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Creation Creation is the explanation of how God himself created everything in the universe.

God creates all of the heavenly bodies and everything on earth in six days. Starting with the first day, God formed the universe and the earth. On the second day, God creates the atmosphere and the sky. On the third day, dry land and plant life are created. On the fourth day, God makes the heavenly bodies and the stars such as the moon and the sun. On the fifth day, the birds and water creatures are formed. On the sixth day, God creates not only animals but also men. God created man in his own image, and announced to them to replenish the earth and subdue it which meant to fill the earth with their existence and control it. Toward his creations, God saw that it was good.

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Tower of Babel

There was a time when the world only shared one language, and a group of people had just settled in Shinar. They utilized brick instead of stone and tar for mortar to build their own city. One day, they decided to build a tower that would reach the heavens. The reason for this was to make a name for themselves to prevent their city from scattering. However, God saw their intentions and knew that by everyone being able to speak the same language then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them. As a result, God devised a plan to ruin their plans by stopping their construction work. He confused them by creating different languages, so that they wouldnt communicate successfully. God then scattered the people across the entire earth.

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Armageddon Armageddon could possible be the the explanation to how the world is going to end. The bible mentions that there will be a big final battle between good and evil, but its states that the good will defeat the evil. Armageddon is illustrated as the final world war that will occur in Israel. The bible foretells seven trumpets being blown and each representing a terrible event. Although, the seventh/last trumpet will announce the coming of Christ to establish Gods rule on Earth. God will utilize the plagues to punish the rebellious mankind. For example, the rivers and the fountains will turn to blood and the sun will become so hot that it will burn. The sixth plague is what basically sets the stage for the final battle. Demons are even believed to be released to gather armies to bring about destruction with Satan while God and his angels descend from heaven to prepare for battle. Pain and darkness are believed to be inevitable. After victory, Satan will be sealed in the abyss for one thousand years and after his loss hell be tormented day and night forever and ever.

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