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Telecommunication/Carriers systems and networks/ Implemented projects WDM Next Generation SDH IP-Connectivity Access Digital tele vision network construction IPTV Platform Wireless Transport Technologies Wirele ss Access Technologies Switching Equipment GPS Trackers Carriers systems and networks SVIAZINFORMSERVICE LLC renders the whole package of services for design, deliver y, construction, maintenance and repair of departmental communication systems an d public communication networks of any complexity. SIS experts have extensive experience in the building of transport telecommunica tions networks based on fiber-optic communication lines as well as cable communi cation lines both in city cable conduit system and along transport corridors. Th e available equipment park, distributed staff structure and the knowledge of the existing networks make it possible to perform tasks in time and in a quality ma nner. Wireless communication at the transport network level is provided by SRA-AS radi o relay stations that can be used both for mobile communication networks (3G, 2G ) and for fixed networks (ATM/IP networks, LAN and WAN). Traditional communication services (voice traffic) still remain the main income for the carriers, and high-quality and reliable switching remains the basic requ irement. We offer a reliable EWSD digital switching system for TDM wire telephon e networks. Siemens SURPASS concept is an effective solution capable of traditio nal telephone and packet networks integration. SURPASS HiE 9200 switching platfo rm is designed to solve the problem of transition to new generation networks for the existing infrastructure and is a solution capable of functioning in TDM, IP and hybrid networks. Access systems offered by SVIAZINFORMSERVICE LLC is the best in its class equipm

Carriers face the problems of scal ability for the management of large and small networks. etc. Effective network management is on of the key components for the optimization of operation processes. Tel. ACE-I. Minsk. a Siemens WiMAX solution providing cost effective broadband last mile access for residential us ers. Network management systems offered by SVIAZINFORMSERVICE LLC provide the carrier s with the set of applications enabling the most efficient use of technical as w ell as human resources (NetManager. FMX/CMX.: +375 (17) 259-13-85 marketing@sis-group. OLTE-8). compatibility of differe nt manufacturers networks. Among access system s one can single out flexible multiplexing FMX equipment enabling the optimal us e of the communication lines capacity at lower costs. small and medium size enterprises. operating expenses control for better effectiveness o f the network and better . ULAF+. TNMS. Belarus. Effective network management becomes a key factor of succe ssful competition and continuous development. ul.ent designed to provide broadband and multiservice wire access over copper and f iber-optic cable (FastLink.). small and home offices. For wireless access SVIAZINFORMSERVICE offers WayMAX technology. Odoevskogo 131 map tel. SANTIS.: +375 17 2591136 print version SIS Group Companies Our Solutions Industry Competences Services Implemented Solu tions Equipment in stock News Certificates Partners FAQ Contacts Follow Us on Facebook Follow us on Facebook Follow Us on SlideShare Follow us on SlideShare SVIAZINFORMSERVICE 220018.