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Why do we sleep?

To understand this concept we must accept the two scientific laws that govern our world. First, time is an illusion. Second, matter cannot be created nor destroyed. It is a very theoretical and difficult answer. Why do we sleep? Perhaps that is why we did not have an answer for so long. Simply put, life cannot exist without a combination of consciousness and unconsciousness. Why? Because it creates a state in which the being [From a probability standpoint.] is conscious and unconscious at the same time for the sake existence (disregarding time). The universe operates in a system of probability and variables. Because the universe violates the law of Albert Einstein and Lavoisier, "Matter cannot be created nor destroyed.", it poses a lot of questions as to why things exist at all. Because the universe is fundamentally impossible, it exists in a grey area of sleep and wake, and possibility and impossibility. This creates a very useful logic paradox that you can live in! You just have to sleep. If you ask me the question, "Are you awake or asleep right now?", it creates a conundrum of trying to be accurate when answering this question in its own right. "I am awake right now... Duh.." can

never be a law for two key reasons.

1) Time is said to not exist. So to answer the question, "yes" ["I am awake."], awards a bias to the present. Such biases must be disregarded from a purely logical standpoint. 2) Having said the statement, "Yes, I am awake.", is automatically false in terms of law because by the time the words are received by the recipient it is already in the past. Therefore, "Yes, I am awake." can NEVER be more than an observation. So what can we derive from the fact that "Yes, I am awake."? It is not the most correct answer given that is merely an observation. Observations are not laws. From a logical perspective, a statement that is biased and wrong in nature violates the principal of a law. Therefore is only an observation. Therefore "I am awake." cannot be regarded as a law. This is why we sleep. We operate in a universe that is a mix of probabilities and impossibilities stuffed into one. When an infinite force meets an infinite force it forms a paradox. The only possible way to create such a state where paradoxes are possible is to manipulate the world through consciousness mixed with unconsciousness. A new definition of life: You must be asleep and awake at the same time to be considered alive and being. Sleep is natural. Sleep is necessary. The more you sleep the more you'll find the world favors you! The world is 66% awake and 33% asleep! Do the math! Eight hours out of twenty four! Two-thirds awake and one-third asleep! Two thirds (66.6666%) is a very historical and even biblical phenomenon!

I think therefore I am! I sleep therefore I will be.

I won't go into evolution. That is simply the aftermath. -Please forgive me. This is a narrative in my second language. Please excuse grammatical errors. My editor is away. -This short is the property of Umbrella Inc. and Oracle of America and subject to copyright.