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JUNE 2013

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One of the most striking accusations the Lord Jesus made when He was on earth was to label someone a hypocrite. Time and time again, He criticized the Pharisees and others for their hypocrisy. They said one thing but did something entirely different. They fit the description used by Zig Ziglar who said, A hypocrite is one who is not himself on Sunday. Thats perhaps what the Apostle Paul had in mind when he wrote to Timothy: And whoever does not provide for relatives, and especially for family members, has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever. In other words, to give credence to Christianity, to give lip service to following Christ and to trusting in Him as Savior and Lord, and then to fail to provide for our own family, is hypocrisy. To do so, in reality, is to deny our faith and to be considered as someone who has no faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and no interest in spiritual matters. It seems like such a small thing relatively speaking (pun intended) that Paul is exhorting Timothy to do. Provide for your own household, your own relatives. Take care of those under your care. Minister to those closest to you as a demonstration of your Christian faith. Yes, we are to give to His ministry here at Oakmont United Methodist Church. Yes, we are to be involved in ministering to others on our own and as part of the outreach of this church. But we are also to provide for our own families. We are also to minister to them and to care for them, for by doing so, we demonstrate the practical reality of our Christian faith. We thereby avoid the label of hypocrite since what we say is what we do. Hows the balance in your life? Are you providing for the needs of this ministry and those of your household? As a result, do others (especially your family) see Jesus in you?

ONE In the New Revised Standard Bible the word one is used 500 times. Its uses cover every application of the word from one individual person, animal, object to one in the sense of unity. While this may not be information you were seeking, it has relevance for all of us. In Deuteronomy 6 we are informed (or reminded) along with the original hearers: 4 Hear, O Israel: The Lord is our God, the Lord alone. 5 You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your might. 6 Keep these words that I am commanding you today in your heart. NRSV In Ephesians 4 we read: 4. There is one body and one Spirit--just as you were called to the one hope that belongs to your call5. one Lord, one faith, one baptism, 6. one God and Father of all, who is over all and through all and in all. English Standard Version This is my point, how will our church look if we as a congregation agreed to have one focus -God ? One in the sense of unity and one, worshipping one God alone, are two important touch points of Christianity and church. One in connecting with God, one in connecting with each another, and one in serving God. Each of us looking up, reaching out to grow in faith with one another, and each of us reaching into the world around us in service. This would require some real thought on each thing we do to make sure the centerpiece of our church is connection with God. Our focus in church not on us as individuals, our wants, our comfort, our pleasure. Rather the focus in church on God in worship, praise, praying, listening to God. Right now some may be saying, Dont we already do that? That is the assumption AND often it gets side-tracked by what we want for ourselves our comfort, our choice in music, the right ritual, even particular parts of the service geared to satisfy our wants. If we are honest, each of us says or thinks from time to time, I didnt like that song, prayer, way something was done. Recently I was listening to a program on TV and heard the host say, Trace Adkins does not like me, but he loves you and will be here live today. Trace Adkins is more focused on his fans than on a TV show host he doesnt like, we are called on to be more focused on God than ourselves. To really focus on God we each would need to realize it is not about us, it is about God, to worship, learn from and serve God. If we each prayerfully consider our part in the church and how to make church about God, worshipping, praising, listening to God, we will be making progress toward the unity. That progress will be characterized by loving God with all our heart, our soul and our might. Our church will begin to look like a congregation of unity One in God.

