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My biggest mistake in seeking truth was thinking it was fixed and yet timely as
to seeking to be a
leader you must always be a follower. Both parties were corruptible even with
biblical or beyond
biblical arguments which in a sense can not be factually as we see history
repeating itself and each
spin borrowing from a contradictory yet convenient list of platitudes. Symbols are as
language are
mathematical and too restricted to yield a true result representative of reality. So
beyond metaphysics
as a philosophy today I saw in America both parties protested by 2,300 tea parties
on 4-15-2009 against
growth of government and taxation w/o representation telling us how to define our
collective reality.
Since 1985 learning how to define reality has led me to avoid it personally in my
own scope of freedom
therefore the blessing of freedom has always eluded me in my quest to define it led
to its restriction w/o
other blessings. Simplicity is a quest for definition and manipulation however it is
then an addiction
w/no choices. Human life will always be complicated to preserve us from ourselves
as God intended.
Obama was revenge for the oppressed by the holier than thou or good ol’ boys, but
is revenge worth my
freedom or is limiting waste for others worthy a prize to sacrifice my dignity? In this
question there is no
need for seeking as it is discovered as this revolution or movement grows socialism
is avoided as well as
a godless communism yet I am released from my prison as I see other conscious
beings calling
themselves American not allowing taxation as a basis to encourage or discourage
certain acts. I am for
the first time proud to be an American since 1985 some twenty four years ago. We
are more than children in a classroom mindlessly being led to the truth or tested
based on choices given to us for our
reality.In Christianity it is as Islam or Judaism there is a God or the devil debate until
Jesus Christ is
received as the answer with its freedom, so with this it is not Democrat or
Republican as much as a
cry for freedom with the freedom from want by which we call ourselves in unity,
Americans.In 1773
were the Boston Tea Party now after 9-11-2001 , the death of America under Bush is
she being
resurrected by God or rising as a Phoenix again.As a young man I sought to achieve
all my own rather
than lose all compensation for shared glory to be independent yet we are
interdependent in any economy yet today I realize it was not all my own fault.If you
work for pay then no one can compel you
to their limited scope of truth buying your soul and in this freedom and blessing.In
this truth lies the death of depression mentally and economically, if trends end and
surreality lost then awareness to
beauty is regained with no need of any chemical to be high on life or rebel with
death to yourself as
the consolation prize. Seeking the truth when young with basic skills, indoctrination,
too many choices
and no experience is futile.No wonder American youth feel like slaves and rebel.

It’s times like this you have to be grateful for your five senses as touch, taste,
sight, hearing and smell
as well the powers of movement, thought and speech however these are deceiving
in themselves if we
live in a society where God is real as a holy God or a social institution where we
seek common ground as
one is real and the other an idol whereby we offend even by entertaining its
existence contrary to the
will of those who believe in a real God especially when he is real. At least the
dynamics of human
psychology leads us to abnormal psychology when we force people to believe in
both granting evidence
of the designer’s original first intent. Baal must fall.
To believe a child is perfectly innocent at birth is to denounce the need of
baptism or remission of
original sin. We take to sin naturally so after a terrible non correctible mistake we
did not fall from
grace. In the actuarian tables used for gambling or insurance we make money off of
the predictable
likelihoods denying God’s grace and purchasing it from man. This world is
temporary even in scientific
terms unless there is a God. We believe we are so good we do not even need a god
or we are more
advanced than that until we error publicly requiring some act of public penance and
retribution occurs
we term justice. To record all of man’s knowledge, organize it or unite it is
impossible due to varying
approaches to achieve different end results as to if there is or is not a creator. We
can entertain a god
for the sake of the psyche yet deny its reality or power or discover it by violating the
sacred reaping a
result. Insanity is the end result of trying to understand everything in human terms
where we thank the
Earth and fear it for sustenance or a system of gods or systems or God himself.
Every major subject is
liable to total revision. Even reading and writing evolves as thought changes and
mathematic rules
can change through different applications. Few understand algebra is complicated
addition. Physics
and anthropology dictate an understanding of biology in medicine and philosophy
bears mythology
which created most religions or magick as arts fuel from these into slight variations
of theme.
To understand an atom or molecule aids in understanding a cell, but also a
planet. In understanding
philosophy appreciation of myth, legend or systems of religion occur, but usually in
a mathematical base
as all philosophy is thought expressed through language which is modified or
manipulated as a form of
math to express a reality. Hence our world of business contains contractual terms as
faith contains
covenantal terms and every action or inaction is a term of the meaning of your life
yet the equations
are never solved without thanks or thanksgiving. This is the meaning of worship and
the fulfilled life
even if thanks occurs before the desired benefits actualization and one’s mental
state is questioned.
The beauty of not being or trying to be a god is in not having to understand
everything or how every
little action is right or wrong before it’s execution creating confidence based on not
how great you are,
but how great your supplier of grace is in reality. I’ve tried to end these written
works as my opinion
will clash with others or be corrupted by later thinkers, however if this world is
temporary or its order,
is perfection of libraries and museums really necessary?Have I created any lasting
peace for all or
reunited families or repaired all mankind or preserved his posterity or preserved him
from himself or
herself or shattered all paradigms or vindicated any material philosophy as all are
under corrupted man’s control? The truth is I can not equip all men as many are
fools, both educated and those deemed
less self aware or priviledged. All we give God is thanks for the moment which I
believe follows us.


