HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT/HUMAN CAPITAL MANAGEMENT  ERP Introduction  ERP Intro with growth chart  R/3 Architecture  ASAP

methodology and Business blue print creation  Landscape DEV Server, Quality Server, Production Server ENTERPRISE STRUCTURE AND PERSONNEL STRUCTURE  General settings ,countries, Regions, City, Languages, Currencies and Telex code +91  Group Company ( Head office )  Business Area  Company Code for financial purpose  Personnel Area , Personnel Sub Area  Employee Groups, Employee Sub groups with Assignments ORGANIZATIONAL MANAGEMENT  Organizational Management,  Expert mode,  Simple Maintenance  Organizational unit, Positions, Tasks, Jobs, Work Center, Cost Center, Relationship, Reporting Structure and account assignments features. RECRUITMENT  Man power Planning, Job Description, Job specification, Job Advertisement, Receipt of applications or Emails, Short listing, Preliminary Interview, Final Interview, check the documentation, Selection and Joining.  Basic Setting  Workforce Requirements, Advertising and Instruments  Applicant Administration  Applicant Structure, Short Profile, Applicant Selection  Applicant Status, Applicant Action  Applicant Activities, Applicant Master Data, Selection procedure. BENEFITS  Basic Settings, Benefits Area  Plan Attributes, Plan Types  Plans , Company Car Plans Health’s Plans, Savings Plans, Insurance Plans, Pension Plans and miscellaneous plans. PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT  Personnel Development, 360% Appraisal ,  Organizational data and Integration with Organizational assignment.

 Public holiday Calendar

 Counting Rules and Deduction Rules. Holiday Calendar  Factory Calendar  Work Schedule Rule with overview  Daily work schedule Grouping.Employee insurances act 1948 Additional Payments ( 0015 ). Car and connivance allowances. Over Times and Attendances & Absences quotas. Maintain Employer address. FEATURES.(The Provident Fund & Misslenieous Act 1952) ESI. PCR and CAP Pay scale area. The Income tax Act 1961etc. Pay scale for any allowances. RAPs Amounts. (CAP) One day salary deduction .               PERSONNEL ADMINISTRATION Payroll data. planned working time. ( PCR ) Collective agreement provision. Retroactive accounting . The payment of Gratuity Act 1972 . Shift integration with shift schedule. Date Modifier Payroll accounting area.Period work schedules . Annual calendar. Time quota types with Overview  Managing time account using attendance without clock times. Substitutions. Monthly calendar  Work schedule rule. Long term Reimbursement . Pay scale level. Dearness allowences.Day types.  Time manager workplace. calendar for cumulation. Environment of wage types maintenance.Employee PF act1952.Personnel calculation rule.Bonus. HRA. Housing. Recurring payments & deductions ( 0014 ). Availability. Attendances.  Time data Recording and administration  Absences. Pay scale type. Personnel sub Area Groupings  Break Schedules  Daily work schedule . Additional Payments off-cycle ( 0267 ) Holiday bonus ( ca00 ) PAYROLL INDIA Payroll Introduction Basic setting Period Parameter. Model wage types. info types. Basic pay. . Fixed dearness allowances. pay scale group Salary ranges. The Maternity protection Act. Maternity Protection Leave. CCA. The payment of bonus Act 1965. create control record. Statutory social contribution. Basic Pay ( 0008 ). / Technical wage types.

SECTOR=34A. and overview of end user. GB TRAINING & PLACEMENT CENTERE SCO-54. Talent review Meeting. Talent groups. Leave Travel Management  Training and development. CHANDIGARH . Succession Planning. Training and Event management  Budgeting cost allocation . Talent Assessment.55. BDC.Labor welfare fund.Compensation management. User Exit. Overview     Performance management system Talent management and Talent development Career Types and Career levels. Qualification in talent management. LSMW. Clients etc. Analysis Periods for Performance and Potential Values. Sap query . integration with other modules.