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The scheme of item USA 100Kw

In accordance with 100kw solar grid system in America, the actual size of the installation area : 51942 mm length, 25580 mm width and the installation area is 1,329 square meters. The installed power is 100,800 watts, there are 576 single-crystal modules of 175w, there is a grid inverter centralized of 100 KW and the Generating capacity is about over 320 KWH one day in America.

1Sketch of electrical connections system

2The overall system configuration No. 1 2 Name Solar module Photovoltaic convergence box 3 DC mine distribution SDCPG-1(100KW) 1 CEEG Model SST175-72M square SPVMB-6 Number Manufacturers 576 6 CEEG CEEG

cabinet 4 5 Grid inverter AC mine SG100K3 distribution SACPG-1(100KW) 1 1 SUNGROW CEEG

cabinet 6 Array frame Steel with Zinc Coverage 7 Lightning System devices 8 9 10 11 12 Cable system IPC Monitoring Software LCD TV Environment Monitor WAFERC400 SPSPVNET 42Inch SHARP SSYW-01 1 1 1 1 1 CEEG Taiwan Yanhua SUNGROW SHARP SUNGROW Protection 1 CEEG 1 CEEG

3Inverter Selection All systems used Sungrow concentrated inverter and it has the following advantages SG concentrated inverter used the innovative and advanced technology, the durability of the components and the latest process control technology. The series of SG has optimized the product of the technical configuration and improved the performance of the product fundamentally 1). Using the fifth generation IPM module from Mitsubishi, greatly improves the system efficiency. 2). MPPT auto-optimizing technique makes the most of the generation capacity. 3). Easy-to-set multilingual LCD display. 4). Multi communication interface can be selected. 5). High reliability due to complete protection function. 6). Wide DC input voltage scope. 7). Friendly LCD interface, can adjust operation parameters through keys. 8). Parallel running capability with other inverters, simplifies the design of PV power station. 9). CE certificattion

4Network access system parameters Sungrow photovoltaic grid inverter access to the grid for the three-phase low voltage network AC380V/50Hz, the use of the N line and the independent grounding line, the inverter to the power grid in the table below parameters:

No 1 2 3 4

project Distribution system Voltage System Rated frequency Grounding system

Content TN-SIndependent of the N line and the PE line AC0.38/0.22kV 50Hz Neutral Ground directly

5Grid inverter access Network Node choice: The system design AC rated power output 100 KW, specific integrated into the electricity grid nodes have to wait until field visits or provide corresponding electrical drawings to determine.

6Installation View 6.1 Vertical view

6.2 Local plans

7Solar module distribution view 7.1 The general view

7.2 The part view

8Solar module 8.1 Technical parameters

8.2 The picture of product

8.3 The structure of product

9Grid inverter 9.1 Technical parameters

Module Isolate The largest solar array power The largest array open circuit voltage Solar maximum power point tracking (MPPT) range The largest array input current Rated output AC power Total current waveform distortion rate Power Factor Maximum efficiency Allow grid voltage range (three-phase) Allow grid frequency range Since power consumption at night

SG100K3 Frequency Transformer 120KWp 880Vdc 450Vdc880Vdc 250A 100KW <3%Rated power >0.99 94.5% 320V440AC 4751.5Hz <10W The short-circuit protection, the protection of island effect, overheating protection,


overload protection, under-voltage and over-voltage protection, and so on.

Communication Interface The use of ambient temperature Use of environmental humidity Noise Cooling style

RS485 2040 095% 50dB Air-cooled

Level of security Size (D W H)mm weight

IP20Indoor 77010201900 800kg

9.2 The picture of product

10Budget of System No Name Model specifications 1 2 Solar module Photovoltaic SST175-72M square SPVMB-6 576 6 Number Unit price(yuan) 3150 10000 Total (yuan) 1814400 60000 price

convergence box 3 DC mine distribution SDCPG-1(100KW) 1 cabinet 4 5 Grid inverter SG100K3 1 420000 40000 420000 40000 40000 40000

AC mine distribution SACPG-1(100KW) 1 cabinet

Array frame

Steel with Zinc Coverage



Lightning Protection System devices



8 9 10 11 12 13 14

Cable system IPC Monitoring Software LCD TV Environment Monitor Other material Installation costs


1 1 1 1 1 1

80000 12000 32000 18000 25000

80000 12000 32000 18000 25000 50000

100KW system

Grid 1




Total price

3141400 yuan