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Prescribed Qualifications For the post of “Lecturer”

: A Master’s Degree in the relevant field from a recognised institution.

Reporting Line Duties

: DEAN of Faculty through Head of Department


  

Teaching, Research, Administration, Consultancy Activities, Examination and Invigilation. Designing programmes of studies, preparing lecture notes, teaching materials, teaching aids and distance education/on‐line courses. Other duties directly related to the main duties listed above or related to the delivery of the output and results expected from incumbents in the roles ascribed to them.

Salary (PRB 2013)

: Lecturer: Rs27750 x 750 ‐ 28500 x 900 ‐ 33000 x 1200 – 36600 x 1500 ‐ 54600/‐




(in line with the 2013 PRB Report)


: End‐of‐contract gratuity in lieu of pension payable at the rate of two months’ salary on completion of twelve months’ satisfactory service.

Travelling Allowances/Mileage Rates, Travel Grant and Refund of Travelling Expenses


As per the provisions of the 2013 PRB Report

Loan Facilities and Duty Remission

LEAVES AND PASSAGE BENEFIT   21 working days Annual Leave and 21 working days Sick Leave on full pay for each year of contract. Unutilised Annual Leave may either be cashed or accumulated. Passage benefit as recommended by PRB 2013.

OTHER INCENTIVES  Full‐time academic staff who are registered Professionals may exercise their profession, subject to this being done outside their working hours, this not being conflictual with their work at the University and prior written permission being obtained from the Vice‐ Chancellor;  A monthly allowance of Rs700/‐ for the use of internet facilities at place of residence.


NOTE: Large cohorts: Where number of students exceed 60 in cohort/module.000/‐ per financial year.e. Allowance for Supervision Extra Project : Payment of fees for a maximum of 10 (Conditions apply) projects. payable in two instalments. would be applicable as follows: Programme level Certificate Diploma Bachelor’s (Final Year project) : : : : : Allowance (Rs) 4000/‐ per project 4500/‐ per project 3000/‐ per year per student Taught Master’s MPhil of : A remuneration package of Rs1000/‐ per project. Rs1000/‐ or Rs1200/‐ per hour. over and above the normal quantum of 5. over and above the normal Load teaching load of 270 hours) up to a maximum of 135 extra hours per academic year at the rates of Rs800/‐. Fees for Moderation Dissertations supervised Part‐Time Supervisors Allowance for Large Cohorts : Payment of an all‐inclusive allowance of Rs300/‐ per student for the correction of class tests/assignments and marking of examination scripts. Module Co‐ordination Fee for : A monthly fee of Rs300/‐ (per module over 12 months) for the Large Cohorts co‐ordination of only those modules that involve large cohorts. up to a by maximum of 10 projects for full‐time staff members who moderate projects that are supervised by Part‐Timers. for the purchase of books and other teaching aids. Such payments would only be applicable in respect of students over and above a normal quantum of 60 students and only where the number of contact hours exceed the normal teaching load of 270 hours.OTHER BENEFITS [offered by the University of Mauritius] Book allowance : An allowance of Rs12. ASR/JRR/NA/BR/10 May 2013 _____________________ 2 . Extra Programme Coordination : A monthly fee of Rs1000/‐ to compensate academic staff for Fee undertaking extra programme co‐ordination (for a maximum of 2). Allowance for Extra Teaching : Payment for extra contact hours (i. depending on the level of programme taught.