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Astronauts for Hire: Empowering Suborbital Research

Brian Shiro and Jason Reimuller Astronauts for Hire - Florida, USA What is A4H?
Astronauts for Hire (A4H) is a 501(c)(3) non-prot organization that supports the commercial spaceight industry by helping train qualied scientists and engineers from a wide range of elds for the rigors of spaceight in order to reduce mission risk and maximize scientic return. A4H provides its member community with training discounts and a support structure to realize their space training and research goals by fostering internal collaboration, external partnerships, and business incubation.

What Types of Research Has A4H Enabled?

As part of the Vital Space team, A4H played an important role in helping the team have a scien;cally produc;ve ight experience. Their unique insight and broad range of exper;se greatly contributed to solving both technical and opera;onal challenges present in tes;ng cuDng edge space life science technology Vital Space looks forward to con;nuing collabora;on with A4H on innova;ve, future research. Dr. Ravi Koma,reddy Director, Vital Space We hired A4H to support our rst microgravity ight experiment because of the demonstrated experience of their team and their ability to accomplish the job A4H delivered everything with consummate professionalism and diligence, with the aKen;on to detail expected from medical and aerospace eld research. Thank you A4H! Dr. Jason Held Director, SaberAstronau6cs Coming in 2014! Project PoSSUM: A Suborbital Research Project devoted to the ongoing observa;on of our home planet and its changes. Dr. Jason Reimuller Principal Inves6gator

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How can A4H Help?

A4H oers value to the science community throughout the research project life cycle:
Proposal Writing:
A4H helps its members submit proposals for their own research ideas and collaborates with its partners on research proposals.

Development & Testing:

A4H members with expertise in space systems can help researchers ensure their experiments become ight-worthy.

Mission Planning:

Having a well-developed and wellrehearsed operations plan is vital to the success of a suborbital ight experiment.

Flight Experiments:

Qualied A4H members are trained and ready to work with researchers to ensure their ight experiments are successful.

References and More Information

[1] Koma&reddy, et al. (2012), 3rd NSRC, Palo Alto, CA. [2] Held, et al. (2011), 2nd NSRC, Orlando, FL. [3] Reimuller, et al. (2013), 4th NSRC, Broomeld, CO. Scan this QR code to watch a 4 minute video about A4H!

Post-ight Services:

A4H members can work with investigators on data analysis and publication of results following a ight experiment.