Rule one: I upload when I have time.

Rule two: I am not responsible for the use of this program Themida is an protection idea that should prevent reverse engineering/cracking... By several AV applications the crack is considered as dangerous. DON'T COME WITH VIRUS WARNINGS SINCE CODE GENERATORS ARE NORMALLY USING CODES THAT CAN BE CLASSIFIED AS VIRUSES OR HARMFUL PROGRAMS BY VIRUS SCANNERS ETC. INSTEAD, PROTECT YOURSELF WITH SOFTWARE LIKE SANDBOXIE READ THIS INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE CONSIDERING DOWNLOADING!!! If the torrent is totally down, you can try here as well: Check here as well: Please don't say that the installation is complex: in that case give up, the installation is peanuts compared with the program itself.... Again: 1.I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE 2.THE END USER TAKES ALL RESPONSIBILITIES 3.I UPLOAD WHEN I WANT, MY COMPUTER IS NOT ALWAYS ONLINE!!! (READ: RARELY) 4.KEEP THIS TORRENT ALIVE, SEE GENERAL INFO ABOUT PROTECTING YOURSELF AS DESCRIBED BY OTHER TORRENT USERS LIKE JF, LITTLE FINGERS, ETC Moral Lesson: At first of all, if you didn't manage to install Ansys so far, ask yourself if you want to use the program. It is a complex program, but useful (that's why you should buy it, straight from the producer and not from a retailer... so people keep on programming useful tools) If you don't know what computers are and how the function, better give up. Computers are just machines that can be fully controlled... So, if you use an anti virus program that starts to scream during the installation, that is because you as user asked that program to do this. You asked the computer to cry when files are activated that might harm your computer. Normally that crying starts when that anti virus program sees a code generator, maybe in combination with using settings that are defined somewhere in that big calculator... I use a different computer for my projects that is not connected to the internet at all, so I don't use a firewall. I don't need to do that. Usage of an anti virus is another story, since I use USB sticks that are used in other computers (read: public printing houses and so on. The chance to obtain a virus over there is big enough) I don't connect my working tool to an overcrowded and dirty network, because then I need to keep my bread making machine clean, and I don't want to waste time with that. At a normal day I have 18 processes running on my machine, sometimes I even shut explorer.exe down if I need more working power (in rest, Ansys consumes already 45 mB of RAM)

. 2. JUST PRESS "CLOSE" b. 3.) Run. control .) There comes a notification. select crack. name it license. drag and drop that folder in Sandboxie. and YES again when the question comes if you have a license file. Down under there is a button "Delete Sandbox") Steps: 1. d.1) Open Sandboxie Control.) Click there at the menu item: Sandbox==> DefaultBox==> Delete Contents . the crack.) IF SANDBOXIE COMES WITH QUESTIONS. If there was one already a license file just overwrite.) Open a new text file at the un-Sandboxed desktop. 4. right mouse button. create a new folder and then return to the "real" desktop.26. and then press a key. I mean the drive where windows is installed. and paste the text inside. Brows to the desktop in that window to the desktop.. h..) At the question ". check what the program Sandboxie does.) Wait a little bit. OR b. that should be the first (most up) option. from the sandboxed desktop. drag and drop a random folder in this box and a new window will open that has #-marks at the bar on top.v). select the content.)Now comes the big trick: a. copy (control .) Copy the freshly created license.) Open that file (right mouse button. this manager you have to search anyway at the C drive. I use version 3.2) Browse for the folder with the crack.) Now you are at the Sandboxed desktop. Close all the windows you made and return to Sandboxie control (that you opened when double clicking at that icon close to the clock. c. select the crack . copy (control . (My anti virus was not complaining by the way. press F5 (refresh) and a file appears (license. Sandboxie Take a tour at the internet.c) . "Open Sandboxed" . at the right bottom corner. install it and check how it functions (for example: double click at the small icon close to the clock.dat.) Run license set up if asked for. browse in the Sandboxie to the desktop and paste (control . f. let's get started.c) . remember that newer does not automatically means better! Download that program. The new folder did not appear there. browse to the folder that contains the crack. . browse in the Sandboxie to the desktop and paste (control . If you want scan the computer after the rest of the installation.dat and put it in the Ansys License Managers sub folder "shared fileslicensing" If you install the main program at the D drive for example. for the current host" you say "Y" e.c h.dat) g. and save i.) Now you can dismantle all the Sandboxed issues you created and reactivate the anti virus.v). open with notepad) . choose YES if it asks about a server. while Sandboxed.) Dismantle the anti virus. the program should close.) Install Ansys..That was the moral lesson.

The program contains: 1. to be easier logging in later.dat file. this is the standard place where the license manager read the settings.) Click finish...Going back to the main installation. the computer starts to cry now that it is the same file/current file . remember that you have to start up manually before you start using Ansys. I didn't try that out (see reasoning above. back up the license. But then...) Go to the start menu==> ANSYS FLEXLM License Manager==> LMtools At the first tab: Configuration using Services At the seventh tab: select Use Services and Start Server at Power Up At the fourth tab: press Start Server Now you should have a license up to somewhere in 2017. deselect the related issues as described in point 8.. the seventh tab. but you don't! 7. 5. send it to your own mailbox for example! This is the way how I did it.. which you just copied so you know where it is. A good option is to put the license file as well in a folder named c:flexlm . Most likely. You need then to point straightly to the license file as well. but you cancel! 6. Multiphysics # ANSYS Multiphysics 2.. the program offers you again to browse..) There comes a question if you want a "survey" . Have fun.Mechanical # ANSYS DesignSpace # ANSYS Fatigue # ANSYS Mechanical # ANSYS Professional # ANSYS Structural # ANSYS DesignXplorer # ANSYS Mesh Morpher . maybe it is a good idea to use a good firewall if the computer where this will be checked out is connected to the internet or another network.) Now browse for the file.. Check this out in FLEXLM's manual. it is specific for your computer. R. 8.) And another tip: If you finally managed. If you don't want to let the license manager to start up automatically. Just press okay. you need to make a BATCH file. Just do it.. And overall it results as well in two or three floating command windows.

# ANSYS AUTODYN # ANSYS Drop Test # ANSYS LS-DYNA # ANSYS AI*Environment # ANSYS DesignModeler # ANSYS ICEM CFD # ANSYS TurboGrid # GAMBIT # TGrid # ANSYS Engineering Knowledge Manager (EKM) 3.Academic # ANSYS Academic Products # ANSYS ED # FlowLab . Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) # ANSYS AutoReaGas # ANSYS CFX # ANSYS ICEM CFD Cart3D # FloWizard # FLUENT # FLUENT for CATIA V5 # POLYFLOW # ANSYS Emag # ANSYS Iceboard # ANSYS Icechip # ANSYS Icemax # ANSYS Icepak # ANSYS Icepro # ANSYS TAS # ANSYS Airpak # ANSYS AQWA # ANSYS ASAS # ANSYS Rigid Dynamics # ANSYS BladeModeler 4.