Pastor Linda

MAX & ERMAS FUNDRAISER TO BENEFIT GENERAL FUND Tuesday, June 4, 2013 please consider having lunch and/or dinner or ordering take-out at Max & Ermas in Fox Chapel. Make sure you give them the enclosed ticket so that the General Fund can receive 20% of all sales. Do you have a friend who you would like to have lunch with? Or someone in the church you would like to get to know better? Maybe your Sunday School class would like to meet and eat. Put your thinking caps on and be creative and help the church at the same time. Offer someone a ride, or meet in the church parking lot and carpool. We all have to eat and its fun to do it in a relaxing way where none of us has to cook or clean up! See you there! NURTURE COMMITTEE NEWS Greeters are needed for the 10:30 worship service during the summer months. Please call Thelma Lloyd @ 412-795-0326 or the church office if you can help in this way. ENDOWMENT FUND COMMITTEE The reconstituted Endowment Fund Committee members have met twice in the last month. The first meeting was on April 23 at which time members were brought up to speed in the workings and history of the committee. At this meeting it was decided to have a chat with our financial adviser for the funds. That meeting took place on May 7th with Philip Kapp, FIC, from Thrivdent Financial for Lutherans. His advice was what we expected; to continue the course and just try to keep from withdrawing funds in order to let the fund grow. The committee voted to move some funds around so that we are invested in 50% bonds and 50% stocks. Mr. Kapp suggested that all we had to do was make a phone call and this would occur. Unfortunately, that did not work as planned, forms stating that I am the Chair of the committee and able to act for the committee needed to be signed and returned before any funds could be moved. At our next meeting, another person will be appointed to this task in my absence. Regards, Donna DeTurck, Chair JUNE 2 3 4 10 11 12 13 14 16 17 19 20 21 22 23 29 Sarah Rose Kelley Michael Lloyd Ken Chambers Chuck Haught Tom Parkins Ray Rogers, Jr. Ed Smierciak A. J. DiMatteo Charlene Jacka Kara Klinsky Tom English Nancy Harley Benjamin Barnes Kelly Brownfield Joy Barnes Barbara Davis Betty Mayhorn Raymond Myers Helen Crawford Paige Fichte Angela Ashbaugh Jane Foster Hannah Gaither Lowe Jennifer Jones

GENERAL FUND NUMBERS FOR APRIL Balance 3/31 -$912.93 (deficit) Income $14,134.53 Expenses $21,846.72 Balance 4/30 $8,625.12 (deficit) Connectional Apportionment (new name for Mission Share) is paid thru April. NEWSLETTER Please submit articles for the JULY/AUGUST newsletter by JUNE 15. If you would like to receive your copy by e-mail, please send us a message at oakmontumc BAPTISM April 28 was a special day as Casen Michael Gaughan was baptized in our sanctuary. Parents Jackie & Greg, grandparents Cindy & Tom and Aunt Ashley as well as many other family members & friends were present for this happy occasion. HOSPITALIZATIONS Gen Hissem was recently hospitalized and is recovering at home. MEMORIALS Donations to the Memorial Fund in memory of Ted Eden have been received from Deborah & Cornelius Conley and Gloria C. Knezovich.

We apologize if we inadvertently missed your birthday. Please call the church office and let us know about your very special day!

CHILDREN AND YOUTH I have learned many things from my friend Jim Walker, but maybe the lesson I use the most is when doing youth ministry you have to be flexible. Soooooooooooooooooo here is our revised tentative schedule for the summer due to many time conflicts. There will be three trips. At the end of May (Memorial Day weekend) the Post High group is doing an Urban Mission trip down to the Southside. We will be working with the homeless ministry, helping in an Urban Garden and doing some repair work at Hot Metal Church. At the end of June (probably the 28th thru 30th) there will be a combined mission trip to West Virginia. This will be our Ninth trip down there. So hard to believe. In July, the youth group will be traveling to Erie for a few days. The trip will be part service and part fun. Both groups will be doing fundraising for these activities. If you have any jobs such as mowing, mulching, planting, weeding etc the post high group is for hire! I am hoping to squeeze in a spaghetti dinner sometime to benefit the youth trip. Details to be decided soon. With the end of the school year the youth group begins our bible study on the back porch series. Beginning Friday, June 14th we will meet every week at my house for tea (and coffee!) and bible study. We meet from 10:00am to noon. This year we are studying Acts. All are welcome. If you have any questions, please feel free to call. Junior Youth Group is going to begin meeting in the summer. This group includes kids ages 9 thru 12. I am hoping to meet once a week and throw in a few road trips as well. We will follow the youth group model of fellowship, games, lesson. I have sent a letter and a survey to find the best day to meet. If you have not received one and are interested please, please call myself or the church office. I want you with us! This is going to be a great and busy summer! Yay!

