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Lesson Plan

8th Grade English - 1st, 3rd, 4th, and 7th Hour

Overarching Theme:

Making Connections


1. To aid students in understanding the conflicts of diversity during the 1950’s / 60’s
2. To educate students on the non-violence platform of Martin Luther King
3. To increase the students comprehension of the I Have A Dream speech

Objectives – Students will be able to:

• Understand issues of segregation

• Discern Martin Luther King’s “Dream”
• Increase prior knowledge
• Participate in group discussion and opinion sharing
• Identify change in outlook on diversity in 1960’s United States

Lesson Title:

“I Have A Dream” ~Martin Luther King Jr.


• [Strand 1 Meaning and Communication, Content Standard 3, Benchmark 4]

• [Strand 2 Language, Content Standard 4, Benchmark 1]
• [Strand 2 Language, Content Standard 4, Benchmark 4]
• [Strand 6 Genre and Craft of Language, Content Standard 8, Benchmark 4]


• Elements of Literature book

• Elements of Literature workbook
• Paper
• Pens / Pencils
• Video – “I Have A Dream” ~Martin Luther King
• Technology (DVD Player, Television)
• Other materials as needed

1. Students will write a journal entry answering the question “What are you dreams for
yourself and the country? Why?”
2. Students will write a journal entry answering the question “What do you know about
3. Students will write a journal entry answering the question “How do you think people
reacted to MLK’s speech? Blacks? Whites? Expand upon this thought”
4. Students will write a journal entry answering the question “Why do you think that MLK’s
methods of protest were successful? How did people react differently compared to
protests given by other groups?”

1. Students will discuss journal entries for 5 – 10 minutes after completion.
2. Workbook pg. 212, and then discuss responses.
3. Read aloud “I Have A Dream” by Martin Luther King using the “popcorn” method of
reading aloud, pausing periodically to discuss pertinent points within the speech.
4. After reading aloud, students will begin working on pages 214, 215, and 217 in their
workbooks on their own. When they complete those, they can work in groups of 3 – 4 on
pg. 216 in their workbook.
5. Students will watch a video clip of “I Have A Dream”, and then write another 1 – 2 pg.
response about what they saw and their feelings.
6. Students will begin a vocabulary sheet in which they will have to define each word and
provide two examples of that word in sentences.
7. Students will listen to the song “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” by Gil Scott
Heron and then write a 1-2 pg response comparing / contrasting “Dream” and

1. Students will have a quiz at the end of the lesson that will re-review the material the
covered and reinforce their understanding of the concepts discussed.

Classroom Management:

1. Standard and small group seating arrangements

2. Group and individual assignments
3. Give respect to others
4. Expect all students to complete assignments

• Elements of Literature Textbook
• Elements of Literature Workbook
• Teacher’s Notes
• “I Have A Dream” ~ Martin Luther King Jr. video


• Journal Prompts
• Reading aloud / Discussion
• Vocabulary worksheet
• Workbook worksheets
• Quiz


Journal Prompts 0 – 6 points

Reading Aloud / Discussion 0 – 6 points
Vocabulary Worksheet 0 – 6 points
Workbook worksheets 0 – 6 points each
Quiz 30 points