Second Sunday after Trinity (1882

Luke 14:15-24 There is one sin of whose seriousness and dreadful consequences the unconverted have no idea. This sin is the contempt of God's grace. Disobedience toward parents and men, murder, adultery, theft, perjury, etc., the man of the world also holds for wrongdoing. Hence the penalty of the worldly poor for such. But those who do not hear the Gospel, who despise the blessings of salvation contained and offered in it, today as yesterday remain an unconverted man, the world does not feel and does not fear these sins. Yes, the whole world considers the acceptance of grace as folly, and the contempt of grace as wisdom. Therefore this sin has flooded the whole world like water. Also many in Christian congregations are trapped in this cord of the hellish hunter. We therefore now consider: The severe, dreadful sin of contempt of divine grace; We demonstrate this sin as serious and terrifying 1. in what it despises. Grace, a banquet of grace, is despised on this occasion. The Lord Himself calls it "great". Everything at this meal is great, precious, and valuable. God Himself has prepared it not for a man, prince, or an angel. Here we have the source of all good, eternal love, eternal goodness, the great, rich, glorious God as host. How the invited rush to a royal table, and the table of grace of the Lord of Lords is despised! Great is this supper, because the Triune God has prepared it from eternity according to His counsel, and has used great effort and cost in preparing it; O, who can grasp and describe the preparation of this banquet! God became man, God fulfilled in Christ all the commandments, God paid the sins of the world through suffering and death, God overcame death and hell, God acquired all the treasures of grace and eternal life; and all these treasures, gifts and blessings he set before us on the table of the holy Gospel and the venerable sacraments. And the sinner despises all this! God's eternal love and goodness will not move his heart! He dislikes redemption from sin, Law, curse, death and hell! He contemptuously rejects Christ's adornment and righteousness, the new birth, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit, life and salvation. Who can find words to describe this serious and dreadful sin? God's only begotten Son Himself shed bitter tears over this sin at the gates of Jerusalem. But in the end they have such unfortunate reasons with which they are able to excuse the contempt of the grace of God in something. No. We also consider the seriousness of their sin. 2. in their loose excuses. No man knows about the nature of God's grace. His banquet of grace is a hidden mystery to all. Therefore God Himself can invite them; He makes it manifest, describes it, advertises it in the loveliest way: Come, for everything is ready. I, I have prepared everything.

Come, you sinners, and receive righteousness. Come, you dead, I make you alive. Come, you accursed, and attain blessing. Come, you prisoners, and attain freedom, etc. God relays this invitation through His servants. By the holy apostles, all righteous preachers, that He sends, that He equips, that He makes efficient, through which He attracts, invites, works, etc. Thus the Creator attracts His creatures, the Most High the worm and dust. And now his loose excuse. a. "I have bought a field etc." These are the fools who bet on earthly things. Money and possessions are their heavenly kingdom. They do not want to give up their usury, stinginess, collecting, etc. They prefer earthly possessions to heavenly, deceitful mammon to eternal glory and salvation. So they remain in darkness, death, far from the kingdom of God. O what a dreadful sin this is! b. "I have bought five yoke of oxen." Luther considers this the mighty, great, wise, noble of this world. Their kingdom is power, fame, honor before people. They shy away from the reproach of Christ and hate His yoke. For the glory of the world they let go of God's glory, for the earthly crown they let go of the heavenly, for favor among men they let go of God's favor. O what a dreadful sin this is! c. "I have taken a wife" etc. Concern for the household, fear of loss in vocation, lust of the flesh is an excuse here. They love their wives and children, their business, the pleasure of this life, and despise the heavenly bridegroom, His kingdom and His blessed pleasures. O fools! How heavily they sin. One thinks the contempt of divine grace may be a small thing. Most despisers do well in this world. We demonstrate the greatness of this sin. 3. in their dreadful consequences. Those invited first, the Jews, because of this sin lost the true God, the true worship of God, the Word of God, even country and home, and are now struck with darkness. All who despise God's grace invite the dreadful wrath of the Lord on themselves. O what a misfortune! It would be better for them if they were not born! They did not eat the banquet a. in this life. What a pleasure God's grace is to a poor sinner. How God's grace quickens him, what load holy Absolution removes from him, how confidently and joyfully will his sorrowful heart be under the sound of the Gospel against sin, the Law, God's wrath, tribulation, distress and death! The despisers of grace go away from there empty. b. And so he remains in death and goes into the abyss of hell at death as the smoke of his torment will rise up forever and ever. Behold, this is the severe and dreadful sin of contempt of divine grace. Conclusion: an urgent exhortation to be lured and be drawn by grace, because it is now calling. G[eorg] L[ink]

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