In Storm Blue alliances could be unholy or plans completed using resources of a

supposed neutral
origin combined from different sources as everything was subject to revision as
spiritual surrenders
were temporary to an agnostic god or social ideal where back-up plans and update
was filled with
continual problems or failure. Budgets and schedules were limited and fear of failure
or increased
demands of success included the need of constant caution. You can not be a
playboy receiving or
accomplishing everything you dreamed in this world without being despoiled and
defeated or worse
then your enemies. In a restricted environment directed by God for each person
tailor made to your
strengths and weakness being that of the nature of the heart and mind vulnerability
is removed as it
is cleansed. Guaranteed success beyond the noble intent of our eyes with hidden
agendas we hide
from ourselves as perfection is a matter of taste and every fantasy or dream is only
a desire, no matter
how well we defend it or embrace it or force it on others in solipsism therefore these
books contain
twenty years of experience especially in foolishness now redeemed to wisdom’s
start. The fear and trust
of a real God who asks resources and money to come by his provision through a
clean and good source
only for functional benefit to the end of a result by which we may most likely please
him by having a
reason for thanksgiving and worship instead of frustration, vexation and rage or self
torment as worship.
Storm Blue did not include the basics of family as my intent was to succeed without
such aid even from God so I may pontificate as a self made man beyond him. I
sought to escape the expense of family for my plans which could never be satisfied
in way of expense as well as the compensation of others.
Contractual failures or illness, both mental and physically consumed all as well as
ever self replacing
borderline addictions with no stable company to divide duties or emotionally supply
what I supposed
money could substitute. Man is the only creature capable of such self defeat or
contradiction therefore
he or she or it has a soul different than others and no alien from the 12th planet
could so manipulate us
by genetic engineering or initiated evolution and to save your intellect sometimes
you have to abandon
it to faith. I can fabricate my own purposes, but to then what is its value in the end
as strength does not
flow from appetite, but exhaustion. As for good all we do is profit oriented or for self
benefit so how good is our good works or are they worthy of lavish reward? Which of
my worked for fantasies or good
ideas did not generate horror or expense to another? These works only begin to
show the knowledge of
good and evil for to look at its end is the gate of deity status for self destruction for
where we abandon
grace for knowledge we abandon sanity and embrace every horror contained in
Dueteronomy 28-30.
Today beyond even those old testament proportions in graphic detail and jadedness
or perversity
is every ounce of human knowledge really worth preserving for posterity as heritage
we wish to see to its end? If we continue then let us say “Abandon all hope ye who
enter here” only to dream hearing
“I crown and mytr thee lord over thyself.” as in inferno or purgatorio. By no human
effort can heaven be
achieved for it must be inherited as a son or daughter kinsman of Christ although
willful misconduct
continually shows it was never actualized in the human heart.

All of this deals with the nature of a fighter’s heart and morale. Next if
Republicans on the conservative
side would read the letter of James and not avoid “the faith w/o works issue” versus
salvation by grace
then they would see by nature we are not supposed to side with rich even if they
are more experienced with money. Yet in all fairness, social equity is an issue to
eliminate poverty. However when a person can for minimal investment of labor
claim an equal share of the pie as the founder or solver of the problem it kills
industry and motivation in the person of accomplishment creating a depression
the person responsible for the solution is now inclined to be impoverished being
part of the problem
later also. If in government we exchanged a governor for a problem to be governed
thereby the problem
of Democrats is as Fabian Socialists in the end.A fighter or martial artist fights for
cause and booty so these two dilemmas must be faced. At the end in family or in a
cause if the compensation must be lost
to the general welfare after a grand battle and it lost with guilt where the warrior
vows never to fight
out of guilt or imagined guilt projected on him then he exists as a thief or bumb
torturing himself or
others just to survive. Even if the cause is disputed goods then innocent bystanders
must be avoided
as casualties or the warrior during his bout of guilt becomes despoiled. At such a
time there are spins,
but who but God can tell justice when both sides are supposedly good or evil? In a
world where breast
are not a measure of motherhood or where science & medicine lead to no cure,
better treatments or
increased sexual performance and the right to assisted suicide or where art is
expressed only in
frustration’s definition who an say anything is worth fighting for in the end? I can
only hope fighting
for God is not a case of betrayed intention also and that is the hope if we do not
take that too far.

Frued, Erickson,Jung, Piaget Henri Foyel Macchiavelli Nietzche Alleghieri

The Non Christian Religions of The World Berkeley Harrington Cicero
FDR Napolean Bonaparte were considered for Storm Blue

Musashi Sun Tsu Lao Tsu Bhagavad Gita Confucios Dystopian Western Classics
Gichin Funakoshi Amato Itosu Yamaguchi Frank Herbert were considered for The
Halls of Karma

Calvin, Zwigli, Luther, Darwin, Anton LaVey, Crowley, The Catholic Bible, 12 step
Lamaitre were considered for Diver’s Ways

The Wyrm or The Worm, Am I Evil or Am I Good? Considered all of the previous
Including Descartes, Spinoza, Marx, Nostradamus esp. Lao Tzu & Jung

The Program or if it is all the same, mostly Jesus Christ, myself and contemporary
of changing paradigms historically as Democratic or Republican Party

AS FOR ME: Sensei 2nd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do (Moo DukKwan),
N.Korean TKD also
1 st degree Japanese Shotokan
Sociology AA ACCC Catholic/prev. Presbyterian