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Second Sunday after Trinity (1880)

Luke 14:15-24 Respectable children of the world tend to display an enthusiasm for all things good and greater. That is why they also reckon for a reward on the other side. There is now only one kingdom of God in this and yonder world, and neither will belong to him who has not already entered into it here. One should therefore most emphatically expect to find without exception all respectable people in it. In contrast, almost all those who count for nothing in the world, members of God's kingdom on earth, which reveals the best and the highest in a perfect way. Why is that? Today's Gospel gives us this insight and explanation. These respectable children of the world foolishly consider themselves as excused when they take no share in the heavenly kingdom on earth organized through the Gospel. The fateful excuses of those respectable people who do not accept the invitation to the kingdom of God on earth; 1. what kind are these excuses? a. they use as an excuse the obligations and requirements of the earthly life that made it impossible to devote themselves in heavenly things on earth1; the invitation did not fit . either for the necessary acquisition of earthly possessions2, . or exploitation of these acquisitions3, . or for the obligations of domestic life4, b. they are based on the delusion that the rejection of the invitation is not wrong, because . God Himself would have to recognize such reasons (excuse me5), . it is, at the same time, by no means intended as an insult to God (I beg you6); 2. what consequences follow such excuses themselves? a. the wrath of God7, because it flows only from contempt of God's grace, because . because the invitees knew both the host's friendly disposition towards them, as well as the proposed great preparation solely for their refreshment8, . the banquet was prepared only for the suitable time, for mealtime (they were only called at the banquet hour9);
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b. inviting only those who know that they have to rely solely on grace10, which therefore . neither obligation that the possession imposed (poor), . nor obligations of the exploitation of possession (the crippled, the lame, the blind), . nor obligations of the estate of the home (those on the streets and lanes of the city) could be used for rejection; c. the introduction itself of those who deny every association of those respectable people (those in the highways and the hedges11), because . the prepared house for many should be full12, . any excuse, any concern or difficulty that might hinder them, should be eliminated (compel them13), d. the eternal rejection of the despisers when they will desire outside participation in God's geniality.14 R(udolph) L(ange)

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