SUMMER WORSHIP HOURS 9:00 Informal-downstairs social hall 10:30 Traditional-sanctuary 11:30-Refreshments SPECIAL MUSIC June 2Chancel Choir-Polly McQueens last Sunday as our music director June 9Jessica Jacka, flute & Margot Flowers, piano June 16Liturgical Dance June 23Paul Gigler, soloist June 30EmmaLee Crannell, soloist WITNESS TEAM A growing group met at Kings May 18 for dinner. Future outings will be shared in weekly church bulletins or you can call the church office for information. Talent Show/Ice Cream SundaesWe are planning a night of fun and ice cream Saturday, June 22 beginning with a pre-show of singing at 5:45. Other talent will include storytelling, instrumentalists, vocalists, dancers and jugglers. Anyone who plays anything from the spoons to the tuba, likes to sing, read poetry, tell jokes or perform a skitwe are looking for you! A signup sheet is on the bulletin board outside the church office. LOOKING AHEAD Church Council is sponsoring an Outdoor Movie Night & Ice Cream Social Friday, July 19.

VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL Backpacking Around the World with Jesus July 29August 26:00-8:30 pm PreschoolAge 12

Pending final action of church council, Sunday, August 11 the Finance Committee is sponsoring an Eat n Bid Dinner and Auction. There will be a nominal charge for the spaghetti dinner that will be served at 5:30. Beginning at 6:45 bidding will begin on a variety of items donated by our church family, businesses, sports teams, etc. Please think about making up a themed basket of items to sell or donating new items or services. More details will be included in the July/August newsletter.

May 15, was Nakba Day here. Nakba is the Arabic word for catastrophe and refers to 1948 when over 750,000 Palestinians lost their homes and villages with the establishment of the State of Israel. This year marked 65 years that the Palestinians have lived as refugees. About 2 years ago, Israel passed a law that made it illegal to commemorate this day but how can a people be asked to forget their history? I worked during the day in Bethlehem but came later by bus to Jerusalem. I got off at the Damascus Gate and started walking to meet a friend for coffee three blocks away. There was an ambulance blocking the sidewalk and as I edged around it I noticed across the street, by the Old City, men were running. I looked behind them and saw the water cannon, mounted on the roof of a moving truck. The powerful spray was shooting out at the runners. I watched as the cannon turned toward my direction. I ducked behind a bread kiosk just as the spray shot by. The truck moved ahead and I tried to get pictures but coming down the street towards the corner where I was standing were Israeli policemen on horses as big as the ones you see on Budweiser commercials! The spray shot out again and again, and as I turned to get away, I almost ran into one of the horses. I changed course and headed up Nablus Road, away from the Old City. There was a barricade across the street. I made my way around it, hearing the sounds of glass and stones being thrown from behind a nearby wall. After that I was far enough removed from the situation to relax a bit and continue to my destination. These past 2 weeks have been out of control here. Last Wednesday, Israel celebrated Jerusalem Day. Thousands of young Israelis were bused in from the settlements to the Old City where they marched primarily through the streets of the Muslim Quarter, waving their flags and shouting Death to the Arabs. Both Muslim and Christian residents of the Old City were virtually held prisoner inside their own homes or unable to reach their homes due to the closure of both the Herod and Damascus Gates. The Sunday before that, Orthodox Easter Sunday, the Old City turned into a military zone as Israeli soldiers set up barricades and prevented the local Christians from having access to their holy places. The heads of the Churches here responded with a letter condemning the brutal treatment of clergy, laity and pilgrims during Holy Week (see my Facebook page).

