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Written by Tom Bailey

Based on the 3rd Page Prompt: air. tap. obituary.

INT. APARTMENT - BEDROOM - DAY An empty bedroom. KAYLA, 20s and graceful, backs through the doorway carrying one half of a small dresser. On the other end of the dresser is BETH, 20s. They set it down. BETH So the bed goes over there, opposite the windows? And then my desk in the corner? Kayla nods, SMILES widely at Beth. What? BETH (CONTD)

KAYLA This is our bedroom. Ours. We could live under a bridge or in a house built of milk crates. As long as I get to spoon your sweet little ass at night, I couldnt care less. They embrace, kiss. Beth eyes the walls of the room. BETH Still, this wallpaper has to go. Fucking hideous. INT. APARTMENT - BEDROOM - DAY The room is now furnished, with a few empty boxes stacked in the corner. Kayla, dressed in a leotard and tights, finishes a stretch. She goes to her laptop, starts the MUSIC. Kayla TAPS her foot to the beat, then unleashes a series of precise dance steps. Suddenly she STOPS, frustrated. She restarts the music. This time she TWISTS her ankle, crumpling to the ground, CRYING OUT in pain. CUT TO: INT. APARTMENT - BEDROOM - NIGHT Kayla lays on the bed, her foot elevated and iced. She talks on her cell phone. KAYLA ... I need rest, thats what I need. (MORE)

2. KAYLA (CONT'D) No, I can bend it, its just a little swollen, and theres some bruising... ON KAYLAS ANKLE As she lifts the ice pack. Its horribly swollen. KAYLA (CONTD) ... If I go to the doctor, hes gonna tell me to... Which is exactly what Im doing. I figure the shows still two weeks away, it should be fine by then... (beat) ... And youll be back in town for it? I swear to god, Bethany, if you miss this show, I will beat you in a way that you will not find enjoyable... No, that is a promise, young lady. Kayla stares intently across the room. KAYLAS P.O.V. - ON THE WALLPAPER A flap of wallpaper has come unglued from the wall. KAYLA (CONTD) Just come home soon. I miss the crap out of you. This place feels so empty. The air is stale. INT. APARTMENT - BEDROOM - NIGHT Kayla LIMPS from the bed over to the corner of the room and lowers herself to the ground, inspecting the flap of wallpaper. She peels it back, then RIPS it off the wall. ON THE WALLPAPER Underneath the wallpaper, a section of OLD NEWSPRINT. Kayla peels off another chunk of wallpaper, revealing an OBITUARY. She SQUINTS, trying to read it. HELEN CARPENTER, 65. CUT TO: INT. APARTMENT - BEDROOM - NIGHT Standing on her desk chair, Kayla peels off a small chunk of the wallpaper, then steps down to look at her progress: the entire wall is covered in a collage of various OBITUARIES. She takes a picture of the wall with her cell phone.

3. INT. APARTMENT - LIVING ROOM - NIGHT Kayla curled up on the living room sofa. She stares at the bedroom door, which is closed. The she looks at her phone: 3:35 AM, NO NEW MESSAGES. She SIGHS. INT. APARTMENT - BATHROOM - DAY Kayla carefully plucks her eyebrows. DING! Her cell phone. She reads the message, from Beth: YOU GOT STARTED ON THE WALLPAPER?? I THOUGHT YOU WERE RESTING?? Then, Kayla sees the photo she took and sent to Beth the night before: the obituaries are gone. The wall is blank. INT. APARTMENT - DAY Kayla stands at the door to the bedroom, gripping the door handle. She takes a deep breath, then enters. INT. APARTMENT - BEDROOM - DAY The wall is a clean slate. No obituaries. Kayla is awed. INT. APARTMENT - LIVING ROOM - DAY On her laptop, Kayla SCROLLS through the online obituaries. Nothing at first. Then: HELEN CARPENTER, 65 along with a photo of a blonde-haired woman in her 20s: a younger Helen. INT. APARTMENT - BEDROOM - NIGHT Kayla lays in bed, eyes closed. They slowly open: she cant sleep. She limps out of the room, the wall still blank. INT. APARTMENT - BATHROOM - NIGHT Kayla pops a couple pain pills. Then, a GURGLING sound from the bathtub. She cautiously PEELS back the shower curtain... In the tub, a few inches of FETID water, slowly draining. Kayla reaches down to the drain, and pulls out a CLUMP of BLONDE hair. Behind her, a SHADOW lurks in the doorway. As Kayla tosses the clump of hair in the toilet, the shadow approaches. A hand on her shoulder causes Kayla to SCREAM. But its only Beth, smiling. A single flower in her hand. FADE TO BLACK.

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