The University of Mauritius as an equal opportunity employer is inviting applications from suitably qualified candidates for academic posts, on a full-time contract basis in the first instance, in the following fields (and specialisations):  Agricultural Production and Systems • • • •  Agricultural and Food Science Crop Science/Botany Microbiology Agricultural Engineering

 Applied Sustainability and Enterprise Development Material Sciences or Environmental Engineering with specialisation in Sustainable Design/Development Chemical Engineering Civil Engineering Land Surveying

 Chemical and Environmental Engineering • • • •  Civil Engineering

 Computer Science and Engineering Computer Science and Engineering with specialisation in Software Engineering/ Web Technologies/Information Systems Statistics (Specific Qualification Requirements: First degree in Statistics and a

 Economics and Statistics • •

Master’s degree in Statistics or in Actuarial Science) Statistics with specialisation in Actuarial Science or Financial Statistics in Actuarial Science or in Financial Statistics) (Specific Qualification Requirements: First degree in Statistics and a Master’s degree

 Electrical and Electronic Engineering • Electrical and Electronic Engineering with specialisation in Control Systems and/or Engineering Nursing Instrumentation/or any other relevant fields in Electrical/Electronics/Mechatronics

 Health Sciences • • •

 History and Political Science History (Specific Qualification Requirements: First degree and a Master’s degree in History) degree in Political Science)

Political Science (Specific Qualification Requirements: First degree and a Master’s


ac.uom. Mechanical Engineering Development Studies Materials. Artificial Intelligence or any other relevant fields in Advocacy and Opinion Writing  Social Studies • • • Library Studies (Specific Qualification Requirements: First degree and a Master’s degree in Library Studies) Communication Studies (Specific Qualification Requirements: First degree in Communication or Media Studies with specialisation in the Digital field (Digital imaging. The scheme of service for the academic posts and details of salary and benefits are available for consultation on http://www. QUALIFICATION REQUIREMENTS A Master’s Degree in the relevant field from a recognised institution. 2 . Associate Professor or Professor must indicate their preference Such contractual appointment does not give any candidate the automatic right to any future appointment in a permanent capacity at the University of Mauritius. BENEFITS AND INCENTIVES Preference will be given to candidates holding a PhD in the relevant field and having teaching and research experience. audiovisual production and reporting) and/or Corporate and Marketing Communication and a Master’s degree in the relevant field of specialisation). The appointment will be on a two-year full-time contract basis in the first instance.• • • • • • •  Law Heritage Management Financial Law Business Law International Relations (Specific Qualification Requirements: Master’s degree in International Relations) First degree and a International Trade Law  Mechanical and Production Engineering Mechanical Engineering with specialisation in Structural Mechanics. Any appointment will normally be at Lecturer grade.pdf AGE LIMIT: 40 years NOTE: Candidates unless already in the Public Sector (Government and Parastatal Bodies) should not have reached their 40th birthday by the closing date of the application. Energy. Automation. However. applicants having relevant academic and professional experience and who wish to be considered for appointment to a higher grade such as Senior Lecturer.

uom. by the closing date. not to make any appointment as a result of this advertisement.  equivalence of qualifications (where applicable) for each field/specialisation applied by REGISTERED POST to the Vice-Chancellor.  transcripts and mark sheets. to call for interview only the best qualified applicants.MODE OF APPLICATION Applications must be submitted online at the following link: by the closing 29 May 2013 date of Wednesday Applicants who wish to apply for more than one field/specialisation must submit a separate application for each field/specialisation. verify and sign hard copy/copies of the completed online application form/s (referred to as Annex I in the online application) and should send same. Those who have previously applied for similar positions should submit FRESH applications. Fill in and submit the application form online. (i) (ii) Applicants should carefully follow all the procedures and instructions indicated below: After the online submission. The University reserves the right: (i) (ii) Note . PROFESSOR H C S RUGHOOPUTH VICE-CHANCELLOR 10 May 2013 3 . Disabled persons having the required qualifications are encouraged to apply. applicants must print. The closing date for applications is Wednesday 29 May 2013.  testimonials.INCOMPLETE AND LATE APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED. together with PHOTOCOPIES of  educational University of Mauritius. (iii) CLOSING DATE The envelopes should be clearly marked ‘Full-Time Academic Post’ on the top right corner. Réduit.  birth certificate and marriage certificate (if applicable).

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