

We’ve been drawn to each other You are mine. There can never be any question of my devotion to you. Since the day we met, we've been drawn to each other. Even when we tried to break apart, the bonds of our love kept us together, pulling us closer and closer.

Time, no longer, is of any consequence. We are of one spirit and of one mind. We are of the same soul. Whether we are side by side or apart, my heart goes with you, as I carry your heart with me. There is peace in our love. Yet, our passion becomes an obsession. Desire is the quickened pulse of our love. Time has not diminished, but deepened our yearnings. When our souls unite, it is with sweet sorrow that we part. There is no other to share my soul, only you, my dearest Always my love,

Your love is unending We are comfortable in each other's silence. Our time together seems only like seconds when in reality it's been Years. I lift my gaze and the love I see in your eyes for me still catches me unaware. Your love is unending. Others did not believe this would work. They tried to separate us, undermine what joined us. But our love is too

strong, constant in the trials that came our way. When I wanted to give up, you never wavered, standing strong, keeping me by your side. We've accomplished more than many others. I am proud of you. You've never been ashamed to go after dreams. You've taken risks to fulfill them. I've always believed in you as you have in me. I treasure the wonderful moments and savor the love you've given. Your love becomes more and never enough each day we share. Always loving you more,

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