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Brothers and Sisters, Like so many others, I am saddened by what transpired at the LULAC business meeting today, but I am also more determined to join with others to make LULAC the organization that it should be, a democratically run institution that is focused on a progressive agenda and a better future for our community rather than on questionable legal “rulings” and the almost blind, de-contextualized application of parliamentary procedures. I share with others the view that the court order that called on Linda Chavez and others to desist from identifying themselves as official state representatives of LULAC was narrowly constructed to fit last year’s legal challenge by National LULAC. The judge could not have anticipated that Linda Chavez would seek a state LULAC position, nor could anyone reasonably conclude that the judge intended to deny her the decision of ever seeking a state LULAC position or that duly elected delegates to the State Convention did not have a right to grant her the right to be nominated to serve our organization in an elected position. This makes it clear that the legal counsel for Texas LULAC misinterpreted the court order during our business meeting today in San Antonio when he “ruled” that Linda Chavez was disqualified from being nominated. The intent of the judge was not to deny us the right to exercise our vote in support of, or in opposition to, Linda Chavez as our state director; and he surely did not intend for our legal counsel to dismiss her nomination in the first place. We should also remember that our voting rights as delegates to the state convention have enough moral weight to have warranted a more careful reading of the court order and deliberate consultations with fellow members of LULAC--the practice of allowing one person to make quick and fast rulings in the heat of the moment constitutes a rush to judgment and contradicts our historic efforts to extend constitutionally guaranteed voting rights to everyone in the United States. I also agree with others that the legal counsel committed a second error when he “ruled” that the three letters from LULAC Councils in support of the nomination of Rene Martinez for State LULAC Director were insufficient. The LULAC constitution clearly states that nominations from the floor only require three letters, a point that the legal counsel later admitted when a number of persons pointed out the relevant constitutional clause. Tragically, however, his recognition of this mistake came too late—after LULAC’s presiding state officers succumbed to the spirited protests of the pro-Linda Chavez supporters by exiting the convention and bringing the entire meeting to an abrupt halt. Additionally, the presiding officer dismissed the protests by a significant number of experienced and respected elders in our organization. He refused to hear their well-founded arguments and accepted, in unbelievable haste, the “ruling” by the legal counsel. The lesson here is that a presiding

officer should be reasonable and flexible when duly elected delegates are making constitutionally-based arguments. The presiding officer should also balance his sense of Robert’s Rules of Order with the obvious fact that an overwhelming number of delegates, including many presidents of LULAC Councils, supported the nomination of Rene Martinez and, if given more time, would have generated many more letters of support. The presiding officer, in other words, added insult to injury by disregarding the constitution and the will of what I believe to have been the majority of the delegates in the convention. One last point. The organizers of the conference and the presiding officer committed yet another mistake when they used police officers to discipline us during registration and threatening to eject and even arrest us. Regardless of the intent, most of us did not see the police as peace officers but rather as instruments of force that in other times and places in our history others have used to squash legitimate grievances and dissent originating in our communities. Now, more than ever, we need honest and intelligent leadership to both set things right and focus the attention of Texas LULAC on the serious issues that our community faces in Texas and the nation. The integrity and effectiveness of the organization are at stake. Emilio
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Setting a good example for our future generations? Some leaders had to be escorted out the back door? Placido Salazar
From: Hilda-gmail [] Sent: Sunday, June 02, 2013 7:18 PM To: Paul Castillo Subject: Some Facts for consideration for voting at LULAC State Conference So, did you get an 'eyeful'? We need LULAC leaders to be civil and follow the bylaws & constitution!!! How embarrassing to be threatened & ordered out of the meeting, ( which was not adjourned or legal). These officers abandoned the meeting and should be removed! A private 'swearing' of a new. 'Hand-picked ' directors by Elia & her supporter after all the delegates were forced out! We must Investigate and demand a new election ! We must write to higher powers and authorities including the FBI to investigate & remove these scoundrels!! Please, please, get with your local Councils and Stand up for what is right! Can you imagine what the National Conference will be like. Be prepared. Have all delegates trained. Enroll in a timely manner. Have stand-in candidates ready with formal and pre prepared floor nominations with approved signatures. Site relevant bylaws on each document that supports your floor nomination. Take your cam- corders, cameras, video cellular phones and record everything! We will not be caught with our 'pants down' again! A video of what occurred soon to be sent to you. It will be posted on my FB page, YouTube and nationwide blogs! Stay tuned! Stay alert! Have integrity, honesty and know that God in still in control! Hilda

When you Volunteer it means you give yourself without any regression, without condition, but with full dedication...

Al ser Voluntario significa que applicara sin retroceder, sin condiciones, pero con una entregar total... By/por Faith Tomaquin

Have a Blessed Day! On Jun 1, 2013, at 8:01 PM, Paul Castillo <> wrote:

So, who do you suggest we vote for?
From: Hilda Duarte <> To: "<>" <>;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Sent: Saturday, June 1, 2013 5:44 PM Subject: Some Facts for consideration for voting at LULAC State Conference

On Friday Texas LULAC delegates registered with long awaiting lines and long hours. On Saturday LULAC delegates were meet by armed constables blocking the doors and ready to use their 'tazers', requests for picture ID's; and again waiting of one to two hours for registering with hostile personnel.

While these tactics might be expected of republicans this insult came from Luis Vera , LULAC national legal advisor. Really?! Are we criminals to be treated as such? Where is the respect we deserve?

It was very saddening to see fellow LULAC'ers that were 'running this dog & pony show' behaving in a thug-like manner. Some handicapped and seniors were forced to endure long lines and it seems like the current administration cares more about "putting money and perks in their pockets" then standing up for "La Raza".

Days like this make me think twice about staying in LULAC, but then I think of our community and I will NOT let the likes of people who are currently 'Monopolizing & directly benefitting ' take LULAC away from la Gente, we, the common people.

We need change NOW! Take a stand against the current mis-management of funds, chaotic, unorganized people 'in charge' who have high disregard for our power as voting delegates and who have previously displaced the very LULACERs we have voted in! In the 84 years of LULAC's one past President has voted themselves a salary...a salary paid by our dues($65,000! Not one past President has personally benefitted from the funds awarded to the Youth and/or Young Adult LULACers. Until wise and ask questions, be wise and don't be fooled! Rethink. re-evaluate & and make a conscience choice in your voting tomorrow and at the National Convention in Las Vegas! Remember, we have a RIGHT to be represented by those we trust and KNOW are worthy to be our leaders! We have a RIGHT to be represented by those WE VOTE for, and not those that have been 'Hand/Picked' to be servants to only a few !

My friend, MY VOTE, goes to a new TRUE LEADER...unselfish, who has his own wealth and philanthropist spirit gives to those in need. Know that he can't be bought...know that he stands for JUSTICE.. and for CIVIL RIGHTS! Yes, this is self-serving...but, self-serving to YOU as well. God Bless our LULACERs and GOD help us if we don't OPEN our EYES and keep this current administration...taking food from the mouths of our babes (Youth and Young Adults). We have an obligation and a responsibility to LEAD them..and not to exploit them! We stand for JUSTICE, not injustice!

Hilda Duarte , Lulac Vice-President Council 4782

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