TRUSTEESApril Meeting The exterior re-pointing has begun. Awnings were removed to prevent possible damage during the work Next the sanctuary wall will be torn down and rebuilt with new plaster and paint and additional "trouble" spots will be addressed and painted. Options for improvements in the primary room have been discussed such as industrial grade carpeting, repainting the walls and better illumination. Bids have been sought to install outlets at the stage area in the social room. New baseboard heaters near the parking lot entrance and better weatherproofing around the exit are being purchased. The air conditioner received its annual check-up The Trustees thank everyone who helped at the May 11th workday. Improvements and general maintenance in the flower gardens were made, a garbage can area near the parsonage was improved, latches on exterior doors were re-secured and exterior lights above parking lot were checked. Parking lot lines will be re-painted in the near future and the shed will be organized and repairs made to the doors. The Trustees have received the exterior lock box for the church keys (fire dept/police suggestion) and the interior lock box for documents, maps, and key alarm codes which will be installed soon. Fire extinguisher signs will be posted and a training day for persons who use the church frequently will be held. Bids are being sought for painting the hallway and annex holding the elevator. HOPE CIRCLE BOOK DISCUSSION GROUP Hope Circle will meet Monday, June 10th at 7:00 PM in the parlor to discuss The Dressmaker by Kate Alcott. Tess is hired to be the maid of Lady Duff Gordon on a transatlantic voyage on an amazing new ship The Titanic. When tragedy strikes, young Tess is one of the last people to board a lifeboat. In the aftermath, rumors abound that Lady Duff Gordons actions that fateful night were of a questionable nature and she becomes the subject of scorn. Tess finds herself caught up in an emotional period of our history and provides the reader with a fresh viewpoint of the events. Class differences, a witch hunt atmosphere, and survivors guilt propel real and fictional characters as they attempt to make sense of what has happened and try to find someone to blame for the disaster. The group will be attending a musical, Why Do Fools Fall in Love, at Apple Hill Playhouse on Sunday, June 23rd at 2:00 P.M. with dinner to follow. The show features classic songs from the 60s. Tickets are $19.00. Please contact Jan Beiber at 724-733-0847 or if you would like to attend. All are invited to join us for this event.

FINANCE COMMITTEE Over the years I have had conversations with many other United Methodists about our connectional giving. This is a unique aspect of Methodist life, but we have wondered: Where does it go? What is it for? Does anyone appreciate it? This letter from our District Superintendent should clear a few things up - I know it did for me!

What continues to amaze me is the resilience of the people. This morning, after the 6th time this past week that my bus into Jerusalem had been stopped by Israeli police in order to check the peoples I.D.s to make sure theyre legally in Jerusalem, I watched the patience of these people. No angry backlash, no verbal outcries, just a patient resignation to a thoroughly unjust system. I walked by the corner where Id been last night and all had been cleaned up and the fresh bread was back on the tables in front of the kiosk and the people were back to their normal lives. Please continue to pray for these people and for the peace of Jerusalem. Tina GETTING TO KNOW YOU Recently we received 4 new members at OUMC. This month we get to know Gillen and Sherry a little better. Next month we hope to hear from Barbara and Frances. Gillen grew up in Vandergrift with her 2 sisters and 3 brothers and was raised in the Methodist Church there. She graduated from West Virginia Wesleyan and taught 1st grade at Dover Air Force School where she met Tim. They have been married over 46 years and have 3 children and 8 grandchildren. They belonged to a Gourmet Cooking Group and really enjoy traveling. In August they moved to the Mews which is when Gillen began worshipping at OUMC. Gillen has been a travel agent since 1993 and has an office in OakmontTravel by Gillen. She is very happy to be a member here and looks forward to getting more involved in the church. She really enjoys worshipping with her baby brother (Rich Lear). Sherry is sort of a newlywed as she married her husband, John, August 26, 2011. Through this marriage, she inherited a son and 4 grandchildren (3 of whom are 6-yr-old triplets). She is a retired purchasing agent at Westinghouse Electric. Her hobbies include volunteer work at the Aspinwall Veterans Hospital and the Southwestern Pennsylvania Veterans Home. She typically get the patients involved with music therapy using sing-a-longs and "name that tune". She also enjoys reading, sewing, quilting, crafts, carpentry and outdoor work. Sherry is very active with our Thursday morning craft group.

Please note that what was known recently as Mission Share is now known as Connectional Apportionment. Ben Taggart, Finance Chair