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JUNE 2013
Our future flows from our past.

Ripon Historical Society 508 Watson Street Ripon, WI 54971 USA 920-748-5354 Betsy Stanfield, Editor

Best wishes and big thanks to our student volunteers Carol Sachen The Society has enjoyed the services of three college student volunteers this year. Morgan Koscielniak, UW-FDL, has been helping Carol inventory the artifacts collection over the spring semester. Ripon College students Emily Stargardt and Zach Peterson have volunteered all year and have cheerfully helped Joyce, Nedra, and Carol wherever needed. Our thanks goes out to all three. We will miss them over the summer.

New librarian Sarah McGowan looks at the book collection with Morgan, Emily and Jack.

Artifacts Corner Carol Sachen Many objects have been acquired by the Society over the past several months. They include an early 1950’s wedding gown and bridesmaid dress, 1950’s pleated knit skirt and top set with belt, two late-19th century Currier and Ives prints, 1940’s Eagle Scout badge, 1900 Ida Turner wedding bodice, early 1900’s summer dress, 1920’s party dress, two nightcaps, one pair pantaloons, razor strop, framed portrait of Mildred Watson by Eve Faustman, Ripon Heritage game, Horner bookcase, oil lamp, Lester Schwartz etching, Parmalee family glass, Lester Schwartz print, Ripon Medical Center volunteer smock, 1950’s Bride doll and Mother-of-the-Bride doll, set of plastic doll dishes, and a set of aluminum doll pots and pans. Many thanks to donors Fred Boese, Donna Marquart, Tony Frommelt, Brian Wood, Jack Steinbring, Jeff Bumby, Dawn Revenaugh , Pat Wissing, Nedra Martz, Lee Otis, Tracy O’Brien, George Miller estate, Bill and Jean Woolley, David Berndt, Sarah McGowan, and Joyce Rudolph for adding to the Society’s collection. This recently donated bookcase displays part of the Society’s book collection. Dropping us a line? Use our street address rather than the PO Box The Ripon Historical Society is no longer using our post office box to receive mail. Please send mail to our street address; 508 Watson Street, Ripon, WI 54971. Thank you. -1-

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Are your dues up to date? Norm Loomer "What's with the number on my address label?" you may ask. To the right of your name you will see something like (2013) (that's good!) or (Lifetime) (that's good, too!) or (--) (that's very bad!). That indicates the date through which your dues are paid. If you see (2013) or (Lifetime), you're up to date. If you see (--), that means our records show you haven't paid dues since at least 2009. We'd like you to continue to be part of our membership and receive our newsletter and notifications of our activities. What to do if you're behind? Even if you haven't paid dues since before 2009 we'll forgive past transgressions and ask you to pay dues only for 2013. Here is our dues schedule: Student $5.00 Individual $15.00 Household $25.00 Donor $50.00 Patron $100.00 Benefactor $500.00 Lifetime Household Membership $1000.00. Dues are 100% tax deductible. Send your dues payment to the Ripon Historical Society, 508 Watson St., Ripon, WI 54971 and mark Attn: Treasurer. -2-

March Program: Historic restoration—before and after Nedra Martz Terry Laib, founder of Laib Restoration of Oshkosh, was the featured speaker at the March monthly meeting. From his early days as a carpenter’s helper to his current work as CEO in planning and managing restorations, Terry has been involved in restoring historic structures. He described and showed “before and after” pictures of a few of these projects, including the Brooklyn Hook and Ladder Co. and Osbourne House in Oshkosh and Galloway House in Fond du Lac. One current project near Ripon is the Kasuboski Hillside House which was built in 1869-1870. To complete this restoration, Terry noted the importance of viewing early pictures and mentioned his special joy in recreating missing parts. Following the presentation, audience members enjoyed cookies and conversation with Terry. April Program: Samuel M. Pedrick, Ripon’s super citizen Carol Sachen Bill Woolley presented April’s program on the life and contributions of Ripon resident and attorney Sam Pedrick. As a founding member of the Ripon Historical Society and active member of the State Historical Society, Pedrick is especially important to us. We are most grateful that his lifetime collection found its final repository in the Society Archives, as it has provided us the backbone for historical research in Ripon. Through pictures and an exhibit of sample materials pulled from the Archives, Bill conveyed a sense of the volume of Pedrick’s writings. As a lifelong Ripon citizen, he was involved with founding many local organizations, including the library, and the hospital. Ripon College benefitted from his participation as well. Bill explained that we don’t know a lot about him personally. Most of what we know comes from the letters he wrote to his children. This year marks 50 years since Pedrick died in 1963 and our thanks go to Bill for reacquainting us with the life of this most remarkable man. Thank you to Bill and Jean for their time and effort transferring their pictures into a usable form for our new equipment. Thanks also to Nedra for compiling the materials for the exhibit. May Program: The cooperage trade in Wisconsin Betsy Stanfield Before plastic bags and buckets, liquids and loose materials were stored and transported in barrels. Barrel makers were known as “coopers.” Gary Hess visited the Society in May for a presentation on the Frank J. Hess and Sons Cooperage firm in Madison. Gary is Frank’s grandson and he shared many wonderful stories about the family’s business. Frank J. Hess emigrated to the United States from Germany in 1890, bringing his cooperage skills with him. This company was the last surviving white oak beer keg maker in the country, closing their doors in 1966. The presentation featured tools of the barrel-making trade such as the cooling coils in the photo on the right. Barrel making was an important part of Ripon's history with barrels for beer, pickles and flour provided by the W. H. Deming Co. over a 30 year span. Gary Hess shows a photo of his grandfather while demonstrating several barrelmaking tools.


Ripon Historical Society 508 Watson Street Ripon, WI 54971 USA

Mark your calendar! 2013 programs The Ripon Historical Society will host open house hours from 1pm-4pm on the first Sunday of the month running through October. Normally volunteers are at the Society on weekday mornings, but the open houses are being scheduled in an effort to accommodate those unable to visit during the week. We will make an effort to have an archivist available to assist with research requests. Our evening programs start again in the fall. All events will be held at 7 p.m. in the Society’s Meeting Room at 508 Watson Street. Sept. 19 Unions in Ripon Oct. 17 Baseball in Ripon Nov. 21 Annual Meeting


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